A Treat!

5 Stars A Treat!

from IN on wrote:

Delicious taste and aroma!

Delicious tea !

5 Stars Delicious tea !

from NJ on wrote:

Love this tea especially on a cold winters the late afternoon with a little honey. My only regret is its only seasonal. SO now I order an extra sealed refill bag so I can enjoy it all year round !

Most excellent tea!

5 Stars Most excellent tea!

from VA on wrote:

I first found this at a local specialty shop while Christmas shopping and decided to try it. I had a cup that same evening and ordered a bulk bag - it is a lovely, soul soothing sip. Thank you.

Sweet wintery treat

5 Stars Sweet wintery treat

from CA on wrote:

It’s sweet and warming and tastes like the holiday season. Either this or the Chocolate Peppermint is a great after-dessert tea - or can serve as an anytime healthy sweet treat.

Sweet mint with a hint of chocolate

5 Stars Sweet mint with a hint of chocolate

from CA on wrote:

This is an amazing tea it’s a little sweet with lots of mint flavor and a hint of chocolate! It’s super smooth and it’s a favorite in my house! Love it!

Perfectly smooth

5 Stars Perfectly smooth

from MI on wrote:

Nice tea at the end of the day. Smooth Peppermint flavor. Best mint flavored tea ever.

Everyone at the office loved it!

5 Stars Everyone at the office loved it!

from TN on wrote:

We all had a cup, and the score was a thumb's up. Not too strong...just right. Great for anytime, but a special treat at work around 2:30pm as a "pick me up"!

My favorite tea of all time

5 Stars My favorite tea of all time

from AZ on wrote:

I like mint tea, and I love Peppermint Bark. It smells so delicious when you open the canister, and it brews a lovely cup of tea. I have it every morning, often combined with hibiscus, and it's maybe my favorite time of the day.

Best tea

5 Stars Best tea

from NY on wrote:

I've been buying this tea for years and absolutely love it. I buy it in bulk now so that I can have it all year 'round!

Pepper Mint Chocolate tea

5 Stars Pepper Mint Chocolate tea

from WI on wrote:

I received a single copy with my order and it was simply delicious. I wish to order a can.

Converted mint tea fan

5 Stars Converted mint tea fan

from MN on wrote:

Given to me as a gift last year, I wasn't sure I would like it. Since then, I have reordered it. It's both calming and invigorating. Mint is great for upset stomach and focus. Not only is it delicious, the tin is beautiful!

Love this Tea!

5 Stars Love this Tea!

from NV on wrote:

It is like having dessert- but no caffeine and no calories!! So I can drink it Any time! This year I bought Lots so that I don’t have to ration it so much 😊!

Peppermint Bark tea bags

5 Stars Peppermint Bark tea bags

from OR on wrote:

Without exception, everyone in my acquaintance likes the Peppermint Bark tea bags. Every year at Christmas, I buy cans of tea and throughout the season I give them here and there--when I meet friends for lunch, or parties, or kids' birthdays. This year I laid in a stash earlier in the season, because last year I couldn't get Peppermint Bark toward the end of the holiday season. That's been the only glitch, finding enough of the "product" . One year I gave my small group of friends the Downton flavors--Mrs. Patmore's, for example. I have bought many different flavors over the years; I have loose Tea of Good Tidings, which I have only during the winter holidays, and I drink Peach, Blackberry, and mostly the Peppermint Bark. I love them all, and so do my friends, family, and now the little grandchildren. We have tea and snacks after school, when I'm with them. My youngest tea-drinker is now 3 years old, she's been having her tea and milk for at least a year.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from MI on wrote:

I've really enjoyed this tea. I wish it was available year round.

Soooo Minty!

5 Stars Soooo Minty!

from OR on wrote:

When I discovered Peppermint Bark tea, I bought it because I like mint and it sounded good. Little could I have guessed how wonderfully minty it is. I sip a big cup every night to help me settle in. That will help explain my latest Republic order of 2 bulk bag refills.

What a Great Herbal Tea! - Unique, Refreshing Flavor

5 Stars What a Great Herbal Tea! - Unique, Refreshing Flavor

from MD on wrote:

Rooibos is the only herbal tea I'll drink. While red rooibos (add vanilla!) is fabulous, this is totally different. The mint flavor stands out, but not artificially so. While a chocoholic, I generally don't like teas blended with cacao, etc., but this one works. It's especially good as a palate cleanser after spicy foods.

My wife's favorite!

5 Stars My wife's favorite!

from IL on wrote:

My wife's absolute favorite. She has actually given up coffee and has a cuppa of this every morning!


5 Stars Yummy!

from VA on wrote:

This tea is my favorite! The blend is wonderful and refreshing. I’m so glad it’s September.

Blue Ribbon Winner!

5 Stars Blue Ribbon Winner!

from AZ on wrote:

Peppermint Bark is by far the best mint tea there is. With a slightest hint of cocoa and a touch of vanilla, this mint tea has depth yet it's very light and refreshing! It's excellent both hot or iced. Being it's seasonal, be sure to stock up in the fall months! Once you try it, you'll never find a better mint tea!

Peppermint Bark - you really surprised my taste buds

5 Stars Peppermint Bark - you really surprised my taste buds

from CA on wrote:

I could not believe how much fun this tea was; and what a surprise. It is really delicious. The peppermint bark tickles all my senses - my taste, my smell and my sensitivity and my memories. What a great tea!

I never thought I would like peppermint...

5 Stars I never thought I would like peppermint...

from NY on wrote:

This is so good. I got a free sample on my last catalog and I love it! Next time I place an order, it's on my list. I have to finish off some others. No room in my cabinet. 😁


5 Stars Dessert!

from MN on wrote:

This a very flavorful tea that is a great dessert replacement!

Not sure what to buy this is the ONE for you

5 Stars Not sure what to buy this is the ONE for you

from VA on wrote:

This is one of my Favorite teas. It is the best after dinner tea with a wonderful clean taste and perfect to go with breakfast in the morning as well. This is a must have in my house it is my daily drink of choice at this moment. I share this tea bag with reluctants as it is a seasonal tea but I love to share so the sacrifice to spread the peppermint love. When I purchased this originally it was in a winter set and did not try it and now I kick myself as it is now my favorite.

Sweet and Delicious!

5 Stars Sweet and Delicious!

from IL on wrote:

I've been on the look out for a good mint chocolate tea. I had one years ago and have no idea what brand or company it was from, but every mint chocolate tea I tasted to try and find it wasn't working for me. I finally found this tea and I think it might be even better than the tea I was originally searching for! Long story short, search is over! This is my favorite mint chocolate tea!

Quite sweet

4 Stars Quite sweet

from MO on wrote:

Good tea; quite sweet. Highly enjoyable in winter.

Candy in a mug

5 Stars Candy in a mug

from CA on wrote:

I enjoy this tea every holiday season. It tastes like peppermint bark but without the calories. Delicious!

Bright, fragrant

5 Stars Bright, fragrant

from NC on wrote:

Nothing quite so energizing as peppermint! Very pure flavor, also helps settle stomach upset.

Totally Yummy

5 Stars Totally Yummy

from NH on wrote:

Every time I got a sample of this tea in your catalog, I would make it right away. I decided to order not only a tin for me but three more for holiday gifts.

A taste of Christmas!

5 Stars A taste of Christmas!

from GA on wrote:

There is Peppermint tea, and then there Peppermint Bark Organic herb tea. The taste immediately took me back to Christmas mornings of my childhood when a peppermint stick was the first treat in our stocking. Today, there is nothing like a cup of this tea and a good book to wrap up the evening.

Peppermint Bark tea

5 Stars Peppermint Bark tea

from IN on wrote:

Refreshing, with just the right amount of mint. Look forward to this every winter.

My wife's favorite!

5 Stars My wife's favorite!

from IL on wrote:

My wife loves this tea so much, she's stopped drinking coffee.

Peppermint Bark herbal tea

5 Stars Peppermint Bark herbal tea

from MN on wrote:

It is my favorite tea. Received it as a gift a couple of years ago. Been buying it since, I just wish it was available all year long. So I stock up during the holiday season.

Pepperment bark tea

5 Stars Pepperment bark tea

from PA on wrote:

Love the taste very smooth.

The taste is very good.

5 Stars The taste is very good.

from WI on wrote:

I enjoy the peppermint taste, and it helps relax me for a goodnight rest.

Peppermint Bark Mocha Tea

5 Stars Peppermint Bark Mocha Tea

from CA on wrote:

I love Peppermint bark. i usually get it in either a candy or a coffee specialty drink. I've wanted to try this for quite sometime and finally purchased it. I love it!! Love the subtle taste of the peppermint and mocha, it's not over powering; it's well balanced. Plus there is no caffeine.:) Will purchase again. Thanks

Organic Peppermint Bark - never enough :)

5 Stars Organic Peppermint Bark - never enough :)

from MN on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas. Mild and smooth vanilla/mint tea. A nice tea for those friends who may shy away from stronger teas. It is only available seasonally - I never seem to buy enough.

Tastes as delicious as it smells

5 Stars Tastes as delicious as it smells

from MN on wrote:

One of my all-time favorite herbal teas. While some only smell amazing but fail in flavor, this one holds up. The delicate peppermint scent and flavor is complemented with sweet, chocolaty notes giving you that delicious holiday aroma all winter long.


5 Stars Tasty

from KS on wrote:

I was hesitant about the chocolate, but this tea is lovely. Equal parts peppermint, chocolate and vanilla, enough flavor to rival calorie laden hot chocolate but not overpowering. With winter on it's way this will be a favorite before-bed treat!

Peppermint bark organic tea

5 Stars Peppermint bark organic tea

from VA on wrote:

I am not a coffee drinker but I love my tea! I found this one December 2017 and after one taste and went back to the store and bought their entire stock it’s that good! Very happy to see it still available in November 2018 because I only have one tin left 😋 rest assured, I will be stocking up again this year! This has such a nice light peppermint flavor that you can drink it in the morning, or in the evening since it is caffeine free. This is my favorite tea ever!

Great for dessert all year ‘ round!

5 Stars Great for dessert all year ‘ round!

from AZ on wrote:

I have this tea sweetened with chocolate & vanilla stevia with some coconut milk. Great dessert. I’ve given a lot of it to my friends to enjoy.

Kids Favorite

5 Stars Kids Favorite

from NY on wrote:

My kids recently discovered this tea and absolutely love it. Please make it a year round item!!! They are so disappointed that they can't have any more until the fall.

All day sipping

5 Stars All day sipping

from IL on wrote:

I first reviewed this tea after it helped soothe my throat and stomach following a particularly nasty virus. I make sure to order extra during the winter since I like it for year-round use. Although I don't usually like rooibos or stevia, oddly the combination works for me in this tea. I enjoy my hi-caff tea in the morning, and generally drink mostly herbal or decaf tea the rest of the day.


5 Stars Fave

from TX on wrote:

This is my favorite, I wish it was available year round I didn't stock up so am out already. It has the perfect mingling of a little cocoa sweetness with the vanilla and minty touch. Best mint tea ever! Just marvelous.

Could not drink because stevia is a migraine trigger.

3 Stars Could not drink because stevia is a migraine trigger.

from WA on wrote:

I was excited to get this tea. But at the first sip, I knew I would have to give it to someone who was not sensitive to stevia. I almost rated 1 kettle, but it's not the teas fault I didn't notice it contained stevia. Luckily the Peppermint Cuppa Chocolate is stevia free.

Good. Satisfying.

4 Stars Good. Satisfying.

from MA on wrote:

This is a good dessert tea (although my favorite is the lemon chiffon one). It really does smell like peppermint bark, whereas the taste is a strong mint followed by an aftertaste of chocolate. It's very satisfying, especially if you love peppermint bark. I feel like this would be a good stocking stuffer.


2 Stars Disappointing

from CT on wrote:

Really wanted to like this one. But did not care for it at all.

smooth and refreshing

5 Stars smooth and refreshing

from GA on wrote:

This tea is wonderful. The blend of vanilla and cocoa ssmooth the peppermint just enough, to stay refreshing without overpowering. Also helps keep acid reflux at bay. Love it and will purchase again.

Must have for the winter months!

5 Stars Must have for the winter months!

from CO on wrote:

I received this as a free sample and finally tried it today. The flavor is very refreshing and more interesting than a typical mint tea. It has hints of chocolate in both the flavor and aroma.

Oh, how yummy!!!!

5 Stars Oh, how yummy!!!!

from GA on wrote:

Received the free sample packet of Peppermint Bark in my catalogue and fell in love with the flavor! I am buying the bag of tea bags to use over the holidays for guests that drop by.

Lovely herbal tea

5 Stars Lovely herbal tea

from MI on wrote:

I read the reviews and thought this is something that I would really like! I have it daily in the afternoon and am happy that you carry this product..peppermint is lovely!

Not just for Christmas

5 Stars Not just for Christmas

from PA on wrote:

I love tea, I love chocolate, I love mint... the PERFECT combination! I bought an extra bag, so I can have it all fall, winter & spring too. Definitely one of my favorites!

Best Tea

5 Stars Best Tea

from IL on wrote:

This is absolutely delicious. We brew the tea and put it in the refrigerator to get cold. I bought my daughter some last year for Christmas and we haven't stopped drinking it. Great Tea!

Peppermint bark

5 Stars Peppermint bark

from OR on wrote:

Absolutely refreshing, hints of peppermint and Spearmint light flavor of chocolate and vanilla Delicious with white blossom honey

Heaven Sent

5 Stars Heaven Sent

from CA on wrote:

This is absolutely the best tea I've ever tasted! The blend of peppermint and chocolate is perfect. My daughter ordered a sampler of teas from you and this was the first we tried. All of us love it!


5 Stars Fantastic

from NJ on wrote:

My favorite mid afternoon tea.


5 Stars Wonderful

from CA on wrote:

I discovered Peppermint Bark tea last winter. It quickly moved to the top of my fav tea. What's not to love, Peppermint, hint of vanilla and chocolate. Heaven! As the cold weather turned warmer I made my usual spring/summer tea. Just wasn't the same. So I tried making Peppermint Bark Ice Tea. Even better than in the winter. Well maybe not but so refreshing. I went to order more bulk tea today. It's a seasonal tea and is not available until 9-1-17. I will make sure I order enough to last a year.

Best ever

5 Stars Best ever

from AZ on wrote:

Only peppermint mint tea I would ever recommend!

Good any time of the year

4 Stars Good any time of the year

from CA on wrote:

Peppermint Bark is a good, satisfying cup of herb tea. The flavors are distinct and bright, and both milk and sweetener make the flavors pop. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that I tire of mint rather quickly; that is not the fault of the tea by any means.


5 Stars Go-To

from OR on wrote:

I wish I could buy this all year - in 250 bag increments.

Peppermint Bark

5 Stars Peppermint Bark

from AZ on wrote:

Yummy cup of tea for relaxing afternoon break! HInt of Chocolate brings satisfaction for a craving for chocolate...


5 Stars Amazing!

from PA on wrote:

This peppermint tea is amazing! It is the best peppermint tea i have ever had. After getting a free sample last year, I could not wait for the season to return so I could order some! I stocked up to last a while, but I am sure before too long I will eagerly be awaiting the holiday season for more next year :)

good hot

5 Stars good hot

from CA on wrote:

this is my new favorite hot tea

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from VA on wrote:

I wish I could buy it all year.

Tea Drinker

4 Stars Tea Drinker

from CO on wrote:

Love all the tea that I have purchased.

The very best tea ever!!!

5 Stars The very best tea ever!!!

from MN on wrote:

The "Peppermint Bark" Tea is my very favorite tea ever! It's refreshing, has a wonderful flavor, is a healthy green tea and is caffeine free, too. I only wish it was available all year. I now buy it in large bags but still run out before Sept. 1st. Please keep making's the best!!!

Love this Tea

5 Stars Love this Tea

from IN on wrote:

This tea smells and tastes wonderful. It is great anytime of the day. It is a very relaxing tea.



from CA on wrote:

I am not one for peppermint teas. However, that ended with this blend of peppermint and chocolate in a caffeine free rooibos tea I can sip all day and never crave sweets. Lost 60 lbs since finding this little cup of joy. I may be my very favorite and I am glad I bought a big bag before it went on hiatus. Love!!

Stevia ruins this tea

2 Stars Stevia ruins this tea

from KS on wrote:

I probably should have avoided this when I saw it had Stevia added. The flavor is good but the Stevia ruins it for me. If you like Stevia, it may be for you.

Delightful Mint tea with unusual and delicious taste

5 Stars Delightful Mint tea with unusual and delicious taste

from MT on wrote:

I like mint, generally. I don't generally like mint teas, however. This tea is lovely. Perfectly balanced mint with green rooibos...I sipped it all through December and loved it.

Perfect holiday treat!

5 Stars Perfect holiday treat!

from TX on wrote:

I love this tea! I have never found a chocolate flavored tea that I like, but this one is perfect. The mix with vanilla and peppermint is the perfect balance. And for those trying to stay away from caffeine and sugar, this tastes decadent!

Great dessert tea

5 Stars Great dessert tea

from AZ on wrote:

I love this tea after dinner with a few drops of chocolate stevia and milk. Yum! Ordered in bulk so I could enjoy it all year!

'melty' mint goodness

5 Stars 'melty' mint goodness

from MN on wrote:

This is the mint flavored tea I have ever tasted! It has a smooth, almost sweet finish. A perfect evening cuppa with a holiday twist.


1 Star Bleh

from CA on wrote:

Exactly what I thought it would be.


5 Stars Perfection

from MD on wrote:

This is a very satisfying treat that actually meets the expectations you get from its name. I love the various flavor notes and that it really is reminiscent of peppermint bark. I frequently serve elegant teas in my home and almost all the teas I serve are from Republic of Tea. Never a disappointment!

Peppermint Bark warm

5 Stars Peppermint Bark warm

from CA on wrote:

This Tea was sent to me as a sample in one of the catalogs. I enjoyed it so much that when the holidays came, I knew I had to get a tin of it. What I like the most about this tea is there is no red dye in it and the ingredients are all natural.


3 Stars meh...

from KY on wrote:

Sounded yummy in the description. And overall it's not bad, it's just not good. My hang up is the stevia leaf. I drink all my tea unsweetened and the stevia leaf just kinda ruined for me. If you are sweetening your teas anyway, you'll probably enjoy this.


5 Stars Delicious

from CA on wrote:

This tea has such a wonderful peppermint flavor. You don't even need sugar, it's flavor is sweet enough. I love the aroma while drinking this tea. Thanks, Republic of Tea for making such a delicious tea!


5 Stars Delicious!

from OH on wrote:

This is my favorite decaf tea. Made sure I bought a bunch to hold me over for the entire year!!

Tastes great but...

3 Stars Tastes great but...

from NC on wrote:

I have had my eye on this tea for quite some time and I was ecstatic to see a free sample in the recent holiday catalog that came. While the taste of the mint and other flavors blended well, I am unhappy about having stevia leaf already added to the blend. As a tea drinker with strong flavor and sweetness preferences, I don't particularly care for pre-sweetened teas. Much prefer to make my own decision about whether a tea blend requires sweetener or not. That being said, it was over sweetened for me and I did not finish the cup I brewed.


5 Stars Dee-wish-ous!!

from IN on wrote:

Love love Love the soft but robust flavors in this tea! So soothing & perfect for fall/winter season.

Amazing tea!

5 Stars Amazing tea!

from CA on wrote:

An Amazing tea. I discovered this tea last Christmas and now it's a staple. A divine dessert with no caffeine and no sugar. I love it. Wonderful!

I couldn't wait!

5 Stars I couldn't wait!

from WA on wrote:

It seems now matter how much I stock up I never have enough to last the year. This is my "go to" treat and company favorite even in summer. Wish it was never gone.

Guilty pleasure

5 Stars Guilty pleasure

from FL on wrote:

I don't normally like mint teas but this has such a wonderful smell and taste that I find myself waiting to get home to make my next cup. Wish it was available all year long.

Amazing Tea!

5 Stars Amazing Tea!

from NY on wrote:

I tried this tea a week ago when I went to upstate New York with a friend to visit his family, and fell in love with this tea! I have never really like tea or coffee, but this has a very soothing effect and it has a subtle peppermint taste, and an amazing smell. I just ordered 72 tea bags to help me through the cold winter of New York, and I will definitely be ordering more!

I love this tea

5 Stars I love this tea

from CA on wrote:

This tea is so amazing I bought it in bulk

Good, but not my favorite

3 Stars Good, but not my favorite

from PA on wrote:

I got this Peppermint Bark tea last winter, and it's good with a splash of milk, but it's just not my favorite tea. I have to be in just the right mood to make it when I have some other favorite flavors to choose from! I'm leery of teas that try to recreate the flavor of chocolate. This tea is not a bad mix, but I won't buy it again.

So glad it's back, buying in bulk

5 Stars So glad it's back, buying in bulk

from IL on wrote:

Last year I reviewed this tea for its soothing properties when I was ill. However, this is not just a "sick tea"--I drink it when I want something sweet and soothing.

Peppermint Bark Tea

5 Stars Peppermint Bark Tea

from SD on wrote:

This tea is so smooth and soothing. I'm absolutely hooked on it! Sure wish you offered it for sale year round. I'll be anxiously awaiting a notice when it's back on the market!

I love this tea

5 Stars I love this tea

from IA on wrote:

Peppermint is good for my stomach. I have some issues with IBS and this helps so much. I wish it was available all year long.


5 Stars Refreshing

from AR on wrote:

I love this tea is not over powering yet has that refreshing minty feel, if your not a big fan of teas but reapply want to start trying them start with this one and add you favorite peppermint creamer.



from OH on wrote:

I received this as a Christmas present. I like the green roobios rather than the red so this was a pleasant surprise. My only complaint, if that is possible for this seasonal tea, is that I like my teas without a sweetner so the addition of the stevia leaf was the only thing I would have preferred to be left out. I use stevia all the time but not for my tea. Otherwise, I would recommend this for those looking for a seasonal tea.

hesiant at first but glad I tried it

3 Stars hesiant at first but glad I tried it

from CA on wrote:

I received a free bag of this tea along with my catalog. At first I was a little hesitant to try it as I'm not a big fan of peppermint and was worried it would be overpowering but I was pleasantly surprised to find it that had just enough of the peppermint along with a slight hint of vanilla and cocoa.

This is my new favorite mint tea

5 Stars This is my new favorite mint tea

from CA on wrote:

Unlike many mint teas, this has a cool mint flavor. I am going to stock up on this flavor like it's Y2K. PLEASE BRING IT BACK NEXT WINTER!

Ordered before it sold out this year!

5 Stars Ordered before it sold out this year!

from CA on wrote:

I like peppermint tea, but sometimes I want variety in it. This is it for me. At the holidays, I usually drink another decaff candy cane tea which, also, has the vanilla flavor. But ROT peppermint bark has a much more full bodied flavor with the added cocoa, vanilla and stevia. Also, I realized that I've been using 10oz mugs with tea, so yeah the stevia flavor does come out more. But if you make it more concentrated (2 bags) or use 6 ounces of water like it suggests on the package, then all the flavors come through. I wanted to buy in bulk, but they were sold out in December, so I bought a couple time, instead. So happy I didn't miss out this year! Hope you like it too. Happy New Year!

didn't care for this

2 Stars didn't care for this

from MI on wrote:

It really does taste like peppermint bark, but I didn't like this one. The sweetness of it wasn't pleasant to my palate for some reason.


5 Stars Amazing!

from TX on wrote:

Very nice peppermint tea with a smooth creamy finish!

Sweet Tea

2 Stars Sweet Tea

from MI on wrote:

I usually review everything before I order, but I was in a hurry and didn't this time. I read 'seasonal and best seller' and placed my order. This one has a sweetness to it and I don't like sweet tea. It left an after taste also. I have tried many teas from The Republic of Tea, and have been very happy with my selections, but NOT this one.

Stevia disappointment

2 Stars Stevia disappointment

from AZ on wrote:

I wanted to like this tea but was disappointed with the Stevia. I gave it a try but felt it was too sweet and would have preferred to add my own sweetner.

Peppermint Bark Tea is Fabulous!

5 Stars Peppermint Bark Tea is Fabulous!

from MT on wrote:

I received a sample of this tea and loved it. I regularly drink peppermint tea. This isn't in your face peppermint. It is smooth and has a great after taste. It has an oddly mild sweet taste.I am not a hummingbird so I liked it. It isn't sweet like you added sugar. I am definitely purchasing a tin of this for my collection!

Giving up coffee will be easy, with this replacement.

5 Stars Giving up coffee will be easy, with this replacement.

from FL on wrote:

I am so glad I received a sample of this tea in the mail. It is delicious. I Just realized when I read someone else's review that it contains stevia. I knew it was sweet, but this makes it even better. My kids are going to enjoy this flavor too.

A minty winter pleasure

5 Stars A minty winter pleasure

from FL on wrote:

This is my favorite tea for winter nights. It tames my late-night sweet tooth and makes a thoughtful, inexpensive last-minute gift for the holidays.

Complete Surprise

5 Stars Complete Surprise

from TX on wrote:

I never buy gimmicky teas with names like "peppermint bark" nor do l like any sweeteners in my tea. I received this as a gift, so I tried it. IT IS AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. I cannot stop drinking this tea. The peppermint is not at all overpowering and the sweetness is perfectly mild. I highly recommend trying this tea.

stevia is not necessary

1 Star stevia is not necessary

from NV on wrote:

i will never understand the need to ruin a perfectly good cup of tea with stevia. this would have been perfect without it.

Diabetic Heaven

5 Stars Diabetic Heaven

from IN on wrote:

At last, a sweetened tea I can indulge myself in! Stevia does not affect my blood sugars like other sweeteners and organic leaves keep it clean AND healthy! Much thanks for helping to making diabetes bearable.

Reminds me of my toothpast

1 Star Reminds me of my toothpast

from TX on wrote:

I ordered a tea sampler box with three holiday teas, this being one of them, and wasn't impressed. The taste reminds me of my toothpaste. I don't care for it at all. I'm glad I only have a couple of them.

Stevia is a disappointment

1 Star Stevia is a disappointment

from OR on wrote:

I was excited about this tea. I love peppermint and mint teas. Unfortunately, I think the stevia ruins this one. I understand wanting the tea to be sweet to represent candy canes and peppermint bark of the holiday season, but the sweetness covers up most of the peppermint taste. Next time, I'd prefer to add my own amount of sweetener. I couldn't even finish half of my cup.

a dessert tea!

5 Stars a dessert tea!

from MO on wrote:

Loved this tea, it truly tastes like peppermint bark. It was a clean tasting tea with out the weird taste some other teas have. This was my first tea from The Republic of Tea but it won't be my last. So happy I finally discovered you!


5 Stars Excellent

from VA on wrote:

Ordinarily I'm not a fan of peppermint teas. This tea however is excellent! Very very good.

Not as Much Peppermint as Expected

3 Stars Not as Much Peppermint as Expected

from NY on wrote:

I was looking for a peppermint tea to warm me up a bit and this was intriguing. Unfortunately the peppermint was a but lackluster and I don't think that I could even taste the vanilla. I had an overall sweetness without say other big notes. It isn't a horrible tea and I'll finish the tin from the holiday pack, but I'm glad I didn't buy a full tin.

I wait every year for this tea

5 Stars I wait every year for this tea

from UT on wrote:

This is my favorite. While trying to stay fit, I pass on desserts but still want a 'sweet 'lil sumpthin" after my last meal. This one is perfect. I've tried other peppermint chocolate coffee and tea blends, but this one is balanced perfectly and is completely herbal and organic. Does it get better than that? Can I get an Amen? hehe

Joy in a cup!

5 Stars Joy in a cup!

from MN on wrote:

I'm so glad to see this tea back!!!! Bought in the 250 refill so I can enjoy it all year. Tea has a wonderful mint flavor. Huge fan of all there teas, of the 16 teas I have from them, this one is my #1.


5 Stars Delicious!

from NY on wrote:

I purchased a sample tin of this tea last year as a stocking stuffer for my son. When I discovered how much he and I liked it, I went online to order more, only to discover it was only available for holidays. As soon as it became available this year, I ordered a bulk bag. The taste of cocoa and mint is so awesome and tastes like a guilty pleasure!

Good, but mild

4 Stars Good, but mild

from NY on wrote:

A very tasty tea, but mild enough that I tend to double up on the tea bags. The stevia leaf lends it a very unique sweetness. I was very surprised that it didn't have any other added sweeteners!

Dances on your tongue!

5 Stars Dances on your tongue!

from PA on wrote:

I enjoy every tea I've ordered and I've ordered many types and flavors. Peppermint Bark is just delectable; the flavors dance on one's tongue. It's peppermint hot cocoa without the fat and calories but with so much more. My 98-year-old father, a devoted coffee lover and tea hater so enjoys this tea; he has since tried every flavor I've purchased and enjoys them all. This tea is a totally fantastic surprise for one's taste buds. Very highly recommended!

Great tasting!

5 Stars Great tasting!

from CA on wrote:

I received this tea as a sample in my Republic of Tea brochure. I'm so grateful that they chose to include this one! I had been wanting to try a cocoa flavored tea and this tea is truly a great treat! It has a perfect blend of mint and cocoa that satisfied my sweet tooth. I have never tasted any other tea that can live up to it!

Love in a cup!

5 Stars Love in a cup!

from MN on wrote:

Love this tea!!!!!!!! Bought last year at end of Christmas sale. I'm so happy they have it again this year such a wonderful tea.

buy in bulk!

5 Stars buy in bulk!

from VA on wrote:

Last year a co-worker was raving about this tea. She brought in a pod for me to try and it sat on my desk for hours. 'Flavored' tea never tastes as good as it smells so I wasn't rearing to try it. After being asked for the third time how I liked it I finally brewed the bag. OMG. It tasted even better than it smells! I immediately went to order it just to discover that it was seasonal and no longer in stock. As soon as it was made available this year I ordered two 250 count bags to get me through the year.

yea!! it is back.

5 Stars yea!! it is back.

from CO on wrote:

Peppermint Bark (rooibos) is my favorite evening tea of all time. Since I was diagnosed with diabetis this is my go to for a sweet treat. I ran out months ago because I have over half the bag away. I put one bag in birthday cards and get well cards I sent. Everyone loved it. This year I will be ordering two bulk bags to get me through the year.


5 Stars Whoa!

from AL on wrote:

Whoa! YUM! I love all things peppermint bark but had never tried this tea before. This stuff tastes just like peppermint bark and the steeped tea has kind of a milky quality to it. Sweetened just a tad, this tea is fantastic hot or cold. I've decided that I'm going to have to order enough to last me the whole year, as it's a seasonal product. Peppermint bark tea has become my beverage of choice for winding down the day.

Peppermint Bark

5 Stars Peppermint Bark

from AR on wrote:

It was delicious....... I have the tin and would like to buy in bulk. Thank you.

New soothing favorite

5 Stars New soothing favorite

from IL on wrote:

I didn't expect to like this tea, as I ordinarily do not care for rooibos or for stevia sweetener. I received a sample and tried it following an illness that left me feeling queasy and with no appetite; I felt better with each sip. This is the tea that I and my husband drink when it is cold and damp, or the day has been stressful and we want to feel tucked in with something warm and soothing.

Great iced, too.

5 Stars Great iced, too.

from TX on wrote:

I bought this last Christmas for the first time and love it. I have an outdoor job and have been having it iced. It's just as good hot or cold. Thanks for bringing it back! I use no sweeteners, the stevia is enough for me.


5 Stars Delicious

from PA on wrote:

This is a nice peppermint taste with an added flavor of cocoa. I add sweetener, and it is a nice treat at evening. The peppermint is not overly strong, which is pleasing for me and my tummy.

The Greatest!

5 Stars The Greatest!

from CA on wrote:

Love this's just what we need at the end of a busy day. Soothing, relaxing, enjoyable...please bring it back!



from UT on wrote:

PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! before next Christmas!!!!!

bring it back

5 Stars bring it back

from MD on wrote:

I brought this into work (im a nurse)gave a cup to a cancer pt that was nauseated. It was the best tea she had ever had and asked for it each day when she came in to get IV medication. Please keep this product year round. I love it too- very refreshing.

Terrific...sad it's gone

5 Stars Terrific...sad it's gone

from NC on wrote:

Just the right blend of peppermint & cocoa flavors! It's such a shame that this is not available all year of my favorites.

so sad it's gone!

5 Stars so sad it's gone!

from RI on wrote:

I loved the sample and mistakenly only bought one tin at Christmas. I should have bought several as now my favorite "candy" tea won't be back again until next Christmas!


5 Stars Wonderful!

from CO on wrote:

First things first, I am very much a black tea kind of girl. I don't usually care for herbal teas. I received the sample of the Peppermint Bark tea in my catalog, and thought it sounded nice, so I decided to give it a try. Oh boy, am I glad I did! This tea is so delicious! It really does taste like peppermint bark candy, with the hints of chocolate and vanilla in a minty fresh tea. I liked it so well, that I ordered several canisters of it, for Xmas gifts, and for me to have on hand throughout the year!

Best Tea Yet

5 Stars Best Tea Yet

from CA on wrote:

Perfect blend of whatever is in that little tea bag. Do not pollute with cream or sugar or stevia or whatever you may think a tea might need to help it along. This tea requires no help. Just steep, sip, and relax. Enjoy your evening.

Best tea ever

5 Stars Best tea ever

from CA on wrote:

I have never been so delighted with a cup of tea. Thank you.

Sweet Mint

4 Stars Sweet Mint

from MI on wrote:

This tea tastes like sweet mint: classic combination of peppermint and vanilla, enhanced by the stevia leaves. This combination of herbs can be used to treat migraines, too! (e.g., Migrastick).

NOT a tea drinker, NOW a tea drinker :o)

5 Stars NOT a tea drinker, NOW a tea drinker :o)

from AZ on wrote:

I am not a fan of hot teas typically. I get the Republic of Tea catalog because I once ordered a gift for someone--sadly the samples usually are lost on me. But not THIS one...oh not this one! It's fabulous, I ordered immediately!! Almost like a peppermint mocha but w/o the calories ;o) Naturally sweet and wonderful. I LOVE it--if only it was available year round Republic of Tea would have a new regular customer.

Fantastic tea!

5 Stars Fantastic tea!

from MI on wrote:

This tastes like it's name. I love peppermint bark which caused me to try this tea. When I opened the can, the smell was intoxicating. I had to make a cup immediately. The peppermint and cocoa do not overwhelm each other. With a sweetener and a splash of sugar free creamer, you feel like you are eating peppermint bark. Plan to buy as several tins before it sells out for the season.

Too Sweet

2 Stars Too Sweet

from VA on wrote:

I was very excited to try this tea, especially since it listed three of my favorite ingredients: peppermint, cocoa, and vanilla. Unfortunately, those flavors were overpowered by the intense stevia. If you like stevia-sweetness, this tea will probably work for you, but if you prefer to sweeten your tea yourself, then I would choose a different blend.

my favorite chocolate mint

5 Stars my favorite chocolate mint

from OH on wrote:

I tried the Chocolate Peppermint Tea, and wasn't all that impressed. But I checked the ingredients, and this one is definitely different than the other. THIS ONE IS FABULOUS, and the flavors are very true to chocolate and mint! With some sweetener, it will be my all year round favorite, so i better stock up!

So Delicious!!

5 Stars So Delicious!!

from ND on wrote:

Just tried my sample that came in the mail. This one is definitely a winner! I am in love with the smell and taste of this tea. I'm buying more tonight. Btw, I so appreciate all the samples I get in the mail. Knowing I like what I'm buying before I receive it is golden! Thank you Republic of Tea!


5 Stars YUMMY!

from UT on wrote:

Never been a fan of rooibos, but this is so amazing! The peppermint and cocoa flavor blends beautifully with green rooibos. I bought the tin after trying to the sample in the catalog and it's such a great evening/dessert tea. Definitely gets me in that Christmas mood!

Minty fresh!

5 Stars Minty fresh!

from CA on wrote:

I love this fresh tasty tea....I feel like I'm cheating on my diet when I drink it. I mostly drink fruity flavored teas...but this is nice in the evening when you get that sweet craving.


5 Stars LOVE IT!!

from IL on wrote:

This is the first product I tried from this company & I just love it!! I leave my tea bag in my cup at work & I can refill it like 3x's ( with the same bag) & the flavor is awesome!!! I also add only 1 packet of sugar (for all 3 cups) It has a great combination of peppermint & chocolate. I also tried the (cuppa chocolate tea) peppermint chocolate it's ok but the peppermint bark is way better!!


5 Stars Excellent!

from RI on wrote:

Best tea I have had in awhile! I wish it was sold all year!



from WI on wrote:

Just got this in the mail as a sample. I have ordered a container right away. Its a perfect after lunch treat. Sweet enough to enjoy anytime of the day but not overly minty. Just Perfect. It should be called Perfect Peppermint Tea!!!

Fantastic Flavor!!!

5 Stars Fantastic Flavor!!!

from ME on wrote:

Sipping this tea is like eating one of those Holiday peppermint chocolate bars without the calories. It has a fantastic flavor and I love that it is caffeine free so I'm able to drink a cup any time of day! Please ROT - keep this flavor year round! It's my new Favorite!!!

Best Peppermint Tea I've Ever Tasted

5 Stars Best Peppermint Tea I've Ever Tasted

from NC on wrote:

This tea is absolutely awesome. The Peppermint does not "hide" the cocoa and the cocoa does not "hide" the Peppermint. It is delicious. I love it so much I bought 2 tins of it! You will not be disappointed!

wow! wonderful tea!

5 Stars wow! wonderful tea!

from ME on wrote:

Got a sample of this with catalog and absolutely love it! Best yet!

Wow. Yum.

5 Stars Wow. Yum.

from AZ on wrote:

This was just excellent! I just ordered some new teas to try and this was one of them. It's a limited edition, but honestly, it's so good it should be a regular. Very pepperminty with some delicious chocolate overtones. It just works! Like having Christmas in your mouth. Smells as good as it tastes too.

Tastes like Peppermint Bark!!!

3 Stars Tastes like Peppermint Bark!!!

from RI on wrote:

This tea tasted exactly like peppermint bark, which I love. I was disappointed with stevia added as an ingredient. I don't care for stevia and would prefer to sweeten my tea with sugar or honey. Unfortunately, the stevia ruined the tea for me. I would love to see this tea made without the stevia!


5 Stars AMAZING!

from MA on wrote:

Just received this tea as a sample with my catalog. O M G - this is AMAZING!! Loved it! Very soothing & yummy!

would be great except for the stevia

3 Stars would be great except for the stevia

from CA on wrote:

I really like the way the peppermint, cocoa, and vanilla work with the less-obtrusive green rooibos -- it's too bad it's all spoiled by the unpleasant stevia taste. I really hope that putting stevia in everything stops being a trend, because the weird extra notes it adds to the tea far outweigh any tiny uptick in sweetness. I wanted to love this, but once the tin is gone I won't be replacing it.

Heavy on Stevia and Light on Peppermint

2 Stars Heavy on Stevia and Light on Peppermint

from NY on wrote:

I was so excited to get a free sample of this tea in the mail, but glad that I hadn't broken down and bought it beforehand. I am not a fan of Stevia and the pervasive taste ruined the cuppa for me. It also really lacked any peppermint, overpowered with some odd chocolate flavor reminiscent of white chocolate but missing the mark

Truly Fabulous Flavor Concoction

5 Stars Truly Fabulous Flavor Concoction

from NC on wrote:

Got this sample in my Republic of Tea catalog and decided to try it out. I was craving hot chocolate but this tea's flavor satisfied my craving with one, warm sip. The mint flavor is light and sweet and perfectly balanced with a smooth cocoa-vanilla backing. I already love green rooibos as well, this combo is amazing. I will definitely get a few tins to last the year!

Tastes like Peppermint Bark!

3 Stars Tastes like Peppermint Bark!

from RI on wrote:

I received a sample of the peppermint bark tea in the mail and was very excited to try it. Although, the tea tastes exactly like peppermint bark which I love, I didn't realize it had stevia in it. I don't like artificial sweeteners so it spoiled the tea for me. Does this tea come without the Stevia?

Better without stevia

3 Stars Better without stevia

from TX on wrote:

I liked the flavor but not the stevia. Would prefer to sweeten it myself.


4 Stars Delish!

from ME on wrote:

So excited to receive this sample yesterday.. made it as soon as I was able! The word Christmas really entered my mind with the first sip.. very flavorful and I love the hint of cocoa. I'm not a stevia lover though, I prefer honey,however.. I do plan on a purchase!! Thnnks Republic!

Not a stevia lover

3 Stars Not a stevia lover

from FL on wrote:

Great tea except the stevia. Why can't we just add our own? I perfer monk fruit, a great honey or no sweetner! Two teapots off for the stevia added to that great combo

stevia after taste, disappointing peppermint

1 Star stevia after taste, disappointing peppermint

from WA on wrote:

I was looking forward to a bold peppermint flavor and decided to wait to see if this was the free tea bag for the month. It happened to be the free one and I popped it in my mug and poured the hot water over it. On first sip, I barely tasted peppermint or green for that matter. It was very earthy and sweet. Too sweet. There is so much stevia in it, that the aftertaste is stevia and dirt. I am so incredibly disappointed with this tea.

My New Favorite Tea

5 Stars My New Favorite Tea

from MI on wrote:

My free sample of this tea landed in my mailbox this past week and what perfect timing! A fabulous November treat for our first winter snow. This will be a favorite going forward. I hope it is kept around for some time to come.

Heavy on the stevia

3 Stars Heavy on the stevia

from TX on wrote:

I received this as a sample in the mail, and I don't usually buy flavored teas, so I was excited to give it a shot. I do like that the cocoa and peppermint flavors are not overwhelming. I feel like it's very easy to go overboard with peppermint flavoring, but this tea keeps it in a nice balance. One flavor that DOES go a little overboard is the stevia. There seem to be two kinds of people in this world: stevia lovers and stevia haters, and I just happen to be a stevia hater. If you are a stevia hater, you will not like this tea. I think they could probably cut the amount of stevia in half, and this tea would still be plenty sweet.

so yummy!

5 Stars so yummy!

from CA on wrote:

i had my doubts about a tea boasting to taste like peppermint bark because i love peppermint bark but holy cow this tea is so so yummy! i will def order it, thanks for the sample republic

Epic Tea

5 Stars Epic Tea

from FL on wrote:

This tea OMG! It tastes like Christmas. I've had peppermint tea from the stores, but Republic of Tea really knows their stuff. Peppermint Bark tea is more than amazing. It's Epic! I wish they had it stocked all the time. :( But that's what makes it specials.

A holiday treat

5 Stars A holiday treat

from OK on wrote:

This is a good substitute for actual peppermint bark. I don't know if I'll like it all year 'round, but it's definitely a treat for the holidays and has no calories! I think it may even be soothing heartburn, but that is only speculation. I received the sample in the catalog, and am wishing I ordered a tin with my most recent large order (I usually order a large amount once a year). All the other reviewers used the word "creamy" and I have to agree!


5 Stars Amaaazing

from LA on wrote:

This is a tea that makes you feel good on the first sip. I was missing the fact I could no longer enjoy peppermint bark during the holidays and then I found this jewel. This tea has all the right ingredients to complete the feel of that treat, from the level of mint in flavor to the creamy like sensation on drinking it. If a 10 teapots option existed, I would have selected it. This tea is a new holiday fave.


5 Stars WOW!

from LA on wrote:

This tea is so yummy! It really does taste like Peppermint Bark! Very smooth. The peppermint is not overwhelming. If you need something to compare it to, I say it tastes very similar to Vanilla Tic Tacs.

Exactly what it says on the tin

5 Stars Exactly what it says on the tin

from VA on wrote:

You know how sometimes you get a tea that says it tastes like something, and when you drink it you're disappointed to find it tastes nothing like it said it would? This is not that tea. It says "peppermint bark" on the can and that is exactly what it tastes like - smooth, sweet, delicately minty, almost creamy. I need to stockpile this stuff, because I want to drink it all year round.