HiCaf Ginger Mint

5 Stars HiCaf Ginger Mint

from VA on wrote:

Love this tea. I am a long time lover of Ginger Peach black tea but having tried the Gingermint I have a new love.

Best shot of Caff ever !

5 Stars Best shot of Caff ever !

from PA on wrote:

I'm a security guard that works 60-70 hours a week. One bag in the am or on lunch gets me through the day. No crash ! I'm alert and polite

Great for Mornings

5 Stars Great for Mornings

from OH on wrote:

Not a coffee drinker and don’t want soda first thing in morning. This is great, just enough to help get moving. Plus good flavor :)

Hubby loves it!

5 Stars Hubby loves it!

from NY on wrote:

This is my husband's go-to each day. We have a cup of coffee together and then he is out the door with this on his hour drive to work and sips on a large cup of it all day.

Awesome Green Tea!

5 Stars Awesome Green Tea!

from NV on wrote:

This tea is one of the best! I make it with some raw honey & brew it hot. I like the flavor of the ginger & mint. With 50mg+ of caffeine it gives a little lift. I usually have 1 or 2 cups a day. I highly recommend this green tea for taste & purity!

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from TX on wrote:

I love ginger and I love mint. I think I can taste both flavors equally in this yummy tea. Caffeine doesn't have an affect on me, so no comments on caffeine levels. It tastes great, though!

So good

5 Stars So good

from PA on wrote:

Just got this last week. Love it hot! Made it as ice tea today, yummy too!

A favorite!

5 Stars A favorite!

from IL on wrote:

Love this tea. I've totally given up my morning coffee which was too acid on my stomach. This tea is soothing and minty fresh and just delicious. A wonderful way to wake up the senses and as much caffeine as my morning cup of coffee.

Surprised at how much I loved this one

5 Stars Surprised at how much I loved this one

from OK on wrote:

I tried this because I needed caffeine desperately and couldn't find my hi-caf coconut tea. Surprisingly this is a new favorite of mine and I might buy in bulk. The longer it steeps the stronger the ginger flavor. The mint overtone is refreshing. This tea (after steeping a long time) reminded me of ginger beer (not beer, not ginger ale) and gave the inside of my mouth that zap that I get when I drink a wonderful ginger beer from the international food market. The refreshing overtones of mint lingered after the finish. This tea seems like a good digestif after a meal, a great "wake me up" cup, and also a fine flavor for relaxing (if it weren't for the caffeine content). I had it hot, but think it would be wonderful cold over ice, and I intend on having it with lunches and early dinners in the summer. I imagine people will either really like it or really hate it, but it's worth a try. It would probably compliment ethnic foods nicely. I highly recommend at least trying it!

Green Tea Like No Other

5 Stars Green Tea Like No Other

from IL on wrote:

This is the most amazing green tea I've ever tasted. I enjoy at least 2 cups a day. The ginger and mint go incredibly well with the flavor of the green tea. Very smooth and tangy. Back to buy refill now.

Migraine Helper

5 Stars Migraine Helper

from MO on wrote:

I love this tea. When added with a pain reliever this tea helps with pain and nausea associated with migraines. The ginger calms the stomach down, the hi caffeine helps with the pain & the mint adds a refreshing taste. Also wonderful cold on a hot day for a morning pick me up.

Tummy Soothing

5 Stars Tummy Soothing

from VA on wrote:

This is my new favorite breakfast tea. The ginger is subtle, but between that and the mints, it really works wonders to soothe my stomach which gets upset frequently. The taste is wonderful. Love, love this tea.

Good tea, subtle flavor

4 Stars Good tea, subtle flavor

from CA on wrote:

I really love this tea, however the ginger flavor is very subtle. A little too subtle for my tastes, but I really love a strong ginger flavor so I will admit I am a bit biased. I still thoroughly enjoy this tea though!

Very tasty!

5 Stars Very tasty!

from MN on wrote:

Super delicious and wonderful ginger and mint flavor. I also drink the Mango Ceylon..great with a dash of fresh lemon. Keeps me going all day long!