Love this pitcher!

4 Stars Love this pitcher!

from ID on wrote:

I only gave this 4 stars because, for me, it is very hard to unscrew the pitcher top for cleaning. Most of the time I have to leave it on while cleaning and then it is hard to get all of the water out. Is there a trick to getting the top unscrewed? Other than that I love the pitcher. Fits in my fridge perfectly and pours without dripping. Makes great iced tea!

Awesome Pitcher!!!

5 Stars Awesome Pitcher!!!

from MI on wrote:

Its simply the best pitcher I have owned. It brings out the best in the teas I purchase from you. fits perfectly in the fridge.


5 Stars Fabulous!

from TX on wrote:

This pitcher is absolutely perfect for making iced tea and infused teas. Very well made, lid fits tightly enough that you can turn it upside down to shake it with no leaking. Love it. Makes great tea.

So great, I gifted three more!

5 Stars So great, I gifted three more!

from AZ on wrote:

This is such a versatile drink system! I love how the uses are limitless plus it makes flavorful iced tea. I purchased three more to give to creative tea lovers and they all rave about it. The ice core doesn't chill the drink as well as I thought it would. This is still the best infusion product I've seen and used!

Wonderful! I'm so glad I purchased this.

5 Stars Wonderful! I'm so glad I purchased this.

from NY on wrote:

This system works splendidly with no fancy, big appliances. I was a little concerned that the pitcher would not fit in my small refrigerator, but it sits in the door space just fine.

fantastic system

5 Stars fantastic system

from NY on wrote:

great system love the ice block I drink a lot more water , lemonade or cold tea with this pitcher it was a great find

In use 24/7

5 Stars In use 24/7

from MO on wrote:

This pitcher is literally used at my house 24/7. As soon as it is empty it gets refilled to brew another batch. It is so easy. I take a 32 oz. insulated mug of iced tea to work with me every day & at home it is my "go to" beverage. While I use other teas in it, Dragon Oolong is my favorite for iced tea.

Great Iced-tea System

5 Stars Great Iced-tea System

from AR on wrote:

It's a very good product that makes iced-tea brewing easy. I haven't had any issues with the plastic construction or durability. Republic of Tea isn't kidding when they tell you not to put the lid on until the tea is room temperature. If you don't follow this guideline, the pitcher makes a frighteningly loud and shrill noise.

Love it Simply Love it

5 Stars Love it Simply Love it

from MI on wrote:

Love it nice and steady great making everything.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from IL on wrote:

I bought one of these for work (trying to up my liquid/water intake). I am so please with it I immediately purchased another for home! Wonderful service and great teas! Tea Heaven!

Love the Pitcher

5 Stars Love the Pitcher

from FL on wrote:

I love this pitcher. I use it to make fruit infused tea. I brew decaf green tea and fill the pitcher with half the tea and half filtered water. I cut up fruit that may have 'passed its expiration date' - a good way to use up "old" fruit that's been in the refrigerator too long. I also use frozen fruit and just put it in the infuser. It all steeps and I drink this all day. Helps me keep my water intake up!

I love it!

5 Stars I love it!

from CA on wrote:

I am enjoying this so much that I am buying a second one.

Double Infusion Iced Tea Pitcher

4 Stars Double Infusion Iced Tea Pitcher

from GA on wrote:

I am enjoying my tea pitcher. The only negative is that water should only be heated to 180 derees. Never use boiling water. Some black teas are brewed at 212 degrees. A huge positive is that the pouring handle unscrews from the base for cleaning.

5 Stars

from NY on wrote:

excellent product.



from NY on wrote:

Unfortunately this is made of Plastic :/ Would had love it if was made of Glass :)

Idea's great -a few drawbacks

3 Stars Idea's great -a few drawbacks

from GA on wrote:

I love the idea of brewing my own iced tea and the ability to add "stuff" like mint or fruit into the infuser - also like the cold infuser to chill the tea. Problems are: Instructions say that if you brew tea with hot water (much quicker) the water can't be more than 180 degrees - now how do you check - stick your finger in or hunt the candy thermometer (that's what I did). Surely you could construct this of a clear material that could stand boiling water. Also, I don't see any instructions about tea bags. I used your ginger peach iced tea and didn't know whether to cut them open or put the bags in the infuser - and I didn't know how many to use. Lipton makes a quick cold brew iced tea - couldn't you do something like that with your premium teas?

Easiest Brewer Ever!

5 Stars Easiest Brewer Ever!

from CA on wrote:

This pitcher/brewer is so well designed! Just stuff your pre-packaged tea bag, or the amount of loose tea desired ... then add fruit, etc. to the fairly large infuser cylinder (or not). Tea can be brewed in the refrig. over night, or hot (they say <180F). The design of the pitcher fits perfectly in our refrig door. Great iced-tea product!