Sad the season has passed!!

5 Stars Sad the season has passed!!

from TX on wrote:

THIS is my favorite tea! I had planned to buy the bulk package since I discovered this delicious, comforting tea. I am SO sad I have to wait until next year. Hopefully, I can find some at my local grocery.

Best Holiday Tea

5 Stars Best Holiday Tea

from MI on wrote:

I was looking for a holiday tea as gifts and also for myself and family. I read the reviews and decided to take a chance. Oh my, what a wonderful tea. Plan on purchasing much much more.!!!! This tea is mellow and smooth and harmoniously layered with spices that come together on the palate so well. You'll never get tired of this tea.!!!!

simply delicious!!

5 Stars simply delicious!!

from WI on wrote:

I make this tea with cranberry blood orange tea 1 tea bag of each in 4 cups water then sweetened with stevia. Let cool and serve over ice. Delicious.

Fantastic herbal tea!

5 Stars Fantastic herbal tea!

from TX on wrote:

This is my new favorite tea and I’ve already ordered more...I wish it was available throughout the year.

Cranberry Spice Hibiscus- Pure Bliss!

5 Stars Cranberry Spice Hibiscus- Pure Bliss!

from GA on wrote:

When I first tried this rich red exotic tea, I was immediately taken by an all- consuming pleasure that took away my stress for awhile and left an aftertaste that made me excited about the next sip!!! I like, maybe even Love a lot of teas, but this tea is , without exception, the most exciting and addictive-the most instantly gratifying-and my best friend for the rest of my life! ( I wish it weren’t seasonal!!)

this is my favorite tea

5 Stars this is my favorite tea

from WI on wrote:

I love this tea in the fall and winter. my family members ask for it when they visit my home. It is a woderful tea at Christmas time. The aroma is like a holiday smell.

Great taste!

5 Stars Great taste!

from VA on wrote:

This tea has an amazingly interesting taste. A little sweet and a little spicy without too much of either. I am so glad it is available again--it was a long summer without it!

Heart- warming and reliable!

5 Stars Heart- warming and reliable!

from GA on wrote:

The description of the tea sounded nice so I tried it. But nice turned into wonderful and amazing which became an obsession!! I am begging you(on my knees) to PLEASE make this tea available year round!! It always makes me happy and peaceful and grounded! I look forward to it everyday!! But It's been awhile since I've had any and must wait for Sept to order more! I can't wait!

Love this tea -- all time favorite

5 Stars Love this tea -- all time favorite

from FL on wrote:

First came the sample, then the first can, then I started drinking it every day and had to have it!!!! Finally ordered the big bag, figured when it was getting low I would order some more. Why, oh why, would you only sell this part of the year? I try other teas, but they are just not this one. I have given many friends some to try and they love it too. Can hardly wait until September. Can you give a little notice or something when you are going to stop certain teas so we can stock up before it runs out for the season? Please. Love this stuff. Even made pitchers of this last summer -- makes great ice tea too.

A split personality tea

5 Stars A split personality tea

from CA on wrote:

In the winter, this is a fabulous pick-me-up, with the bright flavor of cranberries and the mellow spice finish. In the summer, though, it's so refreshing as an iced tea. My dad loves it too as a newer tea drinker.

Super tea!

5 Stars Super tea!

from SC on wrote:

I'm running out of this amazing tea. I drink it every day! My bag of 250 tea bags is just about gone so I thought I'd order some more. I'm really sorry to hear that I can't order it until September!!!

The Holidays in a glass

5 Stars The Holidays in a glass

from CA on wrote:

Upon drinking the first (and already second) glass of this, it was necessary to get right to The Republic of Tea to order in bulk. The aroma and the taste completely capture the season. It's like Christmas in a glass (simple refrigerator iced tea in this case) reminiscent of gingerbread cake and other childhood memories.

Nurse Kathy

5 Stars Nurse Kathy

from OH on wrote:

This the best tea ever. Was so good that I ordered 2 more canisters.


5 Stars Delicious!

from TX on wrote:

Even though it is almost impossible to choose a favorite among these teas offered by this company I have to say this is in the top ten! So good and tasty!

Cranberry Spice Hibiscus

5 Stars Cranberry Spice Hibiscus

from OH on wrote:

I got a sample of this tea last season and have waited all year for it to come back in stock. I ordered the 36 bag tin & the 250 count refill. It is so delicious I want to make sure I have enough for the Fall and Winter seasons this year. Spicy, tart and floral. I like mine with a little honey.

Hibiscus Cranberry

5 Stars Hibiscus Cranberry

from MO on wrote:

First cool fall day and sipping this tea made it perfect! Naturally sweet with just the right amount of tang. Smelling the aroma of this tea is almost as enjoyable as drinking it! Love, love, love!

I could drink this every day of the year

5 Stars I could drink this every day of the year

from VA on wrote:

This is by far my favorite tea. The cranberry is refreshing and the spicy finish is perfect on a crisp fall day.

Seasonal flavors

4 Stars Seasonal flavors

from MI on wrote:

I liked this tea though it is a tad astringent, appropriate for the cranberry flavor.

Absolutely delicious!

5 Stars Absolutely delicious!

from CO on wrote:

My favorite tea of all time. Buy it before it's gone--you will not be disappointed!

Amazing, unique tea

5 Stars Amazing, unique tea

from OK on wrote:

This is one of those rare treats that is good for you and tastes good. Hope you consider offering this one year round.

Best Holiday Tea

5 Stars Best Holiday Tea

from IN on wrote:

This is the best holiday tea I have ever tried. Great spice blend with a shot of cranberry. With the extreme low caffeine content, this is a great evening sipping tea.


5 Stars FANTASTIC!!!

from NY on wrote:

My order came in yesterday. Today I tried the new cranberry spice hibiscus. It blew my socks off!! Omg, what a wonderful freshing tea!! So fruity & love the tart from the cranberries. I love fruited teas. Love hibiscus. I love your holiday teas. This is now on the top of the list. I hope you will bring out more teas in single cup.

Perfect flavor.

5 Stars Perfect flavor.

from VA on wrote:

Received a sample tea bag in my mail order catalogue. My mom opened the envelop and you could just about taste the perfect cup of tea from the aroma. My mom made a cup of tea, we split it as she drinks it plain and I add a little it sweet. Delicious

unexpectedly delicious!

5 Stars unexpectedly delicious!

from NH on wrote:

I wasn't sure about this one, but it came with an assortment and I'm glad I tried it! Sweet, bright flavors with a bit of cranberry tang. Perfect for an evening cup, no caffeine to keep one awake.

My new favorite tea for fall

5 Stars My new favorite tea for fall

from GA on wrote:

This tea is the perfect marriage of my old fall favorite (cardamom cinnamon) with my year round favorite (hibiscus) plus a bit of cranberry. Wonderful!

So good!

5 Stars So good!

from TX on wrote:

This was received as a sample and I am very pleased with the flavor - spice flavor but not overwhelming. I also love that it is naturally caffeine free. It is on my buy list.

This is good! no licorice, no stevia...

4 Stars This is good! no licorice, no stevia...

from CT on wrote:

no licorice, no stevia = no bad taste lingering long after the tea is sipped. 2 ingredients that should be banned from all herbal blends in my humble opinion! so, this Hibiscus blend is a keeper (unlike the other Hibiscus offering on this site which had great potential until ruined by the aftertaste.)


5 Stars THE BEST!

from TX on wrote:

Relaxing, soothing, and so tasty! I'm SOLD 4 life!


5 Stars Yummmmmm

from CA on wrote:

This is possibility one of the best teas ive ever had. I got the sample and im hooked!

Truely Cranberry Spice and Everything Nice

5 Stars Truely Cranberry Spice and Everything Nice

from CA on wrote:

I really like this tea, it is a little tart, I love that about it. The tartness balances the usual sweetness of the hibiscus tea, which I usually find too sweet. This one is on my re-order list

delicious for red tea

5 Stars delicious for red tea

from OH on wrote:

I am not a fan of most red teas but i found this one to be good. it is not a heavy spice tea either so the fruit really stands out.


5 Stars Amazing

from IL on wrote:

This is my favorite new tea... I received a sample in the mail and found a tin in my local grocery store. Now I'm recommending it to everyone I know... sooo yummy!

I Really Like This!

5 Stars I Really Like This!

from MN on wrote:

This tea is very tasty. The flavor is wonderful. It is slightly sour, I do like to add a touch of honey to it. I think I may try adding some sort of spice or cinnamon tea to this one for a nice combination. It brews up a beautiful mauve or reddish pink color. I use a larger or regular size coffee mug and I like to brew mine with two tea bags.