This One Captures the Sensual Pleasure of Tea Completely

5 Stars This One Captures the Sensual Pleasure of Tea Completely

from OH on wrote:

I want my tea to be a sensual pleasure, half of the taste of the tea is defined by the aroma of the tea. This one has the most pleasant aroma of any tea I have tried. When I sip my tea I always pause to take the time to savor the aroma. When it hits my tongue, that flavor is just a little piece of what heaven must have to offer. This is one of my daily sensual indulgences.

The Scent Alone Is Ecstacy

5 Stars The Scent Alone Is Ecstacy

from OH on wrote:

To me the scent of the tea is the most important part of the enjoyment of the tea. This one is a favorite for the scent, but the taste is superb as well. It is my favorite tea atm. A great choice for a Gongfu

Jasmine Pearls (green tea)

5 Stars Jasmine Pearls (green tea)

from WA on wrote:

I keep trying other jasmine /green tea so I don't have to order on-line...but I've never found one I like. Republic of Tea is perfection!


5 Stars Raff

from RI on wrote:

I put about 6 pearls with the silver rain white teas lose leaf and just a touch of organic stevia extract. Calming, soothing, bliss.

Most Delightful!

5 Stars Most Delightful!

from NC on wrote:

By far the best tasting Jasmine tea I have ever tasted. The aroma is so delightful and the taste divine. Both compliment each other for a simply awesome cup of tea! Great hot or cold.


5 Stars Wonderful!

from AK on wrote:

Such a wonderful flavor and aroma! These pearls are so potent that I fill my huge mug more than once with hot water and the same pearls keep giving fantastic flavor. Very good value!

My favorite also

5 Stars My favorite also

from IL on wrote:

I drink this tea every day, winter and summer. I agree, the fragrance is wonderful. I've had coworkers comment on the beautiful smell when they walk into my office I also mix the pearls with Jasmine Jazz. The pearls used to be substantially more expensive than Jazz, so that's why I started doing it. Now, it's not that much more expensive, so I might switch to just pearls. I've been drinking this for years and never tire of it.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from RI on wrote:

This tea is fabulous. The fragrance is well worth it alone. And true to it's claim, the leaves can be brewed repeatedly. I will definitely getting the big bag refill!


5 Stars Enhancer

from IA on wrote:

Subtle flavor that I use by dropping a pearl or two into the Jasmine Jazz to boost or enhance the flavor. Wonderful!

Jasmine Pearls

5 Stars Jasmine Pearls

from FL on wrote:

I recently purchased jasmine pearls for the first time. This tea is fabulous. The weather is warming up, flowers are blooming and this tea is perfect for the season. The fragrant is captivating and the taste is smooth. It's a great way to start out your day or end your evening.

My favorite

My favorite

from on wrote:

This is my favorite tea; I drink it every day. I put a dozen or so pearls in my "tea tiger" cup (double walled tumbler with filter) and just reinfuse with hot water all day long.

Amazing jasmine tea

4 Stars Amazing jasmine tea

from CA on wrote:

I try a lot of jasmine teas, it's my favorite. RoT's Jasmine Pearls are fragrant but not overly so. I err on the side of stronger jasmine flavored tea if I can find it. This particular one is just strong enough without being overwhelming. It's very smooth with just a hint of sweetness from the scent of the flowers. It is a bit pricey but it's definitely worth a try. I'll be buying it again once I run out. Comparing it to RoT's Jasmine white tea, the pearls win.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

I love this tea - I drink it every day at work. I usually infuse it 3 or 4 times throughout the day and it's still good.

My Favorite Tea

My Favorite Tea

from TX on wrote:

Great tea for a lazy morning or in the afternoon. Very smooth. Pleasantly flavored. I favor traditional teas and not flavored ones. But this one may change my mind. I originally bought this from a different vendor a year ago but have not been able to find it again until I ran across this in Whole Foods. It's pricy, but well worth it.

Amazing and Fragrant

5 Stars Amazing and Fragrant

from SD on wrote:

This is one of my favorite green teas (the other being Holiday Spiced Plum). The tea is delicate with a strong Jasmine perfume and subtle Jasmine flavor. I can usually get 3 fabulous cups of tea out of one little dipper infuser. Definately worth the money. I will be buying a full sized tin soon!

Fragrant and smooth

5 Stars Fragrant and smooth

from TX on wrote:

A smooth and delightful tea. A favorite. I usually enjoy a second steeping as well.

The Perfect Tea

5 Stars The Perfect Tea

from CA on wrote:

The taste of this tea is amazing. It reminds me of the incredible tea served at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The smooth, rich flavor is unforgettable.

2nd only to the imperial

4 Stars 2nd only to the imperial

from NY on wrote:

The best jasmine pearl is the imperial, no contest. This one is second in quality and better than any other jasmine pearl I've tried from other vendors and I try a lot.

total indulgence

5 Stars total indulgence

from VT on wrote:

This tea is my real indulgence...I love anything jasmine, and this tea tastes even better than it smells - if that's possible. I love to mix this with the 20th Anniversary Celebration Blend (my favorite tea of all time) - or with ANY other tea I'm drinking. Try some - you'll never be able to live without it again!

Not overly floral

4 Stars Not overly floral

from on wrote:

This is by far the best gree tea I've ever tried. It does not taste like salty grass. This tea is very smooth and light bodied. It has a faint floral scent, but does not have much of a floral taste.

5 Stars

from LA on wrote:

This is a wonderful jasmine tea. I loved the Asian Jasmine White Tea, but this is my new favorite. Fantasitic aroma and taste!

Delicate and lovely

5 Stars Delicate and lovely

from ID on wrote:

A wonderful "spring" tea. Light and slightly sweet on the tongue. The aroma of jasmine is renewing.


5 Stars Lovely

from on wrote:

This has become my favorite tea. The jasmine is not too subtle nor too overpowering. Everyone I've served it to has commented on it. It gives a decent second steeping as well.