Get Limber

5 Stars Get Limber

from OH on wrote:

A cup of this after a workout or before bed can make joints feel good. I have arthritis and refuse to take medication due to the side effects so I use herbal remedies and this is one of my favorites

Only Time Will Tell

4 Stars Only Time Will Tell

from CA on wrote:

The taste is pretty good, I bought this tea to help reduce swelling and stiffness after knee surgery. Not sure if it really reduces swelling, only been drinking it for a week only time will tell.

Great Tea

4 Stars Great Tea

from NY on wrote:


great for my hockey goalie!

5 Stars great for my hockey goalie!

from CT on wrote:

Always hard to say for sure, but this tea REALLY seems to help my 16 year old HS varsity hockey goalie. That sport & position are HARD on your body, as you can imagine. I steep him a cup before practices/games, and then do a second steeping afterwards. he thinks it helps! I will keep buying and steeping!


5 Stars Delightful

from MD on wrote:

Get Limber was delightfully delicious and citrusy. Healthy never tasted so good!

Mild & surprisely NOT tangy

5 Stars Mild & surprisely NOT tangy

from HI on wrote:

Can't say whether or not it helps w/ joint pain & other aging ailments, i didn't buy this herbal tea for that. For me, stretching, eating more veggies & sleeping on a good mattress have helped reduce aches & pains. Even though i would love to drink tea all day, i end up using the bathrm every hour, so i had to find a decaf tea in betwn to drink besides boring water & this fit the bill.This herbal reminds me of a mild rosemary, garlic & basil soup. I can't taste too much tangerine or pineapple in this blend. You can drink it w/ or w/ o sugar. To add variation to this herbal, i add chamomile &/or ROT's moringa herbal to the teapot. I also got it b/c i like green rooibos over red, green tends to be less citric, more smoother in taste. And it's more versatile to add to caff or decaf teas, it's not overpowering like red rooibos. Red tends to be best w/ chocolate blends.

Helped relieve throat pain as well as joint pain

5 Stars Helped relieve throat pain as well as joint pain

from NY on wrote:

I wasn't used to such spicy tea, but I grew to love this. After a surgery, this was the only tea that relieved my sore throat pain (which was caused by the breathing tube). It really does help with my joint pain. My local grocery store no longer carries it! So I wonder which other tea is most similar

Stiff no more!!

5 Stars Stiff no more!!

from NJ on wrote:

Fabulous for mobility. Get it NOW.

Improved flexibility

5 Stars Improved flexibility

from NC on wrote:

After the first cup I could walk without pain for the first time in several days. Drink a cup before I go to a "Y" water aerobics class and really am able to stretch and bend.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from GA on wrote:

I love this tea. I have ms and it helps to make my exercise routine easier and more effective.

Get Limber tea

5 Stars Get Limber tea

from TX on wrote:

I personally think it works great. It does exactly what it says it does. It blends really well with the ginger tumeric green or tumeric cinnamon tea.

love it

5 Stars love it

from TN on wrote:

like the taste of this tea, it really helps with my stiffness and aching, i drink this early in the morning. i can tell a big difference in my body. i recommend it, and i will buy it again.

Refreshing during a workout

5 Stars Refreshing during a workout

from HI on wrote:

Take this tea to all of my yoga classes and workouts. Confident this tea has been helping to prevent my leg cramps.

Welcome relief for joint pain (arthritis)

5 Stars Welcome relief for joint pain (arthritis)

from CA on wrote:

This tea is amazing for immediate relief from osteo-arthritis joint pain.

Great Stuff!

5 Stars Great Stuff!

from CO on wrote:

I tried this tea to see if it would help with my fibromyalgia. It has been a greater success than I could have imagined--I don't have much fibro pain anymore and no longer feet like a human barometer. It even helps some with my back pain that's unrelated to the fibro.

A must for endurance athlete training

5 Stars A must for endurance athlete training

from MI on wrote:

I started incorporating turmeric into my recovery drinks for endurance training ramp-up for a half Ironman. Then I found the Get Limber tea to further supplement my recovery and naturally stave off inflammation. Combined with Get Active for longer training sessions, I have an edge on reducing injury risk and aches.

The Label Caught My Eye

5 Stars The Label Caught My Eye

from TX on wrote:

I bought it from a store going out of business. I saw the words: "Get Limber and Flexibility. I read the ingredients; had taken them before, all except Rooibos. I found the natural flavor pleasant but thought I'd add honey. I am amazed at how quickly it worked. It alleviated the the swelling and soreness in my knees, hips and especially my shoulders. I have trouble with the rotation in my right shoulder. I am most pleased with the effect it has had. Will definitely continue to use the tea. I will be 70 in a month and I want to stay healthy and active as long as I can.

Love it

4 Stars Love it

from NY on wrote:

Love the taste of the tea and I've noticed a difference in my knee pain

It Works!

5 Stars It Works!

from MA on wrote:

It took around 7-10 days before I noticed it was working. It really does make a difference and I am now purchasing more as my husband wants to try it as well. Thanks for making products that are natural and good for us. I love all the teas that I have tried so far. You certainly have a huge variety to choose from.

This is wonderful tea!

5 Stars This is wonderful tea!

from NY on wrote:

This is my first try of turmeric tea as an anti-inflammatory aid. I have bad joints, carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve problems. This tea is very tasty and pleasant (I use no sweetener). The knuckles on my right hand have been swollen for days. After two cups of tea the swelling and much of the pain was gone. Even if this tea didn't offer homeopathic relief I'd still drink it. It's lovely.

Get Limber Review

2 Stars Get Limber Review

from TX on wrote:

A bit herby tasting, but I can get past that. It's better tasting if I add another herbal tea bag of a lemony variety and a bit more water for a full mug. I assume I need to drink this every day in order to derive benefit, as I am not singing it's healing powers just yet.


2 Stars Bitter

from ID on wrote:

I found this tea too bitter to drink. The orange flavor is not nearly strong enough to mask or overcome the bitter flavor of the herbs. I gave this tea 2 stars because it may actually do what it says; reduce inflammation and ease your joints. I'll never know because I just couldn't choke it down.

Helps my joint pain!

5 Stars Helps my joint pain!

from TX on wrote:

I KNOW this helps my mild joint pain!


5 Stars mmmmm!!!!

from NY on wrote:

excellent/delicious tea.....hoping it does,indeed, help me to get more limber...using it in conjunction with get lost and get burning.....and telling friends at the gym to do the same...

Get Limber Review

5 Stars Get Limber Review

from CA on wrote:

Get Limber! Light, pleasant, fresh with definite Tumeric flavor which has been used for anti-inflammatory conditions for centuries. My mid-morning tea, daily! I would recommend to anyone. It helps my on-going muscle and joint condition. I've paired one bag Get Limber with one bag of Lemon Chiffon and Ooh-La-La! What a delicious pairing for a big mug!


5 Stars Soothing

from NC on wrote:

I have taken curcumin which turmeric is derived from for years but this tea with the combination of the other herbs really works well to soothe aching joints and muscles.


5 Stars Wow!

from TX on wrote:

I honestly believe that this tea, along with Ginger Turmeric have eased my tendonitis pain. Outstanding, RoT!

Amazing inflammatory pain reducing tea!

5 Stars Amazing inflammatory pain reducing tea!

from CA on wrote:

Please never stop making this tea!! I used to take advil every day for excercise related pain. I started drinking this tea and I no longer take advil. Its amazing. In my experiences it definitely has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, i love the taste. No milk or sugar needed. I tell all my friends with aches and pains about this tea, it's fantastic.

I Got Limbered!

5 Stars I Got Limbered!

from CA on wrote:

My new favorite tea to assist with my muscle/joints! Get Limbered has the typical light flavor of green rooibos with hints of exotic herbs that are not too over-powering for my taste. I must say, I have tried other similar teas and this one seems most pleasant as well as effective!

Spicy and citrusy.

5 Stars Spicy and citrusy.

from MA on wrote:

I am training for a marathon and I drink this tea after my long runs. It helps my poor aching joints after hard exercise. When I first opened the tin and smelled the tea bags I started sneezing, there seems to be a lot of pepper in this! The flavor is very spicy but it is not overwhelming.

4 Stars

from MA on wrote:

Lo he tomado despu├ęs de mis terapias y me siento bien relajada. ( Spanish)

Helpul and delicious...

5 Stars Helpul and delicious...

from OR on wrote:

This tea is really lovely AND the added benefits of the tumeric, ginger root and more is a total SCORE!! I do feel better..(joints, muscles) and I'm only drinking a cup a day. (Recently added "the gym" to my routine) Don't hesitate to try this tea!

Great Tasting!

5 Stars Great Tasting!

from NJ on wrote:

Just received my order last week. I brew a pitcher of this tea and drink it iced all day long. Love it!


5 Stars Wow!

from ME on wrote:

I am an active 66 yr old woman. I have a shoulder which was operated on yrs ago that causes such pain----espcially when I'm in bed. Last night I had a cup of this before bed and I had no pain in my shoulder (or any other place!) during the night! Thank you so much!!

It works

5 Stars It works

from NY on wrote:

This tea made a huge difference after a thoracic strain!

Relaxing the Joints

5 Stars Relaxing the Joints

from ME on wrote:

Get Limber is true to its name. After my tennis workouts, my knees are sometimes achy. I bought this tea to see if it could help. It does a remarkable job. I can go to bed after tennis night and no longer am awake with aches and pains! It has a quick recovery time for my muscles and joints. Love it!

Very nice tea

5 Stars Very nice tea

from on wrote:

This is a very good tasting tea. Can't tell if the turmeric works or not yet but I guess I will find out.

Turmeric Tea?

4 Stars Turmeric Tea?

from OR on wrote:

I got this because I run long distances, and I dance, and thus spend hours a day slamming my bones around and then wondering why I'm not more flexible. I was worried it would smell or taste terrible, like many herbal remedies do. The smell is fragrant and fresh, but not floral. The taste is rich and spiced, bright, but not bitter or sharp. It tastes good with sugar, pleasantly creamsicles with a little soymilk, and (this never happens) I am even liking it without sugar or soymilk. I am hooked. Does it work on the joints? I've only had it for a few days, but this weekend I went on a 20 mile run, and came back with my hip flexors so sore I could hardly pike my leg. Been drinking a cup of this every day, and my leg was drastically improved over night, hardly noticeable after a day. Is it the tea? Who could say really.....but I'll take that as a good sign :)

lovely taste

4 Stars lovely taste

from NY on wrote:

No idea if it works per the name, but it tastes lovely and is a great no caffeine option. I do feel good when I drink it! It is, of course, overpriced as are all Republic of Tea items, which is why I give it 4 stars.

musky and herbal

4 Stars musky and herbal

from OK on wrote:

opening the bag smells like a men's cologne. i expected it to be more earthy and vegetal than musky. but it's growing on me quickly.