Downton Abbey Christmas Tea

5 Stars Downton Abbey Christmas Tea

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea, it is so delicious and comforting. I highly recommend it!

Lovely Cup of Tea

5 Stars Lovely Cup of Tea

from OK on wrote:

My husband got this tea for me as a Christmas present. It is now my favorite. Makes a beautiful cup of tea. Too bad it is limited edition. Please bring it back.


5 Stars Wonderful

from IL on wrote:

This tea is wonderful. It puts one in the festive mood. Just the right blend of cinnamon and orange. It says "Christmas".


5 Stars THE BEST!

from CA on wrote:

THE BEST Christmas tea I have ever tried and I have tried them all.

A great mix.

5 Stars A great mix.

from NY on wrote:

I ordered this last year. I had been looking for a mix similar to the tea found on the menu of our favorite Indian restaurant. This is it. I hope it will remain available!


5 Stars CRAZY GOOD!!

from MI on wrote:

This tea is auh-mazing! It's too bad it's limited edition; I can't get enough!! Highly recommend.


5 Stars Surprising

from FL on wrote:

I ordered this tea thinking it sounded good. I read the description of it and it sounded good. When it arrived, I was very unhappy because it says it contains licorice root. I absolutely HATE licorice. But I had a whole tin of it, so I figured I'd make a cup and see if either of my daughters liked it. Well, they never got a sip because I drank the whole cup. It is delicious! The licorice in it is very faint, and it works with the other spices in the tea so you don't really taste licorice. It's quite surprising that one of my new favorite teas has an ingredient I absolutely hate!



from OH on wrote:

I love this Christmas Tea and drink it all winter long and then have to wait for fall to reorder. My family buys me at least one container of tea for Christmas because they know I enjoy it so much.

OMG this is TEA..must have came from heaven

5 Stars OMG this is TEA..must have came from heaven

from CA on wrote:

I pick up the tea at world Market.. with good old sugar

Love this blend...

5 Stars Love this blend...

from FL on wrote:

A couple years ago there was a special tea from Fresh Market called Holly Jolly tea & I loved it but could not find it anymore. This is almost the same, especially good if you steep it with the peppermint bark tea !! Please make available in Bulk !!

Comfort in a cup

5 Stars Comfort in a cup

from CA on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea. It is very flavorful and yet mild and smooth. The aroma is so inviting and definitely brings to mind mulled wine or cider at the holidays. I highly recommend it.

This Tea Is Wonderful!

5 Stars This Tea Is Wonderful!

from MI on wrote:

I love this tea and ordered enough to last throughout the year. During the Summer it works with lemonade as an unusual iced tea drink,

All year long!

5 Stars All year long!

from NV on wrote:

I added this to my Christmas shopping order on a whim based on the reviews. I have to say the reviews were NOT wrong. This tea is delicious!!! The mix of spices is so aromatic and flavorful I'll be ordering more and adding my hopes to the rest that this becomes a regular blend and available in bulk.

so good

5 Stars so good

from VA on wrote:

it is just delicious!! i love Downton Abbey! love the tea too. one of those teas where you put your nose into the tin & just inhale over and over. i often have 2 cups each AM. it is divine. i'm reordering it for sure. ( :


5 Stars Amazing

from TX on wrote:

This tea is amazing! I ordered myself a tin and had to order more to give out as Christmas gifts.

This is Christmas

5 Stars This is Christmas

from WA on wrote:

This is Christmas! This is the taste of Christmas. A Wonderful blend of of tea and spices.

a lovely holiday blend

5 Stars a lovely holiday blend

from CA on wrote:

I wasn't sure about the licorice in this, but actually it complements the other holiday flavors really well. The whole cup has a delicious warm scent like mulled wine, with a nice fruity base and delightful notes of spice and, of course, good black tea. My favorite of the new holiday teas!

Great tea!

5 Stars Great tea!

from TN on wrote:

I love this tea! Let it steep a few minutes and the spices in this tea are so flavorful! I can't get enough of it! I enjoy it almost just as much as the Comfort and Joy tea!!

Worth Drinking Even *Without* Wine!

5 Stars Worth Drinking Even *Without* Wine!

from MA on wrote:

I love mulling spices; I've tossed them into my teapot or mug often, especially since I should not drink alcohol because of the medications I take. This tea is a great spin on a classic 'winter' drink--I can brew this instead of throwing in chai teabags into cider; this blend is one drink I can resist putting a sip of liqueur into!

My New Favorite Tea!

5 Stars My New Favorite Tea!

from PA on wrote:

I love the Downton Abbey series and thought the ingredient mix (mulling spices) in this tea sounded really good. I was not disappointed! I normally do not like a sweet tea but this tea does have a touch of sweetness. I can taste the cinnamon and cloves but I'm thinking that touch of apple bits is the crowning glory for this tea. I will definitely be ordering more of this one. Wish they had a decaf version for late night sipping.