5 Stars Yum

from VA on wrote:

Like that it’s low caff. I don’t like red velvet cake. But I love this. Also great combined with other flavors.

No taste at all

1 Star No taste at all

from CT on wrote:

Very disappointed , no flavor just colored hot water 😑

Red Velvet Tea

5 Stars Red Velvet Tea

from MI on wrote:


My Absolute Hot Rooibos Tea Go-To!

5 Stars My Absolute Hot Rooibos Tea Go-To!

from AR on wrote:

This tea has been a staple in my repertoire of teas since its launch. We make hot pots of it alone or mixed with the Caramel Apple Rooibos at least twice a day during cool weather. It tastes of delicious chocolate, and the aroma is delightful!

love it

5 Stars love it

from NJ on wrote:

This tea has just the right amount of chocolate flavor and has a lovely strong taste and aroma. It is totally delightful!


5 Stars Scrumptious!

from AR on wrote:

I love this tea on its own or mixed with Caramel Apple for a delicious pot of hot tea. The aroma is as luscious as the taste. Definitely my go-to tea in cooler months. I buy in bulk so I never run out!


5 Stars Tasty

from VA on wrote:

I personally am not a fan of red velvet cake so when I got a sample pack and the red velvet tea was in it I didn’t even want to try it. But I did and it was amazing! A little milk and a sugar cube! Oh my gosh such a nice little cup of hot wonderfulness!

Heaven In A Cup!

5 Stars Heaven In A Cup!

from SC on wrote:

I saw this in a small store and had to try it. I bought 2 single packs & I'm wish I had bought a whole tin!! I absolutely LOVE red velvet cake & have a hard time resisting the urge to indulge in a large slice. Now I can enjoy it any time I want without the guilt!!

Tastes like childhood

5 Stars Tastes like childhood

from OH on wrote:

THIS is he tea of my childhood. My grandma used to have a tin of it all the time. After family dinners, the adults would all have a cup of decaf coffee and my brother and I would have this tea. It’s just not Easter without it! It is not too bitter and it can really curve your sweet tooth. I’m drinking a cup as I’m writing this to be honest. If you’re thinking of getting a tin, absolutely do. It does not taste fake at all and the flavour doesn’t fade in the old tea bags if you’ve had it in your cubbord for a while, so no worries if you’re not an avid tea drinker.

Sadly disappointed.

1 Star Sadly disappointed.

from NC on wrote:

Was the first tea from Republic I didn't like. Very weak flavor. Even made it with 3 bags for a cup and it was bland. Sorry folks.

Culpa Chocolate Herbal tea is delicious

5 Stars Culpa Chocolate Herbal tea is delicious

from CA on wrote:

I like the rich taste of this caffeine-free tea. Add milk and it tastes like hot chocolate.

Cuppa Red Delight

5 Stars Cuppa Red Delight

from NC on wrote:

I know this is crazy, but due to a lactose intolerance I drink 3 cups of half tea/half coffee a day. This blend is wonderful by itself or blended with black coffee.

My Favorite Tea!

5 Stars My Favorite Tea!

from CA on wrote:

I absolutely love my Red Velvet Chocolate Tea! I'm so glad that The Republic of Tea's website offers auto shipping without shipping fees, it's so convenient and I don't have to run everywhere looking for it. Perfect Tea and perfect Customer Service.



from AZ on wrote:

I'm a chocoholic and finding your Red Velvet tea was terrific....who knew there could be such a thing......obviously you did and it's truly delicious.

Super enjoyable

4 Stars Super enjoyable

from OH on wrote:

I really do like this tea. I find it oddly soothing, especially at bedtime with a book in hand. I have not added sweetener or milk- I'll have to try that! But I just drink it straight up. The flavor is a bit mild, but if I've been good that day and not had any extra super sweet things, it is more pronounced to me.



from AZ on wrote:

This is my go to desert .... I am a chocoholic and this tea really is amazing. l love it so much I won't share it.

Nice Dessert Tea

4 Stars Nice Dessert Tea

from MD on wrote:

I have all of these chocolate teas, and although the banana and the coconut are my favorites, this is a good one also.

Red Velvet Chocolate

5 Stars Red Velvet Chocolate

from FL on wrote:

Wonderful chocolate flavor and love it on a cold morning.

Delicious Tea!

5 Stars Delicious Tea!

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea! It is a sweet low calorie drink. I add stevia and a little milk and it is satisfies my sweet tooth!

Soap additive

5 Stars Soap additive

from NC on wrote:

Off the wall, but this tea makes a great soap additive. It pairs really well with cedarwood and vanilla.

Delicious and complex

5 Stars Delicious and complex

from SC on wrote:

Found this tea when I was buying my usual (Ginger Peach Decaf.) Bought it on a whim, and it did not disappoint. Mild but complex flavor that is delicious when sweetened with honey.

Pleasant, but not red velvet

3 Stars Pleasant, but not red velvet

from NY on wrote:

I love red velvet cake, so I was looking forward to this. Hm. It does not taste like chocolate or red velvet cake. It is a pleasant tea - but really quite undefinable. Not my favourite.

Yummy Chocolate fix

5 Stars Yummy Chocolate fix

from TX on wrote:

As with all herbal teas I like them better when sweetened, this one is no different. I like it best English style with sweeten and milk. I prefer canned milk or half and half.

Amazing as a Latte

5 Stars Amazing as a Latte

from PA on wrote:

First of all, I haven't tried this tea with water. Instead, I heated up a mug of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, frothed it a bit, and dropped a tea bag in. I added a tiny bit of sweetener, and let me tell you, it was absolutely fantastic! Rich and sweet and fantastically decadent! It definitely satisfied my sweet tooth, and I recommend trying it like this to anyone, especially those who are unsatisfied with the tea's flavor when it's made with water.

Could NOT get past the smell

1 Star Could NOT get past the smell

from WA on wrote:

After reading reviews, I decided to let it steep a little longer than 7mins and it was indeed weak. But I couldn't get past the smell. Did not smell like delicious chocolate. More earthy. And the taste wasn't flattering either. just not my cuppa.


1 Star Mrs

from CA on wrote:

I was VERY disappointed ) = I love red velvet cake and I thought this would be perfect to get the taste without the calories. Not even close- I can't believe I spent $10.00 on something this bad.

My Least Favorite Chocolate Tea

2 Stars My Least Favorite Chocolate Tea

from CT on wrote:

I tried the variety pack of chocolate teas so I could find my favorites before ordering in bulk. I didn't hate any of them, but this was definitely my least favorite. There was something artificial about the taste and the smell, and it just didn't do it for me. I thought some of the other chocolate flavors were much better.

Amazing... but with a drawback

5 Stars Amazing... but with a drawback

from MI on wrote:

The main problem with this tea is how weak it is if less than 3 bags per cup is used. I average 4-5 bags per cup to get the really rich chocolate flavor. I add a little sugar and a splash of white chocolate mocha creamer and I swear its the best I've ever drank. The key is making sure its brewed strong for the true flavors to come out. The down side to that is I go through a canister of the bags WAY too fast.


5 Stars Yummy

from MD on wrote:

Second chocolate tea from Republic of tea I tried and this and the peppermint are both amazing. This tea is smooth and rich. Bonus no soy or dairy in their teas( exception a probiotic tea with dairy).

No Taste!

1 Star No Taste!

from CT on wrote:

Very watery. I was expecting more of a rich chocolate taste.

Good but no red velvet flavor

3 Stars Good but no red velvet flavor

from IL on wrote:

The smell was reminiscent of red velvet cake but the taste was straight red rooibos. I enjoy rooibos but know that it's a "love it or hate it" sort of tea. While the scent was pleasant, I would purchase a plain rooibos next time I'm contemplating a caffeine free fix.

Get a fork...

5 Stars Get a fork...

from OR on wrote:

...because you're going to think you've got cake! This tea is amazing!! It tastes exactly like the best Red Velvet you've ever had. I'll tell you a secret: I hide this, and the chocolate coconut, so I don't have to share! :D

I like this a heck of a lot better than the Red Velvet cupcake I got at Crumbs

5 Stars I like this a heck of a lot better than the Red Velvet cupcake I got at Crumbs

from NY on wrote:

I’ve almost finished my canister of this tea so I decided it might be a good idea to review it. I used two tea bags in a 12 oz mug, added a touch of sweetener and a splash of Half & Half. It smells . . . how would Homer Simpson say it – garrrr droooll! Let me start by saying I consider myself a complete amateur at both tea reviewing and drinking. I know what I like and I like this. I found it to have a deep chocolate flavor with a hint of something else (not sure how I would describe it other than as “red”). I’m guessing that might be the beetroot or maybe it’s the flavor of the rooibos itself (I’ve never had it in anything else). Never having had true Red Velvet Cake (only a Crumbs cupcake – not impressed) I can’t compare the flavors in this tea to the original cake. What I can say is that I really like this tea. I find it rich and sweet (but not tooth-achingly sweet like another version I’ve tasted) and very enjoyable. I will definitely be restocking on this. The only disappointment I have in this

Finally a tea that doesn't taste like dirt

5 Stars Finally a tea that doesn't taste like dirt

from WA on wrote:

My whole childhood I have hated tea. All tea tasted like flavored dirt. It wasn't until I was 21 and got sick that I finally found a tea I liked. My brother got me to have a cup of this tea to sooth my sore throat. that The fact that this tea is also caffeine free is also great. I am happy so say that I have continued to enjoy this tea and other the Rooibos tea available.

A Full Bodied Tasty Treat

5 Stars A Full Bodied Tasty Treat

from MD on wrote:

If you enjoy a slice of red velvet cake this is an excellent and healthy alternative!!!

One Great Sip!

5 Stars One Great Sip!

from OR on wrote:

I love this tea. It is one of my favorites. I have never tried any rooibos teas before, and I have to say I love it. I have a sweet tooth and this tea was perfect for me, and even better is it's caffeine free! I highly recommend this tea to anyone.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from CO on wrote:

I love this tea and ordered the large supply. I do not have caffeine and since this is naturally caffeine free it is a great option. The rooibos flavor is great and it is not too sweet. Perfect in the evenings after dinner!


5 Stars love

from DE on wrote:

absolutely love this tea! I'm an NPC Bikini competitor and this tea savesss me with cravings, I just today purchased the cuppa cake tea and the caramel hi-caf tea & a tin of this red velvet tea, and excited to try the free tin of ginger peach! I origionally bought the assortment cuppa choc tea box and red velvet was the best out of them glad I found this company and the teas <3 <3 <3



from NY on wrote:



5 Stars Delicious

from WA on wrote:

I'm just trying this for the first time and it's wonderful. I can't have actual cupcakes with any ease, so this is a quick fix for when I'm craving something delicious.

Nice Flavor!

4 Stars Nice Flavor!

from PA on wrote:

Smells beautiful while steeping and has a nice flavor - I wish that there were just a bit more of a hint of chocolate to it - Overall very nice.

My Nightly Treat

5 Stars My Nightly Treat

from MD on wrote:

This is my nightly bedtime treat. I include it as part of my relaxation ritual when I get into bed. Certainly keeps me from eating something I would later regret.

Nice Treat

4 Stars Nice Treat

from PA on wrote:

Nice subtle flavor - the hint of coco is just right. It keeps me from snacking after dinner - just a dash of cream and a bit of Stevia and this tea is good to go.

I am in love with this tea!

5 Stars I am in love with this tea!

from MA on wrote:

With a dash of sweetener, it's almost like drinking a cupcake. SO GOOD!


4 Stars /drool

from FL on wrote:

You can certainly taste red velvet cake! The cocoa stands out the most with a subtle hint of sweetness. :)

Amazing Tea Great Red Velvet Taste

5 Stars Amazing Tea Great Red Velvet Taste

from PA on wrote:

If you use brown sugar, I find it really enchances the flavour. Also, I will buy my tea about 9 months in advance to let the bags mellow in the pouch or can (if you find an unusual taste when you first prepare it.) Amazing how with taste and aroma


5 Stars Tasty

from FL on wrote:

Nice flavor not strong, I like it in the evenings kind of as a dessert without the calories.

Tastes like Rich Chocolate

5 Stars Tastes like Rich Chocolate

from FL on wrote:

Just add some cream and sweetener and it tastes like a rich cup of hot chocolate without the calories. I am in love!

A little disappointing

3 Stars A little disappointing

from CA on wrote:

I didn't get much red velvet at all. It smells great, but there was just a slight hint of chocolate. Nothing wrong with the tea, just not what I was expecting.

LOVE this tea!!

5 Stars LOVE this tea!!

from WA on wrote:

I've tried all the chocolate teas, and this is my absolute favorite!! I add some Truvia or Stevia and some organic unsweetened vanilla soy milk, and it tastes divine! What a treat--hard to believe it's tea!!

Smooth, comforting

5 Stars Smooth, comforting

from on wrote:

Not decadent, but definitely comforting. A smooth, mellow cup of tea. I like to enjoy with organic milk after dinner to bring the evening to a nice finish.

Not too bad at all

3 Stars Not too bad at all

from OH on wrote:

This may not really taste like chocolate or red velvet, but it's not a bad tasting tea at all. It has a nice mild flavor, a good smell, and a lovely color. I had it with a bit of sweetened vanilla almond milk and it really made the cup. Something I'd definitely have again sometime.

AMAZING...enough said!

5 Stars AMAZING...enough said!

from TX on wrote:

Purchased that as at a local Whole Foods and I was kinda skeptical. The smell is a little strong and off putting but it's amazing brewed. I added some stevia to mine and little coconut milk and even better!

5 Stars

from NY on wrote:

Just add a few touches and its perfection! well i make it in a cup of milk instead of water then i also add 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of cinnamon sugar, and 2 squirts of Davinci Gourmet Sugar Free French Vanilla flavor shots and the ending product is DIVINE


5 Stars LOVE

from GA on wrote:

Favorite EVER!

True Red Velvet

5 Stars True Red Velvet

from OR on wrote:

I love this tea! It tastes like the true red velvet, not the super-overly sweet red velvet cakes found in grocery stores. The chocolate is very mellow and it combines very well with the beet. It also has the most beautiful red color I've seen! It goes great with a tad milk, and I enjoy it every night!

Didn't think it would actually taste like what it claims to be

5 Stars Didn't think it would actually taste like what it claims to be

from TX on wrote:

I saw this tea at my local whole foods and bought it on a whim. I was a little skeptical over the fact that it was 'red velvet' flavor, but seeing as I can't say no to red velvet anything I gave it a shot. I have to say that this tea is amazing, and it's like drinking liquid cake <3 I add 3 tablespoons milk, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a teaspoon of sugar. and it's absolutely perfect! I highly recommend if you have a sweet tooth and a love for red velvet. It will cure your cravings for sure!

Not true red velvet

4 Stars Not true red velvet

from MA on wrote:

This tea smells divine! I was expecting a very strong chocolate flavor, but got a more mellow chocolate flavor. The beet is a nice touch, but it doesn't scream red velvet. However, it was still pretty good as far as chocolate flavored teas go!

My new addiction

5 Stars My new addiction

from MO on wrote:

Perfect red velvet cake taste. A dab of half-n-half and a pinch of sugar and this is a truly sippable dessert. Don't stop making this tea!!!

Sweet Tooth Nirvana

4 Stars Sweet Tooth Nirvana

from NY on wrote:

Liquid Cake!! I don't know how they did it but this tea tastes just like red velvet cake! Add a little creamer for perfection.

NOT Red Velvet!

2 Stars NOT Red Velvet!

from IN on wrote:

This tea tastes good...but nothing like Red Velvet! Not even a hint of chocolate like in the Banana Cuppa Chocolate. Disappointed... I thought maybe it was me, but several friends all said the same thing...nothing like Red Velvet.

Surprisingly Delicious

5 Stars Surprisingly Delicious

from NM on wrote:

Ordinarily, I am not a fan of flavored teas, but this one is surprisingly delicious. The aroma is strongly inviting and the taste is delicious though difficult to describe. Anyone who likes rooibus, I would encourage them to try this tea.

If you wanted a tea that actually tastes like cake, you'll be dissapointed.

4 Stars If you wanted a tea that actually tastes like cake, you'll be dissapointed.

from on wrote:

Doesn't taste like actual red velvet cake, but it's really good and (for me) especially good iced. I like it a lot. Would totally buy again.


5 Stars YUM!!!

from AR on wrote:

great taste -- added a dollop of cream and a sprinkle of stevia -- perfect

Scent is spot on

4 Stars Scent is spot on

from TN on wrote:

I'm not typically a fan of red rooibos, but this one is pretty good. Obviously it's not pureed cake or anything (i.e. it still tastes like tea), but the scent is just beautiful. Warm, sweet, and just really lovely. I'm actually sitting here smelling my empty mug as I type this.

Not so great

2 Stars Not so great

from on wrote:

I heard good things about this tea so I bought it. It doesn't taste like red-velvet and I was disappointed. I even tried using two tea bags and also tried steeping longer, but it just didn't live up to my expectations I had of it.

Red Velvet Fail

2 Stars Red Velvet Fail

from NJ on wrote:

Saw this in a store and was excited to try it since I'm a fan of all things red velvet. I popped the can open last night and took a huge whiff, and...I could already tell this wouldn't be what I was hoping for. It didn't smell like red velvet or chocolate at all, and after steeping for awhile, it didn't taste like red velvet or chocolate either. I made sure to steep for a looong time in the hopes that it would bring out more flavor, but it was overall pretty weak and watery, definitely not something that could satisfy any chocolate cravings for me. I gave it 2 'teapots' since it doesn't have a bad or offensive flavor, it just doesn't taste like what they say it should. I've never tried any sort of chocolate-flavored tea before, so I'm not sure if this is how they all are or not...but it's definitely left me feeling wary about trying any more.


4 Stars Tealicious!

from TN on wrote:

So I've just been getting interested in trying new teas this last week or two and this is the first real foray into tea that I've had so far. I've tried a few Earl Greys and I just ordered some teas off this website a few days ago and I saw this in a store and decided to get it. I was pleasantly surprised upon opening the tin to smell the aroma of tea mixed with yes, the smell of red velvet. I put a couple of tablespoons of sugar in my tea as well as some white chocolate mocha creamer and upon first taste, I wasn't completely sold. It wasn't what I expected but it grew sip by sip and it's a pleasant treat that is delicious and it really does taste like red velvet!

4 Stars

from on wrote:

Good, but I like others better.

My go to tea

5 Stars My go to tea

from MA on wrote:

A delicious satisfying tea that warms your soul and satisfies your sweet tooth with a dash of stevia. Makes a New England evening cosy and warm!

A Real Winner

5 Stars A Real Winner

from FL on wrote:

This truly is a winner. Every one who comes to visit requests this tea. My husband has it every evening with his night snack..... Dessert from start to finish! :-)


4 Stars yummy!

from CA on wrote:

with some chocolate raspberry stevia, it's quite delightful!

Good but not my favorite

4 Stars Good but not my favorite

from CO on wrote:

I prefer Peppermint Chocolate. This doesn't have a strong chocolate taste and the mint of the Peppermint Chocolate tea enhances the chocolate flavor.

not very chocolate

3 Stars not very chocolate

from OH on wrote:

I love red velvet cake and was really looking forward to loving this tea. It has a fine flavor but not really chocolaty- add a bit of sweetener. I much prefer some of the other teas offered by TR of Tea.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from MO on wrote:

I love Red Velvet cake, and this tea nails it. The scent, the color, the taste - this is the whole package. Just a touch of sweetener takes it to "cake" without making it sickening. It's great. Adding a touch of cream made it a true textural treat as well. Well done, Republic of Tea!

really good

5 Stars really good

from NY on wrote:

This is a very tasty tea. My kids love it too. I have never tasted Red Velvet cake so I have nothing to compare it to but as a tea it is very tasty. I wish I could use cream in it because I bet that would put this tea over the edge. As it is a little stevia and this tastes quite good. I can't wait to try the other chocolate teas. I just wish that more samplers were offered.

The Best

5 Stars The Best

from NY on wrote:

This tea is a cup of heaven. It is my favorite tea. If you have a sensitive palette and are able to enjoy the subtle complexities in flavor, this is the tea for you. It has a delicious vanilla and chocolate taste without either one being too overpowering. The beet is for giving this tea it's lovely red coloring only, and there is no beet flavor in the tea itself. On it's own this tea is just like a slice of red velvet cake, but not overpoweringly sweet. Sugar can always be added to it as well. If you eat lots of sugar and sweet desserts, and are used to stronger flavors, then you will probably not be able to appreciate the subtle beauty of this tea.


5 Stars Perfect.

from NC on wrote:

Being from the South I know my way around Red Velvet cake. This tea does a great job of replicating the flavors and is wonderful without any sweetener. I will say that if you regularly consume a fair amount of sweets then this will likely not be satisfying for you. The flavors are subtle but they are definitely there. Wonderful way to have dessert without a boatload of calories.

So far my favorite!

5 Stars So far my favorite!

from VA on wrote:

Helps my curb my desire for a sweet fattening treat in the evening.

chocolate fix

4 Stars chocolate fix

from OR on wrote:

This tea is so smooth and gives me that little chocolate fix im looking for. The tins are so much nicer for storage than a box


1 Star Disgusting

from LA on wrote:

I am a lover of red velvet cake and when I saw this tea I had to try it, because let's face it we all want our dessert but with little to no calories attached! However what I tasted was nothing but beets, which is used in the tea for coloring. No sweetness, no hint of cocoa or anything else. I felt like I was drinking the warmed up juice from canned beets. It was horrible.

Love this stuff!!!

5 Stars Love this stuff!!!

from OH on wrote:

Can't get enough of this tea... Wonderful with just a hint of a sweetened creamer. Truly feels like you are having a wonderful dessert.

I love Red Velvet but not this tea!

2 Stars I love Red Velvet but not this tea!

from MD on wrote:

I was looking for a really tasty chocolate flavored tea and I came across this series from RT. I bought this one and the Chocolate Coconut one. I didn't like this one at all really and I don't drink it. I like that it has no caffeine at all so it make for a good dessert tea, however, I do not like the taste. I can't really explain what it is about it, it's just not chocolaty, not tasty. I prefer the chocolate coconut one MUCH better - I really would recommend that one over this. My suggestion is if you're looking for something a bit chocolaty try one of the other ones.

Dessert tea

Dessert tea

from CT on wrote:

This tea is delicious anytime of day but I like it as a dessert tea. Let it steep at least 5 minutes and I like to add honey to enhance the flavor.

Well Hello Deliciousness!!

5 Stars Well Hello Deliciousness!!

from VA on wrote:

I first spotted this tea while visiting Asheville, NC and I simply HAD to try it. I was coming off of a Red Velvet Cake kick (cupcakes, pancakes, you name it), so PERFECT timing. This tea had a lot to live up to though given my kick on the real stuff. Darlings, let me tell you, this tea ROCKS!!! It is now my absolutely, hands down, favorite tea. I drink it warm with some honey to sweeten. PERFECTION!!! Delicious!! Normally I don't care for Rooibos teas, but, really, you HAVE to try this tea!

There's a knack to it

4 Stars There's a knack to it

from MA on wrote:

The first several cups of this I disliked - very little flavor, and just didn't taste like red velvet. Then one day, I got distracted, and let the tea bag steep for over ten minutes. WHABAM - oh, there's the flavor! Even with a very long steep time, the flavor is still only mostly right - but it is tasty.

Chocolate every day with no guilt

5 Stars Chocolate every day with no guilt

from MA on wrote:

I drink this tea everyday, sometimes with another flavor mixed in like mint. It is part of a regimen that has allowed me to keep 50 pounds off for three years with no feeling of deprivation. I no longer eat regular chocolate and this is my new desert. Thanks!

It is delightful

3 Stars It is delightful

from NJ on wrote:

I love the subtle flavor of this tea. It satisfies without overpowering my tastebuds.

Blend this with mint and coconut syrup

5 Stars Blend this with mint and coconut syrup

from MA on wrote:

Brew this along with a bag of mint tea and add sugar-free coconut syrup - good hot or iced.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Just the right blend of sweet and chocolate! I can't do caffeine and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find indulgences without it. This is perfect any time of day.

I love this tea!

5 Stars I love this tea!

from CA on wrote:

I do a lot of writing (political speeches, letters to editors, etc). When I write, I snack.. This tea is a godsend. It's so satisfying, a pot of this tea with a little honey satisfies my craving for a several hours, and there are almost no calories involved. What could be better?

good, but not to die for

4 Stars good, but not to die for

from IL on wrote:

It was good, but not fantastic, I don't think it lives up to it's name. But, being caffine free, is great for a before bed treat.

Perfect fix for a sweet tooth

4 Stars Perfect fix for a sweet tooth

from OH on wrote:

I use a small amount of stevia and it's wonderful when a sweet tooth attacks at night. Perfect to relax with.

Not my type of tea

1 Star Not my type of tea

from FL on wrote:

The tea has a very light flavor. It doesn't taste like chocolate or red velvet. I personally didn't even like the smell. I'm sorry Republic of Tea.

night time treat

5 Stars night time treat

from TN on wrote:

This tea is my go to "end of day" treat. I drink it with a few drops of Stevia and a splash of cream. Perfect!

helps fight sweet cravings

5 Stars helps fight sweet cravings

from GA on wrote:

I like to have this in the evening when I get a sweet craving and it does the trick. It has a nice flavor, not too strong. I bought my sister some of these desert style teas as well.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Delicious!!! I am doing a cleanse of sorts right now and am not allowed any chocolate. But am allowed herbal tea. This fits the bill! We had cake today in our office for a birthday but I had this instead!

5 Stars

from MI on wrote:

absolutely fantastic.


5 Stars Delicious

from CT on wrote:

Bought this as a gift for the hubby, but have snuck some cups here and there for myself as well. We both love the tea, it makes for a nice evening cup. Only very mildly sweet on it's own, so usually we'll add one Splenda packet.

Too sweet

1 Star Too sweet

from TX on wrote:

I thought the tea was too sweet and had a weird taste to it. It did however have a red velvet taste but it was over powered by the weird taste.

5 Stars

from IL on wrote:

My boyfriend absolutely LOVES this tea. It is his go to breakfast tea almost every single morning.

A Very Nice Rooibos Infusion.

4 Stars A Very Nice Rooibos Infusion.

from NJ on wrote:

Though I don't taste a great deal of "Red Velvet" in it, I like this infusion. Nice and sweet, like a rooibos tea should be. Has an interesting aftertaste. Didn't give it 5 stars just because it was not such a "Red Velvet" thing to me.


5 Stars Delicious!

from NJ on wrote:

Wonderful. Looking forward to trying other flavors.

Have A Cup of Pink Tea?

1 Star Have A Cup of Pink Tea?

from CA on wrote:

Have a cup of pink tea but it's not at all appetizing. I like honey and half 'n half in my rooibos tea, and this is the one tea that doesn't stand up to milk. The tea is thin-flavored and devoid of red velvet chocolate. R.o.T, go back to the drawing board.

A Treat!

5 Stars A Treat!

from VA on wrote:

This one is yummy! Just what I need to keep snacking down to a minimum between supper & bedtime. Its a good twist on a cup of cocoa on a cold night like tonight. I'm heading for a cuppa now.


2 Stars ok

from NY on wrote:

this tea is sweet and the taste is pleasant but is missing something. it does not really taste like a red velvet cake, i think it needs more chocolate. i like it best with milk.

I am obsessed with this tea

5 Stars I am obsessed with this tea

from NY on wrote:

This tea is perfect with one splenda, a great replacement for the sweet craving when on a diet

Not up to expectations

1 Star Not up to expectations

from HI on wrote:

Just did not taste right. Was really curious and hoping it would be enjoyable but did not meet my expectations. I will stick with Pineapple Guava, my favorite.

Yummy!! =D

5 Stars Yummy!! =D

from DC on wrote:

I read the reviews before I purchased the tea so I was a bit skeptical about the tea tasting delicious. Some raters complained about the tea tasting bitter so I made sure I didn't let it steep past three minutes. After my first sip, I was hooked. The tea is absolutely delicious!

changing my original rating...

5 Stars changing my original rating...

from AK on wrote:

Originally, I gave this tea a low rating...but I have actually grown quite fond of it! When I add a little chocolate flavored liquid stevia, it tastes like dessert! YUM!

Like a cupcake in a mug!

5 Stars Like a cupcake in a mug!

from IL on wrote:

I served this at a Valentine's Day tea and had to brew two pots, as the first one went so quickly, I didn't even get a cup! If you are a fan of red velvet cake, then this is the perfect dessert tea for you! I served it hot with red velvet whoopie pies and it was a big hit. Naturally sweet and full of chocolate flavour.

4 Stars

from MS on wrote:

Sipping this tea is like eating the best Red Velvet Cake in the South a stronger taste of chocolate would give it 5 stars instead of four

Tastes like cardboard

2 Stars Tastes like cardboard

from IL on wrote:

Had very high expectations for this tea, as I drink a lot of tea. Was very disappointed because it tastes like paper. Would like to see this tea offered in a loose leaf if possible. I thought maybe I left the tea brew too long, so after the second brew, I pulled the bag out sooner. Maybe I just am not used to this type of tea, as I never have had rooibos before or beet root. I was hoping more for a more vanilla flavoring, but I don't even taste that. Very expensive tea, for not good flavor. Maybe I got a bad batch?

Cake for dessert!

4 Stars Cake for dessert!

from NC on wrote:

Very tasty and satisfying. I don't even need a fork for this cake!

5 Stars

from IL on wrote:

I am not fond of the taste, but my boyfriend absolutely LOVES this tea!

Lowest calorie Red Velvet anywhere!

5 Stars Lowest calorie Red Velvet anywhere!

from TX on wrote:

I love having this tea after a meal and find that my desire for desert is not really there any more.

Very good!

5 Stars Very good!

from IN on wrote:

If I close my eyes, I can almost see the cake in front of me. The flavor is light, like the cake can be, and very satisfying. The only thing better would be to taste the cream cheese icing.


1 Star Disappointing

from AK on wrote:

I really wanted to like this tea, but just do not like it. Having trouble tasting the chocolate, and don't particularly care for the main flavor that does come across.


1 Star Aftertaste

from VA on wrote:

Let me begin by saying, generally speaking I adore your teas (favorites being vanilla almond and coconut cocoa). I was SO excited to see this in a little general store in Mystic, CT and immediately purchased it and brought it back with me to VA. First impression: red velvet, really? Did anyone in R&D actually taste this? It has an almost chemical aftertaste. I was hoping to have found another treat/dessert tea. It was an expensive mistake. :-(

Very, very little flavor

2 Stars Very, very little flavor

from MA on wrote:

I thought, by the wonderful scent which greeted my nose on opening the tin, that this tea would be full of wonderful flavor. Instead, I got a barely-flavored tea that had that papery taste rooibos can sometimes get. I was seriously less than impressed, and bummed out I have all these tea bags left that I have no interest in drinking.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from TN on wrote:

I don't taste Red Velvet Cake when I drink this, however, I do love the taste of it. And the chocolate flavor is extremly subtle but in a good way. I would totally recommend this yea to anyone. I am eager to try more Red teas. My absolute favorite is the Good Hope Vanilla.

Wonderful Red Velvet Cake Experience

5 Stars Wonderful Red Velvet Cake Experience

from DE on wrote:

When first opening the container, I immediately noticed the smell of fresh-baked red velvet cake. While sipping my first cup, I could taste the subtle flavor of beets. Very soothing.

Can I just take a dip in my teacup?

5 Stars Can I just take a dip in my teacup?

from PA on wrote:

This was my first cup of Rooibos. After reading so many reviews of so many different kinds, I wasn't sure if it would live up to my expectations. Let me just say that I think I might be in love with this tea. The chocolate is very gentle, not overpowering and not rich like cocoa. After a particularly stressful day I make a cup and feel the world fall away. It's absolutely what I hoped for and definitely what I needed.

OK - but not my favorite

2 Stars OK - but not my favorite

from on wrote:

The flavor is very, very mild. I like a tea with a little more flavor. If you like a really mild tea, you might really like this one.

Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea

3 Stars Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea

from ME on wrote:

Didn't have easy time adjusting to the "red" tea flavor. Could taste the beet. Would have liked to have been able to experience more of a chocolate flavor. Not one of my favorites.

3 Stars

from NH on wrote:

Tried to like this equally with Coconut Cocoa purchased in same order, because of Rooibos antioxidants, even tried with stevia/light cream, but it's never really been a contest! Coconut Cocoa wins hands down, I think because of its complex interplay of soothing, almost surprising flavors. Wouldn't turn this down if offered a cup, but will probably order Coconut Cocoa for myself or gifts. Please consider extending the season for this tea, and selling in full 50-bag tin.

4 Stars

from on wrote:

I expected a different taste to this tea. It is better with a splash of almond milk or any other milk. It tasted a bit bitter and I could definitely taste the beet flavor.

Love it (and I'm picky)

5 Stars Love it (and I'm picky)

from IA on wrote:

I love Rooibos tea - which I first discovered in 2003 during a trip to Botswana. I am also a chocolate finatic, but have historically been disappointed with "chocolate" flavored teas/coffees. However, THIS tea tastes exactly like Red Velvet cake - a natural chocolate flavor with a hint of cream cheese frosting. It's just perfect with a small amount of Splenda and a splash of cream! I love it so much that I ordered 250 bags!

Sweet love...

4 Stars Sweet love...

from RI on wrote:

This tea is amazing. Has a stronger nose than flavor, which is nice. The chocolate and vanilla flavors are lovely. By far, one of my favorite teas I've ever tried.


5 Stars Yum!

from KS on wrote:

This is definitely one of my favorites! It is a great after dinner treat to help curb my sweet tooth. I love that it is caffeine free so I can drink it before bed. My kids LOVE it too. We will be keeping this one in stock, Thanks! :)


5 Stars Delicious!

from TX on wrote:

This is my first tea from republic of tea and it is wonderful! Red tea is very smooth, I've always loved it, but this is much higher quality tea than I'm used to. The chocolate and vanilla flavors are great and will linger on your palate. Overall a wonderful tea, highly recommended for red tea lovers and chocolate lovers :)

Not my cup of tea

1 Star Not my cup of tea

from TN on wrote:

I decided to try this one since it had such a high review. Sure wish I had not wasted my money. I did not care for this one at all. Would like to trade it for another.

Cuppa Goodness

5 Stars Cuppa Goodness

from AR on wrote:

This is my go-to tea as my replacement for coffee. I brew small pots using Red Velvet and the Caramel Apple Red for a delicious and fragrant blend. Try it... you'll love it!


5 Stars Delicious!

from WI on wrote:

This tea taste incredible. Just a hint of chocolate and cherry. I already gave some to co-workers to try and they loved it as well. Well done!!!

Drink your cake, and you can have it, too!

5 Stars Drink your cake, and you can have it, too!

from WI on wrote:

Oh my, does this taste decadent. And it smells as divine as it tastes. I now officially consider myself addicted to this stuff, and not only am I ordering more tins for myself, these are going to everyone on my Christmas list! My cupboard will also be stocked with this tea.

My favorite tea

5 Stars My favorite tea

from HI on wrote:

This is my favorite tea. Even though I live in Hawaii, the evenings are cool and I enjoy this tea almost year round. It really does taste like Red Velvet Cake. Really.

Heavy on taste, light on calories!!

5 Stars Heavy on taste, light on calories!!

from MA on wrote:

I gave one canister to a friend to enjoy after work. She couldn't wait and had her Red Velvet Cupcake at work!!

My Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Tea

from TX on wrote:

So far, this tea is my favorite!

ROT Big Fan

5 Stars ROT Big Fan

from FL on wrote:

The flavor is smooth, smooth, smooth, especially with some sweetener added. I can actually resist eating chocolate as long as I have this in my cupboard.

Pleasantly Surprised

5 Stars Pleasantly Surprised

from NY on wrote:

I am pleasantly surprised by how good this tea is. I've never had a chocolate tea before and figured I'd give this a try. Steeped the first bag and the aroma smelled good. The tea is very tasty, this will definitely become one of my normal winter/fall teas.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

I love the red color of the tea and the mild chocolate aroma after you brew it. I brew it longer than the instructions - about 10 min. It's good by itself but adding a little milk and sugar (or other sweetener) really enhances the flavor. It's like biting into a slice of red velvet cake without the guilt.

One of my favorites

5 Stars One of my favorites

from NY on wrote:

This tea is one of my favorites. I think it is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of chocolate flavor. It always makes me feel happy!

Pretty good

3 Stars Pretty good

from MN on wrote:

This tea is not one of my personal favorites, but I think most people would like it. It has deep --almost earthy-- chocolate notes, with a smooth base of rooibos. I would give this a rating of 3.5 teapots if I could.