Great for Horses

5 Stars Great for Horses

from CA on wrote:

I purchased Dandelion tea for my horses. I brew it, bring it to the barn in a thermos and mix it into their supplements. They love it and it’s good for them.

Dandelion Tea - yumm!

5 Stars Dandelion Tea - yumm!

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea! Really tasty

My alltime favorite

5 Stars My alltime favorite

from CA on wrote:

This tea tastes almost chocolate like, with notes of vanilla. I love that it can be iced or hot and taste great. Strongly recommend.


5 Stars Tea

from NC on wrote:

This tea has an earthy taste. I brew it as a cold tea and drink year round for health benefits.

Dandelion yea

5 Stars Dandelion yea

from VA on wrote:

Great. Always a delight. Nice aroma great taste

Perfect Blend

5 Stars Perfect Blend

from CA on wrote:

This has become my everyday tea. I love the dimensions of the dandelion with a touch of vanilla. It ends up rich and earthy.... and great for my liver too!

Dandelion tea

5 Stars Dandelion tea

from NE on wrote:

I love the flavor of the dandelion tea and like that it is good for detoxing! My daughter gave it to me as a gift & i have been drinking it ever since.

Dandelion tea

5 Stars Dandelion tea

from MT on wrote:

I was very pleased with my order of bulk dandelion tea. I received it very quickly and I enjoy the taste. Love that the package can be sealed. It has a little vanilla to it and I add a little stevia as I like teas to be sweet. My daughter has been buying from this company for a few yrs and told me about them.

My favorite tea...

5 Stars My favorite tea...

from NJ on wrote:

I drink this tea instead of coffee. the taste and it is a good tea when I am sitting at the computer a lot. It is a natural diuretic and helps with swelling. It is the best Roasted Dandelion Root tea I have tasted.

This is so good!

5 Stars This is so good!

from CA on wrote:

I used to be an avid “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning cup” coffee drinker. I developed a caffeine sensitivity and I really missed my morning coffee, but then I discovered Organic Dandelion tea. Roasted organic Dandelion root tea is rich, full bodied and a gazillion times better tasting than coffee. That hint of vanilla is just the right amount. Dandelion has great health benefits as well. I love it

This tea is very soothing in the evining

5 Stars This tea is very soothing in the evining

from NV on wrote:

I like this tea in the evening after dinner.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from SC on wrote:

I had this tea at a local breakfast place in Lavalette, NJ. I loved it so much that I had to be able to have it every day. I mostly drink this tea before bed. I love the hint of vanilla with the dandelion tea.


5 Stars LOVE!!!

from MD on wrote:

This tea is a staple in our house. It is great for when your body needs a boost. Really great for when you are not feeling your best.


5 Stars Osteoarthritis

from CA on wrote:

I take it for my my osteoarthitis pain, and it does help soothing and relaxing those painful areas.

Dandelion tea

5 Stars Dandelion tea

from NY on wrote:

My husband is a coffee drinker but loves this tea! We both love it!

Perfect morning tea!

5 Stars Perfect morning tea!

from MN on wrote:

I drink this tea every morning along with a couple other tea flavors. I became hooked months back when I received a free sample. It’s absolutely smooth, delicious, works for my constipation problems, and a staple in my house. I would absolutely recommend purchasing this tea if you have not tried it yet. And I am in love with this company!

So yummy I not missing coffee....much

5 Stars So yummy I not missing coffee....much

from CA on wrote:

This tea is amazingly good. I like it better than the chai I've been drinking instead of coffee while on a 3 week detox. I'm even loving it without any sweetener. I do add a generous pour of canned coconut milk.

Organic Dandelion SuperHerb® Tea Bags

5 Stars Organic Dandelion SuperHerb® Tea Bags

from MI on wrote:

I love this tea so much! This is actually the second time I bought this tea. I read how good for you dandelion tea is and I was worried it wouldn't taste that great but I was pleasantly surprised with it's taste. I will definitely always order this tea along with trying all your other wonderful teas. Love, love, love Republic Of all time favorite place to get my teas!

More than the Cuppa Cake teas, this satisfies a sweet/coffee tooth!

5 Stars More than the Cuppa Cake teas, this satisfies a sweet/coffee tooth!

from OH on wrote:

Ohhh my goodness. I am in LOVE. As someone who has a horrible sweet tooth, and who loves coffee as well, this has quickly become a must-have at work for the late afternoon, when I am exhausted, and my brain wants to shut down. It is very sweet, and makes a superb and VERY sweet iced tea as well.

dandelion tea

5 Stars dandelion tea

from IL on wrote:

liked it for its medicinal use


5 Stars Delicious

from KY on wrote:

I ordered the dandelion tea because I was curious. I had heard of it and wondered about it. I am hooked, It is absolutely delicious and I am telling everyone about it.


5 Stars Wonderful

from MN on wrote:

This is honestly the best Dandelion tea I have had. Others seem to have more intense licorice flavors, but this one is so smooth and earthy with a hint of vanilla. It tastes very natural. If I want to sweeten it, once in a while will add little bit of honey. I originally found this tea online, but have been able to find this brand in local Whole Foods stores. My favorite.


5 Stars Wow

from KS on wrote:

I had never had dandelion tea but decided to try it for its health benefits. I was surprised at the wonderful light yet sweet taste and drink it every night. I will be reordering this one!

Sooooo Good!

5 Stars Sooooo Good!

from NM on wrote:

I like the earthy flavors of the herb teas (dandelion, nettle, matcha) but the Dandelion is my absolute favorite. Yes, the vanilla definitely enhances the flavor but the nutty, earthy taste of the Dandelion is superb. So rich and smooth. I add a little Hawaiian honey and some half n half, wow! Just the best tasting treat...and good for you to boot.

Delightful sip

5 Stars Delightful sip

from KS on wrote:

Love this tea with dandelion and vanilla, wonderful after dinner.

OMG! Great Tea at a Great Price!

5 Stars OMG! Great Tea at a Great Price!

from NC on wrote:

EXCELLENT morning tea. Many known health benefits. Great taste refreshing aroma!

Dandelion tea

5 Stars Dandelion tea

from LA on wrote:

I love this tea. I am from South Louisiana, therefore because of the heat, we drink alot of iced tea. Well, I must say, I am in love. The taste is so smooth and so refreshing. Yes, I will definitely make this a regular staple around this house.



from CT on wrote:

I recently purchased this deliciously tea for its healing properties. I absolutely LOVE the smell & taste and it puts me in the best mood! I use it without any sweetener..I just purchased it 3 days ago & I will have to order more very soon. I love teas as I am usually cold..this is my new FAVORITE! Plus no caffeine!

Tastes Great

5 Stars Tastes Great

from CO on wrote:

I would assume dandelion would be bitter, but this tea has an amazing light vanilla and herbal flavor and I really can tell the cleansing properties. It just makes me feel better overall. I very much enjoy it as an afternoon tea without caffeine.

Delightful Flavor

5 Stars Delightful Flavor

from OH on wrote:

Found this tea to be quite comforting, served hot, in winter…now I'm enjoying it chilled with a wedge of lime. Lovely!

A Coffee Substiute

5 Stars A Coffee Substiute

from NJ on wrote:

I drink this tea instead of coffee, when I am home. I love the taste, with a little Almond milk or even plain. It is good for the liver and a general detox. I am getting ready to make some iced for the summer. Another great tea from Republic of Tea. It's the only tea for me!

Really like this tea

5 Stars Really like this tea

from NY on wrote:

I saw a segment on Dr. Oz about how this tea helps with digestion and regularity so I wanted to try it and wanted the best possible tasting version so I ordered it from Republic of Tea and because it included vanilla. It took 3 cups for me to get the correct amount of added honey and now I have a cup every night and it does exactly what they say. I have it on auto ship and made sure I took it with me on vacation.

Nicely Done

5 Stars Nicely Done

from WI on wrote:

Dandelion teas are classically hard for me to take down, but not this one. The dandelion is smoothed out with the mint and vanilla making it a great after dinner tea.

My first and favorite

5 Stars My first and favorite

from CA on wrote:

This was my first Republic of Tea purchase and probably my favorite although the cardamon cinnamon is a very close second. There are so many good ones it's hard to try a new one!

Dandelion Super Herb Tea

5 Stars Dandelion Super Herb Tea

from OH on wrote:

Has to be the best flavored tea I have enjoyed in decades ! Perfect with a little drop of honey :-)

Love the slightly smokey - earthy taste

5 Stars Love the slightly smokey - earthy taste

from MN on wrote:

I'm writing partially in response to the sipper that complained about the vanilla taste being too strong. I have home brewed tea from dandelion root and the smokey vanilla taste is just what the root flavor imparts and what I enjoy about it. I don't find the vanilla too strong at all and enjoy this tea as an authentic and delicious dandelion flavor with wonderful health benefits.


5 Stars Delicious!

from CO on wrote:

I am a Republic of Tea fanatic! This is by far one of my absolute favorites! Delicious flavor and countless health benefits. Thank you for making the world's best teas!

Overall experience

5 Stars Overall experience

from WI on wrote:

From ordering product to receiving product, I will not even consider buying my tea from any other.

Super delicious and soothing.

5 Stars Super delicious and soothing.

from CA on wrote:

I had this tea in a favorite restaurant and was thrilled to be able to have it at home. Whole family loves it. Great aroma and taste.

Dandelion Tea

5 Stars Dandelion Tea

from CA on wrote:

Dandelions are healthy, and I like the taste of the tea

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from AL on wrote:

This tea is GREAT! I love the flavor and the fact that it is caffeine free.

Vanilla too overwhelming

1 Star Vanilla too overwhelming

from NY on wrote:

I have probably close to 20 different teas from Republic and really enjoyed them all but this one... I don't even taste any dandelion since the vanilla flavor is so overwhelming. It's really hard to stomach the taste. Hopefully I can find a way to mask the smell and taste.

Dandelion Tea

5 Stars Dandelion Tea

from NY on wrote:

Just love adding this to my own personal fusion of teas. Great flavor and more importantly amazing benefits.

Great flavor

5 Stars Great flavor

from WI on wrote:

I love the taste of Dandelion tea with the hint of vanilla. Plus the helping to your digestion system.

Best tea ever!

5 Stars Best tea ever!

from MI on wrote:

This is the best tasting tea I've ever had. The vanilla taste adds a depth that you don't expect from a tea. I usually drink the Double Matcha Greeen tea, which is very good, but when I tasted this I can't seem to keep enough in the house. I drink it every day and order 250 at a time. You won't be dissapointed!.

Delicious and subtle

5 Stars Delicious and subtle

from IA on wrote:

I have had many teas from The Republic and like many. This is the one I prefer for every morning as it's bright and thirst quenching.

Dandelion Delicious!

5 Stars Dandelion Delicious!

from MS on wrote:

My favorite tea! This tea is very flavorful. I enjoy the added vanilla in the tea. A must try. I add a little cream and honey.. Yummy!

So good

5 Stars So good

from MO on wrote:

This tea is absolutely wonderful. Could possibly be my favorite tea ever. The vanilla added to the dandelion is so lovely.


5 Stars DELICIOUS!!!!

from PA on wrote:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this of my all time favorites!!!!!! :)

Rich & delicious, great for a dessert or a pick-me-up!

5 Stars Rich & delicious, great for a dessert or a pick-me-up!

from OH on wrote:

I cannot tolerate Rooibos , but I was I was very interested in trying these "Superherb" teas. So I went for the Dandelion, and the Baobab. Their ingredient labels were a bit more simple for an herbal infusion, not as packed as some of the previous ones (like Temple of Health, which was okay but just had too much going on in it). Most importantly for me, there was no Rooibos. Like many others on here I was very surprised by this tea. The combo of Dandelion & Vanilla is genius. Vanilla is always a treat, and the dandelion adds a certain richness that is hard to describe. It's yummy! Whoever developed this at tRoT deserves some accolades - this stuff is just great. Add a little of your favorite sweetener and you've got a brew that will satisfy an afternoon sweet tooth without more caffeine!

Dandelion tea

5 Stars Dandelion tea

from IN on wrote:

Hands down, this is my favorite tea, and I've tried many.

Dandelion Superhero Tea

3 Stars Dandelion Superhero Tea

from SC on wrote:

I thought a tea composed of dandelion might taste astringent. I received a one-bag sample with the catalog. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste. Smooth, easy siipping, nice aftertaste. What I tasted was the vanilla, not the dandelion. Although I enjoyed my cup of tea, I won't purchase thiis. I'm not a big fan of vanilla.

Healthy and Delicious

5 Stars Healthy and Delicious

from NY on wrote:

This is the best tasting tisane I have ever tried. Simply wonderful!

Surprisingly good!

5 Stars Surprisingly good!

from CA on wrote:

I too thought this sounded like a bad tasting tea but knew the health benefits of dandelion. Now I'm on my second tin because it is my favorite herb tea EVER. I'm not an herbal tea fan at all, but this flavor is strong, and in a good way. Just opening the tin, it smells wonderful, like caramel or butterscotch or something else I just can't put my finger on. The taste is fantastic!

Pleasantly surprised

5 Stars Pleasantly surprised

from NY on wrote:

I'd always steered clear of this one, until I got a sample packet with an order. I'm in love! There's hardly any bitterness, and the vanilla compliments the nuttiness of the dandelion beautifully. I only wish it were a bit stronger, but I tend to like my tea on the strong side.

I wanted to like it

1 Star I wanted to like it

from NC on wrote:

I like almost all the Republic of Teas that I have tried over the years...but this one.... it was hard for me to get past the smell of it but I tried to drink it anyway and wow...yeah I had to spit it out! I hate to waste tea or anything really, and I wanted to like this one but I just couldn't. I'm sorry Republic of Tea but this one was a fail in my opinion.

Smooth Taste

5 Stars Smooth Taste

from CA on wrote:

When I order tea I usually try a new. I have never had Dandelion tea. This most amazing flavor, a little fruity with a hint of vanilla. I have never been a fan of herbal teas, but now I have a new favorite tea.



from IA on wrote:

I've tried and liked many teas from The Republic but this is the one that pleases me the most. It has a hint of vanilla and the taste is bright. I've used nothing but this for over a year.


5 Stars Wonderful!

from NY on wrote:

So smooth and aromatic! My 11 year old son sampled this tea while visiting with friend's and was immediately smitten. So, I had to order some. He's had it every day since!

My new favorite tea!

5 Stars My new favorite tea!

from WA on wrote:

I have tried dandelion teas in the past and found them way too bitter and earthy. This has a rich vanilla flavor, and I am absolutely in love. It really does feel more like coffee than tea. It is AMAZING!!!!



from OK on wrote:

I love the flavor and health benefits of this tea! It is awesomeness in a can. I will get it again. The vanilla makes it perfect.

Tastes great and healthy

5 Stars Tastes great and healthy

from FL on wrote:

I wrote a review in the past because I love the taste of this tea but had to write another one because of the health benefits that I've experienced. I just had a physical and my doctor said I have the kidneys of a 20 year old (I'm 50).

Just tried my sample one that I've had and I love it. I'm ordering today!!

5 Stars Just tried my sample one that I've had and I love it. I'm ordering today!!

from CA on wrote:

This was a sample tea bag and I'm so glad I finnaly tired it. It is so yummy. Can't wait to get my 52 bags and start making my ice tea.

Love Ir!

5 Stars Love Ir!

from AK on wrote:

This one surprised me. I tried it out of curiosity and have to say it is my very favorite of the 15 or so Republic of Teas I have bought. And when a tin of it is gone I am not tired of it and order more!

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from HI on wrote:

The flavor of vanilla is very pleasant! Wonderful -- my new favorite!

Dandelin Tea

5 Stars Dandelin Tea

from IA on wrote:

The added vanilla flavor makes this beverage extra pleasant. Very nice!


5 Stars Amazing!

from OR on wrote:

I've always been a fan of dandelion tea but this steps it up with an amazing vanilla flavor. I wonder what is in the "vanilla flavor" because it smells and tastes fabulous. Everyone I've offered it to has been completely impressed.

My favorite

5 Stars My favorite

from CO on wrote:

This is a wonderful tea hot or cold. Just a little sweet and a wonderful flavor that satisfies this coffee craver.

Dandelion Tea

5 Stars Dandelion Tea

from AL on wrote:

I just got this tea and now it will be one of my teas I will not go without. It has a light taste of vanilla and smooth I love it.

Rename this tea: French Vanilla

2 Stars Rename this tea: French Vanilla

from NY on wrote:

This tea isn't as "full-bodied" as I expected - at least it isn't full-bodied with an herbal, dandelion flavor. The added French vanilla just takes over and that is all there is.

Who Knew this is So Good

5 Stars Who Knew this is So Good

from OH on wrote:

I drink this every morning. It just starts the day on a good note. The taste is amazingly good. Who would have guess it would be good, and good for you. Makes me look at dandelions in a whole new way.

best dandelion tea

5 Stars best dandelion tea

from AR on wrote:

Also received sample tea bag. So much better than the other dandelion tea I had been drinking! Have ordered it twice now.


5 Stars SO GOOD!

from NV on wrote:

Wow, this tea is delicious! I happened to go pick one up at Whole Foods today after reading the great reviews, and I must say, it's even better than what I anticipated! I really need a replacement for my morning coffee and I'm hoping this can do the trick since it has a good vanilla flavor to it. Hopefully I start craving this rather than coffee!!


5 Stars Delicious!!!!!!!!!

from GA on wrote:

I received a sample bag of this herbal tea with a catalog sent in the mail. It did not sound very appealing. I finally prepared it after a couple of months. This stuff is delicious & healthy! It is good hot or cold. I'm ordering 2 tins now.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from OR on wrote:

Delicious flavor, reminded me of pancakes, sounds silly, but it is yummy. The cleansing properties are accurate too.

Eager for my order

5 Stars Eager for my order

from TX on wrote:

I received a sample of this tea in one of my fliers and wasn't too sure about it. However, the smell alone when it was brewing made my mouth water! Even my 8 year old daughter tried it and thought it was tasty. I don't think anyone could go wrong with this tea.

Yummy Vanilla Flavor

5 Stars Yummy Vanilla Flavor

from KS on wrote:

This tea is comparable to a light vanilla coffee but with a more robust vanilla flavor. I'm absolutely in love. The smell alone puts me in a good mood.

Delicious flavor combination

5 Stars Delicious flavor combination

from OR on wrote:

I received this as a sample in the catalog and was really excited to try it. The vanilla flavor combined with dandelion is delicious - I will definitely buy some of this with my next order.

wonderful dandelion

5 Stars wonderful dandelion

from AR on wrote:

Best dandelion tea I have tasted!! Wonderful flavor!

I didn't expect..

5 Stars I didn't expect..

from CA on wrote:

I got this as a sample in the catalog. Didn't expect it to taste good. Just the thought of root was not appealing. Boy was i wrong. its very unique and the hint of vanilla warms up the flavor. i added a tiny touch of stevia and it was amazing. i just finished my cup five mins ago and I'm ordering a tin right now (i just thought i would do a review while i was on here lol)

Dandelion Super Herb

5 Stars Dandelion Super Herb

from GA on wrote:

While I have purchased many different teas from you I have to tell you that the dandelion is my very favorite now.



from CA on wrote:

This tea is FANTASTIC! Initially I thought it would taste like flowers so I wasn't expecting that much. But, when I opened the can and smelled the tea, I was like WHOA! SERIOUSLY?!?!? It smelled like Vanilla with a hint of cocoa! I steeped this tea for 7 mins at 195 degrees and it tasted heavenly. This can easily be a dessert tea. It tasted wonderful with my pumpkin muffin for breakfast! I will definitely be purchasing this again!

first time a sample got me to purchase right away

5 Stars first time a sample got me to purchase right away

from CA on wrote:

I received it as a sample and immediately ordered more. The roasted dandelion with vanilla is a great flavor combination. I like the taste of vanilla and it is pretty strong in this tea. I like to brew this in a large mug with a sachet of Blueberry Bundt and add a little milk. But I also like this tea very well on its own without sweetener.

Meh... Vanilla

2 Stars Meh... Vanilla

from TX on wrote:

Admittedly, I didn't read the description. I like the taste of dandelion root, and so I was excited to find this tea. Alas, it tastes of vanilla, which is not a flavor I enjoy.

Probably my favorite

5 Stars Probably my favorite

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea. It has the warmest, coziest vanilla flavor of any tea I've tried. Love to sip it any time of day, but especially evening. It can even curb my dessert cravings. I'm debating whether to splurge and buy it in bulk because 36 bags just goes way too fast.

Interesting aroma

3 Stars Interesting aroma

from TX on wrote:

I got this tea as a sample in my catalog. I opened the bag and the first smell I got was of butterscotch. weird I know. but I still smell it once its brewed. It was a nice tea not too strong like Earl Grey but mellow. good to enjoy after a long day.

Unlike an annoying yard plant, this really blooms with flavor!

5 Stars Unlike an annoying yard plant, this really blooms with flavor!

from TX on wrote:

I had first obtained a sample and will soon order the Dandelion tea! Frankly, I wasn't sure what to expect: a pesky, strong plant, maybe? No--I loved it! Cannot exactly describe the flavor, but it is pleasant yet with fullness of taste. A winner!


5 Stars lovely

from MN on wrote:

taste and smell is great.

Every morning

5 Stars Every morning

from TX on wrote:

I LOVE this tea! I drink it every morning, and sometimes mix it with my HiCAF caramel black. It is also The smell is fantastic and the taste is smooth and clean. I am so glad they make it in bulk now because I was going through my tins too quickly!

Absolutely Heavenly

5 Stars Absolutely Heavenly

from WA on wrote:

This tea has become a nightly ritual of mine and I look forward to it in place of sweets! I have ordered and love many of the teas from Republic of Tea but this one is really special. I just ordered the 250 bulk order because I just can't be without this delightful tea on a daily basis. Off to drink a cup now! Try this tea I promise it will be love at first sip!

Not what I was expecting

5 Stars Not what I was expecting

from OH on wrote:

When I think of dandelion tea I did not think that it would taste this good. Good job Republic of Tea!

Good god man!

5 Stars Good god man!

from MI on wrote:

This tea really threw me a for a curve. I had bought some straight up dandelion tea from a different source a while back. It tasted horrific. When I saw this added as one of the new 'Super-herb' teas, I bought a tin but wasn't expecting much in the taste-department, if you know what I mean. Well, I'm now up my 3rd or 4th tin and may even go the 250 bulk bag route next time around. This tea is fantastic. Guess you have to fight fire with fire. And that, I guess, is what the french vanilla does. It goes toe to toe with the unpalatable dandelion and ends of being the victor. Big fan.


5 Stars Fabulous!

from KY on wrote:

I was a little hesitant to try this tea, however I was most pleasantly surprised! Wonderful vanilla almost caramel taste. Very smooth! A must try! and good for you!

Great herb tea

4 Stars Great herb tea

from AB on wrote:

I ordered this tea for my horse -- yes for my horse. I make a teapot, drink a cup myself and then give the remainder to my horse. I didn't expect to like this tea but it is very nice tasting -- lots of vanilla flavour and also a very healthy tea to drink. I wasn't sure that my horse would like the vanilla taste in the tea, but he seems to really enjoy the tea. So we are both really enjoying the tea. :-)

Refreshing tea break herbal

5 Stars Refreshing tea break herbal

from MO on wrote:

This tea has a flavor that is like eating cookies - they say it is vanilla. The flavor holds as the tea cools and is a perfect balance to the earthiness of the dandelion. A favorite.

One of My Favorites

5 Stars One of My Favorites

from LA on wrote:

It just is one of the best tasting teas I've ever had! :)



from GA on wrote:

My favorite by far! smells wonderful and the health benefits alone are amazing!!

Smells Beautiful

4 Stars Smells Beautiful

from CA on wrote:

This tea is absolutely 1 of my favorites from the Republic. It smells great and the flavors merge with each other instead of overpower. I drink it hot and cold. This tea is definitely on my reorder list. And if there are any healing properties I accept them all.

Weed tea - who knew??

5 Stars Weed tea - who knew??

from NE on wrote:

I've been learning more about the benefits of certain types of tea and started finding info on dandelion tea. My first thought was a big NO WAY - NOT INTERESTED, but upon reading the reviews on this one, I decided to give it a try. The reviewers were spot on - this has a delicious vanilla flavor that is just heavenly! Another great offering from this company!


5 Stars Cookies?

from MD on wrote:

Ok I may be crazy but this tea tastes like cookies. Maybe it's the French Vanilla added to it but it's GOOD!

Morning Ritual

5 Stars Morning Ritual

from OH on wrote:

This stuff tastes really nice. I love the flavor of the vanilla, and the effect is as desired. Good stuff. No sugar needed.

A Keeper

5 Stars A Keeper

from OH on wrote:

This tea is a pleasant surprise. I'm actually able to drink it without sweetener, and enjoy it. With a little sweetener, like 1 drop of stevia extract it is down right pleasant. I will buy it again.

Favorite Tea

5 Stars Favorite Tea

from VA on wrote:

This tea is my favorite thus far. The French Vanilla taste is so delicious, not to mention the wonderful healthy benefits you get from drinking it. I don't even add any sweetener to this, you don't need it. Wonderful!! I've recommended this to everyone, especially women.

Surprised how delicious

5 Stars Surprised how delicious

from PA on wrote:

I was surprised how much I really like this tea. It has a very smooth flavor, you can definitely taste the vanilla. It smells great and its very relaxing. You don't need any sugar/sweetener, but if you add then it's like having a healthy dessert! I've been sharing it with my friends and they enjoy it too! Please add bulk bag option!

Light vanilla tea

5 Stars Light vanilla tea

from TX on wrote:

A nice, light, vanilla flavored tea. I'm not sure what dandelion is supposed to taste like, but this is still good. It's mostly vanilla and little else, but I think it would be good mixed with black or green tea. Mostly black. I would recommend this and buy it again. I'm just glad it didn't have licorice or rooibos. Blech.


5 Stars Perfect!

from FL on wrote:

Slightly sweet and caramel-y! When I first saw dandelion tea, I thought, bitter. Not at all! Delicious for breakfast or for desert!


5 Stars Delish..

from OK on wrote:

I really enjoyed this tea. It has a very noticeable vanilla taste, which was pleasantly surprising.


5 Stars Phenomonal!

from MI on wrote:

This tea is wonderful! It's has a sensational aroma of carmel/butterscotch to me and the flavor is mild. Not overpowering at all. I drink my tea straight and bland. I never add sugar or other substances because thats just how i like to drink my teas. If you added some roc sugar or honey or agave im sure it would be splendid! I was unsure of the fact it was dandilion but i was reading all the good things it can do so i though it was worth a try. Hope you all enjoy it as much as i do!! =)

Wonderful tea.

5 Stars Wonderful tea.

from WV on wrote:

This is a most wonderful, warm, vanilla flavored tea. It is now my favorite!