It tastes good...what more can I say?

5 Stars It tastes good...what more can I say?

from WA on wrote:

I happen to love blood oranges and dried cranberries and have a cookie recipe with both plus chopped pistachio nuts. Not sure the nuts would work in the tea, but I will be baking up a batch of the cookies (uses the zest and juice of one blood orange) to try with the tea. Has to be a wonderful match up.

This product is great

5 Stars This product is great

from AZ on wrote:

Loved the full fruity flavor.

My New Fav!

5 Stars My New Fav!

from TX on wrote:

This tea is my new fav tea to drink anytime of the day! I bought it in tea bag form first. I have had blood orange tea before and loved it. BUT with the Cranberry it's even better. I like to drink it with a little sugar & cut up a comquat and add it (freshed picked off my tree). Mmmm! Talk about good! Just ordered me the loose tea version today, I figure it will have even a better taste after the full tea leaf opens up. Can't wait till it gets here.

Orange Cranberry? Where?

3 Stars Orange Cranberry? Where?

from TX on wrote:

The black tea tastes fantastic, but I do not taste the orange or cranberry at all--even when I sweeten the cup with raw honey. I bought about an ounce from a bulk tea shop. Perhaps my little batch didn't have any dried fruit pieces in it.

Fruity, smooth and flavorful

5 Stars Fruity, smooth and flavorful

from DE on wrote:

My fav ROT blend. Fruity taste, bold yet smooth. Great afternoon tea or anytime. Not too strong or bitter. Mild taste yet flavorful.

Great flavor

5 Stars Great flavor

from TN on wrote:

I really enjoy this flavored tea. I like strong but slightly sweet teas and this fits the bill rather perfectly. My typical go-to is Lady Grey but there is chance this tea might overtake even that reliable standby.

Favorite flavored tea

5 Stars Favorite flavored tea

from OK on wrote:

This is my favorite flavored tea and, when I shared it with my daughter (very generous of me!) it became her favorite as well. I bought it several years ago and thought it was a special issue and would never return. I happened to see it again on the Republic of Tea site and was so excited as I had been without it for a could years. Yay!! Bought a pound bag so I could gift my daughter with some as well.

This is the ONE!

5 Stars This is the ONE!

from VA on wrote:

The best tea in the entire universe. The bag has a different flavor from the full leaf, and I LIKE IT! I save the full leaf for weekends, and have bags at work to back me up when I want a 3pm tea.. Hot, Cold, a day old, it does not matter. It's that good. I don't put anything it. I order bulk bag/leaf every few months. I love this tea.

Cranberry Blood Orange Full-Leaf

5 Stars Cranberry Blood Orange Full-Leaf

from GA on wrote:

This tea is very fragrant and tasty even without sugar. I tried it a few month ago the first time and keep ordering it ever since. Even my teenage son loves it a lot and often asks me to make a cup for him. It is one of our favorite tea from The republic of tea! It can be a great gift for tea lovers.

Wonerful tea!

5 Stars Wonerful tea!

from MI on wrote:

This is my favorite tea! I love to have this in the morning, I look forward to it's fruity/slightly tangy flavor and smell each morning!

Cranberry Blood Orange Full Leaf

5 Stars Cranberry Blood Orange Full Leaf

from PA on wrote:

Good as it sounds. Worth every penny and has a distinct orange flavor without over-powering the tea. Yum!

What a wonderful change

5 Stars What a wonderful change

from OR on wrote:

As a true tea-totaler I've tried many teas. This is by far the most flavorful and soothing of teas that I've enjoyed.

Just okay

3 Stars Just okay

from AL on wrote:

Not bad, but not particularly impressed. My daughter and I both tried it and neither one of us really liked it much.

Very smooth

4 Stars Very smooth

from AR on wrote:

This tea is very good. I have it daily. It sounds like a interesting combination to put together but it's very good.

Great tasting black tea!

5 Stars Great tasting black tea!

from OH on wrote:

A wonderful black tea, not too fruity. Great balance. My favorite morning tea!

One of my favorites.

5 Stars One of my favorites.

from NC on wrote:

This makes a great breakfast tea.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Makes wonderful iced tea.

Rich and flavorful

5 Stars Rich and flavorful

from AZ on wrote:

This tea adds hearty fruit to a rich full tea. What's not to love? One of my all time favorites.

Very Sweet!

5 Stars Very Sweet!

from CA on wrote:

I was surprised this tea was so sweet when I drank it iced. I actually had to use less sweetener! Very good flavor combination, especially when hot, for the holidays.

Great taste

5 Stars Great taste

from on wrote:

One of their better flavored black teas.

Good Morning Tea

4 Stars Good Morning Tea

from NJ on wrote:

This is a good tea for first thing in the morning. The fruit gives it very good flavor.

hated it

1 Star hated it

from IL on wrote:

tasted and smelled like potpourri.

5 Stars

from IL on wrote:

Autumn in a cup!