A bit tart but it was good not something i will drink every day.

4 Stars A bit tart but it was good not something i will drink every day.

from NM on wrote:

I have arthritis and i was hoping it was something that i could drink every day to help with the symptoms of my arthritis.

Tumeric cinnamon

5 Stars Tumeric cinnamon

from IN on wrote:

Bought because tumeric anti inflammatory. Came down with cold last week. Tea was soothing and calmed both my sore throat and cough. I drank it with honey. My only disappointment was I love things to be very spicey. I would have liked it spicier.


5 Stars Delicious

from CA on wrote:

I had read that turmeric is supposed to be good for you. I was reluctant to buy it not knowing how it would taste but decided to try it since it was combined with cinnamon. And you can’t go wrong with cinnamon . It tastes so good it definitely has an earthy flavor but delicious. I will definitely repurchase!!!

Pleasantly Surprised

5 Stars Pleasantly Surprised

from PA on wrote:

I got this a I have heard that both Tumeric and cinnamon are good for you. When I first opened it, I was a bit surprised at how much Tumeric I smelled and put off trying it for a day or two. I finally did tonight was delicious. All I put in it was a teaspoon of coconut sugar. This may be my new night time favorite😀

Good for you tasting GREAT!

5 Stars Good for you tasting GREAT!

from OH on wrote:

Bought this to suffer through drinking something good for me. But. Wow. This is great tasting! Bought as the 3 tin tasting special. Can’t wait to try the other two! One thing about your website. My most used email address has 31 characters!


5 Stars Review

from IL on wrote:

This had just the right combination of flavors


5 Stars Unexpected!

from NY on wrote:

Totally did not expect to like this but it is so pleasant and easy to drink!

Tumeric cinnamon

5 Stars Tumeric cinnamon

from WA on wrote:

First time i bpught this tea its awesome i have inflamation to my liver and the powder is usually not working i always habe headache every morning and at all i bought the tea bag i dont habe headache at all i love the product

Great for water bottles!

5 Stars Great for water bottles!

from PA on wrote:

I have on several occasions just put a tea bag in my water bottle for the day and left it in there as I refilled a couple of times. It flavors the water and you get the benefits of the timer if at the same time. It really does make a difference for pain relief.

Not what I expected

1 Star Not what I expected

from MS on wrote:

From the description, I thought I would really like this tea; but, I really don't like the taste. I don't know how I'll use it up. Hopefully, I'll find a way.

was not my favorite flavor.

2 Stars was not my favorite flavor.

from NC on wrote:

the flavor was just off. the name intrigued me ,but the flavor was a flop.

Inflammation Eradication!

5 Stars Inflammation Eradication!

from CA on wrote:

This is my go-to tea blend when I am experiencing a general systemic inflammation that I occasionally get hit with due to allergies. I drink a two-bag strong cup of this tea just before bed, sleep better, and wake up with little or no signs of inflammation. The tea works much better than adding the powered turmeric spice to my diet. Thank you Republic of Tea!!

Great Afternoon Tea!

5 Stars Great Afternoon Tea!

from PA on wrote:

Purchased for fantastic Tumeric benefits, but found this to be a super tea for those busy afternoons with just the right amount of flavor but not the sweetness that slows you down into peaceful thought mode.

Great Tea!

5 Stars Great Tea!

from MI on wrote:

I really like the Biodynamic Turmeric Cinnamon tea for it''s flavor and soothing taste. Great tea and will continue to use it. No overpowering flavor!

Light and Refreshing

5 Stars Light and Refreshing

from NJ on wrote:

Pleasantly surprised! Hint of caramon and cinnamon.....Good after dinner tea....although good any time!



from OH on wrote:

This is an incredible tea. Full flavored and quite warming. Great balance! I use this quite often when I have pain or inflammation. Both Tumeric and Cinnamon are natural anti-inflamatories and are quite beneficial in a time of need. I recently tried another brand as I was out of town and unable to find Republic of Tea brands at the location I was shopping....BIG LETDOWN!

BiodynamicÂŽ Turmeric Cinnamon

5 Stars BiodynamicÂŽ Turmeric Cinnamon

from NY on wrote:

Always happy with the high quality of Republic of Tea items.This is first of all yummy and the benefits from turmeric and cinnamon are a bonus. One of my 'go-to' teas.

BiodynamicÂŽ Turmeric Cinnamon Tea Bags

5 Stars BiodynamicÂŽ Turmeric Cinnamon Tea Bags

from NC on wrote:

Been drinking this for close to a year. Really helps with my arthritis knee joint pain. I can definitely tell when I have forgotten about it for a couple days. Took it with me to Romania this past Christmas , while i was there for almost a month. Lifesaver! I have shared it with at least 12 people and all of them have great results for joint pain. Great product!!!!

Very pleasant taste

5 Stars Very pleasant taste

from CT on wrote:

This tea has a very pleasant taste. Tumeric is a spice with a definite flavor but coupled with the cinnamon it is smooth tasting. the fact that it is both organic and non GMO also appeales to us since we focus on our wellness.


5 Stars biopleasure

from TX on wrote:

This tea is wonderful on its own, but also tastes great steeped with the vanilla dandelion tea

I absolutely love it

5 Stars I absolutely love it

from TX on wrote:

this tea is really great, but gets even better when blended with your vanilla dandelion. I sometimes even add a green tea bag with it. it is just so good with everything. I love blending different teas. It is super on its own.


5 Stars Surprise!

from CT on wrote:

Wow! I really didn't expect this tea to be so tasty. Have tried other turmeric teas and accepted the strong earthy taste. But this one is really enjoyable. I do taste the cinnamon but hard to detect the turmeric. If it helps my aches and pains it will be a regular tea for me!

Added sweetener

5 Stars Added sweetener

from WA on wrote:

I love the turmeric ginger tea, but just unexpectedly discovered it has honey among its ingredients. Being vegan, this was disappointing.

Delicious, warming, healing

5 Stars Delicious, warming, healing

from IA on wrote:

I just love this tea. I drink it with nutmilk and a little maple syrup and it is absolutely delicious, very soothing and refreshing.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from OH on wrote:

I love the taste of this tea....I drink it every morning. It was sent to me as a gift from my brother. It was so good it was hard to share it with him, but I did, and he loves it as much as I do!



from NY on wrote:

Delicious, nutritious, caffeine free--I drink it every night. Not sure what I did before without this tea! Turmeric is anti inflammatory--something every body needs!

Biodynamic Organic Turmeric Cinnamon Tea

5 Stars Biodynamic Organic Turmeric Cinnamon Tea

from PA on wrote:

I love the flavor of the tea, I was worried about the flavor being too strong, but it is perfect. I don't like taking all of the supplement pills, so being able to drink it and still get the benefits is awesome.

Exquisite and divine!

5 Stars Exquisite and divine!

from GA on wrote:

Great overall taste, flavor, and zeal! The combination of turmeric and cinnamon is a wondrous compilation! The health benefits of this tea are a compliment as well. Republic of tea should add this tea to its regular selling stock.

Heaven Sent!

5 Stars Heaven Sent!

from GA on wrote:

This tea is not only delicious, it works wonders. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and the tumeric in this tea has eliminated the need for nsaids most days. Thank you so much #

Warming, soothing

5 Stars Warming, soothing

from NC on wrote:

This tea is a lovely aromatic anti-inflammatory tea, very gentle and comforting. I use a turmeric supplement already and this tea is a nice complement.

So, so

2 Stars So, so

from IL on wrote:

This is probably one of my least favorite teas. I was so looking forward to a blast of cinnamon, but it's nowhere to be found. I'll drink it for the benefits, but won't purchase again.

can taste the turmeric

5 Stars can taste the turmeric

from NC on wrote:

The blend of cinnamon and turmeric is so well balanced! I thought the cinnamon would overshadow but it does not. A wonderfully warming and healing tea.

Wonderful tea

5 Stars Wonderful tea

from OH on wrote:

This tea is great tasting! I add a bit of honey and drink it between 7 and 8 each evening. It not only relaxes me but I notice the next morning that my fingers are not puffy. I am able to wear my rings comfortably again!

Please sell this in bulk bags

5 Stars Please sell this in bulk bags

from PA on wrote:

This tea not only tastes good but is of medicinal value to my aches and pains. When I enjoy this tea with Organic Turmeric Ginger it is not necessary to take anti-inflammatory meds most days. Would really appreciate being able to buy in bulk and of course free shipping.

Healthy and Tasty cup of Goodness!

5 Stars Healthy and Tasty cup of Goodness!

from VA on wrote:

Many people are turned off by the earthy taste of turmeric but that is not the case with this tea. The tea has a warm glowing quality that is perfect for the cold days ahead. The cinnamon shines through to balance any earthiness caused by the turmeric. You are getting all the health benefits of turmeric without the strong flavor. This tea actually tastes like there is added sugar even though there is none. I also like that this tea does not contain caffeine so I can enjoy a warm cup in the evening while watching TV. Here is a tip that I use every day. Not only do I drink this tea by itself but also steep it with my flavored green tea to up the health benefits of every cup I drink. A win-win! I highly recommend this tea and feel like this is the best of both worlds - healthy goodness and fantastic taste. Try it. I don't think you will be disappointed!