Yummy and fruity

4 Stars Yummy and fruity

from MI on wrote:

This one good. I was expecting it to be a bit sweeter but still a good cup of tea.

Love it.

5 Stars Love it.

from OH on wrote:

I love this. I especially love steeping it a little longer than I normally do, and adding a touch of honey. This is really a treat!! So comforting and flavorful.


5 Stars Yummy

from MI on wrote:

This beautiful tea tastes just like a blueberry muffin in a cup...with extra blueberries. The flavoring is very natural. It doesn't taste artificial at all and there is no aftertaste. I have never tasted a blueberry tea that is this robust in flavor. It's quite impressive!

Blueberry bunt

5 Stars Blueberry bunt

from OH on wrote:

Wonderful tea. Very comforting.

Love the blueberry flavor

5 Stars Love the blueberry flavor

from WY on wrote:

Love the blueberry flavor of this tea, very nice !

The best blueberry tea!

5 Stars The best blueberry tea!

from NJ on wrote:

This is a great tasting blueberry tea that actually has the taste of blueberry, not an artificial flavor. I'm not a fruit tea drinker but this is an exception!

Not bad not great

3 Stars Not bad not great

from CA on wrote:

I was really disappointed in this one. I have it plain so I dont know what its like with sugar and cream, but its not the best. I can see people liking it but its not for me, I wont reorder.

Blueberry Bundt/Best Blueberry in the World!

5 Stars Blueberry Bundt/Best Blueberry in the World!

from CA on wrote:

As a lover of Rooibos' as well as RofT's dessert and "cuppa" set of teas, I order my faves in the bulk bag for savings and the awful realization of having an empty can when nothing else will satisfy! This should tell you how much I love this Blueberry Bundt. As a self-titled "tea connoisseur", having tried many blueberry flavors this is, hands down, the best in my humble opinion. Note: Rooibos tends to naturally curb appetite and has healthy properties, making it my perfect 3pm tea choice!

Poor flavor mix, too much black licorice

2 Stars Poor flavor mix, too much black licorice

from CA on wrote:

Out of the 30 or so teas I have purchased from Republic of tea, this is the only one I have not loved. The mix of flavors is too heavy on the black licorice flavor so that is all I can taste when I drink it, and I am someone who otherwise enjoys black licorice candy. The other teas in the Cuppa Cake line are much better for something sweet at dessert time, the Lemon Chiffon and Gingerbread being two of my all-time favorite teas. Skip this one!!

delicious with sugar and cream

5 Stars delicious with sugar and cream

from CA on wrote:

I bought a tin of this along with the Dandelion tea. Wow, not only is this delicious on its own, but it is even better when brewed with the Dandelion. Something about that roasty flavor mixed with even more vanilla is just perfect. On its own I can taste the blueberries and the cake in this tea. Best lightly sweetened with a little milk or cream.

My Absolute Favoite

5 Stars My Absolute Favoite

from MO on wrote:

This tea tastes exactly like a blueberry bundt cake. I love dessert teas and this one is perfect. It's my absolute favorite and I hope it never gets discontinued! Perfect with a splash of milk :)

needs a splash of cream and a dash of sugar

4 Stars needs a splash of cream and a dash of sugar

from OK on wrote:

To be fair to this tea, I ordered it over a year ago, and just opened it tonight, so my tasting notes might be completely different if I'd opened it immediately--there are just so many good teas to choose from! I felt the rooibos was very strong in this tea, and the blueberry very, very faint. I also may be comparing it to the lemon chiffon tea, which I remember being very dessert-like and satisfying. After reading other reviews about the Blueberry Bundt Cuppa, I brewed another cup with an extra teabag, then added a splash of heavy whipping cream and a dash of liquid 'sugar in the raw'--that turned this tea into a real, winter evening, treat. Really, adding cream and sugar to this one makes all the difference in the world, and really brings out its full flavor and makes it so the rooibos doesn't overpower the cup. I didn't have milk or I would have used it instead of the heavy whipping cream. I imagine vanilla almond milk would be a super addition to this cup!

A nice dessert

5 Stars A nice dessert

from TX on wrote:

I honestly ordered this tea because it has blueberry ans is supposed to be pleasant to drink since it's kind of like a dessert. I'm satisfied with it, that's for sure. I had to let it steep the whole time I was drinking it to let it get to a strength that I favored ( seem to like my tea fairly strong), I only used a single packet of sugar to sweeten it and it was more than enough I must say. It helped bring out the flavors a lot more than drinking it sugarless. A good cuppa to enjoy.


5 Stars Fabulous

from TX on wrote:

Love this dessert tea. one of my favorite cuppa teas. Best served hot and with vanilla or a sweet creamer!

Lovely blueberry flavor

5 Stars Lovely blueberry flavor

from IN on wrote:

Not even gonna lie- I bought this tea because of the gorgeous packaging. Thankfully it ended up being a delicious cuppa. I feel like it's just the right level of blueberry, but if it's not flavorful enough for you, you can always steep it longer or use an extra bag. This is a sweet treat to savor, for sure!


5 Stars Yum

from MO on wrote:

This blueberry bundt is bursting with blueberry flavor. It's a bit sweet, and a nice afternoon tea. I find it curbs my appetite and cravings for something sweet. I'll have to try it iced after reading the reviews!

Very Berry Good!

5 Stars Very Berry Good!

from AR on wrote:

I was looking for a tea that would make a great iced tea and I found it in Blueberry Bundt! I'm enamored with the aroma and the taste is delicious!

Wonderfully delicious!

5 Stars Wonderfully delicious!

from PA on wrote:

I just tried a cup of this tea today for the very first time. Wow!! If you like the taste of blueberries, you are going to love this delicious tea. Thanks for making such a great product!


5 Stars Delicious!

from AK on wrote:

This tea is perfect for an after dinner treat! I find that it's the perfect amount of flavor without being too "artificial blueberry", if you get my drift. I steep it slightly longer than my other teas just to bring out all of the strong flavor, then add a splash of milk and a pinch of sugar, and voilĂ ! It's a great treat to warm you up on a chilly winter evening!

Completely disagree with other review!

5 Stars Completely disagree with other review!

from IA on wrote:

I completely disagree with the only one other review (so far) of this tea, so I decided to write my own review. The other reviewer thought it was completely without taste; I find the taste to be wonderful, with just the right hint of blueberry flavor. I add a bit of honey to it for some slight sweetness. I keep a running list of teas I always want to have on hand, and this one has been added to it. I really like it! I agree that it's not a strong tea, but it's not supposed to be. To say it has no taste is IMHO just not true.


1 Star Disapointing

from CA on wrote:

I'm sad to report that this tea was pretty much tasteless, not even Torani vanilla syrup could make this this worth drinking - I tried it three times then threw it in the trash because I couldn't give it to anyone knowing how bad it was. It lacked any real flavor.