Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea Bags

5 Stars Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea Bags

from PA on wrote:

I love this tea! It's delicious. I understand this is a limited edition, I hope I will be able to buy more, I love it. My husband, who is normally a coffee drinker loves it too!

Nice crisp taste

5 Stars Nice crisp taste

from IL on wrote:

This is a great tasting tea. It is light tasting and fresh. I really enjoy this in the early afternoon.

Raspberry delight

5 Stars Raspberry delight

from VT on wrote:

Picture a mouthful of raspberries and a touch of floral hibiscus add a sprig of fresh mint and you will be envigorated.

Favorite Hibiscus

5 Stars Favorite Hibiscus

from OR on wrote:

I drink several different hibiscus teas made by republic of tea. This id my favorite.

Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea Bags

5 Stars Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea Bags

from PA on wrote:

LOVE this tea, it's delicious!! My husband who is not normally a tea drinker loves it as well. So glad I bought the refill bag since it's a limited edition.


5 Stars Favorite

from KS on wrote:

Has been my favorite ever since I discovered it. Plain hibiscus tea is too tart for me, but this blend of hibiscus and raspberries and rose petals is simply perfect. According to the ingredients list there is also apples and stevia so this tea is slightly sweet.


5 Stars YUM!

from ID on wrote:

I truly love this tea! I brought it with me to share while visiting my son & grandkids. My 10 yr old granddaughter really LOVED this tea so I left it all with her (and bought her (and myself) more of this same tea. It is really good!!

Great taste

5 Stars Great taste

from AR on wrote:

Really a great tasting tea- rich flavor!

Another great herbal tea

5 Stars Another great herbal tea

from MO on wrote:

I love the Raspberry Rose Hibiscus tea nearly as much as I love the Hibiscus Blueberry tea. Both are a delicious caffeine free beverage.

love this

5 Stars love this

from PA on wrote:

This tea is delicious iced, I have not tried it hot. I like to brew it combined with the celestial seasonings raspberry zinger tea (1:1 ratio) in a gallon jar to get an even stronger raspberry flavor.

Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea

5 Stars Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea

from FL on wrote:

I bought this tea with concerns of how it will taste. This tea surprised me in a very good way. I love the aroma and the flavors combination, sweet balanced fruity note with a rose after taste. Simply delicious. It jump to one of my favorite ones from Republic of Tea.


4 Stars Fruity

from KS on wrote:

Full of flavor, not too sweet or tart.

Great smell and tast

5 Stars Great smell and tast

from WA on wrote:

Great taste! Drink it every day since I got it. Would definitely order it again!


5 Stars Delicious

from NC on wrote:

Your tea was suggested by a local coffee shop, ordered for my grand son, then my self and have enjoyed ever since. Love the raspberry hibiscus, soft and sweet.


5 Stars WOWZA!

from NY on wrote:

This tea is THE BOMB! The tangy hibiscus is beautifully enhanced with tart raspberry and a hint of rose. I'm going to be steeping a lot of this tea!

Best tea ever!

5 Stars Best tea ever!

from IL on wrote:

I thought I had a favorite tea, and then I tried this one. This is the best tea I've ever had, hands down!


5 Stars Delicious!

from FL on wrote:

This is a lovely tea, not overwhelmingly fruity, with a natural mild tartness. I mix it with green tea just to give it a little caffeine and it still brews up a lovely pink color. In a clear tumbler over ice It will look as lovely on your table as it will be tasty in your tummy.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from NC on wrote:

I even save the tea so I won't be without. Don't know about the romance part I enjoy this tea very much. I will try it iced. For summer I have been adding a bag to my cool water at work. What a refreshing and nice sipping during the week day!

Best tea ever

5 Stars Best tea ever

from IL on wrote:

I learned to love tea because of Repulic of Tea flavors, but the Raspberry Rose Hibiscus is the best tea I've ever had. I liked it so much I ordered the 250 count bag to be sure this limited flavor would last a long time for me!

evening pleasure

5 Stars evening pleasure

from CO on wrote:

My absolute new favorite evening unwind tea

My Fav

5 Stars My Fav

from NC on wrote:

This is my favorite tea ever. I love the raspberry and rose combo. It just feels decadent. My go to.

Simply Said...

5 Stars Simply Said...

from AK on wrote:

"I have love Hibiscus and Rose Hips for years and this is the Besty of the Very Best!"

Rose Hibiscus delight!

5 Stars Rose Hibiscus delight!

from OR on wrote:

Fabulous flavor and I love it cold. I have this tea almost daily chilled by simply adding a couple bags to a quart jar of filtered water in the morning for my 3pm break its perfect! Love this tea!!!

This is the BEST herbal tea ever!

5 Stars This is the BEST herbal tea ever!

from WA on wrote:

If you like a fruity, sweet tasting tea...this could be your cuppa! It's mine, for sure! Wow! I drink from a large mug, so I always double bag. I LOVE this tea! I don't like weak teas that you can hardly taste...And herbal teas are usually on the weak side. But double bag this one, and wow, so yummy!!!

In love with this tea!

5 Stars In love with this tea!

from IN on wrote:

I am so in love with this tea! Open the container and the aroma meets you and it is amazing! The taste of this tea is wonderful! It is fresh and crisp, but not overpowering! This is now without a doubt me favorite tea and has become my way of saying goodnight to the day!

Been loving these teas since 1993!

5 Stars Been loving these teas since 1993!

from CA on wrote:

First found the tea in a tiny health food store in Weed California, I love this company, their customer service and their teas, the new single sips are awesome!

Really intense

3 Stars Really intense

from NY on wrote:

Flavors are way too intense to drink hot. I'm gong to try it as iced tea and see if it will be refreshing instead of over powering. I usually like hibiscus tea.


5 Stars Awesome!

from IL on wrote:

This is a wonderful herbal tea. I add a touch of agave and it's perfection!

Favorite of the Hibiscus Teas

5 Stars Favorite of the Hibiscus Teas

from FL on wrote:

I have tried a lot of the hibiscus teas and this one is my favorite! Beautiful color of deep red fills your cup. Then the smell of sweet crisp raspberries and slight floral note fills the air. The taste is phenomenal! I put a little honey in mine as not to overpower it. Adds the perfect sweetness. Perfect fruit flavored tea but with added something. Love it and will continue to purchase.

My new favorite!

5 Stars My new favorite!

from CA on wrote:

I love hibiscus teas, but this one has become my absolute favorite! The natural sweetness is light (I don't add any sweeteners to my teas) and makes for just a delightful hint of sweet! I have been having it daily-and will make my next pitcher of iced tea with it! If you like hibiscus, I think you will love the additions to this delicious treat! (I am hoping I can purchase it in bulk!)

My absolute favorite!

5 Stars My absolute favorite!

from AK on wrote:

I love this tea! I just got it in the mail 2 days ago and I have been having it at night. The flavor is phenomenal! I hope you keep this isn't a limited edition flavor.


5 Stars Lovely!!

from OK on wrote:

This tea makes break time stress free!!

Raspberry Rose Hibiscus

5 Stars Raspberry Rose Hibiscus

from SC on wrote:

This is simply devine! I thought that nothing could be as good as my #1 favorite, Pomegranate Green tea. Both have a beautiful color, wonderful blends that are a treat! I give these both a 10⭐️

Literally my favorite tea of all time!

5 Stars Literally my favorite tea of all time!

from WV on wrote:

I recently ordered some tea from another company (who will remain nameless) and was jolted back to reality when their super expensive, organic herbal tea tasted like feet. This is my spa day tea. Whenever I take a day away from kids, work, and all responsibility, I indulge in this tea. And just drinking this tea can make a normal day feel like a spa day.

Best Tea Ever!

5 Stars Best Tea Ever!

from IL on wrote:

When I first bought this tea, I was a bit worried about the taste of it, but as soon as I pulled the bags out of the container, I could smell the raspberry right away. I let it steep for awhile, then had my first taste and I quickly fell in love with it! Once I had finished that round, I ordered some refills and those are going just as quickly! I'll be sure to order more when the time comes!

Sweet rose tea

5 Stars Sweet rose tea

from MA on wrote:

Love this tea. Has just a touch of sweetness and is a beautiful color. Perfect for my sweet tooth cravings.

Even non-tea drinkers love this

5 Stars Even non-tea drinkers love this

from MA on wrote:

I love the flavor and smoothness of this fruity tea. Even my friends who "hate tea" love this one! Just the right balance of flavors.

Raspberry Rose

5 Stars Raspberry Rose

from MO on wrote:

A friend of mine has an upscale catering business named Raspberry Rose. I bought this signature tea for her, and we had a lovely afternoon tea. Delicious! Delicate, yet full of flavors. She and I were both delighted with the experience! Thank you!


5 Stars yummy

from OR on wrote:

So good that I had to order a bulk bag, don't want to chance running out and it's toward the end of the month. Drinking a cup right now actually.


5 Stars Yum

from MD on wrote:

This tea is great, I make it in a big pitcher of iced tea. Amazing.

very popular

5 Stars very popular

from OH on wrote:

I have this herbal tea at work as many of my clients choose to not drink caffine. It is very popular iced or hot. I think it tastes wonderful.

MOST delicious!

5 Stars MOST delicious!

from TN on wrote:

This is, by far, the most delicious tea I have ever poured down my throat! It's fabulous hot, but ICED-WOW! Wonderful! I have a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker; after filling with water, I place 14 tea bags in the filter, 3 cups of ice in the container, and 1/2 cup Splenda over the ice. When brewing is finished, I pour the tea into a gallon container, fill with water to top, and bingo!! the MOST DELICIOUS iced tea in the country! I love it! I make a gallon at a time because it disappears quickly in my house!

Raspberry Rose Hibiscus tea

5 Stars Raspberry Rose Hibiscus tea

from CA on wrote:


Flower sweetness

5 Stars Flower sweetness

from LA on wrote:

The Hibiscus line of teas is delightful with the Rose being my latest sip! The perky flavor is energy packed with a subtle hint of a rose bouquet. When I need a burst of brightness I choose this tea, no matter the time of day or night, it guarantees a lift me up.

Pretty and enjoyable

4 Stars Pretty and enjoyable

from CA on wrote:

I love tea--real tea--but cannot drink caffeine as it upsets my stomach. Of course, one of the most-available caffeine-free teas is hibiscus, which is also beautiful, but I don't like its sour taste. This tea is great! It has no caffeine, is a beautiful pinkish-red color, and tastes good. The secret is a touch of stevia to counteract the sourness of the hibiscus, along with other lovely flavors such as rose. I like this best iced.

Even my coffee

5 Stars Even my coffee

from OR on wrote:

Yummy hot or iced. Even my cowboy coffee husband likes it. Next order is the bulk bag.

Your replacement for the Downton Abbey English Rose Tea - yay!

5 Stars Your replacement for the Downton Abbey English Rose Tea - yay!

from NC on wrote:

I've always loved this tea from the time you first came out with it during the Downton Abbey series and named it "Downton Abbey English Rose Tea". I'm so glad that, now that the series has ended, you've kept it under a different name! It really is my favorite tea, and I can see from the reviews that it is MANY people's favorite tea! Please keep on selling this tea, it's just so sweet and delicious, and beautiful in the cup.

I Dont Even Do Raspberry

5 Stars I Dont Even Do Raspberry

from SC on wrote:

I received this as a sample with one of my purchases and I love it!! I mostly do not like anything raspberry, but this was a really pleasant cup of tea. I didn't add anything to it and I enjoyed it hot and the smell this tea produces is amazing. I am definitely adding this tea to my list of favorites. I absolutely love ROT, keep up the great work.

My favorite tea!

5 Stars My favorite tea!

from CA on wrote:

This is my favorite tea, EVER. I drank it obsessively when I was recovering from a really abusive relationship, and it is so sweet and comforting it seems impossible not to love!


4 Stars WOW!

from IN on wrote:

Love this tea! Great hot tea in the cold winters and wonderful as an iced tea during the hot summer months.

Such A Shame..

1 Star Such A Shame..

from NC on wrote:

First, let me say that I have bought Republic of Tea teas for many years, and love them! I was so excited to try this herbal tea until I saw that it contained Stevia. Why ruin an herbal tea with a sugar substitute?? So disappointed.

Very Delicious

5 Stars Very Delicious

from AR on wrote:

I just recently discovered rose tea and the like so I ordered this flavor because it looked good. Oh my gosh. My husband does not drink tea often but I had him taste this and then had to wrestle him down to get my mug back. He actually ended up almost finishing it so I had to make him his own mug. Good thing I ordered two tins! It is a wonderful mixture of flavors that explode in your mouth and create a wonderful marriage of raspberry, rose and hibiscus. Not one is dominate - they are well mixed. I will be ordering the big bag of refill tea bags so we have enough to drink this every evening!

Ruined with stevia

1 Star Ruined with stevia

from MA on wrote:

I was so excited to try this tea and nearly gagged when I took my first sip. Why, why, why ruin teas with stevia. If I wanted to sweeten my tea I'd do it myself. It's my fault for not reading the ingredient label more carefully. Too bad because I bet an unsweetened version would have been awesome. Sooooo disappointing and a waste of money!


5 Stars Delicious!

from WA on wrote:

Bought a few different ones for myself for the first time!! They all are wonderful, this is my favorite so far!


5 Stars Perfection!

from MN on wrote:

Hands down my favorite ROT flavor. Amazing balance of Rose and raspberry. Just perfect.

So refreshing and delicious

5 Stars So refreshing and delicious

from CA on wrote:

This makes a perfect iced tea. It's now replaced the mango ceylon as my favorite iced tea. I hope it makes the permanent roster, not just the seasonal!

Raspberry Tea

5 Stars Raspberry Tea

from OH on wrote:

This is one of my favorite tea! Especially in a cold season, it helps me a lot to support my immune system , fight a cold or flu and provides a peaceful night sleep.


4 Stars Great

from CA on wrote:

Tried the sample, it's great. Had a raspberry taste and the stevia makes it taste a bit sweet so you don't really need to add would make great iced tea.

Very disappointed

1 Star Very disappointed

from IL on wrote:

After reading all the reviews, I was so excited to try this tea - what a disappointment. It is so very sweet, sickeningly so to me. All I can taste is the Stevia in it. I will not buy this flavor again.


5 Stars Love

from CA on wrote:

Love this tea!!.. slight raspberry.. slight rose.. it's so so good!


5 Stars Wonderful!!

from IL on wrote:

I really love this tea. It has a wonderful raspberry flavor with a slight sweetness. The color is beautiful, and the taste is perfect. I bought the 250 bag refill and have no regrets. I know this is just a seasonal tea, but I hope it won't disappear any time soon. Please consider it as a permanent addition!

Ridiculously good

5 Stars Ridiculously good

from NY on wrote:

This tea is really good, very sweet and fruity flavoring. Almost like you are drinking lighty sweetened koolaid and not tea

Very Nice!

5 Stars Very Nice!

from FL on wrote:

I received a sample of this tea with an order of white tea. What a wonderful flavor!

Delightful Aromatic Blend

5 Stars Delightful Aromatic Blend

from KS on wrote:

Subtle, sweet flavor notes and a lovely color. An absolutely charming tea time favorite of mine and a staple in my home for as long as it's available. I'm just sorry I didn't try it sooner!

So Disappointed

1 Star So Disappointed

from NV on wrote:

Purchased this tea a couple of months ago, I had great hopes and expectations for it based on the reviews. However, it fell flat for me. Very one dimensional on the flavor and not much of that at all and not much of a pleasing aroma either. It was a pretty color when brewed but that's the best I can say about it. I'll be putting this in the communal bin in the office kitchen and see if there are any takers for it.


5 Stars HugoPhila

from PA on wrote:

One of my favorite teas! Love to drink it.

By far my favorite tea

5 Stars By far my favorite tea

from MA on wrote:

I can't get enough of this wonderful stuff! I make sun iced tea with it in the warmer months, and enjoy it warm for the rest of the year. When I first tried it, I made the mistake of sweetening it (with stevia) as I was not familiar with the already sweet nature of hibiscus teas. I tried again sans stevia, and fell in love. The raspberry and rose are perfectly balanced: not at all overpowering, but also not leaving anything more to be desired. It's a must try!

I Should Have Tried it Sooner!

5 Stars I Should Have Tried it Sooner!

from KS on wrote:

I debated ordering this blend thinking that it had a stronger rose flavor. It doesn't. The rose is more of a slight aroma. The raspberry flavor is so smooth that I drank two full cups. My favorite flavor overall is the blueberry so if you enjoy that one, you'll enjoy this as well.

Absolutely delicious

5 Stars Absolutely delicious

from PA on wrote:

This tea has raspberry overtones and is really good. My husband doesn't like hot tea but I made a cup of this for him one night while I made one for myself and he loved it too! If you like raspberry you will love this tea

Refreshment in Pink

4 Stars Refreshment in Pink

from CA on wrote:

floral but not too much, cheery pink berry

Heavenly combination

5 Stars Heavenly combination

from CA on wrote:

A delectable combination of my favorite rose and hibiscus. And the extra special raspberry. I love it and so do my non-caffinated friends.

Awesome flavor

5 Stars Awesome flavor

from ME on wrote:

This tea has a lovely raspberry flavor with that tangy Hibiscus bite!! Love it and will purchase again. And did I mention the delectable aroma?

Hibiscus Rose Lavender tea leaves

5 Stars Hibiscus Rose Lavender tea leaves

from AL on wrote:

I used the leaves from 11 tea bags to make the delicious shortbread tea cookies filled with a delicious raspberry cream filling. My 20 tea party guest ladies were raving about them - they were the party favs.


4 Stars Dessert

from CA on wrote:

tasty, simple option to end a meal :)


5 Stars YUMMY!!

from CA on wrote:



5 Stars Delicious

from KY on wrote:

A beautiful blend of sweet and tang.

Raspberry Delight

5 Stars Raspberry Delight

from IL on wrote:

When I brewed my first cup of this tea I happened to come across some raspberry flavored water in the fridge so I mixed a few ounces to the plain water which I then boiled. Added the tea bag to steep, what an amazing flavor!

Great Iced Tea Flavor, Refreshing!

5 Stars Great Iced Tea Flavor, Refreshing!

from IL on wrote:

I like making the hibiscus flavors as iced tea. This one is great! No need to add sugar or sweetener. I bought in bulk after first buying the tin. This will be my summer drink, but I am enjoying now too!

Raspberry Delight!

5 Stars Raspberry Delight!

from MD on wrote:

This tea was a pleasant surprise! It is a nice blend that I really enjoy!

I'm in LOVE!

5 Stars I'm in LOVE!

from CO on wrote:

I LOVE this tea! I have converted many a tea drinker to the world of herbal infusions with this tea alone. And I don't even like hibiscus! My children and I consume vast quantities of this tea, even my 15-year-old son! We particularly like it iced: 8 teabags steeped in 4 cups boiling water. Squeeze the bags (yes!) and remove, refrigerate, and then use as a concentrate. So easy and frees up lots of fridge space. We've even made little concentrate ice cubes and popped them into a glass of ice water or sparkling water. So happy to see it in bulk!!

Very Good

4 Stars Very Good

from NY on wrote:

Very nice tea. Lovely blend

Long Awaited for Flavor!

5 Stars Long Awaited for Flavor!

from VA on wrote:

I have been waiting for a raspberry flavored tea from The Republic of Tea for a long time and this met every expectation! Wish is was available all year long!

Loved it!

5 Stars Loved it!

from KY on wrote:

Tried it as soon as it arrived and was not disappointed! I can't wait until next year when it's in season again :)


5 Stars Favorite

from FL on wrote:


My New Favorite

5 Stars My New Favorite

from OH on wrote:

Perfect. Sipping this tea makes me think of warm summer days. This is a perfect substitute for a calorie laden desert. I am ordering this in bulk. It also makes a delicious ice tea! Please make it available year round!


5 Stars DIVINE!

from MN on wrote:

A beautiful arrangement of raspberry and hibiscus. The rose is a lovely touch. An excellent tea. Would love to try this one iced.

Don't wait to buy more

5 Stars Don't wait to buy more

from CA on wrote:

Last year around this time I purchased tins of a few Hibiscus flavors new to me. They're all good, but Raspberry Rose is the best. Upon trying to order 250 bags, it was already all gone. Nearly a year passed before it was available again. I'm sipping the first new glass of it, over ice, as I write. (I use six tea bags in a glass gallon jug kept in the refrigerator.) As with fine wine, one finds oneself trying to identify the different tastes and aromas of this tea. There's the raspberry, a hint of vanilla and other flavors, and the rose contributes to the scent without actually being identifiable as "rose". It's a complex blend perfect for romantic whimsey. I love this tea just as it is. Sweet tea lovers may want to add sweetener, as this has just enough sevia to bring out the flavors without tasting overly sweet. Just remember, if you order this tea, try it soon and reorder immediately if you love it as I do or you'll have a long wait.

We love this tea!

5 Stars We love this tea!

from NY on wrote:

My husband and I drink a lot of hot tea in the winter months, and we particularly love this one. Hope it comes back again and again!

Toddler's favorite iced tea

5 Stars Toddler's favorite iced tea

from NC on wrote:

My best iced tea comes from diffusing these bags in an iced tea pitcher. Who needs a soft drink, with such delicious natural sweetness? Our two-year-old grandson loves this tea.

This is delicious!

5 Stars This is delicious!

from AZ on wrote:

This tea is so sweet and delicious, I ordered 2 more because I like it so much and Im afraid it will be gone. I will share with my friends.

I hope this one comes back its wonderful

5 Stars I hope this one comes back its wonderful

from CA on wrote:

My favorite of all time - hope it comes back soon!!!

Great Iced

5 Stars Great Iced

from PA on wrote:

This tea is really fantastic iced. I let it steep five minutes and then poured it over ice with a touch of sweetener. Very refreshing!



from TN on wrote:

Enjoyed a cup of this tea last night before bed. Its flavor is delicate and delightful. Highly recommend!

My Favorite!

5 Stars My Favorite!

from NJ on wrote:

Such wonderful flavors blended together, Am really enjoying this tea, actually been enjoying all the teas from here, my favorite place to get tea! :)

Raspberry Rose not great

Raspberry Rose not great

from FL on wrote:

Meh - Tastes like unsweetened raspberry jello. Not terrible, but I wouldn't buy it again. Blueberry and Strawberry - both extraordinary!

Absolutely Delicious

5 Stars Absolutely Delicious

from CA on wrote:

This is now one of my absolutely favorite teas. My daughter and I fell in love with this deliciousness. It's perfectly sweet and the taste of raspberry is an extra treat...just ordered by bulk!

Our Favorite

5 Stars Our Favorite

from IL on wrote:

My daughter and I enjoy many of your teas, but this is our favorite. It is light and delicate with very noticeable notes of the raspberry and rose! So soothing and satisfying. we just ordered it by bulk, we do not want to run out.

Great aroma;great tea

5 Stars Great aroma;great tea

from PA on wrote:

I have always loved hibiscus tea, but this is over the top. Great aroma and wonderful taste.

Delicious Tea!

5 Stars Delicious Tea!

from CT on wrote:

This tea has a mild flavor. The blend of raspberry and rose is just right. Will re-order again.

Love This Tea

Love This Tea

from MS on wrote:

Wonderful Blend Great Taste Good All Year Hot or Cold


5 Stars Yummy

from MT on wrote:

Very good



from WA on wrote:

I inserted 2 Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea Bags into a Fruit Infusion Pitcher... filled the pitcher with water then watched as the delicate pink color appeared. I either refrigerate the infused water or leave the pitcher on the counter top [it's pretty]. I'm able to enjoy my 6 or more glasses of delicious flavored water every day. I love the delicate flavor with the pretty pink color instead of just a plain glass of water! The Strawberry Hibiscus and the Blueberry Hibiscus taste equally delicious as a flavored water.


5 Stars Yummy

from CA on wrote:

Very smooth & delicious...really enjoyed w/a bit of lemon & honey also..

3 Stars

from on wrote:

I don't get any rose flavor or even scent from it. To me it's a raspberry hibiscus tea, lightly pre-sweetened. Brews up a gorgeous red color.

A must buy!

5 Stars A must buy!

from NY on wrote:

Smells wonderful and tastes wonderful! No one ingredient overpowers the other perfectly balanced. I like how it has a natural sweetness and you don't need to add much if any honey. Probably my favorite tea.



from AZ on wrote:



5 Stars Delicious

from PA on wrote:

I liked this tea so much I reordered it, again. It has a full rich taste and wonderful aroma. Great tea.

sweet treat

5 Stars sweet treat

from MD on wrote:

love the sweet, fruity and rich flavor of this tea. My children also love it which says a lot. Can't wait to buy more. I don't want it to go away.

Just Great

5 Stars Just Great

from MS on wrote:

Fruity Sweet wonderful treat I really enjoy.... Great flavor should be available all year not just seasonal

from TX on wrote:

If I had noted that this contained Stevia, I would not have ordered it. I don't like sweet teas. After tasting it and finding it so sweet, I added lots of ice and enjoyed it as iced tea and will use it that way through these hot summer months. Also, I'm sharing it with my two sons so that will help use up the 250 tea bags!

Great flavor, but too sweet

3 Stars Great flavor, but too sweet

from FL on wrote:

Although I absolutely love the flavor of this tea, I don't care for its sweetness. I would buy it again if it weren't sweetened. I really don't think it needs the stevia, it would be great without.

My Favorite

5 Stars My Favorite

from CA on wrote:

Like several others, this has become my favorite tea. The flavors are very rich and well balanced. Absolutely love it, hot or iced, slightly sweetened or just plain. You can't go wrong.


5 Stars delicious

from IL on wrote:

this is the best tea!! Love it! Love it as iced tea just as well as hot.

The Best!

5 Stars The Best!

from CT on wrote:

This tea is DELICIOUS. I was addicted to the Blueberry Hibiscus but this is now my absolute favorite. I make pots of Raspberry Hibiscus and Blueberry Hibiscus each day. I drink them iced and sometimes add lemon or lime - outrageous!

My new favorite

5 Stars My new favorite

from OK on wrote:

This is my new favorite tea! I enjoy a cuppa (or three) a day. Had to order in bulk! Love it! Yum!


5 Stars Yummy

from on wrote:

Very delicate fruity and refreshing. I really enjoyed this one! I love almost all the hibiscus teas, blueberry is my favorite but this one is pretty good. I only drink it iced so I'm not sure if it is good hot.



from SC on wrote:


Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea

5 Stars Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea

from NH on wrote:

I recently purchased this and I absolutely fell in love with the juicy raspberry flavor! Another Republic of Tea added to my favorite list!!


5 Stars Delicious!

from on wrote:

I loved the standard-issue Hibiscus blends, especially the key lime. But this one takes the cake. Rich and sweet without being cloying - just a little honey and it's perfect. I look forward to trying it iced this summer, and hope they'll make it a year-round flavor and not just a seasonal blend.

5 Stars

from PA on wrote:

Wow, you truly get a juicy'er raspberry taste by adding the rose. No after taste, just a very satisfying sip. Have to admit I squeeze the tea bag.

Wow! so flavorful !

5 Stars Wow! so flavorful !

from WI on wrote:

My tea just arrived today, and it is the greatest flavor of all the Hibiscus blends. I am a huge fan of all the Hibiscus teas, and this combination of Raspberries and Rose with the Hibiscus is just the best yet.