bought for myself

5 Stars bought for myself

from CA on wrote:

I bought this because I felt bloated and gross, and I needed a restart to balance myself again. I read the reviews and was hesitant because of the "pungent" taste in the description and the reviews that said they couldn't swallow the anytime and PM teas, but I had no trouble at all. If you're used to any kind of detox or dandelion tea the taste of this detox set isn't a problem at all. It doesn't make you go bathroom (which I hate about other detox teas) or hurt your stomach. It took away my bloated feeling, flattened out my belly, and although it isn't the main point of this balancing tea I actually lost quite a bit of weight (I've been using it for 1 week). Bought another one for myself and one for my sister.

Get Clean

5 Stars Get Clean

from OH on wrote:

I love this tea. It removed my bloating and left my stomach flat. It's what I needed.

Get Clean Tea

5 Stars Get Clean Tea

from OH on wrote:

Im on day 7 of this tea and I see and feel a difference. I have no bloating I don't feel heavy nor do I feel constipated. While taking this T I decrease my caloric intake to less than 1200 daily. I am very pleased with the results on the 7th day I still have another 7 to go but so far so good.

Really enjoyed these teas

5 Stars Really enjoyed these teas

from NY on wrote:

I didn't buy this for its stated purpose but I have enjoyed drinking. I just wish I could. Purchase then seperaterly. I have Been a fan of Republic of tea for many years. I currently have about 18 tins of tea

The Best!

5 Stars The Best!

from NJ on wrote:

I absolutely love all three of the teas offered in the stackable tin! All good tasting and easy to drink. I even lost a few pounds from doing this detox!!! Will definitely be ordering again soon


5 Stars Great

from MA on wrote:

Love it.

Great detox!

5 Stars Great detox!

from MI on wrote:

I am a tea lover. I drink only organic and Ayurvedic tea. I got this tea for a Christmas and I love it. It's excellent detox and the taste is fabulous. You have to sip it slowly, and enjoy the taste. It really helps your body to get rid of toxins. Great tea!


4 Stars Nice...

from PA on wrote:

I love the first two teas, especially the first one. Although, I cannot stand or even suck down the PM tea. I tried multiple times and I could not get it down. Other than that I love the product and would buy again!


5 Stars Perfect

from AL on wrote:

In love with this tea. During spring and summer I went to a lot of restaurants, this tea is just what I needed. I always do a detox program 2 times a year. Even if I didnt finished my 28 days program yet, I can see some results. Thank you

I feel better

5 Stars I feel better

from KS on wrote:

Summer always makes me feel crummy. The heat dehydrates me and no matter how much water, gator aid or juice I drink I always feel run down. I know my system is not getting the toxins moved out. These 3 teas do the trick. I feel better the tea tastes great and summer is looking up.


5 Stars Great!

from TX on wrote:

I have gained a few pounds from not working out over the holidays. I started this detox about 10 days ago and I have already lost 3 pounds by simply drinking the teas throughout the day. I have yet to complete this detox but I already feel less bloated. I have also been drinking the Get Burning and Get Lost teas when I finish the other teas and I think that has been helping too! I will be doing another 2 weeks after I complete this one and I am also getting it for my best friend and my dad!

Just couldn't get over the taste

3 Stars Just couldn't get over the taste

from NC on wrote:

To start off, I didn't necessarily buy these to lose weight. I got them to use as a light detox. And for that reason, they worked pretty well. They were very gentle. I didn't find myself making numerous trips to the bathroom or anything like that. But the things I couldn't get over, was the taste. These teas tasted like a mixture of many. The one I liked most would have to be the AM tea. I hated the taste at first, but I gradually figured out it tasted better if I let the boiling water cool a bit first before steeping it. The The All-Day tea was okay. It just tasted... weird. I can't even find a way to describe it. The Night-Time tea was kind of awful. I didn't mind it at first, but it just gradually started tasting bad to me. When it says on the label that's a tea that tastes sweet, sour, and bitter, it means it. The combination of those flavors just didn't make me want to drink it. But for those who are planning on following this Detox tea to the T, it did work to curve my sweet cravings at night. Overall, the taste factor was the biggest letdown for me. But I would still recommend trying this. It's a good price and it definitely does help you 'lost weight' by reducing certain food cravings. That's actually one thing about this product I really loved - the way it was marketed. It didn't say anything like, "Oh! Lose 10 pounds in two weeks!" It never stated that it was directly helping you lose weight. I really loved that honest packaging. Overall, I might try this again. Just not anytime soon. I wasn't able to drink it everyday, so I really didn't catalog my results too much.

Great "teatox" with no violent effects

5 Stars Great "teatox" with no violent effects

from IL on wrote:

I really liked this a lot and decided to give this "teatox" a try after reading reviews that it works well. I was skeptical to start, but after one week so far, I feel unbloated and even lost a few pounds (especially as drinking more tea ups one's water intake, so I'm more hydrated). I'm considering whether to do this for another two weeks, or to switch to a regular green tea for "maintenance" before trying another round a few months later.

Excellent Teas, Gentle Detox

5 Stars Excellent Teas, Gentle Detox

from IL on wrote:

these days are all delicious and, in my opinion, very effective for detox. There is no violent laxative effect, no stomach cramping, no jitters because it is an herbal detox. While drinking the tea, I felt alert, less blobloabloated and more energized. I have just finished the 14 day stack and will continue with another one as I think I will miss feeling this way each day.

Doesn't work

2 Stars Doesn't work

from NJ on wrote:

The flavor of all three teas are pleasant but it did nothing for me as a detox or cleanse. Disappointing

In Love with this Tea!

5 Stars In Love with this Tea!

from MA on wrote:

This Tea is simply AMAZING! I have only a few bags of each left, wondering if I can just purchase it again to just have it everyday drink without any harm? Thanks for the help :)

Results Don't Lie

5 Stars Results Don't Lie

from NV on wrote:

THIS TEA IS AMAZING! Yes, at first I was a little skeptical. Like, a tea that can help make you lose weight?! There are a lot of different kind of teatoxes, and this is my first one yet. I started last week, and in about a week I lost 4 pounds. I honestly couldn't believe it. I work in a dr's office so, I'm always moving about working with patients so I get some what active in my day. When I do get to sit at my desk, I have my tea in the morning. Also, one after lunch time. I thought it would be hard to keep up a routine of 3 different teas a day, but it works out perfectly. Along with drinking this tea, I really think watching what you eat helps in losing weight. I didn't go full on diet with veggies and everything, but I do eat in good practical portions.

I'm loving it! =D

5 Stars I'm loving it! =D

from SC on wrote:

The AM tea is great. I make me a cup just about every morning to help me wake up. The spearmint and lemon in this tea are just the right amount you need to get your mind up and going at six in the morning. The All Day tea seems to be the same tea used in the "get clean" no. 7 tea which I have been using for a while now; so that's a plus. To me, this tea has a mild flavor, it's very earthy, heavy, and slightly bitter to me; but great with honey and a dash of lemon to brighten the cup. Now to my favorite, the PM tea has the best flavor combination to me. You don't have to add anything to this tea, except maybe some fresh fruit :) But all in all, these are great teas, hot or cold!!

Great experience!

5 Stars Great experience!

from NJ on wrote:

After doing some research, Republic of Teas seemed to be the most effective teatox within my price range. I bought the teatox & "get lost" teas and they arrive two days later!! They both are light and refreshing flavors. I haven't noticed any weight loss but I've only been using them for about a week.

1st Time Trying

3 Stars 1st Time Trying

from AZ on wrote:

Taste: The AM/PM teas have an amazing taste to them. I could drink or "SIP" them all day. However, the all day get clean tea is horribly repulsing. I made a cup for after my lunch and just with one sip it made me want to throw up. Some people may like the strong taste of the All Day tea, but it just wasn't for me. Travel Container: I love the way the top container lid is really easy to get off, but the bottom two tins take a lot more effort. The small compact sizes are nice for carrying around in your purse or even for travel. The last thing that kinda sucked about these tins were the tape that held it together. I know now not to try and remove the tape completely because if you do it leaves the cans with a sticky residue. All in all, I will definitely be purchasing more of the AM & PM tea.

Great Taste All Around

4 Stars Great Taste All Around

from FL on wrote:

Only used it for less than a week. Probably not long enough to notice any changes. Great taste on all three teas. I tend to have a weak and sensitive stomach, and I haven't had any issues thus far.

Loved it

5 Stars Loved it

from NJ on wrote:

I enjoyed these teas very much, and they made feel so much better. The morning tea is refreshing, I even cut down my coffee intake because I didn't feel I needed as much to keep me going. The all day tea was a nice mid-afternoon pick me up, and I felt it curbed my snacking tendencies. The spicy night tea(my favorite of the three) was a perfect way to end to the day. Although I wasn't trying to lose any weight, I did lose about 3 pounds in the 2 weeks, probably due to the cleansing properties in the teas and change in snacking habits. I would definitely recommend these teas to anyone who wants a quick and easy detox without shocking their body.

I Absolutely Love This Stack

5 Stars I Absolutely Love This Stack

from WA on wrote:

My favourite of the three is "Get Clean Anytime", but I have to admit a strong love for "Wake Up and Get Clean" (I've even had a cup or two during times that aren't the morning, oops).

Mmm! and good for you, too!

5 Stars Mmm! and good for you, too!

from MO on wrote:

I have to admit, I was skeptical when I ordered this combination, but the idea of a gentle detox combines well with yoga teacher training. Cucumber and dandelion first thing in the morning sounded earthy and bitter, but the tea is yummy and energizing. The anytime tea has a light taste ideal for summer and I have had it daily as well. Because I am also drinking a ginger peach tea on doctor's recommendation, I'm having a harder time with the evening tea because I don't seem ready for another cup of tea before bed, although I find the taste soothing. I would order this as a gift for a friend who enjoys natural foods or herbal teas.

Love this!

5 Stars Love this!

from OR on wrote:

These teas taste great & I feel great! I've lost 2 lbs in 10 days while using this cleansing tea in conjunction with my weight loss program, this after I'd plateaued and stayed the same for 3 weeks.

Can't pick which I like best!

5 Stars Can't pick which I like best!

from MA on wrote:

Umami? Is that the right word? The PM cleanse tea has so many flavors that I think it might be my favorite. But then, the apple and cucumber I can taste in the others is refreshing without being overwhelmingly sweet, so maybe it is one of the other two? Regardless, I love the way each tea in the stack tastes, and am already planning on buying more. The fact that they have added benefits is just a bonus. Definitely worth trying fur yourself!