Refreshing and relaxing

5 Stars Refreshing and relaxing

from IL on wrote:

I enjoy this tea very much, it is a nice choice at the end of a busy day since the tea relaxes you and has a subtle and pleasant flavor.

A Real Soother!

5 Stars A Real Soother!

from DE on wrote:

I enjoy Lady Cora’s Evening Tea tremendously. It is soothing to my stomach and my psyche anytime of day or night, while still being pleasantly flavored. Some camomiles are boring or too infused with citrus...this is not. Please continue to make it available in your catalogue.

Evening Solice

5 Stars Evening Solice

from GA on wrote:

The full, clean flavor was a pleasant surprise that I have now added to my evening routine. Even while traveling, its a bit of home away form home.

RE: best Herbal Tea

5 Stars RE: best Herbal Tea

from MS on wrote:

I bought the sampler set to DownTown abbey and the only ones I have tried so far have been two of the herbal teas in the packet of 6 first one being Lady Cora it is the best Chamomile tea I have ever tasted! the second one is very good as well is English Rose, wow if all the teas are as good as these it will be a hard choice, but tops so far; is Lady Cora because it is so relaxing at bedtime!!

So yummy!

4 Stars So yummy!

from IL on wrote:

I am not usually not a tea drinker. I got this along with other Downton themed teas in the sampler pillow after purchasing a season of the show. After drinking this, I have to say, I absolutely loved it! I was so sad I only got one packet and I savored the entire cup. My only complaint is that you can't find a better, bulk option to buy this delicious tea. I would definitely make this part of my nightly routine.

Cup of relaxation

5 Stars Cup of relaxation

from KY on wrote:

I love lady cora's blend. Its by far my favorite and a great tea to wind down with. It's pleasant, calm, and soothing just like Cora. :) love it!

Wonderful Flavor

5 Stars Wonderful Flavor

from KS on wrote:

Oh, my new favorite tea of the Downton Abbey collection. Wonderful flavor and so relaxing at bedtime.

I have never slept better!

5 Stars I have never slept better!

from WI on wrote:

My teenage daughters and I LOVE this tea. We have a cup right before bed and sleep! Tastes great, I add a bit of sugar, they add a bit of honey. PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Favorite!

5 Stars My Favorite!

from FL on wrote:

This is my favorite afternoon tea- it is absolutely lovely. Everyone that has enjoyed a cup with me has ordered this. If you enjoy a chamomile tea, this is the best I've had.

Tastes like chamomile tea

3 Stars Tastes like chamomile tea

from OK on wrote:

I got this in the mail yesterday. I brewed my 1st cup tonight and it's very subtle. It tastes exactly like any chamomile tea I've ever tasted. I added honey, and tasted more of the same. I guess it's a good evening tea, but it's not my favorite. As for it's ability to relax me, I think it works!

Our new evening tradition

5 Stars Our new evening tradition

from TX on wrote:

We introduced my 4 year old granddaughter to hot tea. She loves it, we have a ritual before she goes to bed of having tea with honey. She now has her own special cup and saucer. This is a wonderful tea, and creates a wonderful feeling of tranquility and calm.

Relaxing and aromatic

5 Stars Relaxing and aromatic

from MI on wrote:

I love a tea before bed, and this really hits the spot. Not overpowering, but truly relaxing. A balanced combination of herbals that is just what I need. And want.

Just the thing!

5 Stars Just the thing!

from OR on wrote:

For years I've bought herbs in bulk so I could brew my own evening tea -- all the time wondering why some company like RoT couldn't manage to make a real relax&exhale evening cup.... At last -- all the herbs that do exactly what they claim to do gathered into one blend. One cup of this and the stress of the day is washed away. If you've never had a blend like this -- you may be surprised at the taste. It's not a "brisk cup" of grocery store tea. This is the real herbal mixture your great grandmother would have made for you. Almost medicinal... but not quite. Add a spoonful or packet-full of your preferred sweet, and it goes down smoothly. 1 teabag makes a normal 7oz cup, or a lighter 9oz cup, steeped for 5-8min. I prefer the 9oz so it lasts a little longer