5 Stars YASSS!!

from NV on wrote:

I've been drinking HiCaf teas instead of coffee for years now. I mix and match them so I don't get tired of the taste. My current favorite blend is (2) Pom Berry bags, (1) Raspberry Rose Hibiscus OR (1) Downton English Rose bag and 3-5 pearls of the Jasmine pearls. LOVE IT!

Pom-Berry, Bomb-Berry

5 Stars Pom-Berry, Bomb-Berry

from ID on wrote:

This tea helps me get an afternoon boost, while simultaneously providing an abundance of pleasant flavor and aroma. I was worried the berry might be overpowering, but the subtle flavor combination revealed upon my first sip was perfection itself.

Great hot weather tea!

5 Stars Great hot weather tea!

from AR on wrote:

This is a great tea for hot or summer weather! I love it mixed with honey.

Coffee Substitute

5 Stars Coffee Substitute

from IL on wrote:

Since January 1, I've been trying to substite the hi-caff tea for my morning coffee to see if that helps my heartburn. (Yes, I know caffeine can cause heartburn, too--but I don't seem to get it from the tea). If you like fruity teas, as I do, I recommend the pom-berry. It is not overwhelmingly fruit flavored, just enough that I can enjoy it black without sweetener.


5 Stars Wonderful!

from NC on wrote:

The aroma and flavor of this tea are perfect and I don't need to add sweetener. Love this for a caffeine kick in the morning!

Great flavor and aroma, easy drinking

5 Stars Great flavor and aroma, easy drinking

from CO on wrote:

Great flavors, not overly flavored, love this one.

I Love This High Caffeine Tea

5 Stars I Love This High Caffeine Tea

from TN on wrote:

I just started graduate school CBU at Memphis and I needed a little pick me up for class. This tea is great. I use two bags, steep for fifteen minutes, and I add it to my protein shake instead of milk or water. I drink it two hours before class with no jitters. I will reorder and keep this in rotation. Thanks The Republic of Tea for carrying this product!

Single-handedly kicked my diet soda habit

5 Stars Single-handedly kicked my diet soda habit

from AR on wrote:

I'm an avid coffee hater who absolutely needed morning caffeine! This immediately replaced my morning diet soda habit and I have almost entirely given up sodas altogether. I buy in bulk, drink a cup almost every day and the first bag lasted me 10 months. I even pack it in my suitcase for trips.


5 Stars Love!!!!

from PA on wrote:

Favorite if the hi caf teas I have tried, great taste and energy after

Life changing

5 Stars Life changing

from IL on wrote:

I drink the Pom berry hi-caf tea as iced tea- which means 2 tea bags. I have NEVER gone back to coffee in the AM. I am very resistant to caffeine, but this stuff is DEFINITELY a jolt of energy. People thank me for introducing them to it.

Tastes good

5 Stars Tastes good

from LA on wrote:

My husband decided to try this tea recently. He says the tastes good and likes it almost as much as his favorite: cinnamon toast tea.

Love this Tea!

5 Stars Love this Tea!

from CT on wrote:

I love the taste and the energy it gives.


3 Stars Tea

from CA on wrote:

I ordered that tea because it's high on coffein and I don't drink coffee. It's helping to be awake, but I didn't like the taste of it. On the other hand samples that you sent along were amaizing)

Awake without shakes

5 Stars Awake without shakes

from IL on wrote:

I love fruity teas. Tried this especially to get my husband to give up his afternoon soda. He tried a cup on Saturday afternoon, didn't "feel like anything" so had another late in the evening. He stayed up most of the night working! Don't minimize the kick it give you just because you don't get the jitters.

Excellent tea

5 Stars Excellent tea

from MD on wrote:

The blackberry tea had a great taste and the caffeine boost gave great focus with no crash

Up, Up, way Up

5 Stars Up, Up, way Up

from AZ on wrote:

Better than Red Bull. Way better tasting and more civilized than a drink from a CAN. I'm allergic to coffee but this fills the morning.

You complete tea

5 Stars You complete tea

from AL on wrote:

If like me, you are an avid coffee drinker looking for a replacement, go no further then this! Amazing subtle flavours that work really well together. With added caffeine bonus. My absolute favourite tea... ever!

Delicious, crash-free source of caffeine

5 Stars Delicious, crash-free source of caffeine

from GA on wrote:

As a long time coffee lover, I was apprehensive about trying any tea. However, this tea is delicious and requires little to nothing being added to it. It gives me a perfect burst of energy without the crash or headaches often associated with coffee!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Too much

3 Stars Too much

from WI on wrote:

Like the taste but had a little too much caffeine for me. I was shaking. I have tried the cinnamon and that was ok for me and great tasting!

Great for non-coffee drinkers

5 Stars Great for non-coffee drinkers

from NY on wrote:

This review is based solely on my son's input, as I sent it to him recently. He is a Junior in college and doesn't like coffee. As is typical of college students, he sometimes has late night study sessions. I saw this tea and thought it'd be something he'd like; turns out I was right. He said it was "absolutely delicious" & helped him get his work done. He's a nutrition major and appreciates the health benefits in this tea. I would purchase it again.

The PERFECT cup of tea

5 Stars The PERFECT cup of tea

from WI on wrote:

I discovered this line of teas and am now OBSESSED. I am a law student and this tea has gotten me through finals. While fruitier teas are not always my preference (I can drink black coffee and strong, unsweetened black tea happily), this one is perfectly balanced and delicious. Not too fruity and not too bitter. It's incredibly drinkable and I have found it gives me a much more pleasant and sustainable energy boost than coffee and feels very gentle on my system. Republic of Tea nailed it on this one.

NEARLY as good as the Carmel

5 Stars NEARLY as good as the Carmel

from IL on wrote:

I usually like the fruity blends the R of T makes and this one is just lovely--plus it has that blast of caffeine! For some reason, I like the Carmel version better, but this comes in a close second. I really love this stuff. Never liked coffee, so this is a real treat.

Nice flavor!

5 Stars Nice flavor!

from TX on wrote:

This is a great blend for those that love berry-flavored teas! I love that I can now get my caffeine boost in a healthy way! LOVE the hicafs!!!

A Delicious Buzz

5 Stars A Delicious Buzz

from CA on wrote:

When I first saw these new teas in the R of T catalog, I got very excited. Ordered the Caramel and the Pomberry and both are wonderfully satisfying and tasty. And quel buzz! Hoo boy! I am a coffee drinker as well as a tea drinker but I haven't stopped for my usual Blue Bottle latte on my way home from work since I received my parcel of teas last week. Last Saturday night's dinner guests gave rave reviews to these HiCAFs as well. Well done, R of T!

Absolutely perfect!

5 Stars Absolutely perfect!

from CA on wrote:

THIS is the tea blend I've been waiting for! Literally for years I've always wondered why no one has come out with a highly caffeinated blend. I've tried some mate teas but I could never take the flavor. If you like fruity teas, you will LOVE this blend! It's very flavorful. And the extra boost is just perfect! I can see this becoming my permanent morning tea - can't wait to buy it in bulk!