Oddly bland

3 Stars Oddly bland

from WA on wrote:

I had expected a more full-bodied brew.

Wonderful flavor - perfect cuppa

5 Stars Wonderful flavor - perfect cuppa

from KY on wrote:

I usually favor plain Organic Assam Tea for an afternoon cup, but the Grantham Blend is the perfect morning cup. The hint of ginger is perfect for a little morning warmth without being overbearing.

Great Breakfast tea

5 Stars Great Breakfast tea

from OH on wrote:

A great tea for Breakfast or whenever you need a real pick-me-up. I didn't know if I would like the Ginger , but I really enjoy it now. A staple in my Tea box.

My very favorite go to tea

5 Stars My very favorite go to tea

from NH on wrote:

Five stars

It's just the best

5 Stars It's just the best

from MD on wrote:

I'm not sure I can explain why it's so good, but it's just the most drinkable, lovely Black tea, and I don't know what I'd do without it. My only regret is I can't buy it in larger quantities.

Fantastic - please sell it in bulk...

5 Stars Fantastic - please sell it in bulk...

from PA on wrote:

... or at least in refills - I really dislike the waste of continually buying the tins. Your British Breakfast tea was my favorite until I found the same tea but with ginger - yum!

My new morning cup of tea

5 Stars My new morning cup of tea

from NJ on wrote:

I bought a tin when I went to the Diwnton Abbey exhibit in NYC and this is now my very morning tea.The ginger flavor does not take over the tea but leaves a pleasant taste on the tongue.


5 Stars Wonderful!

from MI on wrote:

This tea was so good! A perfect addition to my mornings! Highly recommend.

Delightful Tea, Even as a Cold Brewed Iced Tea

5 Stars Delightful Tea, Even as a Cold Brewed Iced Tea

from IN on wrote:

I get this tea regularly--I buy it in person at Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati. It's one of my go-to teas for hot tea, but I've started cold brewing it as iced tea as well, and it's lovely. My only complaint is that we can't buy it in bulk. Would you consider making that an option?

Stong Pick me up

5 Stars Stong Pick me up

from GA on wrote:

Enjoying the smooth, strong flavor of this tea. As a fan of Downton Abbey, I was looking for a fun way to get though my work day and past the 3'oclock blahs. This does it.



from MD on wrote:


Good Tea

4 Stars Good Tea

from VA on wrote:

I love this ginger tea and it's one of my favorites for a morning brew. I only gave it 4 stars because it takes 3 bags to make a decent sized cup with flavor. Another reason, tho I almost exclusively drink the "Republic" tea these days, the black teas that are used for everything are only of average quality. With such great tea blends available it would be nice if the black was better.

Love Ginger

5 Stars Love Ginger

from VA on wrote:

This is a very tasty tea. Quite enchanted by it. ~ Thanks!

Good Morning Tea

5 Stars Good Morning Tea

from PA on wrote:

I wanted to try one of the Dowton Abbey teas and was so glad that I picked this one. It has a full body and a wonderful taste like no other tea that I had before. I use a little creamer and this is just enough. Will be ordering this again.

Enthusiastic agreement with fans

5 Stars Enthusiastic agreement with fans

from NV on wrote:

This tea is second only to the classic Earl Greyer for breakfast tea. The quality of the tea is excellent, the flavor that the touch of ginger gives is just right. I sincerely hope this tea becomes part of the Republic menu and does not go away.

Yummy TEA

5 Stars Yummy TEA

from MO on wrote:

Love this tea. It is by far my favorite tea of all time.

The Best!!!

5 Stars The Best!!!

from CA on wrote:

This is the most delicious tea, I absolutely love it! The Ginger flavor is very noticeable yet not overwhelming. I am addicted!!!!

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from UT on wrote:

This is one of my new favorites! I love the ginger flavor. I will definitely be ordering this tea again.

My new favorite

5 Stars My new favorite

from CA on wrote:

This is absolutely delicious. The assam tea is bold and rich and the ginger is warming and aromatic. This is now my favorite tea to have first thing in the morning. I first tried it as part of a sampler pack and was so sad when I ran out that I had to order more immediately. Yum!


5 Stars wonderful

from WY on wrote:

This was a gift and I love it. Normally I prefer loose tea to tea bags, but I am drinking this instead of my loose tea. Assam is one of my favorites and the hint of ginger is awesome. What a wonderful way to start the day. I had just a splash of milk and feel like I'm drinking tea and eating gingersnaps.

This tea has spoiled me for all others! Love it.

5 Stars This tea has spoiled me for all others! Love it.

from AB on wrote:

Lovely flavor. Wish it was available locally.


5 Stars LOVE IT!!!

from DE on wrote:

Just like Downton Abbey I love this tea! It has an overall spice flavor to it, just right for a cuppa anytime of day. Love the fact that RoT came up with the series i have purcased many for friends in Europe as presents, but so far have only tried this one. I agree I'd love them in lose leaf form. too!

a ginger kick without bitterness

5 Stars a ginger kick without bitterness

from IL on wrote:

A delicious kick to start the morning. Not too much ginger.

Love the bite

5 Stars Love the bite

from GA on wrote:

Love the bite of the ginger in this full-bodied breakfast tea. Just like Lord Grantham, gets your day going!

A keeper

5 Stars A keeper

from CA on wrote:

Please, please don't ever discontinue this choice tea. What a wonderful aroma and flavor. Nothing like it out there.

Needs to Be a Forever Edition!

5 Stars Needs to Be a Forever Edition!

from TX on wrote:

I tend to prefer loose tea. This was given to me by a friend who knows I like Downton Abbey and tea, so I gave it a try. It is now on the top of my list of favorite teas. I am not a sophisticated enough taster to talk about flavor notes or subtle overtones of this or that, but I can tell you that I love this tea. Most likely because of the ginger, it is one of the few teas I can drink on an empty stomach in the morning that doesn't make me ill. When the limited edition time for this ends, if it doesn't make it into a regular collection, I will be very sad. Please relabel this as a regular, and if it gets renamed, please be very clear of the former name in marketing, so I don't miss out on it.


5 Stars Lovely

from NC on wrote:

I went a little crazy at the Downton costume exhibit at Biltmore and bought more tea than I probably should have. But this morning I am very much enjoying the Breakfast Blend. The ginger brings this over the top; unique and with the right amount of zip to begin the day.

Too delicious to make a limited edition!

5 Stars Too delicious to make a limited edition!

from MO on wrote:

I received this tea as a gift from a friend who knew I loved Downton Abbey as much as I loved tea. The mix of black tea and ginger quickly became a favorite! The smell is outstanding. Everyone comments on how fantastic it smells when I make it at work. Please keep the tea available after the collector packaging is no longer available.

Finally, a civilized black tea

5 Stars Finally, a civilized black tea

from MO on wrote:

Give this tea to a friend trying to get off coffee; they will love you. It is satisfying without being bitter. The ginger makes it a digestivo tonic. As everyone else has said, Please re-label and keep this tea. This is the first Republic of Tea for which I will return.

Keep making this tea!

5 Stars Keep making this tea!

from AZ on wrote:

This tea is my all-time favorite! I've tasted many of your teas, and they're all delicious, but this is the one I drink every day. It's just a perfect blend of Assam and ginger. Love it!! Even if Lord Grantham's handsome face no longer graces the canister after Downton Abbey has had its run, please keep making this tea!!

my second fave black tea

5 Stars my second fave black tea

from TX on wrote:

I wasn't too fond of this at first, but after trying it with two spoons of sugar and a splash of milk as was suggested by a fellow Citizen I'm in LOVE with this blend! I hope you guys keep this around even after the licensing from the show goes away.

Ginger Goodness

5 Stars Ginger Goodness

from NC on wrote:

Amazingly ginger goodness. I love a strong black tea that isn't bitter, and Assam is it. Adding the ginger takes this over the top. Nice addition without a bunch of other spices. I even put in some candied ginger pieces-- yum. Please keep this tea and you'll have one happy citizen!

Crisp Yet Smooth

5 Stars Crisp Yet Smooth

from VA on wrote:

I love the show, so, naturally, I wanted some of the tea; so, I chose Grantham Breakfast Blend. Well, this was definitely a good choice. The Assam black tea with the ginger is a perfect match. The ginger gives the tea a crisp "snap" on your nose, but it is also very smooth to the palate. And, as mentioned, it is perfect with just a little milk and sugar. I recommend this blend without reservation.

My first cup

5 Stars My first cup

from MA on wrote:

I've just enjoyed my first cup of this new-to-me tea. What a delight the ginger is sweetened and with a splash of milk. All that's missing is a scone or two.

Please make this a standard offering!

5 Stars Please make this a standard offering!

from NC on wrote:

I've been shopping at Republic of Tea for years and never written a review, but I'm compelled to in this case because I'm very afraid they're going to take this limited edition tea away. I really hope the Minister of Tea will consider rebranding this when the Downton promo is done and making it a regular item. This is a very simple tea but the amount of ginger is perfect - refreshing, just enough flavor and bite, without being overwhelming. It is glorious iced!


5 Stars Lovely!

from PA on wrote:

I couldn't wait to try this it and it doesn't disappoint! There is just enough ginger to be lovely without being overwhelming. Please keep it!

I'm Hooked on this Tea!!

5 Stars I'm Hooked on this Tea!!

from OH on wrote:

This tea is my all time favorite! I love the hint of ginger and the tea is just so good. It's now part of my regular routine and if I run out my day seems to be off on the wrong foot. Please keep this blend in your product offerings!


5 Stars Wonderful!

from CA on wrote:

This tea is fantastic! Assam is my absolute favorite black tea and the addition of ginger has absolutely won me over. The two go remarkably well together. It's enjoyable on it's own, with sugar and with milk and sugar. The only thing that would make it better is selling it loose leaf style (I generally hate bagged tea.) and offering it in bulk. I hope you decide to do this if it's a blend of tea you produce.

Really good

5 Stars Really good

from MD on wrote:

This is a delicious tea. Please keep it around. Wish it was available in refill sizes.


5 Stars Delicious!

from NY on wrote:

This tea is AMAZING. I was traveling in Nepal and have been trying to replicate the ginger-infused tea I drank all the time there - now I don't have to. Who knew the Earl of Grantham was into ginger? This is a sturdy black tea that meets its match with a rich ginger kick. PLEASE keep this around and sell in bulk - it's become a staple for me. I've bought 5 tins and dread the day it's gone for good!

Please keep this around!

5 Stars Please keep this around!

from TX on wrote:

Such a good black tea! I love this with the strong ginger flavor in the morning...or really anytime. Please keep it around as I have been searching for a good ginger tea that only had black tea and ginger. I was worried this would have "accesory" flavors to enhance. But its a simple black and ginger tea. Love this!

Smashing Good Tea

5 Stars Smashing Good Tea

from MA on wrote:

The ginger adds a delicious zip to the Assam. It still surprises me with the first sip, but is very relaxing to drink. I only wish they would sell it in refill packs so I don't end up with a collection of empty cans.


5 Stars Surprised

from WI on wrote:

Amazing, so glad I gave it a try. Please keep this one around. I would love some traveler tins of this.

Great Cup of Tea!

5 Stars Great Cup of Tea!

from OH on wrote:

From my first sip, it was Ahhhhh. I am ordering 2 more cans.


5 Stars Delicious!

from NY on wrote:

This tea is amazing! A rich, solid breakfast tea equally matched by an invigorating ginger kick. I just bought four more tins of it in case it disappears! Please keep it around and sell it in bulk!

I love this tea!

5 Stars I love this tea!

from AZ on wrote:

Who doesn't want to have tea with Lord Grantham? I love this tea...especially the hint of ginger.

A New Favorite

5 Stars A New Favorite

from OR on wrote:

This blend is fabulous. It hope it stays and I can buy in bulk.

LOVE this tea !

5 Stars LOVE this tea !

from MI on wrote:

I ordered one tin of this tea and absolutely love it. I am ordering some more tins as gifts. I know this is a limited edition tea, but I hope you have enough interest in the tea to consider having it available on a continual basis.

Best shared with a friend

5 Stars Best shared with a friend

from NH on wrote:

I received this delightful tea as a Christmas gift from one of my friends. It's fabulous with just a hint of ginger, but not overpowering the flavor of the Assam black tea. Best shared with a friend and a plate of shortbread cookies!

a wonderful tea

5 Stars a wonderful tea

from MA on wrote:

This tea is more than just an association w/Downton Abbey. It is a stand-by-itself terrific tea. That it carries the Downton name is frosting on the cake to Downton lovers. The blenders have hit just the right amount of ginger to black tea, providing the drinker w/a very lovely & bracing cup of tea. I hope it will be part of the ROT family in the future with or w/out the Downton affiliation.

hearty breakfast tea

5 Stars hearty breakfast tea

from CA on wrote:

Love adding a drop of honey and some almond milk to this hearty breakfast tea.


5 Stars Fabulous!

from TX on wrote:

"Downton" attracted my attention...but this tea has become my very favorite. There is just enough ginger to make it more warming than plain black tea. Please keep it...and let me buy it in bulk!!

Fastly Becoming a Favorite

5 Stars Fastly Becoming a Favorite

from CA on wrote:

Heartiness of Assam and Bright taste of Ginger, just the note to get one started in the morning, helpful for those with allergies too!

Subtle warming tea

4 Stars Subtle warming tea

from MA on wrote:

I liked this tea very much - It has a mild taste but with a lovely subtle ginger note. Can be drunk with or without milk. A bit of sugar brings out the ginger. I drank it in my Royal Stafford china cup and felt transported to Downton!