5 Stars Delicious

from OH on wrote:

First time I ever had Hibiscus tea was in Okinawa. And since I wasn’t a tea drinker, it really impressed me with the flavor. Once back in the States I tried to find it. This is the only one that tastes like what I had in Okinawa. Love it!

Sangria, O My!

5 Stars Sangria, O My!

from CA on wrote:

Love the rich, robust flavor of the Hibiscus Sangria Ice Tea, Will reorder in the future.


5 Stars excellent

from PA on wrote:

I'm not an iced tea drinker. I'm trying to give up soda so I decided to try this iced tea because I LOVE everything I've had from Republic of Tea. It does not disappoint. Very refreshing. Not overly sweet so you can add if you need a sweeter tea. Makes up a nice quart pitcher.

Awesome tea

5 Stars Awesome tea

from CA on wrote:

I have been drinking hibiscus tea now for almost a year. Mainl because its goid for bloid pressure and heart. But since drinking it I have gitten off two B/P medications Hibiscus tea is hard to find unless in a health food store that why I love Relublic of Tea especially the one where I can make a whole quart at a time.

My Summer Drink

5 Stars My Summer Drink

from IL on wrote:

I was looking for iced tea. I like wine sangria and I like tea so... It is delicious! Not too sweet. Very refreshing. I will be ordering enough for summer.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from FL on wrote:

Yummy! I do make several glasses out of one pouch and I drink it chilled every night; it is hard for me to drink water alone so this gives me a great taste in the evenings; I do more mix the punch as it weakens with dandelion tea, they mix well together

Better than Texas sweet tea!

5 Stars Better than Texas sweet tea!

from TX on wrote:

Love this stuff! Make it 2 quarts @ a time & sweeten it with stevia. When my granddaughters are here have to make it by the gallon!

A Big Hit with Friends

5 Stars A Big Hit with Friends

from CO on wrote:

I've been buying the large packets of this thirst quencher for a year or so now. Gave the small tin to a friend as a gift. Now she wants to order the big packet. Flavorful with or without sweetener, buit really comes alive with the asddition of sdome thinly sliced fruit.Mostly intended for hot weasther, buit I drink itr heard-round.

Hibiscus sangria

5 Stars Hibiscus sangria

from NY on wrote:

I love this as iced tea. In addition to the stated preparation, I add 8 oz. of strawberry guava juice which I buy in my local supermarket. Sometimes I add a 6 oz. can of pineapple juice. I drink it everyday and just love it!

Refreshing on a hot day

5 Stars Refreshing on a hot day

from TX on wrote:

Floral & fruity notes. Will definitely buy this again

Ordering for the 3rd Time

5 Stars Ordering for the 3rd Time

from WA on wrote:

I love this ice tea!! Since it is caffeine free, it counts toward my daily water intake. The taste is superbly fruity. I prefer it without sugar, but sometimes, I'll add a little fresh orange juice. My family likes it, too, so it's an easy way to enjoy a healthy drink.

Refreshing on a hot summer day.

5 Stars Refreshing on a hot summer day.

from IN on wrote:

Was looking for a nonalcoholic drink for those hot summer days and this fit the bill also like that it is caffeine free.

My favorite Iced Tea

5 Stars My favorite Iced Tea

from CT on wrote:

I put one pouch in a quart of water and leave in the sun all day. Yummy

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from GA on wrote:

This is one of my favorite Iced Teas! It's just the right balance of refreshing and yummy. I love serving it to guests because it looks so pretty in a glass as well.

One of the absolute best flavors EVER!

5 Stars One of the absolute best flavors EVER!

from TN on wrote:

Retired female. My father drank nothing but tea. I have always drank nothing but tea/honey and juice daily (no plain water for me), plus one glass of wine a day, so my tea cabinet is quite full. The Republic of Tea Hibiscus Sangria is my all-time favorite


5 Stars Delicious!

from WI on wrote:

This tea is so refreshing! Love the taste!

Hibiscus Sangria ice tea

5 Stars Hibiscus Sangria ice tea

from WI on wrote:

Love the taste of this tea. It's got a slight taste of sweetness without sugar!

We buy this tea in bulk!

5 Stars We buy this tea in bulk!

from CA on wrote:

Love this tea! Living in So. Calif. we drink ice tea almost year round. This Sangria is our family favorite.

Not my favorite, but a good summer flavor

3 Stars Not my favorite, but a good summer flavor

from TX on wrote:

This flavor was just okay for me. It's not too strong which is a plus, but just not my favorite flavor. A good fruity addition for summer iced tea.

Wonderful taste

5 Stars Wonderful taste

from NY on wrote:

Very tasteful tea without sugar. That makes it also healthy.

Wake up your tastebuds

5 Stars Wake up your tastebuds

from NY on wrote:

A refreshing, knock your socks off iced tea.

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from OH on wrote:

I bought it because I learned alot about habiscus and it's good qualities. Excellent choice for those who have high blood pressure.

Great ice tea

5 Stars Great ice tea

from FL on wrote:

I really live this tea. It has a great taste and what I do is add some frozen berries and it's even better. Will definitely order again

Delicious hot too!

5 Stars Delicious hot too!

from OR on wrote:

I really enjoyed the Hibiscus Sangria tea sample. I drink the Watermelon Mint tea hot and cold so I decided to try this one hot and enjoyed every sip. Bummer that it doesn't come in individual tea bags like the Watermelon Mint. Any chance that you might offer that in the future?

Delicious and Refreshing!

5 Stars Delicious and Refreshing!

from UT on wrote:

I have tried a lot of herbal iced teas. This one ranks among the best. Sweetened properly with a little lemon juice it is very refreshing and flavorful!

Wonderful hot or cold

5 Stars Wonderful hot or cold

from NJ on wrote:

I love this tea whether it is hot or colf. It tastes great


5 Stars Excellent

from CA on wrote:

I got this as a free sample and fell in love! Perfect for those warmer days and it tastes amazing over ice and lightly sweetened. Will be buying this from now on as my go-to iced tea.


5 Stars Refreshing!

from VA on wrote:

I got a sample of this tea and finally for around to making it. I liked it a lot, it was very refreshing! I split it with my husband, he needed to stir some sugar into his. If you like sweeter tea you might need sugar or another sweetener added, but overall it's pretty good!

Super refreshing!

5 Stars Super refreshing!

from FL on wrote:

As a rule, I don't normally like the bitterness of regular hibiscus teas (e.g., although I know they are quite beneficial for those of use with hypertension, including myself), I find that the Hibiscus Sangria tea (e.g., especially iced as opposed to hot) is very refreshing, particularly with the addition of raspberry, which cuts down the sharp taste of the hibiscus.

Love this refreshing tea

5 Stars Love this refreshing tea

from OR on wrote:

I originally bought the tin and then had to come back and buy it in bulk. This tea is perfect for the afternoon/evening when I cut off my caffeine intake. Very refreshing, lots of flavor. I like to sweeten it a bit with stevia. The pouches make it so easy to make iced tea. Always impressed with Republic of Tea.

Kids like it too

5 Stars Kids like it too

from NC on wrote:

I gave this tea a 5 star because it is good even the kids like it and I didn't add any sugar to it and no one complained. The flavor is so nice you won't want to adjust it with any additives..the hibiscus flavor is perfectn something different. I like it!

Light, refreshing

4 Stars Light, refreshing

from NC on wrote:

Bought this because I need to drink 10 c of liquid every day and water gets old sometimes. I brew one bag with 2 cups boiling water, let it steep the whole time I eat breakfast, and then add enough cold water to make 2 qts. Sometimes I add a little stevia and/or the juice of half a lemon or lime, depending on the day. For someone who just wants a glass or 2 of iced tea during a day, this tea bag might might a weaker than desired iced tea, as some have mentioned. If you're wanting to up your intake of fluids this summer, it's perfectly not-overpowering for constant consumption throughout the day.

What a great iced tea

5 Stars What a great iced tea

from NE on wrote:

This is such a great ice tea flavor that I make year round. Matches well with all SW cuisine, as well as meat dishes of all sorts. I will be serving 5 gallons of this at my daughters graduation party. People love this tea.

Didn't like the flavor

3 Stars Didn't like the flavor

from CA on wrote:

I didn't really like this tea, Something is over powering in it. I like wine teas much better.

Hibiscus Overpowers Other Fruit Flavors

3 Stars Hibiscus Overpowers Other Fruit Flavors

from MN on wrote:

I like hibiscus tea, and I like sangria. This sounded like just the ticket for a yummy, fruity cool summer drink, but unlike what others are saying, this tea definitely has flavor. Unfortunately, the only flavor I can taste is the hibiscus. The other fruit flavors are overwhelmed by it, and lost. I ended up adding orange juice, lemon juice and lime juice and some sweetener to give it a more fruity flavor on top of the hibiscus. This might be better if steeped in half boiling orange juice, lemonade or lime-aid, and half water, or a combination of all three.

Great Summer Tea

5 Stars Great Summer Tea

from NC on wrote:

As a rule I do not like herbal teas but had had Hibiscus tea before and like the tart sweetness of it so I decided to order the Hibiscus Sangria to try. This makes a great ice tea. I like to mix my teas and decided to try the Hibiscus Sangria with the Sonoma Chardonnay. As good as they are separately together it is really something wonderful. The subtle sweetness of the Chardonnay perfectly balances the tartness of the Hibiscus Sangria. One of my all time favorite summer time drinks. Try it you will not regret it. I plan to try the Hibiscus Strawberry next.

Wonderfully Delish!

5 Stars Wonderfully Delish!

from ID on wrote:

I got the free sample with my order and fell in love with it immediately ! Love at first sip you might say..... and I would be ordering some the next moment .... BUT.... It seems to only be available in the large pitcher size :( SO.... I guess I won't be ordering it, unless they start offering it in the regular individual tea bag size then I'll be first in line!

No calories, no sugar, all flavor

5 Stars No calories, no sugar, all flavor

from VA on wrote:

I was given this tea as a gift last year, and didn't get around to trying it until recently. I believe it will become one of my favorite drinks. I've been making it in a one-liter pitcher, but I go through that in a day or two. Now upping my pitcher size. Yes, it's tad tart, but not too much for my taste. And while I actually like plain water, this is a great alternative. I kept looking at the package to be sure there are no calories!

Sweetest Tea!!

5 Stars Sweetest Tea!!

from NC on wrote:

I am from the South, we drink sweet tea like water. I make my husband a gallon of sweet tea almost 2x a week. I am trying not to drink so much sugar and I want more flavor, my co worker introduced me to Republic of Tea and I've been hooked since. Well, this is my new "sweet" tea! My husband can have his unhealthy sweet tea and I will have my healthy hibiscus tea. I say this is the sweetest tea because it's sweet without adding any extra sugar. I steep and go. Nothing else is needed. Cant wait to try the others. I might make multiple quarts of this a week for myself! Give it a try I promise its wonderful!

Very Tart Without Sweetener

1 Star Very Tart Without Sweetener

from BC on wrote:

I prefer to not add sweeteners (sugar, honey, etc.) to my tea, but I had to with this one. Without a sweetener, this tea was very tart, overpowering any flavor.

Great gift-great customer service.

5 Stars Great gift-great customer service.

from VA on wrote:

I received this last year, as a gift, made it once. The gift came with one of the mason jar shakers, which shattered when I poured the water in. I contacted customer service, explained that it had been a gift, and they quickly sent me a new one, and more tea to replace the tea I lost when the shaker broke. After that, for some reason, forgot I had the tea. That was a mistake. I actually came to the website to be sure the hibiscus sangria was calorie free and with no sweeteners. Why people would drink soda after tasting this is beyond me. It's become my new summer go-to, (and quite possibly the other seasons.) It's a little tart, but I like it that way. And I'm planning to check out the other products here.

Love my Teas

5 Stars Love my Teas

from MI on wrote:

I really like the Teas I have ordered I will order again, But the hibiscus is my favorite!!!

One of the Best!

5 Stars One of the Best!

from GA on wrote:

This is one of the best, most refreshing tasting teas ever. The large tea pouches allow you to make a full quart with one pouch. I recently had a visit from relatives and they liked it so much that I found myself making pitcher after pitcher while they were here. Plus, I sent them home with a Republic of Tea catalog, they liked it so much.

It missed my mark

3 Stars It missed my mark

from FL on wrote:

Although this is a good tea, I was disappointed in it as being a sangria. Not as fruity as I had hoped for. I'll try it with fresh fruit and give it another whirl!


3 Stars ehhhh

from CA on wrote:

I was excited about this, but it's actually pretty tart.. think sweet tart candies.. was just ok

Favorite Summer Tea!

5 Stars Favorite Summer Tea!

from CO on wrote:

This was my family's favorite iced tea last summer, and I am THRILLED to be able to buy it in bulk this year.



from TX on wrote:

This is without a doubt, my absolute favorite TRoT blend I've ever had, and I've been a customer for over 20 years!! It is so delicious- the flavor is so rich and surprising- the color is gorgeous. My children love it as well. We brew a pitcher every week!


5 Stars Excellent!

from MO on wrote:

Very refreshing! Even my 11-year-old nephew, who normally requires sugared drinks, is sold on it.

So Refreshing

5 Stars So Refreshing

from WA on wrote:

I just found my ice tea for the summer. I love ice tea and this one is so refreshing . The flavors are combined so well.

My new second favorite!

5 Stars My new second favorite!

from HI on wrote:

But it's a VERY close second! Have always loved the Ginger Peach (iced), but this is fast becoming my go-to tea. I agree with the others: PLEASE sell it in bulk!


5 Stars Tasty

from CA on wrote:

This is a new favorite. It's very berry and light.

I never need wine again

5 Stars I never need wine again

from MI on wrote:

Absolutely delicious!!!!


5 Stars Addictive

from TN on wrote:

We recently tried this tea and we are hooked. It is delicious and fruity and works great as an iced tea so we love to make pitchers to drink from on the weekend. I do brew it a bit longer than the directions say to get a bit of a stronger brew but that's just our preference. Republic of Tea, please sell this in bulk on the site!

The BEST tea ever

The BEST tea ever

from on wrote:

This tea is sooooooo good. I make it by two gallons at a time. It's delicious plain or with a little lemon and Stevia.

Wonderful Taste!

5 Stars Wonderful Taste!

from MO on wrote:

Beautiful to look at and great-tasting! Very thirst-quenching.

Hisbiscus Sangria Weak?

3 Stars Hisbiscus Sangria Weak?

from MA on wrote:

I made my first pot using 2 quarts of water and and 2 bags and let it brew for 5-7 minutes. I found it to be weak and added a little sweetner. Next time I will add 3 bag or let it steep longer.

Tea Lover

5 Stars Tea Lover

from MD on wrote:

OMG..the best...I added Limeade Frozen Concentrate with a cup and 1/2 of Sugar. It was so Refreshing over Ice!!

Just Okay

2 Stars Just Okay

from OR on wrote:

This was my first iced tea from Republic of Tea and I was not so impressed. I still like this tea, but I was just not blown away by it. I felt like the taste is a little weak, I steeped it for longer than usual because I like a strong iced tea and I don't want my ice to dilute to much of it's flavor. it's just okay, but probably will not be repurchasing it.


4 Stars Yum

from on wrote:

The first time I made this, I used my ice tea maker. Big mistake, it was weak and just not very good. Second time, I used my tea kettle to make 2 quarts of it. Since the first bag was steeping while the tea kettle was warming up the second quart it had quite a bold flavor. This is the first hibiscus tea that I have tried and I'm quite impressed. Though I wish it was sold in larger quantities. I would very much like to purchase a large bag of these instead of a small container of 8.

Not the Same as the old Hibiscus sangria

2 Stars Not the Same as the old Hibiscus sangria

from MN on wrote:

I use to love, and I do me LOVE the iced tea Hibiscus Sangria in the silk pouch from last year. Recently they have changed from 5 silk bags to 8 paper tea bags. Sadly it is not the same mix nor does it taste as good. The old Sangria was a beautiful red and very flavorful. Now it is a dingy brownish red and is lack luster in flavor. Please bring back the old tea!!!

The most refreshing summer drink ever

5 Stars The most refreshing summer drink ever

from IL on wrote:

Other than Water, this tea is my hands down favorite for rehydrating in the summer. Light, sweet, tart, and just tastes like summer all round. I also use it and the other hibiscus teas in flavoring my home brewed tibicos. You have to give this fantastic stuff a try. Without any sweetener added at all, it is like punch or koolaid, only a hundred times better.

Such a pretty tea

4 Stars Such a pretty tea

from CA on wrote:

This is a very refreshing tea and so much fun to drink because the color is so pretty. I do jazz it up with fruit to give it more flavor. Sometimes I give it a spot of sparkling water or white wine with a lime twist for an iced tea cocktail.

Ok but weak flavor

3 Stars Ok but weak flavor

from MD on wrote:

The color is nice but the flavor is a bit weak. I used an extra bag and let it steep longer and it was ok but a bit sharp. I like it well enough to keep experimenting though.


4 Stars Lovely

from IA on wrote:

This one was new to me It has a wonderful taste and it is so pretty. It is one I can sip all day.


5 Stars great

from UT on wrote:

good fruit taste. all natural. please keep it all natural

1 Star

from TX on wrote:

I do not like this tea at all. The blend changed this year. I think the previous blend of Sangria tea was much better. Please go back to the previous blend.

Beautiful but weak

3 Stars Beautiful but weak

from IN on wrote:

Loved the flavors that come through in this tea but it is a bit weak for my taste. It worked wonderfully when augmented with other fruity teas. The color is beautiful and I may order again.

No flavor

1 Star No flavor

from CA on wrote:

I've made two different pitchers of this tea and both times they've had next to no flavor. The color is pretty but that's about it. Maybe the others didn't notice because they added extra stuff but tea should be good on it's own without extra sweeteners.


5 Stars Delicious!

from on wrote:

The fruity flavor of this tea really stands out. Great for the family.The strong color also makes drinking it quite fun, and it smells amazing!

Best Summer Sip

Best Summer Sip

from CO on wrote:

My family and friends LOVE this tea. We brew it and add some honey and then mix it with 2 parts "tea" to 1 part apple juice! It's our favorite summer sip!

Delicious and Beautiful

5 Stars Delicious and Beautiful

from on wrote:

This tea is so delicious! And such a gorgeous color, too. I made a huge amount for my daughter's baby shower last summer, and put it in a large glass pitchers with citrus fruits cut up - a recipe, I believe from Republic of Tea. We poured it into mason jars, with a slice of orange, and vintage pink, paper, stripped straws. I wish I could enclose a photo! The flavor is so fruity - and tart too, so benefits from your sweetener of choice. LOVE THIS TEA!