5 Stars Delicious

from NJ on wrote:

The coconut is wonderful and I like the extra boost I get from the caffeine.

Good Product

5 Stars Good Product

from WI on wrote:

I bought it for the coconut flavor. I was concerned about it being Hi-caf, but it works just fine for me. Nice flavor

Replacing coffee

5 Stars Replacing coffee

from OR on wrote:

I have drunk the hicaf toasted coconut tea for a year now, and it has completely replaced coffee for me.

Outstanding tea

5 Stars Outstanding tea

from NC on wrote:

Excellent cup of tea! Perfect with a splash of cream and a little dab of coconut sugar.

Office Favorite

5 Stars Office Favorite

from GA on wrote:

I love this tea, it's almost completely replaced coffee for my co-workers and myself. We drink it almost daily, no cream or sugar needed! Great taste and terrific result in energy.

Gets me going in the morning

5 Stars Gets me going in the morning

from AZ on wrote:

I love this tea! It's got a great coconut taste and when paired with coconut milk creamer, it's such a treat!

Love This Tea With Honey & Coconut Milk

5 Stars Love This Tea With Honey & Coconut Milk

from NV on wrote:

This tea tastes great with some raw honey & coconut milk. It does taste toasted but I love the combination. Out of all HiCAF Teas this one contains the highest amount of caffeine. 140mg is just right for me! Great alertness & energy with no jitters. If you love coconut I highly recommend trying this one! I recently found Republic of Tea & I have to say I absolutely love all the teas I have tried. If you like green tea I suggest getting the HiCAF Gingermint as well!

New to Tea

5 Stars New to Tea

from AK on wrote:

I'm sorry I haven't switched to tea sooner! The HiCAF Toasted Coconut Black Tea is delicious! It has a wonderful toasted coconut flavor and is delicious hot and cold.

Goodbye coffee

5 Stars Goodbye coffee

from NY on wrote:

Loved the taste of this from morning to night. No jitters but kept me alert and active. I carry a few bags when I have a long car ride for an added boost. Will try other flavors but love my coconut.

HiCaf without the jitters!

5 Stars HiCaf without the jitters!

from PA on wrote:

Hello... Who doesn't love the taste of toasted coconut ? Especially when it's in a tea and not a processed candy bar! This blissful tea accompanied me on a drive straight thru from Pittsburgh to Myrtle Beach with only three stops. Never jittery and no massive crash like you would get from coffee. This tea is the best when pulling an all nighter, a long drive, or a day that calls for a bright mind.

May not go back to coffee ever again, I'M HOOKED!

5 Stars May not go back to coffee ever again, I'M HOOKED!

from WA on wrote:

I tried this flavor for the first time in a sample bag in the break room at my work. I have never seen this before and I love coconut so I decided to try it. I have been hooked ever since and have been on the hunt to find them in local convenient stores. I never have any luck finding the coconut flavor anywhere let alone Hi Caf tea anywhere except for the caramel flavor at QFC. I settled for the caramel flavor and is still a go-to caffeinated beverage of mine. I was an avid coffee drinker and now all I drink is this!



from MI on wrote:

Amazing taste-- the coconut flavor is smooth. It's also great to get the same caffeine effects from this tea without having to prepare coffee and add sweetener to it, which is the reason I purchased. I have not tried milk in it yet, but I can imagine it's AWESOME! Very happy with this product!

My morning tea!

5 Stars My morning tea!

from FL on wrote:

Once I discovered Hi-Caf tea, there was no other option! I gave up coffee because I needed sweetener and milk to like it. No need to add anything in this tea! I love the coconut one and several others, I alternate frequently. I even bring a tin wherever I travel.☺️


5 Stars good

from PA on wrote:

This tastes very good.


5 Stars Coconut

from TN on wrote:

Delightful mild coconut flavor. I drink mine with a splash of milk. The high caffeine content is a benefit to my morning as I do not drink coffee



from AL on wrote:

I am not a big coconut fan but this blend of coconut and black tea is the best tasting tea I ever tried. I love the 140 mg of caffeine. Its like an energy drink only taste good. I drink 2 to 3 tea bags a day. My favorite tea.

My favorite of the high-caf teas

5 Stars My favorite of the high-caf teas

from VA on wrote:

I don't like the taste of coffee but I needed a boost to get going-especially in the winter when its pitch black outside when I get up for work. I ordered a 3 pack sampler-this was by far my favorite of the three. It had a strong but not overwhelming taste and the caffeine boost definitely worked!


5 Stars Outstanding

from AL on wrote:

I really like the flavor and the high caffeine of this tea. Its my breakfast tea. I have tried a couple other Hi Caf teas from ROT and this is not only the highest in caffeine but the best tasting. Its like drinking an energy drink.

Coconut? Hello?

3 Stars Coconut? Hello?

from OH on wrote:

I knew as soon as I opened the can and didn't hardly smell any coconut that the tea was weak on flavor or perhaps old. It's not expired, but you'd never know by the taste. The tea itself is mellow with no bitterness, but I've had better coconut flavor. I've tried the Ginger Mint and Peppermint Bark and was blown away by the smell/ taste and I expected the same from this tea, but it just didn't deliver for me. I guess the feature lays in the Hi Caffeine alone? If you're looking for a boost, then this tea is for you. But if you're craving that coconut flavor, I'd suggest trying another like tea elsewhere.

New Obsession!!

5 Stars New Obsession!!

from NM on wrote:

I've never been a coffee drinker but have always needed caffeine in the morning and I had always gotten it from a Coke first thing. I quit drinking soda and found this an amazing and much better alternative! I LOVE it first thing in the morning warm with cream but have also found it equally delightful with cream over ice. I never understood a coffee drinkers obsession but I've now found my version in this tea!

My morning wouldn't be the same!

5 Stars My morning wouldn't be the same!

from SC on wrote:

I have to wake up at 3 am to work with an office in Germany so coffee is just too acidic for me that early. This tea does the trick to keep me moving and helps warm and wake me up. Sometimes I'll add a drop of coconut milk or coconut oil depending on what I have at the moment. Love it!


5 Stars LOVE IT!

from UT on wrote:

I really liked the flavor of this tea and drink it every day in the afternoons to replace the caffeine I was getting from Pepsi. Being on a diet that allows me to drink tea made this a great choice for me. There is just a hint of coconut and it does taste great cold too.

good hot, better cold

5 Stars good hot, better cold

from MO on wrote:

This is okay as hot tea, but amazingly refreshing as iced tea with a kick of coconut. Feels like I should be drinking it on a beach somewhere.

Not for me

1 Star Not for me

from NJ on wrote:

Don't like this at all. Tastes terrible.


5 Stars Outstanding!

from MI on wrote:

I try to have a cup of this every afternoon. It just helps me to finish the day well. The taste is so smooth and rich, one of my favorites.

thank you

5 Stars thank you

from GA on wrote:

Great flavor and great replacement for morning coffee! Thank you for another great product!!!

can't wait to try!

4 Stars can't wait to try!

from TX on wrote:

I really love iced tea especially in the summer! This is a wonderful alternative to hot coffee in the mornings. Also, it would be perfect after outdoor summer activities, feeling tired and drained. Drink some of this and you're good to go!

Pretty Good!

4 Stars Pretty Good!

from IL on wrote:

I am a sucker for any coconut flavored tea. Usually, coconut is often paired with decaf/herbal teas and I was surprised to find a black tea! Just finished a cup and it hits the spot! I was busy doing other things while drinking and it was still enjoyable after it had cooled. Wasn't bitter or anything. Would recommend.

acquired taste

5 Stars acquired taste

from UT on wrote:

never enjoyed tea until giving it more than a few shots. this tea has an interesting taste but i love the energy boost it gives. almost feels like i'm completely relaxed/awake. it's hard to describe without giving it a shot. i'd go with the pom hicaf first. the best part about the hicaf teas is the crashless boost it gives you. i'm not sure how healthy it is to be consuming so much caffeine either way, though.

Surprisingly tast

4 Stars Surprisingly tast

from TN on wrote:

Avoiding trying this one for a long time because I thought it would grossly sweet. I was so wrong - it is delicious! Favorful with the savory taste of toasted coconut. Lovely with a drop of honey. Even my husband liked it. I'm not sure I love the triple caffeine - that might be a barrier to me deciding to buy it. I usually try to avoid too much caffeine, and I'm wary of the fact that this has more caffeine than a typical cup of coffee. Would you consider offering a lower-caff version?

So good, but why Hi-Caf?

4 Stars So good, but why Hi-Caf?

from CA on wrote:

This tea is really tasty and smooth. The coconut flavor is a nice compliment to the tea. But why Hi-Caf? Does it have to be Hi-Caf? I would much prefer a decaf if the tea has to be a special kind. Caffeine doesn't like my kidneys.


1 Star Yuck!

from WI on wrote:

This flavor is awful. Tried two different cups of it and still yuck. I even had a fellow tea drinking friend try it and he didn't like it either.

great way to start the day!!

5 Stars great way to start the day!!

from PA on wrote:

I love to start my day with this tea or the Caramel HiCaf tea. Great taste that helps you get your day going!

My New Favorite

5 Stars My New Favorite

from LA on wrote:

I've always been a tea drinker, but I've just discovered The Republic. Looking at the website, the toasted coconut caught my eye because I love, love coconut. Around 3 each afternoon, I brew a cuppa to have with a light snack. Oh, my! I'm waiting on my third order of HICAF toasted coconut! Smooth, energizing, delicious! My new addiction! I suggest you give it a try.

I wake up to an amazing cup of tea!!

5 Stars I wake up to an amazing cup of tea!!

from CA on wrote:

Starting in December I gave up coffee and started drinking tea in the morning as the taste of it seemed to be like eating cigarettes, I saw online that the Hi-Caf tea's had more caffeine than a cup of coffee and thought I would give it a try, I have since found this is the most amazing thing to have in the morning. You do not get a crash as you would with coffee and tastes very good with almond milk creamer, the taste of the tea is both of black tea with coconut, and is a perfect combo.

Perfect for my hubby!

5 Stars Perfect for my hubby!

from IL on wrote:

I bought this tea in hopes I could get my husband to give up his morning energy drink. I finally converted him to a tea drinker with this tea. It has a light coconut taste and is perfect with a little milk and sweetener. He's already asking me to buy more!


5 Stars AMAZIN

from OH on wrote:

This tea is most definitely one of my top favorites . Some are saying they don't taste the coconut. What? That is all I taste! Love it

Coming back for more

4 Stars Coming back for more

from IL on wrote:

I selected this as part of a sampler pack in order to fill the remaining space. One cup turned me into a huge fan! I replaced my morning coffee with this and had energy and mental clarity to spare for the entire day. I have not yet placed a hi-caf order but plan to in the near future.

the best tea ever!

5 Stars the best tea ever!

from OH on wrote:

No one needs to hear the gory details, but coffee in the morning just ruins me for the rest of the day. My daughter recommended this tea as a replacement, and it is divine - toasty and smooth, with just enough kick to it - no jitters here! I'll be buying this one in bulk.

Needs more coconut

4 Stars Needs more coconut

from MO on wrote:

Tastes like Honey Smacks with a hint of coconut. It would be five if it had more of the coconut flavour...

Who needs coffee?

5 Stars Who needs coffee?

from IL on wrote:

I'm a caffeine hound, although I have always HATED the taste of coffee. Not sure why, but I liken it to poison when it hits my tongue. But I've always thought it was really too bad I didn't drink coffee seeing as how I thrive on that caffeine buzz. Mountain Dew (or better yet, Sun Drop...check the label, more caffeine than Mt Dew)used to be my go-to morning pick me up until I discovered this tea. It's the best thing since sliced bread. Coconut Pu-erh is my staple, I suppose it's just natural I prefer this hi-caf flavor to the others. Thank you, Republic of Tea, for answering my prayers!

Makes My Mind Go "Ahhhhhh"

5 Stars Makes My Mind Go "Ahhhhhh"

from FL on wrote:

Some mornings are more leisurely, but when I absolutely need to wake up fast and focus, this is the tea I reach for. The toasted coconut flavor and aroma makes my mind go " ahhhhh," while the black tea provides substantial body - not like drinking bland, acidic hot water. No jitters or shakes - just a great cup of tea that makes you say quietly "Bring It."

I can't get enough! I LOVE IT!

5 Stars I can't get enough! I LOVE IT!

from OK on wrote:

I got this in the mail yesterday and brewed my first cup this morning, in a press tumbler I also got from RoT. I'm not sure which I liked more, the tea or the tumbler, but with each sip, I wanted another; I was really bummed when my cup was empty, because they only have coffee in the break room at work--no hot water--so no tea refill. However, there was enough caffeine in the tea that I did not miss my morning coffee, and I got a ton done in the first 3 hours of the day. I am switching from coffee to HiCaf tea in the mornings--no more coffee breath! The first sip tasted like hot black tea, but the finish was very much toasted coconut, and I really just couldn't get enough. I can't wait 'til morning so I can make another cup! I am betting it will be just as good, if not better, iced, when the weather warms up. 6 Teapots!


5 Stars delish!

from OK on wrote:

Got a sample of this tea and it was delicious. I'm trying to cut down my caffeine consumption or I would be ordering some.

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from CT on wrote:

Had to buy this after tasting the sample that I received. Now I can't decide if I like it better hot or iced. Having it iced in the afternoon is great pick me up.

Coconutty Pick Me UP

5 Stars Coconutty Pick Me UP

from FL on wrote:

Oh my! Not only is this a super yummy tea, it is fantastic as an afternoon pick me up! I added a teeny bit of stevia and a splash of coconut cream and it was perfect!

Great high caffeine tea

5 Stars Great high caffeine tea

from AB on wrote:

Hi, i just ordered and tried this tea. Very nice tasting, and I love the extra caffeine in it. Now how about making a high caffeine Earl Grey tea!



from CA on wrote:

I hardly ever write reviews unless something is bad or good. In this case it's AMAZING! I've been trying to find something to replace my coffee since I want a healthier option. WOW! this tea with a splash of rice milk is heaven in a cup. Plus, I save money! Thank you Republic of Tea! no one makes tea like you! Finally found my holy grail. Also, the saturation of the tea is comparable to coffee :) yay!

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from PA on wrote:

I love this tea! Have saved money skipping Starbucks.

Replaced my morning coffee

5 Stars Replaced my morning coffee

from KY on wrote:

My husband & I were looking to switch from coffee & pop to tea. However, my morning caffeine is very important to me. We switched to this over a week ago. Not only do I get my caffeine fix, my husband doesn't get the jitters he used to get from coffee.


5 Stars Delish

from MA on wrote:

wonderful tasting tea,Easily the best tea for a pick me up,I've lost the soda habit completely.

Great energy

5 Stars Great energy

from GA on wrote:

I have hashimotos disease and im anemic so with that said i have no energy so i was using the 5 hr energy drink but gave me terrible gastric so i was desperate to find some thing healthy that will be powerful to help me be alert through the day thats when i found this wonderful tea hicaf its amazing i take 1 bag as soon as i wake up in the morning ,moments later im feeling great alert happy without the side effects from energy drinks ,i dont really taste much of the coconut flavor neither did my husband but the tea is very good i truly like it and recomend anyone to try this specially if you have cronich fatigue this is a healthy way of dealing with that while you get better and when your healthy this company has many wonderful other teas ,i love blueberry and turmeric .

very good

5 Stars very good

from NJ on wrote:

very tasty. Needed more caffeine and tried higher caffeine content coffees but they were too strong. Wish it had a little more of the coconut flavor, but would buy again.

Daily go-to

5 Stars Daily go-to

from TX on wrote:

I drink this every morning! Absolutely love it, and it's replacing my regular soda habit for a morning boost! Much healthier, too!

Best tea EVER

5 Stars Best tea EVER

from UT on wrote:

If you are having any doubts about buying this, go for it! The flavor is amazing... but what's more, the buzz you get is phenom. I am typically a coffee in the morning girl, but this is slowly replacing my 10 cups of 'jo :) Love love LOVE this stuff.

Gradual Strength

5 Stars Gradual Strength

from MD on wrote:

Strong, but it works overall a slow gradual pace which I enjoy. It’s quite tasty with some honey and/or crème; I would buy again.