Refreshing and delicious tea!

5 Stars Refreshing and delicious tea!

from AZ on wrote:

This tea is so good. Light and refreshing. Recommended by a friend, will buy again.

Husband loves this!

5 Stars Husband loves this!

from RI on wrote:

My husband absolutely loves this tea! He isn’t a big iced tea fan but this has been a really hot summer so I wanted him to switch from hot for awhile. This flavor really did the trick! Will be ordering more!


5 Stars Yummy

from TX on wrote:

This tea taste great.

Watermelon mint black tea

5 Stars Watermelon mint black tea

from FL on wrote:

I actually received this item in the mail as a sample and I'm so happy I did. I don't drink much tea but plan to branch out and find my muse and I DEFINITELY recommend this tea! super flavorful. Especially the way I prepared it, chilled.

Watermelon Iced Tea

5 Stars Watermelon Iced Tea

from CT on wrote:

This tea tastes like fresh watermelon with a hint of mint. Delicious! Perfect summertime refreshment!

Perfect tea for summer

5 Stars Perfect tea for summer

from CO on wrote:

Great balanced tea perfect for a 1 liter thermos bottle. I wanted a little more mint so i microwaved 1 cup water with a tablespoin of mint jelly. Adds just a little sweetness (way less than Texas Sweet tea.)

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from TX on wrote:

This tea tastes like Summer.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from CA on wrote:

This tea is my absolute favorite. Most of the time I will add some Stevia to sweeten my ice tea, but this tea is so good, I don't even need to add any sweetener. Tastes just like watermelon.

I love this stuff!!

5 Stars I love this stuff!!

from IA on wrote:

I love this stuff, I could literally live on this ALL SUMMER LONG! It's fresh and the flavors are amazing. It's as if I made it from scratch and it's not from a bag, it's so fresh! I LITERALLY had a friend who gave a taste of the tea to say it tasted like I made up this concoction at home from scratch- it's THAT good....

absolutely love it!

5 Stars absolutely love it!

from PA on wrote:

This is a perfect tea for summer. I drink it unsweetened and it is the perfect balance of mint and watermelon flavors even though I'm not a huge mint tea person. I could drink this all day.

My favorite summer iced tea

5 Stars My favorite summer iced tea

from NM on wrote:

I drink iced tea all spring, summer and early fall days. Living in the high desert southwest with mostly sunny and sometimes hot days I want something refreshing to drink and this tea, poured over a tall glass of ice, is a favorite. I make this tea as sun tea, with an added mint teabag or two, in a large glass canning jar. Friends I have served it to rave about it, so I show them the can the tea bags come in so they can purchase their own.

Tea for Texas...

5 Stars Tea for Texas...

from TX on wrote:

It's hot nearly all year round in Texas so I was happy to try this tea. I combine one bag with two family size bags of regular cold-brew tea in a 3 quart pitcher and it's perfect. Can drink this year round. I't one of the most refreshing teas I've ever found. Next time, instead of the 8-bag canister, I'll be ordering the larger size.

I’d give this tea 25*s if I could...

5 Stars I’d give this tea 25*s if I could...

from FL on wrote:

I love this ice tea. It reminds me of the watermelon summers and drinking the juice out of the bowl when the watermelon rind had been scraped clean. Please don’t tinker with it! It is perfect!

Add Lime

4 Stars Add Lime

from TX on wrote:

This tested too much like candy for my taste but it was vastly improved with lime juice. Add the juice of one lime per teabag used

Kids love it too

5 Stars Kids love it too

from NY on wrote:

There was a guy handing out cups of this tea at our local store Wegmans in Ithaca New York. I tried it along with my cousin and we both looked at each other in amazement and I asked how much sugar he put in the tea and he said that there was absolutely no sugar. I was so shocked and amazed it is so good you don't need sugar. We just had to purchase a tin and I've been hooked ever since. I am making some sun tea by the gallon today 3 total.

Sounded bizarre, was bizarre.

2 Stars Sounded bizarre, was bizarre.

from OH on wrote:

I took a chance on this tea because so many reviewers enjoyed it so much. To me the flavor combination was strange. I would not buy again, especially when RoT has so many nicer teas to make iced tea with.

Fantastically Refreshing

5 Stars Fantastically Refreshing

from NC on wrote:

this was my first purchase with ya'll, and I absolutely love this tea. I have served it to friends until it looks like there is no more. I am saving the last can for me. I live at the beach and this tea is so refreshing it is all I have been drinking. Please get some more. I will definitely be back to order more.

Delicious and refreshing

3 Stars Delicious and refreshing

from MO on wrote:

I thought I'd be able to put this in a pitcher and go, but you do have to boil water, steep the tea and then ice and cool it. So, using one bag instead of four is not significantly easier. Also, it only makes 4 cups, which to me, is not a pitchers worth.

Love it--don't stop making this tea!

5 Stars Love it--don't stop making this tea!

from VA on wrote:

I'm not a huge fan of watermelon--natural or artificial. But this tea is amazing and refreshing. It should be a sparkling water flavor.

Not Quite

2 Stars Not Quite

from CA on wrote:

Thought this would be an ideal iced tea so I wouldn't have to add sweetener. Wrong. It was initially OK going down but left me with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Tried adding some sweetener but it only helped a little. I believe it is the watermelon since I do brew both Spearmint and Peppermint Iced Tea without the problem.

Simple and refreshing

3 Stars Simple and refreshing

from CT on wrote:

I liked the hint of mint but little watermelon flavor. Still refreshing.

I've Been Searching...

5 Stars I've Been Searching...

from TX on wrote:

I've been searching for a watermelon tea after drinking some at a restaurant a few years back. I haven't been able to find one that I liked until I came across this! The mint isn't too strong or distracting. The watermelon is a wonderful iced tea flavor. I add this to a regular black tea bag when I brew a quart pitcher of iced tea.

Hot weather thirst quencher

5 Stars Hot weather thirst quencher

from TX on wrote:

Not only is it delicious, but it definitely quenches my thirst after spending time outside or running errands. I live in the Southwest part of Texas where we have an extended season of hot and warm weather and the Watermelon Mint Green Tea is the best beverage of all because it is very refreshing and yummy!

Perfect Summer Tea!

5 Stars Perfect Summer Tea!

from CA on wrote:

This is SO good. I was concerned that the mint would overwhelm the watermelon, but that is absolutely not the case. It is a perfect blend of the two and you can taste sweet juicy watermelon and a lovely refreshing, but not overpowering mint, which is hard to accomplish with mint tea blends. This is hands down my favorite ROT iced tea. I've tried the coconut water blends and the sangria and they really can't compare - not that they're bad, but this tea is so much more exceptional. If you like watermelon and light mint, definitely get this!

Not bad

4 Stars Not bad

from FL on wrote:

I found the flavor of this tea to be a little odd. It grew on me, but I probably won't buy it again. The flavor seems a bit artificial.

watermelon mint black iced tea

5 Stars watermelon mint black iced tea

from IN on wrote:

LOVED IT! Bought at World Market, went home and made it in a fruit infuser pitcher with actual watermelon to add more flavor - was in heaven! Have ordered two more cans, will order more!

review of watermelon tea

5 Stars review of watermelon tea

from MN on wrote:

this was a very tasty tea!! I was surprised! perfect for summer drinking. I drank it as iced tea!

My favorite Summer tea

5 Stars My favorite Summer tea

from MI on wrote:

This tea is so refreshing. The flavor is light but so refreshing. It makes amazing iced tea. No aftertaste just a clean, fresh taste.

Go-to summer beverage

5 Stars Go-to summer beverage

from TX on wrote:

To be honest, I don't usually care for watermelon-flavored things, so I wasn't expecting much from this tea. However, it is light, crisp, and refreshing, and has become the go-to beverage for my boyfriend and I. We brew a new 3 quart pitcher every other day all summer!

Summer in a can

4 Stars Summer in a can

from CA on wrote:

Wow, nice and subtle hints of watermelon and mint. I mix 3 bags with 3 black tea bags and make a whole gallon of ice tea. It is very summery and refreshing.


5 Stars Delicious!

from KY on wrote:

This is a favorite tea in the summer. The flavor is delicious.

Watermelon Wonderfullness

5 Stars Watermelon Wonderfullness

from CA on wrote:

This is is AMAZING!! It's so fresh and clean tasting! It's the perfect way to refresh yourself on a hot summer day!

Too Minty

3 Stars Too Minty

from OH on wrote:

The mint is definitely more pronounced. Don't get me wrong, I like mint, but I really thought watermelon was going to be the star here. I do like the fact that there's really no need for any additional sweetener.

Best Tea Ever

5 Stars Best Tea Ever

from NY on wrote:

This is the greatest tea. I buy it in bulk & drink it every day. It's also helping me kick my sweet addiction. I started off with 8 packs of stevia in 2 quarts and am now down to only 5. The flavor is awesome

Refreshing iced tea with melon flavor

5 Stars Refreshing iced tea with melon flavor

from TX on wrote:

I cold brewed this tea for about 14 hours, and it turned out delicious and refreshing. The taste and aroma of melon was strong, much to my delight. On the other hand, it produced very different reactions among my family members, some of whom thought that mint was the dominant flavor. But this is how it often is with tasting foods, so the varied reactions might not be a big surprise. It is a flavorful, refreshing tea that is worth trying at least once. I know I will be buying it again.

It sounded good

1 Star It sounded good

from TX on wrote:

I really wanted to like this tea. I love watermelon and I love mint but this tea tasted very artificial. I thought the watermelon and mint would be subtle but they weren't. I really love Republic of Tea but the few I've tried with mint really missed the mark.

Strong, but refreshing

4 Stars Strong, but refreshing

from OH on wrote:

I actually didn't like this tea till I made it at half strength, and then it was perfect! The recommended strength wasn't good at all, but I was surprised what a difference it made to weaken it. Now it's one of my favorites! I'm here to order more.

Crazy about this tea!

5 Stars Crazy about this tea!

from IL on wrote:

I tried this tea last summer. First taste - hmmm, different. Second taste - I like it. By the third taste I was hooked. Very nice refreshing tea that everybody that tries it seems to love.

Very nice!

5 Stars Very nice!

from NY on wrote:

I tried this tea this week and I enjoyed it very much. It's refreshing and not at all bitter.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from IN on wrote:

This is the first tea I bought from the Republic. It got good reviews, but it sounded like a strange combination so I wasn't sure what to expect. This tea is wonderful! The flavors are perfectly balanced, so neither one overwhelms the other. Just a little sugar brings up the flavors. I will be drinking this tea the rest of the summer.

Good Summer Brew

4 Stars Good Summer Brew

from BC on wrote:

Brewed as instructed, this tea was a quite good. It's definitely one to keep around during the summer!

Surprisingly Delicious

4 Stars Surprisingly Delicious

from NH on wrote:

I bought this a bit hesitantly, but I am glad I did. It's an odd-sounding combo, but it really works. Perfect for sipping on my deck on a hot afternoon.


5 Stars refreshing

from PA on wrote:

i love mint and i love watermelon so when i saw this i had to try it. it is wonderfully refreshing and has a nice cool taste.

Refreshing and Delicious!

5 Stars Refreshing and Delicious!

from PA on wrote:

This sounded like such an odd combination, but to my surprise, it's delicious! Just the perfect amount of flavor - not too overwhelming but very tasty. It's a nice, refreshing summer time drink.



from CT on wrote:

This is the best tea I've ever had in my life. Seriously. Buy it. I could drink this tea every day for the rest of my life. The watermelon flavor shines through beautifully, and there's just enough mint to be refreshing without being overpowering. Absolutely incredible.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from IL on wrote:

Great summertime tea.

Absolutely Scruptious!!!!!

5 Stars Absolutely Scruptious!!!!!

from MD on wrote:

The Best Ever!!!! Am not a black tea drinker but when they send the samples I try them. This seemed like a really odd combination of flavors but I was pleasantly surprised. It was wonderful!! Light and refreshing and the flavors were balanced perfectly. I came to the site and ordered away. I also gave this review which is something I never do, but felt this tea was soo good I had to.

Decaf please!

5 Stars Decaf please!

from WI on wrote:

Received this in the catalogue and unexpectedly loved it. I'd love to see it in decaf so that I can completely overindulge.

Perfectly Refreshing

5 Stars Perfectly Refreshing

from CA on wrote:

I, too, received this as a sample with a catalog. My first thought was that neither watermelon nor mint appealed to me, much less the combo of both. But, as an R of T addict, I had to at least give it a try. Cut to my empty, still-icy glass moments later and I had to run out and buy a tin. Just made my third purchase of this flavor. The ultimate thirst-quencher!

Just ordered 3 more tins of Watermelon Mint

5 Stars Just ordered 3 more tins of Watermelon Mint

from IL on wrote:

"THE" tea for hot, humid summer. Maybe some of my next order will get to a friend or two, find myself hoarding it just for me! Hibiscus is good too, but did not care for the Sangria as much.

Light and refreshing

5 Stars Light and refreshing

from IA on wrote:

This tea is really light and refreshing. It's the perfect tea for summer. My only complaint: There needs to be a bulk bag option for this tea. We're reordering at an astounding rate.

"THE Summer Tea"

5 Stars "THE Summer Tea"

from OK on wrote:

Delicious black tea with watermelon and a hint of mint. Refreshing! Not overpowering in the fruit or mint. I was delighted to get a sample in the catalog and once I tasted it - away I went to my computer to order some for myself and another friend who I thought would love it as well - she did!

Super Refreshing!

5 Stars Super Refreshing!

from on wrote:

A nice, light, refreshing black tea with just the right balance of mint and watermelon flavors. It's naturally sweet so I'm able to prepare it without sugar, which is definitely a plus.

I expect to be drinking this all summer long

I expect to be drinking this all summer long

from TX on wrote:

Light, delicious. When this is brewing I can smell the watermelon throughout the kitchen but the flavor is not overwhelming. The mint is light, perfectly paired with the watermelon.



from FL on wrote:

Wonderful summer tea! The mint is perfectly balanced and does not overpower the delicate watermelon flavor at all. My family has a new favorite!

Makes Great Sun Tea!

5 Stars Makes Great Sun Tea!

from CA on wrote:

Received a sample of this tea with a catalog. Really liked it, unique. Ordered it and the Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker. Both arrived a few days ago and yesterday was so beautuful and sunny I decided to fill the 60oz Takeya pitcher (2 qts) and add two of the tea pouches. Set it on the porch in the sun and two hrs later...perfect tea. I'm going to order 6-8 tins of this tea for friends and family this summer. Nice thank you gift for someone, am going to surprise my hairdresser with one, 'hostess' gift for summer get-togethers...the ideas are endless. The price is certainly right!!

This Tea Screams Summer

5 Stars This Tea Screams Summer

from TX on wrote:

This is my third reorder. I am so stuck on this tea! I wish it also came in a green tea variety. Well done Ministers of Tea, Well doneZ,



from on wrote:

WATERMELON MINT ICED TEA? 5 TEAPOT RATING ...MOST CERTAINLY! LIGHT, TRUE WATERMELON TASTE WITH A TOUCH OF MINT ... OH, HOW REFRESHING! HOW SPECIAL! AHH! WATERMELON MINT IS A TRUE WINNER! ...JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER! ...WHAT A DELIGHT! And a special thank you to THE REPUBLIC OF TEA for including a sample of this great new iced tea in the recent catalog. We certainly appreciate allowing us tried-and-true tea drinkers of all varieties to give your new teas a whirl. You providing WATERMELON MINT had me hooked with the sample, resulting in a 4 tin order, in addition to the long list of my other favorite REPUBLIC OF TEA selections! GREAT FLAVOR and one my household will NEVER BE WITHOUT! My household & guests absolutely LOVE ...WATERMELON MINT!

Pleasantly Surprised

5 Stars Pleasantly Surprised

from MS on wrote:

The thought of watermelon and mint together didn't appeal to me. I also didn't expect much flavor(Sorry but most of the teas I've tried are weak). But I was pleasantly surprised, so much so, I wanted to see what the prices were like. I do wish it came in individual portions. I like it hot. The Watermelon is great I barely taste the mint which is ok. Good job!!

One Word: Wow!

5 Stars One Word: Wow!

from OH on wrote:

Was worried I wasted my money, but the watermelon flavor is real, just enough, and the mint is not too much like I worried it would be. But a perfect balance; can taste first black tea, then watermelon and the mint is the finish. I used stevia to sweeten it and can't even taste the usually bitter aftertaste of the stevia! (I think the mint covers it) My new favorite!

Granddaughter loves it too!

5 Stars Granddaughter loves it too!

from OH on wrote:

I like to send little surprises in cards to my granddaughter. She loves watermelon so I put the free sample in the last card I sent to her. She loves it and I'm here to order more so I can have a taste! I think it's going to be a big hit this summer in our family!

Amazing tea

5 Stars Amazing tea

from FL on wrote:

I just got this sample and am immediately and impatiently purchasing a tin. I'm generally not a fan of black tea blends, I prefer the white or herbal. But this is the most refreshing tea I have tasted in a long time. I would give it ten teapots if it were possible. Yum!


1 Star Undrinkable

from FL on wrote:

Who thought of this combination?! I actually had to spit it out. Blackberry Sage is great, and Cranberry Blood Orange is very good for iced tea, but watermelon mint is a truly puzzling flavor.



from WI on wrote:

I was delighted to get the individual sample. It was perfect with a nice balance between the watermelon and the mint. Sure would be nice to have individual bags available all year. I have a new favorite!

Love this tea!!

5 Stars Love this tea!!

from OR on wrote:

This tea is totally awesome and so refreshing. I just wish it came in bulk loose leaf.


5 Stars Awesome!

from MD on wrote:

I received this tea as a sample with the latest catalog from Republic of Tea. I was about to make a new pitcher of iced tea so decided to try this tea, even though I'm not at all fond of watermelon 'flavor' or having too much mint flavor in my teas. I was very happily surprised by the absolute perfection of this tea! The mint wasn't at all overpowering and the watermelon flavor was absolutely delicious and tasted like the real deal, rather than that sickening watermelon flavored candy. Good sample to send out, Republic. I will definitely be buying more of this one! My new favorite tea, already done drinking half a pitcher.

So delicious!

5 Stars So delicious!

from WV on wrote:

This tastes like real watermelon--as opposed to what I call "watermelon Jolly Rancher flavored." Like many others, I am wishing it came more than 8 bags to a tin, because that won't last a week around here. We take our iced tea seriously here. :)

Tastes like running through the sprinkler on a hot day

5 Stars Tastes like running through the sprinkler on a hot day

from VA on wrote:

OMG! I received a sample in my catalogue and made it up immediately. This tea is the Bomb! I'm craving more.

Great tea, need bulk package

5 Stars Great tea, need bulk package

from CA on wrote:

This is great iced tea and a wonderful way to cool off on our hot summer days. Wish you would make it available in bulk packaging as 8 bags isn't much at a time.

this makes great iced tea

5 Stars this makes great iced tea

from NJ on wrote:

I really love this iced tea. It has a great, refreshing taste. I used one of these bags and added 6 decaf tea bags to make 2 quarts. Great!

One of my favorite Samples yet!

5 Stars One of my favorite Samples yet!

from NJ on wrote:

INCREDIBLE taste! This couldn't have come at a better time! Sipping it now, and I had to review it! If you like WATERMELON, you will LOVE this!

Perfect summer tea

5 Stars Perfect summer tea

from TX on wrote:

I got a sample of this in my catalog and it was love at first sip! I like the idea of watermelon flavor but haven't ever really liked any, be it gum or candy... Until now! This was very refreshing after coming in from gardening. So here I am, ordering my summer stash!

Absolutely Delicious

5 Stars Absolutely Delicious

from ID on wrote:

Bought this at Whole Foods in Boise. I can't resist a new product, especially now that the weather is getting warmer and this was for iced tea. Watermelon scented with a definite watermelon-y taste. I don't taste the mint up front, but it provides a nice, crisp finish to the sip. Not sure why a previous reviewer mentioned cardboard and rind. It's a perfect combination to me with a wonderful taste. Hits the spot when I want something sweet but don't want to eat sugar since it's great without any sweetener. Highly recommend - but wish like crazy that it was decaf. Will try the other flavors in the Iced Tea line next!


5 Stars Deeelicious!

from CA on wrote:

My best friend mentioned that she wanted to try this tea, and when I saw it, I had to try it. Brewed 2 pouches in 2 quarts for 5 minutes... Absolute perfection! Going to be a definite staple to my tea garden. A close second to my favorite, Ginger Peach.

Unlimited Refills

5 Stars Unlimited Refills

from WA on wrote:

Great tea, tastes a lot like the blends that I get in some of my favorite restaurants. this will keep me coming back for many refills. After finishing off my first tin of this one I went looking for a way to buy stock in this company. found out they are private but that won't stop me from enjoying this great tea with just enough watermelon and mint so that I know its there, but nothing to overpowering or sweet.


5 Stars Refreshing!

from CO on wrote:

Very delicious. Just the right amount of mint. Perfect way to cool down on a hot day!

Tastes like watermelon rind

1 Star Tastes like watermelon rind

from NC on wrote:

I was so looking forward to this tea. I had images of luscious watermelon embraced by mint...a truly refreshing idea! When the tea was made, it smelled like watermelon, but no mint. Still, it smelled tasty. Imagine my shock when my first taste was of watermelon RIND and cardboard, without even a hint of mint! Totally disappointing. I really think this tea needs to be reworked to present the consumer with an accurate rendition of what the name entails.

Watermelon Yum!

5 Stars Watermelon Yum!

from on wrote:

Yum yum yum! Reminds me of chewing watermelon bubblegum in the hot Midwestern summers as a kid. Not artificial or overpowering but sweet enough with no sweeteners to be truly refreshing and delicious!