Calming Iced Tea

5 Stars Calming Iced Tea

from FL on wrote:

I was originally introduced to Republic Tea at Panera's. I use 4 decaffeinated quart size tea bags with 1 ginger peach quart size bag with a gallon of water. It is so refreshing. It calms my stomach. There is just a hint of peach and ginger but it keeps everyone asking how I made my tea. I add a little sugar in the raw for my sweet tooth. Refresh, Relax, Enjoy!

Best iced tea ever!

5 Stars Best iced tea ever!

from TX on wrote:

I am a tea snob and this amazing peach was a gift so I gave it a try and LOVE it. When you live in Texas and it’s August, you must have a go to iced tea and this hits the spot. I have the large bags and will purchase more of the same to brew in my antique pitcher 🍑


5 Stars Quenching

from TX on wrote:

Very flavorful and refreshing drink here in the South Texas heat...

Nice flavored tea

5 Stars Nice flavored tea

from UT on wrote:

This tea has a nice peach flavor to it with a hint of ginger. I like to make a pitcher of it and sip on it all day. I will be making this a staple in my tea cabinet.

Yum - ginger peach tea

5 Stars Yum - ginger peach tea

from FL on wrote:

Love, love, love the flavor. My favorite. Usually I have iced tea and it is hard to get this flavor as a takeout drink because all of them are flavored with sugar or sugar substitute.

Ginger peach iced tea

5 Stars Ginger peach iced tea

from TX on wrote:

This is the best iced tea ever and is perfect for the larger brews to keep in the ice box.

ginger tea

4 Stars ginger tea

from NM on wrote:

ginger peach ice tea more peach than i waslooking, but very tasty ginger hot tea tastedperfect no more visits to my thai restaunt.. will reorder

Iced Tea - Ginger Peach

5 Stars Iced Tea - Ginger Peach

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea. Wanted to try your iced tea products. Great convenience with large tea bag that makes 1 quart. Great taste.


5 Stars testing

from KS on wrote:

I really will enjoy these large bags; haven't used yet but have used this flavor/blend and really like.

My favorite summer drink

5 Stars My favorite summer drink

from WI on wrote:

This tea is so good but i have to make it all the time because my family and relatives love it too and know i always have it! I don't mind sharing though.

great ice tea

5 Stars great ice tea

from MO on wrote:

this is great tea if you mix it with regular tea bags in your tea maker. Gives it a pleasant taste instead of just flat tea


5 Stars Good!

from MI on wrote:

Good flavor. I love ice tea in the summer nd this gives an alternative to regular black tea.

Opps... The Republic of Tea has did it again

5 Stars Opps... The Republic of Tea has did it again

from TN on wrote:

I have pretty much giving up on drinking coffee. I like that The Republic of Tea has so many quality varieties of tea. The ginger peach is spot on.

Refreshing Iced Tea

5 Stars Refreshing Iced Tea

from CA on wrote:

I really like ROT Ginger Peach and now with Iced Tea per-measured and ready to brew, even better. Even brew it in a 6 cup teapot, them poured over ice. Glad I purchased it, Enjoying a tall glass of it now. Would recommend to others. Refreshing on these Hot Summer days.

Peach Ginger Tea

5 Stars Peach Ginger Tea

from WI on wrote:

This tea is SOOO good! It is my absolute favorite, and that of my families as they always ask me to make more. The flavors are wonderful.

Ice tea

5 Stars Ice tea

from MO on wrote:

I like to add it to my other tea bags in my ice tea maker for a subtle flavor

Lov this yummy tea

5 Stars Lov this yummy tea

from NJ on wrote:

This tea I just tryed for the first time on my first vacation at Leows Hotel Hollywood LA. I lov it n with stomach probs it really helped not to be so sick to my stomach. Thank u

Favorite flavor

5 Stars Favorite flavor

from OH on wrote:

Ginger peach is, by far, the favorite in this house! Consistent quality and flavor. Drink both the hot and ice tea versions.

My favorite !

5 Stars My favorite !

from CT on wrote:

15 years ago I stopped in a cafe in NC looking for an iced tea all they had was ginger peach I thought yuck! But ordered it anyway, I was blown away by the clean ,real flavor and have been drinking it ever since.

Love hot or iced!

5 Stars Love hot or iced!

from FL on wrote:

Ginger peach is a great flavor I think appeals to a lot of people. I don't like diluting over ice, so I made one or 2 quarters in the morning (had hot tea) added sugar and saved the rest in the fridge for something really refreshing later.

This Tea is the best for Summer

5 Stars This Tea is the best for Summer

from MO on wrote:

If you love peach tea, Republic of Tea Ginger Peach is best! My trick is to mix it with a little black tea and add some sugar and boom HEAVEN~

Unexpectantly perfect!

5 Stars Unexpectantly perfect!

from TX on wrote:

I tried this at a cafe by accident, and ordered it the very same day!! You can taste the peach but not the ginger. Great tea for picky people!! :)

Tea is GREAT

5 Stars Tea is GREAT

from TX on wrote:

I love this tea, it was so good that I ordered more in different flavors We get together to enjoy them and see who can guess what flavors they are.

Not Only Hits the Spot - Scores a Homerun, Too

5 Stars Not Only Hits the Spot - Scores a Homerun, Too

from NH on wrote:

This Ginger Peach brew has become a favorite tea all year round. It is lovely, clean, delicious plain, however, I like it best iced with a nice splash of orange juice. A great value and priority choice for My shopping cart!

Kudos for your packing materials!!

5 Stars Kudos for your packing materials!!

from CT on wrote:

These tea bags are perfect since the large sized are hard to find. The tea itself is delicious. I love the tea already but when I saw that the scraps from the manufacturing of the bags are used for shipping materials I thought that was ingenious. You gotta love a company that is thinking this green!

It's Great Hot Now It's Great Iced

5 Stars It's Great Hot Now It's Great Iced

from TN on wrote:

This flavor is a long time favorite in our family and we're now enjoying the new iced variety. A real treat in this warm weather.

Delicious, refreshing

5 Stars Delicious, refreshing

from OH on wrote:

Perfect taste for a hot summer day after hard work in the garden. Serve over ice after making sun tea, and you're sure to have a refreshing treat


5 Stars Great!!

from TX on wrote:

I love this tea I purchased it I store, thank you for so promptly mailing the tea to me.

Great purchase!

5 Stars Great purchase!

from WA on wrote:

Great Taste, not bitter, refreshing, hint of sweetness...excellent purchase if you like the hot tea of this kind you'll love this and so will your guests ,you can add a couple of peaches to the glass of ice tea...yum!

Love it hot & now cold!

5 Stars Love it hot & now cold!

from OH on wrote:

I've been a fan of the Ginger Peach hot tea for years. I decided to try the ice tea when I made my last purchase and love it…my husband does too! Very refreshing and flavorful. I will definiately continue to order it in the future.


5 Stars Excellent

from NY on wrote:

Excellent tea & Service

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from TX on wrote:

This is my favorite!

Great flavor

Great flavor

from CA on wrote:

Great tea except I only had 3 pouches in my tin. The seal was intact when I opened it.

Tasty and appealing

5 Stars Tasty and appealing

from TX on wrote:

I just love this tea. Just enough ginger to give taste, but not over- powering. Peach is my favorite flavor so far. I live in the south so I must add sugar to make "sweet Tea" Yummmmm.


5 Stars delicious

from NC on wrote:

very delicious and refreshing. my favorite tea.

I like it hot

4 Stars I like it hot

from on wrote:

I tried this tea as an iced tea, but it wasn't quite hitting it. I warmed it up and presto, a tasty tea. I give it a 4 because it is a good tea, just not a good iced tea.

Very Convenient

Very Convenient

from IN on wrote:

I love these large teabags for making iced tea. I hope to see you package these in larger quantities. I would also love to have them offered in Mango Ceylon PassionFruit Papaya flavors. I would certainly buy them.

The perfect summer tea!

5 Stars The perfect summer tea!

from MI on wrote:

Ginger Peach iced tea makes the perfect summer brew. I made it as sun tea, and it was delicious. It is slightly sweet, so it didn't need sugar or honey. It's very refreshing and tasty. I will be ordering it again!