Green Tea Assortment

5 Stars Green Tea Assortment

from NE on wrote:

Getting the assortment box is an excellent way to sample the different teas and see what you like.

Green Tea Sampler Selection

5 Stars Green Tea Sampler Selection

from FL on wrote:

This opportunity of choose the teas you want to taste is excellent. Let you choose the ones you are interested. We chose this for a gift for a person that love green tea but never taste a Republic of Tea one before. Now the person is in love with your teas too.

Great tasting!

5 Stars Great tasting!

from CT on wrote:

I really have enjoyed every tea in this sample. Now I want to purchase one, but I can't decide which one is the best.


5 Stars Awesome

from RI on wrote:

I am really happy with these teas. It is the perfect way for someone who is new to your product to find out which ones the do and do not like.

Great Assortment

5 Stars Great Assortment

from KS on wrote:

Such a great assortment of teas. They all taste so great. Now I can make a good choice which one I want to order again.

Love having a choice!

5 Stars Love having a choice!

from CO on wrote:

The flavors are so rich! Love this assortment!

It was GREAT!!

5 Stars It was GREAT!!

from ID on wrote:

This was great. I wasn't expecting it to taste so good and so many to pick from.

Green Tea

4 Stars Green Tea

from NY on wrote:

Very good mix of different teas to taste. I am enjoying it frequently...


5 Stars Awesome

from IL on wrote:

I love most things associated with green tea and this sample allowed me to chose wisely. I brought this sample for a co-worker and she loved it.

Great way to test new ideas

5 Stars Great way to test new ideas

from NJ on wrote:

What a great way to try out new flavors and types of tea! The individual packaging makes it so easy to slip into the pocketbook for travel times.

Mother's Day Gift

5 Stars Mother's Day Gift

from ME on wrote:

This was a gift for my Mom and she told me that all the tea's are very fragrant and the taste is very good! Thank you Republic of Tea for making gift giving so easy!


4 Stars Wonderful

from MI on wrote:

I love Green Tea, never knew there were so many different tastes. Love the idea of finding out which ones I like more than others.

Great Sampler

5 Stars Great Sampler

from WI on wrote:

This is a great sample of green teas. It is great to help you find out which ones you most want to buy more of.

Green Tea Sampler

5 Stars Green Tea Sampler

from FL on wrote:

If you want to try all the top green teas, I suggest buying this cube. Then you can decide what you like and want to purchase more of in the future. I also love this cube because of the variety. Why buy a tea you don't like and then have to keep moving it around in the pantry?

Great way to try a variety

5 Stars Great way to try a variety

from NM on wrote:

I have tried two of the teas in the collection and have been very pleased. I was so glad to find this sampler box. My intention was to identify my favorites to buy separately, but I am thinking I may just buy another sampler so I have the variety.

Great gift for Green Tea Fan

5 Stars Great gift for Green Tea Fan

from CA on wrote:

I bought this as a gift for a co-worker who loves green tea and it was a hit.

Best Green Tea Ever

5 Stars Best Green Tea Ever

from OR on wrote:

Best Green Tea ever. Bought the Green Tea Sampler Cube to leave in our lunch room for everyone to enjoy.

Green Tea Cube

5 Stars Green Tea Cube

from WI on wrote:

I am so enjoying the different types of green teas in this cube. I have not been disappointed with any of them. Now it's going to be difficult to decide which ones to order first.

Green Tea Sampler Cube

5 Stars Green Tea Sampler Cube

from NJ on wrote:

A great way to try out different varieties, all packaged in a nice cube package. Have not tried all the samples yet, but am very pleased with what I have tried. Looking forward to trying the balance.

Great Sampler of Green's

5 Stars Great Sampler of Green's

from VA on wrote:

I love the 'sampler' kits. I've never been disappointed buying a 'tin' but the sampler's are a way to find the 'favorites' This is a great sampler for the Green's.

Great idea

5 Stars Great idea

from CO on wrote:

I loved being able to try all the greens and pick my favorites for future ordering.

Green Tea Sampler cube

5 Stars Green Tea Sampler cube

from ID on wrote:

My favorite was the blueberry green tea. I liked them all.

Love all these healthy teas!

5 Stars Love all these healthy teas!

from NY on wrote:

Great flavors, all healthy and good for whatever ails you.

I love Samplers

5 Stars I love Samplers

from FL on wrote:

I love Sampler packs because I can find certains teas I really like and would order a whole canister of. I also like it because it helps me rule out ones I would be dissapointed with. In this cube, there's only one I didn't like, the Pomegranate. The rest are all very good!


5 Stars Variety

from MO on wrote:

I ordered this so I could have the ease of single packets going to church, restaurants, etc. There are flavors I have never had before in the pack and so far I have enjoyed them. As usual, the quality of the tea is superb.

Yummy and very flavorful Enjoyed!!!!

5 Stars Yummy and very flavorful Enjoyed!!!!

from WA on wrote:

Verty good sampler of the green teas enjoyed them very much such wonderful flavor

Wonderful to pick a favorite!

5 Stars Wonderful to pick a favorite!

from GA on wrote:

I love the collection packs because they allow you to have a sampling of many different popular teas to find ALL of your favorites! My only complaint is that there need to be more sampler packs!