My Search is Over

5 Stars My Search is Over

from IL on wrote:

I've tried several brands of Chamomile Tea and finally found one that pleases my palate; another plus is no strings on the tea bags. Thank you Republic of Tea, I'll be back for more.

Great Chamomile Tea

5 Stars Great Chamomile Tea

from NJ on wrote:

I drink this tea before going to bed. I make it in a small cup so it is strong. Then when I get in bed, I fall into a deep sleep. This Chamomile tea tastes delicious. I like the idea that it is Bio dynamically grown. Republic of Tea is the only tea for me.

My Favorite Tea!

5 Stars My Favorite Tea!

from WV on wrote:

This is by far my favorite tea. The beautiful simplicity of sipping a cup of unadorned chamomile tea while breathing in the intoxicating fragrance soothes both my body and mind. I wish it was available for purchase in bulk. :)


5 Stars Great!

from TN on wrote:

Very good! I add a little honey though and love having a cup before bed ever night!


5 Stars Beautiful

from CA on wrote:

Beautiful sweet taste, and very calming and relaxing to enjoy in the evening before going to sleep.

Best Chamomile Tea Ever

5 Stars Best Chamomile Tea Ever

from MN on wrote:

This is the best purchased chamomile tea I have ever had. It retains the flavors and oils of freshly dried chamomile. I've had fresh chamomile tea and this stuff is wonderfully comparable. Never buy any other kind of chamomile tea because it all tastes like cardboard. Thank you, Republic of Tea :)

Relax and Enjoy

3 Stars Relax and Enjoy

from KS on wrote:

I always try to buy organic products whenever I can. My biggest complaint is I use a large cup so it takes 2 tea bags and even then I have to steep it the maximum time for it to be flavorful.

Lives up to it's Farming

5 Stars Lives up to it's Farming

from WA on wrote:

This tea tastes totally different from other Chamomile teas. It lives up to the Biodynamic Agricultural farming. From what I understand, it's harvested at night to retain flavor and dried using heat generated from neighboring crops (I wonder what types of plants). I'm a fan of Chamomile teas & this is by far the best of them. Thank you RoT!

Awesome Tea!

5 Stars Awesome Tea!

from NJ on wrote:

I greatly enjoy this tea, its so relaxing and I do prefer Chamomile without lemon.

Skip The Sleep Aid!!!

5 Stars Skip The Sleep Aid!!!

from FL on wrote:

The 1.5 oz canister of Biodynamic Heirloom Chamomile steeps 36 cups of tea. However, I like my nighttime tea strong so that it can replace my melatonin and urge me onward to bed early for some deep zzz's. This tea did not disappoint. I poured just about 9 oz of boiling purified water over 2 round (love round tea bags) unbleached tea bags. I steeped the full 7 minutes with a glass dome over the top so that my tea would still be steamy when I was ready to sip (hey - we crank the A/C high here in South Florida in June!). I added honey just before sipping. Ahhh...breathe in the health. My husband and I have made a habit of enjoying hot tea before bed. We chew on some fennel seed while the kettle boils for our steamy tea. Often I will make him green or white tea. I drink whatever tea I fancy at the moment. One night, I substituted The Republic of Tea Biodynamic Heirloom Chamomile for him without telling him. He mentioned while he was sipping this tea that he really liked our tradition of drinking hot tea be

Awesome Tea

5 Stars Awesome Tea

from IL on wrote:

This is an awesome tea. Much better taste than with the lemon. I got to sample it at our Book Club and it was very smooth taste and very relaxing.