Hibiscus (Watermelon)

5 Stars Hibiscus (Watermelon)

from PA on wrote:

A very smooth taste with the hint of watermelon is wonderful on a hot afternoon. I love watermelon and hibiscus tea, so this is a perfect match.


5 Stars Yummy

from PA on wrote:

Fresh summer like flavor and aroma. Good for any season. Enjoyed the sample and plan to order a supply for summer. Should make a great iced tea.

A family favorite

5 Stars A family favorite

from NJ on wrote:

Hot or cold - we love this tea. We buy in bulk to make pitchers of icey deliciousness and cups of hot sweet summertime all year round tea. We have even used it for a bridal shower with it’s pretty pink color and distinctive watermelon taste. Cannot day enough good things about this tea.

Best fruit tea EVER

5 Stars Best fruit tea EVER

from AL on wrote:

This is by far my favorite fruit tea I've ever had. I drink it iced and it literally tastes like the juice of a watermelon. Delicious!

Absolutely awesome!

5 Stars Absolutely awesome!

from MA on wrote:

This tea was every thing you promised and more. Flavorful, soothing, perfect interlude to whatever kind of day you're having. You better believe I will be stocking up on this next pay day!

Watermelon hibiscus

5 Stars Watermelon hibiscus

from OR on wrote:

Delightful, with hints of watermelon


5 Stars awesome

from NY on wrote:

I had this tea at my son's house and loved it. Looked everywhere (Seattle area) for it. Had my kids on a mission to find it but they could not. Finally realized (duh) that I could order it! YES I like it that much. It is wonderful hot and over ice.

Hibiscus watermelon

5 Stars Hibiscus watermelon

from OR on wrote:

By far my favorite of the teas I have tried


5 Stars Refreshing!

from IL on wrote:

I was looking for a refreshing tea for summer. This hits the mark! Thank you ROT!

the best tea ever

5 Stars the best tea ever

from PA on wrote:

This tea is AWESOME. The best thirst quencher when it is ice cold. I will be stocking up next payday.

Heavenly Nectar

5 Stars Heavenly Nectar

from NJ on wrote:

...At least if you love watermelon! We enjoy this hot and cold! A wonderful calorie free treat, and ,yes, it smells and tastes like watermelon. Now we can enjoy the good old days of summer all year long.

Delicious Watermelon Flavor

5 Stars Delicious Watermelon Flavor

from PA on wrote:

This is one of my top favorites of TRoT. I always drink it iced with a little sweetener. I am a fan of anything watermelon, and this has a nice flavor and the hibiscus is mild, not too tangy. I make jugs of it during the warm weather seasons.

One of the best teas ever!

5 Stars One of the best teas ever!

from WA on wrote:

All the reviews I read were so right. This tea is refreshing when served cold, delightful and satisfying when hot. It's so good and good for you as well. I usually add just a touch of sugar at night when I have a hot cup of Hibiscus Watermelon before bedtime, but as a summer cooler, without any sugar at all, it cannot be beat! Right from the first cup, I know this would be one of my all-time favorites -- thanks, RofT, for a marvellous new tea!

Fresh and red

5 Stars Fresh and red

from PA on wrote:

This tea so so refreshing in the morning during summer. It's bright, doesn't need sweetening and I just love the watermelon taste. I'm never without this in my house.


5 Stars Wow!

from OH on wrote:

Such a pleasant tasting tea. The watermelon flavor is a nice natural flavor and the hibiscus is not tart at all. Makes a refreshing iced tea. Delicious!


4 Stars Yum!

from IL on wrote:

Love this tea with it's lovely watermelon undertones. Very tasty.

Best Tea Ever!

5 Stars Best Tea Ever!

from NY on wrote:

This tea is fantastic. Best Iced tea I have ever had.

My favorite summertime tea!

5 Stars My favorite summertime tea!

from CA on wrote:

I got this in a catalogue and thought,"disgusting!" I very much dislike hibiscus tea; to me it has a very bitter aftertaste. When I made this cup of tea the smell was awesome. I made this iced and I didn't even need sugar... Which is extremely rare for me, as I was sweet tooth. It has a great sense and I love the refreshing flavor. It's not a fake watermelon taste; it tastes very natural almost like watermelon rind. This is definitely on my top five.

Delicious - nature's Kool-Aid!

5 Stars Delicious - nature's Kool-Aid!

from GA on wrote:

This tea is perfection iced. You need to up the steeping time significantly, but it's well worth the wait, and there's no trace of bitterness. I sweetened it slightly and it was absolutely perfect. Also, I strongly dislike the taste of stevia and I didn't taste it in this tea at all (perhaps because I added sugar).


5 Stars Delicious

from NJ on wrote:

Fruity& citrusy

Great watermelon flavor

5 Stars Great watermelon flavor

from NC on wrote:

After I got the sample teabag and tried it, I completely FELL IN LOVE with it. It does not have that artificial watermelon flavor that so many other products have. It is VERY light and others have said, this is the perfect blend to use as an iced tea...Can't wait to order!

Fantastic tea for summer

5 Stars Fantastic tea for summer

from CA on wrote:

I brewed the sample tea bag I received and the bright watermelon taste popped. Delicious. Though I made it hot, I think this will be the perfect summer iced tea. I didn't hesitate to order it online and am waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the Hibiscus Watermelon to be available on May 16th.

Wonderful Tea

5 Stars Wonderful Tea

from VA on wrote:

I sampled this tea in a recent add sent to me. And it is refreshing and relaxing and I highly recommend it. Hot or Cold you will not be disappointed!

Wonderfully Refreshing Cold Summer Bev!

5 Stars Wonderfully Refreshing Cold Summer Bev!

from FL on wrote:

I followed the directions on the canister to make hot and cold tea. Holy yum! I preferred the cold tea. Living in South Florida, I am always looking for a refreshing way to hydrate without plain old boring agua by itself. Yes, I also drink plenty of lemon water, but I often have a craving for a sweeter, tastier drink- a change from the same old same old. What I really appreciated about Republic of Tea's Superflower Watermelon Tea was the subtle flavor of sweet blackberry leaves. I do not like my refresher beverages to be too sweet. This tea had the perfect balance of tart, citrus and slightly sweet. I also appreciated the inclusion of Stevia, which is a wonderfully healthy sweetener. The taste of watermelon was not as present as I had anticipated, but I viewed this as an opportunity to add a chunk or two to my cold tea instead of my usual slice of lemon. I know this is kinda silly, but I was surprised to find round tea bags in the canister. Fun! Since this product is only made with sustainable ingre

Great Stuf!

5 Stars Great Stuf!

from PA on wrote:

Based on the mailed sample, I ordered a pack of Hibiscus Watermelon. This stuff is wonderful - like eating a fresh-cut piece of watermelon. I can't wait for July 4 so I surprise everybody with this. I also ordered a hibiscus tea sampler, also loved the pineapple - Lychee; the blueberry was good and haven't got to the rest yet.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from PA on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas! It is good hot or cold and has a great fruity watermelon taste. I read another post about stevia being in it but I use stevia as a sweetener anyway. I don't think there is much in it because I can't drink it without adding sweetener. They also sell a watermelon iced tea which is wonderful.

Stevia....why oh why??

1 Star Stevia....why oh why??

from CT on wrote:

I bought this without realizing it had that dreadful Stevia in it. I know there are those who "like" it...but I'm really tired of companies putting it in everything. My taste buds detect the bitter aftertaste. So for me, Stevia ruined what could have been a good I wasted $$$....I for one wish companies would also leave it up to the individual as to what sweetener to put in their food!!!!!

5 Stars

from NY on wrote:

Great for a midday pick me up!

5 Stars

from on wrote: