Great Sampler

5 Stars Great Sampler

from FL on wrote:

Great way to find out which flavor Hibiscus tea is/are your favorite(s)! Personally, I love them all.


5 Stars Fantastic!!

from MI on wrote:

I have yet to find a hibiscus tea that I didn't fall in love with. I've had many of these before and its hard to pick a favorite, but I think the Key Lime was the best! I'm all about the fruity smell and taste, I prefer it poured over ice.


4 Stars Hibiscus

from AK on wrote:

I generally don't like fruity herb teas. Citrus can be bitter when brewed. Hibiscus was a surprise. Very fragrant and smooth. I didn't know it had stevia in it, but it was OK. I didn't get to try all the blends because my children favored them. Will have to order some more for after school tea.

Disappointed stevia not listed on box

1 Star Disappointed stevia not listed on box

from AR on wrote:

I was so looking forward to drinking this assortment and was so relieved to see no listing of stevia on the box. What a terrible disappointment to discover stevia listed on the bags! I have always found stevia to be unpalatable and prefer no sweetening most of the time.

Lovely Teas

5 Stars Lovely Teas

from AL on wrote:

I gave this to my kid's godmother and she loved them all. I am so glad the Republic of Tea finally came out with a Hibiscus Tea Assortment!

big fan of samplers

5 Stars big fan of samplers

from NY on wrote:

The ROT's hibiscus flavors are simply to die for. I put honey in all my tea and these are the only teas ever I've not had to sweeten. They taste like candy! And in the all natural way, not in the sweet-n-low way. Pineapple lychee and vanilla apple are the most delicious things I've ever drank. Ever. Not just tea. I went out and got a canister of pineapple lychee after i had one cup. They key lime and coconut are so-so but to each her own.

Good Stuff

Good Stuff

from CA on wrote:

I am having an amazing time tasting the different Hibiscus teas. So far I have tried the Blueberry, Key Lime-Pineapple, and Coconut... amazing quality and flavor. I have not had to add any sugar to either of the flavors. My order was delivered shockingly fast. I am hooked!!

Love, love this sampler!!

5 Stars Love, love this sampler!!

from IN on wrote:

This is a perfect sampler for the summer. All the teas are so good, it's hard to pick a favorite. My top 3 are the blueberry, the vanilla apple, and the pineapple lychee. The coconut is a close 4th. The key lime and natural are also good. I like to drink the hibiscus teas lukewarm to cold. Another favorite of mine for the summer is the blueberry green tea. We need more sampler cubes!!