Gingerbread WOW!

5 Stars Gingerbread WOW!

from OK on wrote:

This tea is amazing hot or cold. I love it as much as my British Breakfast tea although it is very different. Try it and I believe you will enjoy it as much as I do. Warm, sensual, calming Gingerbread flavor. It is my everday go-to tea.

Tastes like Christmas

5 Stars Tastes like Christmas

from MD on wrote:

Like this tea. Smells & tastes like fresh gingerbread fresh from the oven.


5 Stars Yummy

from MO on wrote:

This is so yummy. Don't even need sugar. Not sweet though.

Ginger Bread Tea

5 Stars Ginger Bread Tea

from TX on wrote:

This is my second order for the tea, I ordered it last Fall too. I like the flavor, so like Christmas, and Thanksgiving with each sip.

Too sweet

3 Stars Too sweet

from FL on wrote:

I've had Gingerbread tea before with natural ingredients like beet bits to make it taste like a real gingerbread cookie. By adding Stevia, this tea is too sweet. If I want sugar, I'll add it myself. Please revised your recipe. My favorite is your Caramel Apple.

Tangy & spicy

5 Stars Tangy & spicy

from IN on wrote:

Just like gingerbread!! Great iced in the summertime, too.

Dont get the little can, GO FOR THE BULK bag!!!!!

5 Stars Dont get the little can, GO FOR THE BULK bag!!!!!

from FL on wrote:

Well, we picked this up locally during the holiday season, and literally went through it in 2 weeks as it was a HUGE hit in our family! Some like it iced, some like it hot, but we ALL LOVE IT! So, I went into full panic mode when the holidays passed and ordered the big bulk bag, and we're now on our second bag! It is the best tea! Dont hesitate to go big!

Nice flavor

4 Stars Nice flavor

from PA on wrote:

It is a bit light so look to steep longer with next cup.

Best Tea EVER

5 Stars Best Tea EVER

from NY on wrote:

I grew up with traditional Roobois and was a little skeptical about this, but it is the BEST tea I've ever had in my life. It is smooth, creamy, amazing flavor, and just makes me so excited to steep and drink a cup.

A New Favorite

5 Stars A New Favorite

from WA on wrote:

For the past four months, I've been off sugar--even the "no-calorie" sweeteners. So I was delighted with the flavor and natural sweetness of this tea. I drink it with a bit of cashew milk, and I'm very content.


5 Stars Gingerbread

from AL on wrote:

Love it ! Get more. Offer all winter, please.

Sipping Gingerbread in a Snowy day

5 Stars Sipping Gingerbread in a Snowy day

from CO on wrote:

It's back to work after the holiday, but winter is still here. I brought my new can of Gingerbread Cuppa Cake tea to add to my Wall O Tea (it is a thing) at work. Today is my first time trying it and I have to say it is so nice to drink a warm cup of delicious tea as the snow is falling down outside. The ginger is not overpowering, allowing the cinnamon to shine though. The sweetness from the vanilla really brings that cake flavor to light. It reminded me of having tea and soup at a little cafe in Grasmere near the famous Gingerbread shop.


5 Stars Delicious

from LA on wrote:

Just the right amount of ginger flavoring. Very soothing.

Gingerbread Tea

5 Stars Gingerbread Tea

from CA on wrote:

Love the taste, the gingerbread is not over powering. Will buy again.

Good, but not one of my favorites

3 Stars Good, but not one of my favorites

from NY on wrote:

I can't quite put my finger on it, but this one is not one I would get again. It's an okay cup of tea, but the taste doesn't appeal to me, though I intend to keep drinking it.


5 Stars Excellent

from SC on wrote:

I purchased this simply because of its name. It is lovely tea!

My favorite tea - EVER!

5 Stars My favorite tea - EVER!

from NC on wrote:

This is the best tea. It is like a warm cup of vanilla cinnamon. I bought the tin, then the refill pack, and am now watching to see when I can re-order this "seasonal" goody!

My all time favorite!

5 Stars My all time favorite!

from LA on wrote:

Such a warm comforting flavorful tea! It's only the beginning of March and I have to wait till September to taste it again. 😞 It should be available year round!


5 Stars whoah!

from MI on wrote:

This is quite simply the most flavorful tea I've ever tasted. I grew up eating gingersnaps and drinking Caribbean ginger beer, and this tea reminds me of ginger beer. It is a powerful combination of ginger and spice and may not be for someone who dislikes strong flavored teas. However if you are a ginger fan then I would recommend this tea. All it needs is a tad bit of sweetener and I am in heaven. No milk needed.

Best on a chilly morning!

5 Stars Best on a chilly morning!

from FL on wrote:

Love this tea--full bodied and satisfying, especially with a bit of milk.

Like a warm hug

5 Stars Like a warm hug

from CA on wrote:

This is such a satisfying tea! The warmth of the gingerbread, when paired with a dash of milk and sweetener, is more like a dessert than drink. Thank goodness it's available year-round.

Cozy, Warm, & Delicious!

5 Stars Cozy, Warm, & Delicious!

from PA on wrote:

The aroma of the tea is what initially sold me! It reminds me of a gingerbread or almost a pumpkin-like bread fresh out of the oven. It is a warm and cozy treat on cold days at the office when I need a little mental break! It has just enough ginger and cinnamon spice but is balanced nicely by the vanilla and a touch of sweetness. I absolutely LOVE this tea for Fall and Winter! It would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for a tea-lover, too.

One of My Favorites

5 Stars One of My Favorites

from NM on wrote:

This tea is one of my favorites. Solves the craving for gingerbread that I regularly have this time of year! Does not even remotely remind me of ginger beer (as another reviewer suggested); it's gingerbread in a cup! Delicious!


5 Stars Yummy

from WY on wrote:

Will be serving this to guests after holiday feasts.

Excellent flavorful tea

5 Stars Excellent flavorful tea

from MI on wrote:

This is my favorite tea currently and I think they knocked it out of the park with this one. This is the flavor of the holiday season, gingery warm and sweet without being actually sweet.

More like Gingerbeer

2 Stars More like Gingerbeer

from CA on wrote:

If you love gingerbeer this is the tea for you. Tastes nothing like gingerbread. Ton of ginger..smells carbonated. I had everyone at my holiday party smell the tea, and almost everyone agreed it smelled like a carbonated drink (popular answers were coke and gingerbeer). Not unpleasant, just nothing like gingerbread. Just one note, I drink my teas plain, no idea what it tastes like with sugar or cream.

Gingerbread Cuppa Cake® Tea Bags

5 Stars Gingerbread Cuppa Cake® Tea Bags

from CO on wrote:

I sampled this tea on a 20 degree morning after running errands in the cold for a couple of hours. It was a wonderful experience. The tea has a creamy soft feel to the mouth and the flavors are blended so well that you don't realize that the tea has multiple things going on. Just a great hot beverage, for a very cold season.

Very Muted Taste

1 Star Very Muted Taste

from NY on wrote:

I'm always iffy about these cuppa cake teas, because they're usually so sweet that I end up not liking them. This was the case with the gingerbread tea as well. I was hoping for the taste you get in a gingerbread cookie, but you're really left feeling like you're drinking sugar water, with some hints of flavor that don't develop into the gingerbread flavor.

Ginger Bread Cuppa Cake Tea

5 Stars Ginger Bread Cuppa Cake Tea

from CO on wrote:

This is my very favorite Fall/Winter tea by Republic of Tea. I order a LOT of tea from them but, so far, this is one I come back to again & again. If you haven't tried it, please do so....THE BEST! I can't live without two cups full every morning....YUM! I love their Ginger Peach for my iced tea but, when the weather is cooler, this one is GREAT!

So glad it's back!

5 Stars So glad it's back!

from CA on wrote:

I really enjoy this tea, and I was not happy when it was discontinued. Thank you for bringing it back for the holidays. Please bring it back every year so I can stock up. I love it with unsweetened almond milk. The ginger and other flavors make it perfect for warming up on a chilly day. And I like that it's a little bit sweet but not too sweet.


5 Stars Yummy

from NJ on wrote:

Got a free sample in the mail, now I'm ordering some - it's really good!


5 Stars Yummy

from WI on wrote:

So delicious. Just sweet enough, not too spicy. It's a perfect evening dessert tea.

1st red tea I ever tried

5 Stars 1st red tea I ever tried

from NY on wrote:

I got this as a sample in a catalog and was a little nervous at first because I am not a fan of ginger. I gave it a try anyway and put the bag in a cup. When I poured the hot water over it, I was immediately taken in by the scent and hen I drank it with a bit of sugar in the raw, I had to come here and get more. It is delicious and when I read about the health benefits, I was even more interested. Thank you for the sample. It's the best way to get customers.

Perfect blend

5 Stars Perfect blend

from WA on wrote:

I was a bit nervous to buy this tea as I've had bad gingerbread tea mixes in the past that just taste like cheap tea with too much fake flavoring over the top. This one, is complex and delightful. Taste reminds me of the yummy gingerbread lattes at the big coffee chain. Makes a delicious tea latte. Thank you Republic of Tea!

Tastes like Christmas!

5 Stars Tastes like Christmas!

from OH on wrote:

I was fully expecting just another ginger tea when I purchased this, wow was I wrong! This tea does indeed taste like gingerbread. It's the perfect balance of cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla. It smells like the holidays, although I have a feeling I'll be drinking this tea year round.

Hubby's fave

5 Stars Hubby's fave

from WA on wrote:

We found this tea two years ago and didn't realize it was seasonal at the time. Last fall I bought up big and gave several tins to my husband for Christmas. I'll buy more this year as well. I wish it was sold in bulk!



from TX on wrote:

First of all, I cannot believe that this is discontinued. I get that it may be a seasonal offering but this tea is perfection. Warm, sweet, aromatic, slightly sweet and just a pleasure to drink. I make it buy the pitcher for a refreshing drink during the day and serve it warm for a nice treat after dinner. I really hope this tea will return.

My Very Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Very Favorite Tea

from NC on wrote:

This is a wonderful tea. It tastes like ginger snaps and is warm and comforting. I love a cup each night before bed. It reminds me of Christmas and cozy winter nights. My only complaint is that it is offered as 36 in the tin only. So I've had to stock up.

way too much stevia

3 Stars way too much stevia

from CA on wrote:

In theory, this is like "Dream by the Fire" with some added ginger, which I am all for. In reality, the stevia totally eclipses the ginger, and leaves an unpleasant taste that I just couldn't love. If you love stevia, give it a try, but if you're like me go for the older blend and just add some ginger yourself.