Pretty tasty

4 Stars Pretty tasty

from MN on wrote:

This tea was delicious! I make it by the gallon and did find that the first time I made it it was a little on the weak side, so the next time I added an extra tea bag and it was perfect. If you like fruity teas, then I absolutely recommend this one.


5 Stars YUM

from MI on wrote:

I got a bag as gift in one of the catalogs and it was wonderful-just have not had the money to order it till now. It is mild and delicious.

Super Flavor

5 Stars Super Flavor

from OK on wrote:

My husband loves this tea cold and drinks it every single day. I WOULD love this tea -- if only Republic of Tea would make it available in single bags to I could drink it hot. I know it couldn't be much trouble for them because I first tasted this flavor from a single-bag sample. But I've made this request many times before, to no avail.

Favorite Iced Tea

5 Stars Favorite Iced Tea

from MT on wrote:

This tea has been instrumental in getting my husband to kick the soda habit. We drink it year round...and we drink a lot of it! Our only regret is that we can't buy it in bulk, as we go through a tin every few days.

Delicious green tea

5 Stars Delicious green tea

from NJ on wrote:

My favorite green iced tea. So good and refreshing during the summer months!


5 Stars Amazing

from WV on wrote:

I love this iced tea. It's the perfect tea for summer.

Great flavor.

5 Stars Great flavor.

from CA on wrote:

Bought this tea last summer, came back for more this summer!

Very Good

4 Stars Very Good

from IL on wrote:

Very tasty. It is helping me in my quest to stop drinking diet pop!

Delicious Ice Tea

4 Stars Delicious Ice Tea

from FL on wrote:

This tea is a good alternative to Sodas all year long. The only reason it is dinged here is that it doesn't come in a larger bulk packaging (yes, I'd like to get 40 of these quart bags at a time).

Pineapple Orange Guava Ice Tea

4 Stars Pineapple Orange Guava Ice Tea

from CA on wrote:

Delicious and refreshing iced tea...needs no sweetener to enjoy it.

Enjoy all year

5 Stars Enjoy all year

from IN on wrote:

I love this tea. I make a 2 quart container weekly (sometimes more in hot weather). I drink it unsweetened. I drink it year round and find it refreshing and more interesting than plain ice water.


5 Stars Delicious!

from MI on wrote:

One of my favorite iced teas! So refreshing. It's great with a slice of orange. This one and the passion fruit papaya black tea are my favorites they make. They're really great mixed together too!

Delicious -- if only ...

4 Stars Delicious -- if only ...

from OK on wrote:

Flavored hot tea is what I drink every morning. There are very few flavors that suit me. So the good news is that this is one! The bad news is that they don't/won't sell it in individual bags like they do so many other flavors. :(


5 Stars Refreshing!

from NY on wrote:

The green tea is delicately nuanced with the fruit flavors to create a very refreshing glass of iced tea.


5 Stars Delicious!!

from CA on wrote:

This tea is full of yummy flavor. I drink my tea with no sugar, so I really want good flavor. There was no artificial taste, just delicious fruit goodness.

Yummy tea

4 Stars Yummy tea

from PA on wrote:

I wish you had no boil tea. The taste is really nice and not too sweet.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from NJ on wrote:

Simply delicious

Incredibly refreshing!

5 Stars Incredibly refreshing!

from IA on wrote:

I only ordered this because of the loyal citizens reward program but I am so happy I did. This is a new favorite! If only it came in bulk! I can't wait to try the other iced tea pouches.

Gotta try!

5 Stars Gotta try!

from NJ on wrote:

This is a delicious iced tea!


5 Stars Wonderful

from ME on wrote:

I look forward to drinking this, it is very refreshing.

Best herbal iced tea!

5 Stars Best herbal iced tea!

from NY on wrote:

Pineapple and coconut water without tasting like a pina colada. Very refreshing and no need for a sweetener!

Great flavor

5 Stars Great flavor

from NY on wrote:

This is the perfect blend for summer -fruity, crisp. Wish it came in bulk!!

Great Tasting Tea

5 Stars Great Tasting Tea

from MN on wrote:

This tea is fantastic. Brewed up a batch using the OXO cold brew system and the tea flavor was delicate and satisfying.

More please

3 Stars More please

from OH on wrote:

This tea is my favorite. I wish it came in individual bags and in bulk. However, based on other reviews, it appears others have been asking for this for years. So, I've given up hope.

Great summer tea

5 Stars Great summer tea

from CA on wrote:

This is a really refreshing and flavorful iced tea. I sweeten it with a bit of stevia. ROT does a great job with their selection of large iced tea pouches. I've tried several and like all of them! Will definitely come back for more when I run low.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from DE on wrote:

I drink this iced tea year round with just lemon. No sweetener needed. I wish they made it in bags and sold in bulk!

Perfect Iced Tea--Please Sell in Bulk!

5 Stars Perfect Iced Tea--Please Sell in Bulk!

from CA on wrote:

This tea is naturally sweet and has become my favorite daily drink. I cold brew this in the refrigerator overnight and it is perfect. My guests comment on how refreshing this is. Please consider selling this in bulk for environmental reasons, as the only drawback of this delicious tea is ordering too many tins!

Delish and refreshing

5 Stars Delish and refreshing

from NY on wrote:

Love this Pineapple-orange large bag green teas! Very light but flavorful to drink all day and especially in hot ugh weather.

Refreshing summer tea.

5 Stars Refreshing summer tea.

from WA on wrote:

Loved the flavors. Only problem, the pitcher was empty too soon.

Cool down instantly

5 Stars Cool down instantly

from CA on wrote:

Without nerve jangling black tea or sugary sweet tea. Iwhether its hot outside, you've worked out, or after 6 loads of laundry. This works!

Refreshing and delicious.

5 Stars Refreshing and delicious.

from WA on wrote:

I love the fresh fruit flavor in the tea.

The Best

5 Stars The Best

from NC on wrote:

I love this iced tea! I taste a hint of pineapple and it is naturally sweet. I usually find green teas bitter but not this one. It is simply the best!!

Fantastic Tasting Iced Tea

5 Stars Fantastic Tasting Iced Tea

from PA on wrote:

I can't get enough of this Pineapple Orange Guava Green Iced Tea. It is absolutely wonderfully delicious! This has become my favorite go to iced tea. Don't stop carrying it. Once you've tried it, I'm sure you will be agree with me ... its outstanding!! Thank you for it!

Best iced tea out there!

5 Stars Best iced tea out there!

from CA on wrote:

Reminds me of my last vacation in Hawaii. Iced tea version of POG juice. Or close, anyway. Now, if it only came in bigger quantities!

Taste like WATER

1 Star Taste like WATER

from IN on wrote:

Kinda upset about this because it honestly had to no taste. I bought two iced teas just recently and was super excited to try it! I am so incredibly upset by the taste. I tried two bags and gave it a second try but even with the extra bag it was very bland and nothing great or even near of what I was expecting


5 Stars Refreshing!

from TX on wrote:

Amazing tea! I received this as a sample in another order and after trying it, I was hooked. I just wish it came as single serve because the hot tea tastes just as good as the cold.

Absolutely Wonderful!

5 Stars Absolutely Wonderful!

from KS on wrote:

Just so very refreshing. Love the pineapple in it!


5 Stars Delicious!

from MD on wrote:

I love the citrusy sweet flavor of this tea! It is definitely a favorite of all our house guests. This tea goes faster than anything in our house! We easily go through a pitcher a day of this! It's amazing and is sweet (without any additives). I love it! <3

Wonderful Option for Summer Sipping

5 Stars Wonderful Option for Summer Sipping

from TX on wrote:

I have no problem drinking up this tea in 1-2 days (usually in only day!) After all a grande size drink at Starbucks is 16 oz, so 32 oz. is just two grande iced teas. I only wish I could buy this in bigger multiples of bags.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from IL on wrote:

Love the flavor! To be able to taste all the flavors without overpowering is great!



from OH on wrote:

This tea is wonderful. Sometimes, for a special treat, I will add 1/8 cup of raw sugar and it is just delightful!! My husband and daughter enjoy it as much as I do. Definitely a keeper.

Amen to Why, Oh Why

5 Stars Amen to Why, Oh Why

from NE on wrote:

I agree with Janet ... I love this tea, but would like to have it in individual tea bags like the sample! I'm the lone drinker at my house so a quart of tea doesn't stay fresh long enough for me to finish it.l


5 Stars Delicious

from NY on wrote:

Lovely fruit tea where the fruit flavor and tea are perfectly balanced; brewed at lower temp (approx 145 deg. F) for three minutes and the flavor was sweet, not bitter. My only complaint is that it's not available in single serve pouches or loose -- I love fruit flavored hot tea (esp. green) during the summer which I find extremely refreshing.

Why, Oh why

5 Stars Why, Oh why

from TN on wrote:

Why send me a tea sample that is not available? Through the mail I received a sample of Pineapple Orange Guava. I dropped everything and ran to the computer to order a tin. I couldn't find them!! I called C.S.thinking I wasn't looking in the right place. Oh, I was looking in the right place but they only come in huge bags, six I believe. It does not come in single tea bags like the sample that I received. I'll wait, and then when they become available, I will complete my order. Janet H.

Refreshing and Tropical

4 Stars Refreshing and Tropical

from NH on wrote:

The only green tea beverage I've ever liked. I really like the subtle flavor of the tropics.

So tropical!!!

5 Stars So tropical!!!

from FL on wrote:

I tried the sample of this, and loved it! I just got my tin of it and can't wait to make a pitcher! Will be drinking this all summer (which lasts through October here!

So good and refreshing!

5 Stars So good and refreshing!

from VA on wrote:

I received a free sample of this and was quite surprised how good it is. I am ordering more so I can enjoy it all summer.

I like it

5 Stars I like it

from CA on wrote:

Reminds me a little of the tropical teas that have been so popular, but this is much, much better.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from AL on wrote:

Great tea!

POG Tea Stands Up to Its Name

5 Stars POG Tea Stands Up to Its Name

from CA on wrote:

I have always loved POG. Now in a tea it is fabulous! Reminds me of vacations in Hawaii. It will stock my refrigerator all summer long!

Let Down

1 Star Let Down

from NB on wrote:

I was insanely excited to try this Iced Tea from the moment I saw it. When I finally spent the money to buy it, I brewed my first pitcher and was extremely disappointed. I would not recommend this tea at all. Bought at Chapters for $12.99

Wonderful and light.

5 Stars Wonderful and light.

from KY on wrote:

This is wonderfully delicious. The fruits are subtle. Pineapple being the most notable. I love it and am glad it's a green tea. This will be my new iced tea all year long. I would have liked it to be on the auto ship list, but didn't notice it. Just ordered 3 more so I can stay in stock.

perfect tropical tea!

5 Stars perfect tropical tea!

from CA on wrote:

This tea has the perfect blend of flavors. It is a subtle taste of pineapple and orange with a hint of guava. There are other tropical teas that are stronger but not as smooth as this tea. It's my new favorite tea!

Light, flavorful and refreshing

5 Stars Light, flavorful and refreshing

from MI on wrote:

This tea is wonderful! I drank it all summer because of the light but full and enjoyable flavors. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but am glad I decided to give it a try. The tropical fruits work really well together. This is a delicious iced tea!

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from CA on wrote:

This tea has great tropical flavors, and is the PERFECT iced tea! I'm so happy I tried it, because I haven't liked some of the other iced tea flavors.


5 Stars Refreshing!

from MO on wrote:

Very refreshing summertime beverage! The flavors blend nicely.

tropical treat!

5 Stars tropical treat!

from KS on wrote:

Cool, refreshing, super yummy taste of the lush islands. A vacation for my taste it :-)