5 Stars Refreshing

from MA on wrote:

Very subtle citrus flavor, and I like how it comes with a recipe. One of my new favorites!

As always I am very happy with this product! Tastes great and good for you too!

5 Stars As always I am very happy with this product! Tastes great and good for you too!

from VA on wrote:

Tastes great! I love it! As always I am very happy with this product and all products I buy from The Republic of Tea!!

Delightful but subtle

4 Stars Delightful but subtle

from CA on wrote:

Matcha tea can be very expensive - republic of tea sells a good quality matcha at a reasonable price. I get many servings out of one tin. I like the Yuzu flavor, but as many other reviewers have said it is very subtle. I would say the yuza accentuates the tea flavor vs the tea showcasing yuzu.

Wonderful Tea

5 Stars Wonderful Tea

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea and have been drinking it for over a year. I mix it in cold water in the morning with some lemon juice and it's just wonderful. I will continue to purchase!

umami and wonderful

5 Stars umami and wonderful

from MD on wrote:

This tea is wonderful! I love having a cup half way through my work day. Lowers the stress level of anything my fellow engineers can toss at me. The citrus part makes it feel like summer even with snow on the ground. YUM.

not very citrusy

3 Stars not very citrusy

from NM on wrote:

I like the matcha teas, however when I got this one, I thought it would have a lemony flavor -- it does not. You can smell the yuzu from the package in the can, but that's about it. I even tried adding a little stevia to it to see if that brought out the yuzu, nope! The roasted rice is much better. I hope that they can improve/perfect the flavor of this tea. Maybe the matcha is just to strong and it over-powers the yuzu??

good matcha

4 Stars good matcha

from NJ on wrote:

I am not sure why this tea has such a low rating. Quality Matcha is very expensive and hard to find so I was happy when I saw this at Whole Foods. I also love Korean Yuzu, so the two flavors together was a great idea. When I mix the tea the color is definitely green, not brown. However I cannot rate this 5 stars because I found the yuzu flavor to be too subtle. I wish there was a stronger yuzu flavor in this matcha, because that is what I am expecting when I buy flavored a matcha.

Singularly unpalatable

1 Star Singularly unpalatable

from CA on wrote:

I've had a lot of matcha in my time, and when I pay upwards of $15 for a can of tea, I expect the contents to be green, and at least resemble matcha in flavor. This tea is more brown (oxidized) than green, has a dry, bitter aroma that puts me in mind of stale cigarettes, no yuzu or citrus notes, and is undrinkably bitter. The idea of a flavored matcha is novel, so I applaud that creativity, but please go back to the drawing board!

Nothing special

1 Star Nothing special

from on wrote:

Bought this tea in Sweden, for about 40 $ USD. That made my expectations very high. But unfortunately I was disappointed. Taste like Swedish nettles, it´s absolutely a good tea, but over priced, in Sweden anyway...

Where is the Yuzu?

2 Stars Where is the Yuzu?

from GA on wrote:

I was rather disappointed in this tea. I could not taste any citrus overtones of yuzu. I thought the tea had very little flavor. Perhaps this tea is for people who are afraid of green tea? I drink Repbulic's plain Matcha all the time - I even buy it by the pound making various green tea drinks with it. I am puzzled by this flavorless offering.