5 Stars Perfect

from AZ on wrote:

Hibiscus tea is my favorite and so any flavors are a real treat. The glass is my favorite for coffee and tea because it is so easy to grasp and the double wall glass keeps the liquid hot. Customer service had no hitches with the mailing. All total a five star performance.

My absolute can’t live without cup

5 Stars My absolute can’t live without cup

from NY on wrote:

Love the shape of this curved glass — feels great. Once you use it you won’t want anything else. I can pour boiling hot water into it and it does break from heat. Yet it is not hot to the touch.

The most comfortable cup

5 Stars The most comfortable cup

from NY on wrote:

I buy these over and over again for gifts, and people love them. Once you experience the nice way the curved cup feels in your hand, that the heat never comes through the double walls, and that this cup keeps your drink hot for a long time, you will want to always have one on hand. It's the only cup I use for tea and hot drinks!

Best tea mug ever!

5 Stars Best tea mug ever!

from AR on wrote:

Holding a regular mug by the handle is so uncomfortable for me and wrapping my hands around a HOT mug is impossible. Bought the curved glass mug and absolutely love it; it is never hot to the touch yet keeps the tea piping hot. Even though it is glass it is pretty sturdy.

My Absolute Favorite

5 Stars My Absolute Favorite

from AL on wrote:

As silly as it sounds, this is the best glass I've ever used. It's delicate, yet quite sturdy and holds up to the pots and pans cycle on my dishwasher. Can't say the same for some other similar glasses. The shape of the glass really sets this thing apart from just about any other glass or mug, too. The picture doesn't do the size of the flared bottom any justice, as it's rather substantial. You'd have to actually work at it to be able to knock it over, so spills are no longer a problem in my house. If I ever break my current glass, I wouldn't hesitate to order another one right away. In fact, I've just ordered several more so I've got a nice cache of them in the event that TRoT stops carrying this fantastic glass. Highly recommended!

Top Tea Glass

5 Stars Top Tea Glass

from PA on wrote:

Like many people I fill a lot of life's needs by shopping on the Internet. This curved glass is easily one of my favorite finds of the year. I also own two Bodum Pavina double walled glasses, however the design of this glass makes it more practical and useful than the Bodum. The Bodum has a fairly narrow base which risks tip over IMO. In addition, the gripability of this curvaceous beauty makes it the best choice for me.

wonderful glasses

5 Stars wonderful glasses

from OR on wrote:

These glasses are beautiful and the unique shape makes them easy to hold. The tea stays nice and warm and looks beautiful too! The 10 oz. size holds about what a regular sized mug would hold. Don't fill them too full though or the tea will slosh over the rim.


5 Stars Perfect

from TX on wrote:

If you have been trying to find that perfect combination for sipping and holding, this glass offers both with style! Floating liquid elegance, curved to fit the hand and with a stable base. Hot, cold or in between, the temperature inside remains a constant. Enjoy!