4 Stars Fun...

from WA on wrote:

Sometimes it is fun just to sit quietly and hold a luxuriously made cup and contemplate. This is that cup. Warm to hold but not hot ...restful in it’s essence. Can’t be much better than that.

Double wall glass

4 Stars Double wall glass

from IL on wrote:

I have diffulty finding a mug or cup with the right size handle but with these glasses I don't have to worry. The bow of the glass makes it easy to hold. The outside is cool no matter how hot the liquid. The glass needs to be cleaned on the inside before it hits the dishwasher.

Tea and the bodum cups

5 Stars Tea and the bodum cups

from WA on wrote:

Love all the teas I have bought. Get lost,get some zzz's, Ginger peach,get soothed and all in bulk. Always recommend and share the wonderful products with others.

Love them!

5 Stars Love them!

from CA on wrote:

I have been wanting to purchase these glasses for YEARS and I finally did. I am so glad! These glasses are very smooth, durable and fun to look at. They keep my hands from burning with the hot tea and definitely do not have condensation when I have cold beverages. I love the glasses!

Good Stuff

5 Stars Good Stuff

from WI on wrote:

great cups. pretty much the perfect size but i like a little bigger cup so will go with the next size up next time.

The best ever tea and sipping cup

5 Stars The best ever tea and sipping cup

from MO on wrote:

If you love great tea, try the blueberry hibiscus loose leaf, and to make your experience perfect, try relaxing and sipping from this wonderful parvina double-wall glass cups.

Love these

4 Stars Love these

from NC on wrote:

These glasses are perfect for serving hot tea without burning your fingers on the glass. The double-wall construction keeps the tea warm while enjoying it sip by sip. They do seem delicate, but so far I haven't broken them!

Love them!

5 Stars Love them!

from MI on wrote:

I love these! Microwave & dishwasher safe, no water rings - what's not to love?



from on wrote:

OK. I just went to the kitchen for more "research". I noticed that the RepOfTea teas instruct one to use 6 oz of water per tea bag. That is perfect for the smallest cup (advertised as 9oz). In fact, 6 oz is what I came up with as the amount that an adult without balance problems would consider quite comfortable to carry in the "9 oz" cup while walking across the room. 6.5 oz in a stretch!

Less than 8 oz comfortably

4 Stars Less than 8 oz comfortably

from on wrote:

I just recv'd these today along with some other sizes from RepOfTea. I poured 8 oz of water from a measuring cup into the cup. In some faraway world, this cup holds 9 oz. It does not even hold 8 oz comfortably for a walk across the room. However, I love it so far. I am currently drinking a cold glass of water from it. Slightly unfortunately, I bought it because I was hoping with the "9 oz" msrmnt advertised that it would easily hold the 8 oz required for the perfect amount of water required for a single bag of tea. Hmmph. They come two-by-two and I bought 3 different sizes. I plan to review those after I have had a chance to use all of the cups/glasses for a few months.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Those Pavina double wall cups are just great and when I saw them they looked so cool and I gave them for my friend as a present and she loved them. She's a real tea lover so she'll apprisate something like that! Teas are great too :)

Aesthetically Pleasing

5 Stars Aesthetically Pleasing

from WA on wrote:

We love our Pavina Cups! The tea looks enchanting in them, the smooth glass feels sensuous to the touch, and the tea stays warm longer. We are now using them almost exclusively.


5 Stars Pleasure

from WI on wrote:

I am in love with these glasses. My tea is kept at a very drinkable temp and I feel like I will never be able to use anything but these again.. I will need to purchase more then the two that I have.. Thanks for such wonderful products

Best way to sip

5 Stars Best way to sip

from VT on wrote:

After drinking tea from these glasses, I'm not sure my ceramic mugs will ever do again. The tea looks beautiful - and it stays warmer. We bought four glasses originally and went back to complete a set of a dozen a week later!

Highly Recommended

5 Stars Highly Recommended

from PA on wrote:

I recently purchased the 9oz set. I was surprised at first when I opened the box and held them for the first time. They are so light that they almost felt cheap but they are far from it. These are beautiful glasses. The double wall allows you to enjoy a nice warm cup of tea without having to worry about the glass being too hot. I like how it looks like the tea is just floating in the glass. It seems like these glasses are very durable. A few days after having them my wife accidentally knocked mine off of my folding tray table onto the hardwood floor. After recovering from my stopped heart (haha) I realized that the glass did NOT break. That could have been luck but I’m not willing to do a drop test :) Bottom line….HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

great product

5 Stars great product

from IL on wrote:

The glass is light in weight as light as plastic and hot liquids remain cool when carrying the glass.

Tea Glasses are Lovely

5 Stars Tea Glasses are Lovely

from TX on wrote:

Besides the glasses being beautiful and so easy to hold, I love being able to see the various colors of the tea in whatever brew I am making. I also love the double insulation. So nice to have a hot cup of tea and be able to hold the glass itself. So glad I bought these and recommend highly recommend to others.

Great cups!

5 Stars Great cups!

from IN on wrote:

These cups are great! I've used them both for hot and cold drinks, and they are perfect. They also seem durable. I accidentally dropped on yesterday and nothing happened to it. The double insulation is great at making you hold the cup no matter how hot the tea is. I think they're a bit pricey, but they're totally worth the money!

Perfect Cups

5 Stars Perfect Cups

from AZ on wrote:

I love this pretty set. They are just right for a cup of tea. The clearness allows you to enjoy the coloring of your favorite tea. Tea stays hot yet the cups are cool. They go with any decor.

Like the glasses

4 Stars Like the glasses

from NV on wrote:

Like these glasses but I have medium size hands and they are just a little big to hold but doable. Plus they are slick when hand washing. Their write up is totally true.

Great, but volume not as stated

4 Stars Great, but volume not as stated

from WA on wrote:

These are great cups, and I ordered them to use with our Keurig coffee maker which I like brewed at the 12 oz size. I ordered these because they are supposed to be 12oz. These DO NOT hold 12 oz. If you fill them completely to the top, they hold 10 oz. so they do not work for what I ordered them for.

I love these cups

5 Stars I love these cups

from WI on wrote:

These are absolutely the "neatest" tea cups ever. I love my 9 oz ones and am looking to get some bigger ones! Great buy!

Beautiful and Efficient

5 Stars Beautiful and Efficient

from WV on wrote:

These glasses do just what they claim - you would not know the liquid inside was hot by holding them, even for a while after pouring. As one reviewer said, this can be deceptive, so be careful when you drink! They are lighter and even thinner than expected, and thus seem delicate and easily broken. I have handled them with care so far, but my boyfriend's father has snuck them into the dishwasher when I'm not around and they seemed to have held up very well so far. They are stronger than they appear. Aside from being gorgeous, the cups are also safe for tabletops without the condensation, and the larger size has been more than enough to satisfy my appetite for tea, though I often make enough for a second cup to go back to later!

4 Stars

from TX on wrote:

I love the glasses. They're beautiful and well-insulated for your hands. The problem is they're well enough insulated that you can't tell how hot the tea is inside the glass. There's the potential to burn yourself until you get used to it. One other small drawback is that the care instructions recommend avoiding using metal utensils in them. Now I feel like I should go find a special spoon for them.

Love these glasses!

5 Stars Love these glasses!

from MA on wrote:

These glasses are beautiful. The glass isn't hot to touch, and tea stays warm longer.

Simple and Elegant

5 Stars Simple and Elegant

from NY on wrote:

I've had the 9 ounce glasses for years and use them for almost everything. Super practical, great for hot or cold beverages, saving space in tight cabinets. Just right to brew a single teabag, without priming, when in a hurry. They keep your drink hot or cold a little longer because they're insulated by the air caught between the glass walls. They clean well for me in the top rack of the dishwasher. You'll notice these glasses being used in a lot of ads for beverages, since you can see your drink and it looks nice. Only downside is they're glass and without a handle. I find the 9 ounce easy to hold despite having small hands, but they wouldn't be great for kids or people with dexterity issues.

Tea Glasses

5 Stars Tea Glasses

from IL on wrote:

They are a refreshing way to enjoy your favorite tea or drink hot or cold.

GREAT insulated glass cups!!!

5 Stars GREAT insulated glass cups!!!

from GA on wrote:

I absolutely love these glass cups. Tea stays warm for a good little while. I have let tea sit in the cup for a good 15 min. and it's still nice and warm. So glad I purchased them.

Love these cups!

5 Stars Love these cups!

from WI on wrote:

Nice big cups for that big cup of tea in the a.m.!

Beautiful glass cups; great gift!

5 Stars Beautiful glass cups; great gift!

from CA on wrote:

I purchased these cups as a gift for my mother. She says they are the most beautiful glass cups she has ever seen, and work perfectly for iced tea on hot summer days. She likes her tea sweet, and says the cups are perfect for swirling the sugar around in her last few sips of tea. Great item!