Love this tea.

5 Stars Love this tea.

from NY on wrote:

A hint of sweetness. Makes a very refreshing iced tea.

Luv it!

5 Stars Luv it!

from CO on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea! As a type2 diabetic, I have to be really careful about sugar intake, and the hydrangea leaf is just sweet enough for my enjoyment, AND it does not hike my blood sugar, for which I am so grateful!

Sweet tea

5 Stars Sweet tea

from SC on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea Just a little hint of sweetness. very satisfying

It is what it is

5 Stars It is what it is

from CO on wrote:

I feel the product is as described and I enjoy it!

Great for low carb-ing

5 Stars Great for low carb-ing

from TX on wrote:

A friend offered this tea during our no-sugar period. It wasn't intensely sugar sweet like Southern sweet tea, but a subtle note at the end. Very satisfying when detoxing from sugar. Been in love with it ever since. And Republic of Tea is the only place I can find it. And if they could make a de-caffeinated version, I would

fine taste

5 Stars fine taste

from OH on wrote:

When I ordered this I mistakenly thought it was an herb tea. I end up being the only one drinking it. I prefer the blackberry or English breakfast but it has a different enough taste that it is nice for variety. I still have to sweeten it as I like my tea really sweet.

Not natural taste

1 Star Not natural taste

from CA on wrote:

It is subtly sweet which I prefer, but its sweetness tastes very artificial to me, nothing close to natural. Aftertaste I got each sip was almost unbearable at the end.

Not a Fan

2 Stars Not a Fan

from CO on wrote:

I tend to agree with several of the other reviews that the stevia, while providing a nice sweet ring for a brief moment on the tongue, the overall taste seems to come off being imitation and/or overly saccharine-like.

Went From 'Eh' To One of My Favs!

5 Stars Went From 'Eh' To One of My Favs!

from HI on wrote:

When I had my first sip of my first cup of this tea, I was quite disappointed. It wasn't as sweet as I was expecting (In fact, I didn't really think that it was sweet at all) and I didn't really care for the flavor. But I am now about a quarter of the way through my tin, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. This tea does not taste sweet in the front of your mouth, at the beginning of the sip. The sweetness comes a second later, towards the back of your mouth and after you swallow. I think that if you're expecting that, you will be less disappointed in the sweetness with that first sip. The flavor is very different. And with time and exposure, has really grown on me. It tastes floral and exotic and is really, very lovely. For me, the timing of the sweetness (a second after you sip) combined with the exotic flavor makes this a really complex tea that very stimulating to drink.

Not So Sweet as Expected

3 Stars Not So Sweet as Expected

from NJ on wrote:

I was a bit disappointed with this tea. It has a weird taste and is not as sweet as I anticipated. I might mix it up with other teas for ice tea just to use it up. Sorry guys.


5 Stars Awesome!

from FL on wrote:

I love traditional southern sweet tea but can't handle the high fructose content and the calories! This tea tastes just as good without the additives and calories.If you have a Keurig K-cup machine, use a glass or cup; insert the tea bag(s) and hit the hot water button!


5 Stars Awesome

from VT on wrote:

This tea is just so good. It has a nice little sweetness to it without being overpowered by it. It is delicious hot or cold.

A Northerners Answer to Southern Sweet Tea

5 Stars A Northerners Answer to Southern Sweet Tea

from NJ on wrote:

I developed somewhat of a taste for sweet tea while working in North Carolina (where that is really all the tea you can get!!). However, the NC version was too sweet, often bitter, and kept me up all night. And then there were the calories. I thought I would try this and was super pleased - no bitterness, just the right sweetness, normal caffeine content. I became addicted immediately and without an iota of guilt! It is great cold - I keep a pitcher in the refrigerator all summer, and I drink it hot year round. I highly recommend it and all of its companions - the Ginger Peach is equally good.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from CA on wrote:

A flavorful tea that is naturally very sweet. A delightful surprise that warms the senses.

Send me yours!

4 Stars Send me yours!

from OR on wrote:

I'm trying to switch over from coffee to tea, and so I purchased this tea. I usually drink strong black coffee with a bit of cream. This is good! I think I may be able to make the switch with this and a few other flavors. And for those of you who don't like this, send them to me! :)

Good both HOT and COLD.

4 Stars Good both HOT and COLD.

from IA on wrote:

Purchased this tea thinking I would drink most of it cooled down and over ice in the summer. I have found that this tea is great sipped hot when I am craving something sweet, but really don't want to spend my calories on a solid "sweet".

Better than Classic Black

5 Stars Better than Classic Black

from MO on wrote:

I like this one better than the Classic Black Sweet Tea. This tea can be both weak and bitter. I use it for iced tea. I let the water cool several minutes after boiling before pouring over tea, then let it steep quite a while. Less heat, longer time; comes out stronger without being bitter.

Sweet tea

5 Stars Sweet tea

from TN on wrote:

This is a very good sweet tea; although it is not too sweet. Anyone who wants a really sweet tea may not think this is sweet enough. I'm from the south where our tea is really sweet, but I love this tea!

good sweet tea

4 Stars good sweet tea

from KS on wrote:

I like really, really sweet tea and am learning to drink my tea without sweetener. This is really good without sugar and I would buy it again.

4 Stars

from on wrote:

Definitely different. It's is noticeably sweet without any sugar and it has a flowery taste to it, or what you imagine sweet smelling flowers to taste like. I don't drink it too much since after drinking it I decided I liked my more traditional black and green teas or fruity ones like the apple tea, but it is what I was hoping for: delicate, floral, and sweet all in one.

great tea

5 Stars great tea

from OR on wrote:

Great tea. This is the second time I have purchased. When you are feeling like sweet tea without the calories.

Tastes like artificial sweetner

2 Stars Tastes like artificial sweetner

from FL on wrote:

Disappointed to find this tea tastes like it's sweetened with Sweet n Low........even though it's natural it still tastes strange. Guess there's no substitute for sugar (and really, at only 45 calories per tsp., might as well stick with it)


5 Stars Delicious

from NH on wrote:

I was never much of a tea drinker until I discovered Republic of Tea. This sweet tea is actually my favorite of all the ones I have tried. Sweetness without the guilt and satisfying.


1 Star Disappointed

from FL on wrote:

Yes, I do detect a little bit of sweet, but I don't like the taste of the tea overall.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from WI on wrote:

This is my favorite tea. It's a hearty black tea, with a sweetness to it. It's not overly sweet. Very natural taste.

Calorie-Free Sweet Tea

4 Stars Calorie-Free Sweet Tea

from FL on wrote:

I enjoy this tea. It is one of my favorites with the right amount of sweetness served hot or iced. My only complaint is it cost a little more than other teas.

Excellent Summer Beverage

4 Stars Excellent Summer Beverage

from CA on wrote:

A light sweetness surrounds the tea giving you a much needed lift on hot summer days. I found this tea to be a good alternative to sodas and provided that sweet edge without going overboard. You do need to use at least 3 teabags for a gallon of tea - maybe 4. I've also found it mixes well when the Pom Green Iced Tea is on its second gallon and you need a bit of a lift to that tea.


1 Star Terrible

from FL on wrote:

One of the most disappointing products I have ever purchased from the Republic. Not worth a dime, let alone the inflated price charged for this most inferior item.

A little weak

2 Stars A little weak

from OH on wrote:

I brewed the tea, but it seemed a bit weak and not at all sweet like I was expecting it to be. I was just a bit disappointed with the strength of the brew.

A Must-have

5 Stars A Must-have

from MD on wrote:

If you want the best iced tea ever, you have to have this one. I don't like sweetened tea, but this has a very bright flowery natural sweetness that isn't cloying. It's perfect for a hot summer day. I recommend it highly.

A Must-have

5 Stars A Must-have

from MD on wrote:

If you want the best iced tea ever, you have to have this one. I don't like sweetened tea, but this has a very bright flowery natural sweetness that isn't cloying. It's perfect for a hot summer day. I recommend it highly.

Well worth the money!

4 Stars Well worth the money!

from IA on wrote:

This tea is wonderful to drink chilled and over ice. I was excited to serve it at the annual Mother / Daughter Tea at church. Everyone enjoyed the balanced taste.

Nice addition to my tea choices

4 Stars Nice addition to my tea choices

from CA on wrote:

Brewed for 3minutes subtle flavors very nice. Looking forward to brewing a pitcher for iced tea. As with all tea, timing the brewing is vital to the taste not getting bitter.

1 Star

from PA on wrote:

I found this tea to have an off taste. Something similar to saccharin flavor.

LOVE this tea!

5 Stars LOVE this tea!

from PA on wrote:

Discovered this tea about a year ago and have been a faithful purchaser ever since! Perfect Sweetness!

Nasty, unpleasant, waste of money

1 Star Nasty, unpleasant, waste of money

from OH on wrote:

I usually drink black tea with no sugar but once in a while I like sweet tea. This tea is awful. The black tea flavor is unpleasant and I usually like black tea. It is sweet but leaves a nasty, bitter taste at the back of my tongue after every sip. I'm sorry I bought it.

Delicious sweetness

5 Stars Delicious sweetness

from WA on wrote:

I love this tea! I am someone who typically adds quite a bit of sugar to my tea, but I don't have to add any to this wonderful sweet tea. It's a different sweetness than sugar or honey provide, but it is tasty in its own way. I would recommend it to those who like their tea sweet.

Love this tea.

5 Stars Love this tea.

from ID on wrote:

Fabulous tea. Really is sweet and needs no additional sweetner. Tastes wonderful mixed with another tea in a large mug. I just use one tea bag of this and any other tea and it is a taste treat.

Surprisingly Good!

5 Stars Surprisingly Good!

from on wrote:

Wasn't sure if the tea would live up to it's description but bought it anyway. Was very intersted in trying it and was not disappointed! I thoroughly enjoy this tea and love the sweetness. I was afraid the longer it steeped the more bitter it would become but I haven't found that to be true at all! So so so good!

good but too sweet for my taste

2 Stars good but too sweet for my taste

from OH on wrote:

This is a good naturally sweet tea if you prefer sweet drinks. I'm not big on sweet drinks and found this tea disappointly not to my liking.

Sugar Free

3 Stars Sugar Free

from CA on wrote:

Every so often I enjoy a small amount of sweetner added to my tea. Usually raw sugar or agave. I thought this tea would be perfect. I discovered it was too sweet for my tastes. It also has an after taste I am not fond of. What I am doing is brew one bag of it with 1 bag of the Three Gardens breakfast. That reduces the sweetness and the after taste.

Wonderful tea!

5 Stars Wonderful tea!

from TX on wrote:

This tea is wonderful hot or iced. Perfect sweetness.

Too Strong of Lemon for Me

3 Stars Too Strong of Lemon for Me

from ID on wrote:

I didn't read the Additional information so I didn't know that it had a Lemon flavor to it...and I don't like lemon in my tea. For me, it is very over powering and I don't really even pick up the sweetness because of it. This should have been called Sweet Tea with Lemon. To help dilute the lemon flavor a little bit I mix 2bags with 2-3 bags of another such as Wild Berry Plum Green Tea. That was a really good Ice Tea.

sweet tea

5 Stars sweet tea

from on wrote:

Excellent flavor! Just the right amount of sweetness and it's calorie free.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Wonder taste! Just enough sweetness so you don't need to add anything.


5 Stars Excellent!

from UT on wrote:

This is an excellent tea and it makes the best iced tea ever! I know others will enjoy this one because once I get my friends to try it, they love it just like I do.