I seldom write reviews

5 Stars I seldom write reviews

from OH on wrote:

I don't have time to write reviews, but if this review helps ONE person, then I have done well. THIS TEA IS AMAZING! So, yes, I will take the time to share my opinion. I am a doubter about products promoting their attributes; however, this Hi-Caf tea IS all it says it is. I CAN tell a boost of focus and energy with it, even on the days when work has given me little sleep. It IS better than coffee. And the flavor of this cinnamon is soooo good. This specific hot tea starts my day off GREAT. I highly recommend it, if you're looking for an extra umph on some days.

Turned me into a tea person!

5 Stars Turned me into a tea person!

from OH on wrote:

I've been a heavy coffee drinker (3-5 cups a day) for many years, but recently coffee has been making me jittery and upsetting my stomach. I initially tried switching to regular teas but my caffeine tolerance is so high that they weren't really making me feel any less sleepy. I tried out several of the Hi Caf teas and WOW I am sold. They make me feel just as awake as my cup of coffee would, but in a much more pleasant way. Instead of feeling energized in mind-racing, jittery way like I sometimes would with coffee, this tea makes me feel awake and focused. Additionally, the cinnamon toast tea is my favorite tea I've ever tasted! I've never minded the taste of tea before, but I had never found a tea that I actively looked forward to drinking. This tea has a pretty strong flavor and tastes a lot like apple cider which I love! I tried three of the other Hi Caf tea flavors (pom-berry, coconut, and breakfast) and although all tasted decent, the cinnamon toast is by far my favorite. It does have stevia in it, but I have no issues with that and honestly think it adds a lot to the taste. Overall, this was such a good purchase, and it has officially converted me from a coffee drinker to a tea drinker!

Delicious and lovely, with just the right kick!

5 Stars Delicious and lovely, with just the right kick!

from NY on wrote:

This tea is amazing. Smooth drinking, wonderful scent, tastes like cinnamon toast crunch, not to mention the HiCaf kick that gets me going every time! Highly delicious and recommended.

Stimulating and spicy

5 Stars Stimulating and spicy

from PA on wrote:

This is by far the best-tasting of all the hi-caf teas the Republic offers and one of my favorites. It delivers a wake-up punch that beats coffee, along with a yummy cinnamon kick. Some sippers are bothered by the stevia, but I usually add a touch of stevia to my morning mug, so it saves me that step. I sometimes like to use one bag of hi-caf cinnamon and one bag of an unflavored black tea in a large mug for a more robust tea flavor.

Great way to start the morning!

5 Stars Great way to start the morning!

from IN on wrote:

I really enjoy this tea! Sometimes my stomach isn’t up for coffee and this tea never upsets my stomach. It is delicious!!

Cinnamon-y zip

5 Stars Cinnamon-y zip

from OK on wrote:

I ordered the traveler's tin size of this tea to try at first because I wasn't sure how it would go over. I am pretty sensitive to caffeine so this wouldn't be a tea I can drink every morning--that being said, I really liked the cinnamon toast flavor! I primarily had my boyfriend in mind, because he's a caffeine hound. He drinks multiple mugs of coffee throughout the day, he does like tea but it doesn't tend to have as much caffeine zip that he "needs". It went over great, he loves the flavor and he went through the samples so fast...he's has officially requested the large tin.

My New Favorite!

5 Stars My New Favorite!

from CA on wrote:

I like cinnamon toast and I like tea and this is an awesome match up! Plus the extra caffeine kick works for me in the morning.

Tasty, and seems to do the trick

5 Stars Tasty, and seems to do the trick

from NY on wrote:

Tastes good, makes me feel awake without the acidity (and heartburn) of coffee. I'm okay with the stevia sweetening.

I love this tea

5 Stars I love this tea

from FL on wrote:

I think this is among the best teas. It has a great taste, not too overwhelming. always a pleasure to drink. Eagerly awaited.



from CA on wrote:

Wow I love this tea I added a little sugar free hazelnut cream and wow just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch highest taste quality!!! does not compare to grocery store bought $3 black tea that I would buy not even close to the race!!!! I’m new to buying tea here and this is just great I ordered this and another item on Tuesday and it came on Friday today! Wow they are quick and not only that I love how this website is set up and the tea packaging down to the slightest detail! Just wow and even the tracking and everything! I am new to republic of tea and i plan on staying for a long time! Amazing job republic of tea, gained a new customer! Must try for black tea drinkers

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from WI on wrote:

Love this tea! Tastes great truly clears my mind! I always buy a large bag 250

Replaced my coffee!

5 Stars Replaced my coffee!

from NH on wrote:

At first I didn't know what to think of this tea but it really grew on me! I wanted to give up coffee because of the unhealthy way I drink it. I didn't want to get the withdrawals from switching from coffee to tea and those bad headaches. But thankfully, with this high caf tea, no headaches! Its been a pretty smooth process. This has a buttery flavor w/ cinnamon almost like toast. I really do enjoy it every morning w/ a splash of non-dairy milk and some stevia.

Cinnamon Toasty Goodness!

5 Stars Cinnamon Toasty Goodness!

from NV on wrote:

I love hiCaf teas!! I mix (2) bags of Cinnamon Toast hiCaf with (1) bag of the seasonal gingerbread. I also use it to tone down some of the tumeric/spicier teas so that I can get my caffeine in as well as the various health benefits that the herbal teas offer!

Just ok

3 Stars Just ok

from OH on wrote:

I was disappointed when I realized this tea had an artificial sweetner in it. I love the cinnamon toast flavor of this tea, I just prefer to sweeten (or not sweeten) it myself.

Wonderful flavor

5 Stars Wonderful flavor

from IL on wrote:

Tried this tea a few years ago and it quickly became my favorite tea. I have a cup almost every day. Very tasty!

Love Hi Caf Cinnamon Toast

5 Stars Love Hi Caf Cinnamon Toast

from NC on wrote:

I have been looking for a coffee creamer that allows me to enjoy my coffee while still keeping the sugar content at a minimum. With two tablespoons of coffee creamer in two cups of black coffee each morning I was consuming 20 grams of sugar and 140 calories before breakfast. I Love the cinnamon, caramel, and almond flavors of this tea and the stevia gives it the perfect amount of sweetness! Throw in the green tea extract and I feel I finally have a healthy alternative to coffee that I can look forward to drinking every morning! Thanks Republic of Tea!

Replacing My Coffee!

5 Stars Replacing My Coffee!

from NC on wrote:

I love everything about this tea! I have tried for years to find coffee creamer that has a hint of sweetness without chemicals and added calories, I found my answer! I am switching to this Tea and skippingbthe coffee! Love love! Thank You Republic of Tea!

1 Bag Only

4 Stars 1 Bag Only

from MA on wrote:

So I usually put two tea bags in my tea because I like my tea strong. That was a bad idea with this one. It created an extremely bitter aftertaste like eating pure cinnamon. I then tried it with one tea bag and it was much better. If you get that bitter aftertaste at all, just add some more water and eventually you'll find that point where it stops. I feel like this would be great with cream and maybe a little sugar as well, haven't tried that yet though.

Avoid if you don't want really sweet and unpleasant caramel flavors

2 Stars Avoid if you don't want really sweet and unpleasant caramel flavors

from CO on wrote:

I had hoped to love this tea, as I am partial to any teas with cinnamon and extra caffeine is a plus. I should have looked at the ingredient list before purchasing, though, as the fact that it is sweetened would have been enough to turn me away. It just seems to be overly flavored with too many different flavors.

My morning cup of tea!

5 Stars My morning cup of tea!

from FL on wrote:

I have been drinking Hi-Caf Tea for over a year now. It is my one cup of caffeine since I gave up coffee. I also gave up milk and sugar, which I used in my coffee, and don't need at all in my tea! I love all the flavors too!

My new FAVORITE tea!

5 Stars My new FAVORITE tea!

from OR on wrote:

I bought your Cinnamon Toast Black tea in a mark-down section of our local Safeway store. I'd never tried any of your teas, but liked the idea of black tea with extra caffeine, and I love cinnamon toast, too. I'm not one that likes additives/flavors in my teas or coffees. I am pleasantly surprised to find I love your tea! I'm sad to say, Safeway no longer carries it, I'll have to order online now. But it's so worth it!

My morning cup!

5 Stars My morning cup!

from FL on wrote:

I'm hooked on these Hi-Caf Teas since I don't drink coffee. These are a must for that first cup!


5 Stars Rating

from NE on wrote:

I been drinking coffee with cream and sugar for years. Need to eliminate so trying flavored teas so not add extras in

My every morning tea

5 Stars My every morning tea

from NH on wrote:

I love it. Period!

Favorite tea

5 Stars Favorite tea

from IL on wrote:

Excellent taste. I've tried many of the teas and this one is my favorite.


5 Stars Yummy!

from CA on wrote:

My new favorite actually does taste like cinnamon toast, and the extra caffeine is an added benefit!

My husband loves it

5 Stars My husband loves it

from LA on wrote:

This is my husband's favorite tea. He thinks it's great and he says he has greater mental clarity after drinking this tea vs. coffee.

Cinnamon Toast Hi-Caf Tea

5 Stars Cinnamon Toast Hi-Caf Tea

from OH on wrote:

Of all the Hi Caf Teas in the Republic Tea Company, the Cinnamon Toast Tea is my favorite! It is a great wake up tea in the morning and now I buy the 250 count bag, I do drink the Coconut and the Carmel Hi Caf Tea, but the first mug of tea in the morning is Cinnamon Toast. I also bought the little tongs to take out the tea bag, very nice. The best buy I really enjoy is the 6 count tea caddy that fits on the back of my stove.

Love This Tea!

5 Stars Love This Tea!

from LA on wrote:

I love this tea so much that I buy this tea in bulk. My fiance and I drink it almost every morning, he was an avid coffee drinker till he tried this tea. Hope this tea is around for a long time.

love it

5 Stars love it

from OK on wrote:

Cinnamon isn't overpowering, and the caffeine level is great.

Best way to start your day

5 Stars Best way to start your day

from FL on wrote:

I love the taste of this tea. no need to get used to it, it tastes great right from the start.

Not quite what I expected

2 Stars Not quite what I expected

from NJ on wrote:

This tea has a wonderful aroma and pleasant taste until the stevia it contains hits. I really didn't appreciate the unexpected addition of stevia to the tea. Shame on me, I suppose, for not having read the ingredients before ordering. Live and learn, but honestly, I can sweeten my tea myself, to suit my own taste, which definitely does not include stevia.

Way too much apple flavor

1 Star Way too much apple flavor

from CA on wrote:

I really like cinnamon tea but this is not at all like cinnamon toast. Too much apple flavor. Sometimes less is more.

Excellent Hi Tec Tea

5 Stars Excellent Hi Tec Tea

from CA on wrote:

This is an excellent tasting and great high caffeine tea. Had I'd known it was going to be so good, I would have bought them in the larger quantity bags! We love this tea, its flavor is exquisitely tasty with just the right hint of vanilla that comes through in cinnamon flavor.

Connecticut Tea sipper

5 Stars Connecticut Tea sipper

from CT on wrote:

Great flavored tea and will definitely purchase again..

Love the Cinnamon High Caf!

5 Stars Love the Cinnamon High Caf!

from AL on wrote:

I enjoy the Cinnamon Toast High Caf! It's my new favorite for starting my day!

Too Strong

3 Stars Too Strong

from VA on wrote:

I do love a cinnamon tea, but I like it to be cut with something like Vanilla or a fruit. The flavor of this tea was too spicy on its own-although the caffeine boost was there!

tastes great

5 Stars tastes great

from IN on wrote:

Does the job and doubles as an air freshener! Seriously, this smells so good.

Love this

5 Stars Love this

from WY on wrote:

This is like having the subtle taste of cinnamon toast on your tongue. Very good. Also, I was feeling very crappy one day and felt much better after drinking this. Perhaps the caffeine, but I feel like it cleared my head.


5 Stars Perfect!

from NY on wrote:

My daughter had me try this tea. Now, I drink it daily and signed up for auto delivery so I will not run out. It is delicious hot, lukewarm, and cold. The sweetness is just right. Yum :-)

Would be MUCH better without the Stevia

2 Stars Would be MUCH better without the Stevia

from CA on wrote:

Like other reviewers, the Stevia put me off this tea. It has a really noticeable chemical taste that ruins what would otherwise be a pretty great tea. Please make this one without Stevia! I can add a little honey or sugar if I want it sweetened.

Great flavor and caffeine boost!

5 Stars Great flavor and caffeine boost!

from MO on wrote:

I was a little skeptical about how strong this might be, but I was not disappointed! The flavor and aroma are fantastic, very satisfying.

I've tried them all...

5 Stars I've tried them all...

from TX on wrote:

This one is the best. I'm addicted. Has the most warming, light cinnamon flavor...perfection!!

Just sweet enough

5 Stars Just sweet enough

from FL on wrote:

Tastes just like a hint of the perfect cinnamon toast. Amazing. This tea helped me quit coffee, and keeps me off it. My new morning routine. Gotta love it.

Love the flavor, but not the stevia

3 Stars Love the flavor, but not the stevia

from NY on wrote:

The flavor is great, but I don't like the stevia at all. Stevia tastes chemical-y to me, and makes me slightly queasy. This would be fantastic without it.

Stevia ruins it

2 Stars Stevia ruins it

from WI on wrote:

When I made the tea, it smelled great, and the first sip was good, but after that I started to taste the stevia. It was awkwardly sweet and it just ruined the rest of the tea. I tried to cover it up with a cinnamon stick but it still just didn't taste good. I'm a college student who needs to be up late so I need caffeine, but I hate coffee, but this is worse. If I make it, I choke it down really fast. I drink it by need, not by want.

Dessert and tea all in one cup!

5 Stars Dessert and tea all in one cup!

from TX on wrote:

I could swear it tastes like there is a piece of cinnamon toast somewhere in my cup (I almost feel guilty drinking it because I am on a wheat free diet). My daughter even walked over and said it smelled like I had a cinnamon roll on my desk. I was worried that a hi-caf tea would make me anxious or shaky but I didn't have any adverse affects at all. I do sip my tea and don't drink it all at once though. I absolutely love it! :)

Sweet, Spicy, and has a caffeine kick!

5 Stars Sweet, Spicy, and has a caffeine kick!

from CO on wrote:

When you first open this tea, the smell is HEAVENLY, a soft cinnamon smell wafts up, and you detect a hint of sweetness in the smell. When you TASTE this tea, it MATCHES the smell!! The taste is FABULOUS! It is sweetened with Stevia, so if you don't like sweetened tea, this is NOT for you. The blend of spices and teas is perfect, the cinnamon doesn't overwhelm the senses, and the tea tastes great hot OR cold!! I'm on my second batch of 50, and it is my favorite tea so far!

Too sweet

3 Stars Too sweet

from AL on wrote:

Really nice flavour but far too sweet.

It's like drinking french toast

5 Stars It's like drinking french toast

from MN on wrote:

I bough this tea because hey, High Caf! But it's a really nice taste as well. Every time I drink it, I have French toast pop into my head. The tea is a bit sweet and I'm enjoying it very much.

Wonderful Taste!

5 Stars Wonderful Taste!

from TX on wrote:

Love the taste of this tea; I received it as a sample and then ordered some more in a 12-tea sampler pack. Since I really like my coffee in the morning, I have to watch when I drink this tea because of the high caffeine. I wish Republic of Tea would make the same flavor in a regular black tea so it doesn't have so much caffeine because the taste (and smell) is luscious!!

Take the stevia out

2 Stars Take the stevia out

from IN on wrote:

Coffee makes me jittery and this tea did not. Stevia turns my stomach and leaves an aftertaste. I think this would have been really great without the sweetness added. Everyone has their favorite sweeteners at home - do you really need to add it to a the tea?

Unsweetened version, please?

4 Stars Unsweetened version, please?

from MD on wrote:

Got a sample in my catalog. Great scent, nice taste if it weren't for the stevia, the extra caffeine is lovely. I'd absolutely buy this if I could just sweeten it (or not) myself.

Not as sweet as I was expecting

4 Stars Not as sweet as I was expecting

from CA on wrote:

I enjoyed this tea, but I think I've been spoiled by the Downton Abbey Christmas blend and Breakfast blend, the chai, pumpkin spice, apple cider, etc. -- all of which I absolutely love. I like this, I just don't love it. I wonder if it would make good bulletproof tea since the addition of butter would make it seem more like cinnamon toast? Just a thought.

Could have been a 5 star but...

4 Stars Could have been a 5 star but...

from UT on wrote:

I received this tea as a sample with the last catalog and was super excited to try it. I finally opened it up this rainy morning at work when I was starting to drag, and it smells SO good. I opted to try it without milk. This tea is sweet, mellow, and cinnamony, with a slight hint of apple cider flavors. It really boosted my energy without the jitters. The only thing that brings it down a star is the Stevia. There's an artificial aftertaste that lingers a bit, and I'd rather have plain tea that I could sweeten myself if desired, than one with a sweetener already in it. The plus side is, is that at least the stevia isn't one of those horrible artificial sweeteners that are snuck into basically every food item on the market anymore... It would definitely be a solid 5 star without the sweetener.

Oh my goodness!

5 Stars Oh my goodness!

from OR on wrote:

I love this tea! It is so buttery, nice cinnamon flavor and carries a lovely punch of caffeine! I got this as a sample with my catalog and oh man, I rushed to buy!

Made me sick

1 Star Made me sick

from VA on wrote:

I got this as a sample in the catalogue (which was nice, I always love trying new things) but the amount of caffeine really made me sick. I felt nauseated and jittery for about an hour and could not even finish my tea. Also, the stevia in the tea makes it very sweet and I personally don't like to sweeten my teas. I'm a huge fan of ROTs Matcha Green tea, it gives me just enough "boost" to start my day. Moral of the story: if you're sensitive to caffeine, this might be too much for you.

Coffee Replacement

5 Stars Coffee Replacement

from OH on wrote:

Wow this stuff is great! Tastes just like mildly sweetened coffee! I can see this replacing my morning tall dark roast from that big coffee retailer.

Way too sweet

3 Stars Way too sweet

from MI on wrote:

I was super excited to try this tea that I received a sample of. Was looking for a caffeine boost after lunch on a rainy day so I made a cup. Good cinnamon toast flavor, but WAY TOO SWEET. I tried but I just couldn't choke it down. I loved the cinnamon toast flavor, but can't stand sweet tea and this is beyond sweet. Think I will try some of the higher caffeine teas minus the stevia.


5 Stars YUM!!

from PA on wrote:

This is my new favorite of the Hi Caf teas! The flavor is wonderful, with a sweet aftertaste. Not so caffeinated that I was up all night, but just enough to help me through the afternoon!


5 Stars Excellent

from OH on wrote:

I just received a sample of cinnamon toast black tea in the mail. I just love it. My next order will also include this wonderful tea!

A Extra Step to my Day!

5 Stars A Extra Step to my Day!

from WA on wrote:

After trying so many teas like this, I was a skeptic. But ROT sent me a sample so I tried it this morning. Wow! Taste is awesome, gave me a jolt and I feel like I just had breakfast! I am a diabetic 2, so I have to watch what I take into my body. So far, I don't have a spike in my sugar and that is always a great thing. I have been a customer of Republic of Tea since the early 90's. Have no plans on quitting now. When we open up our gift boutique, The Republic of Teas will be the ONLY tea on our shelves. Five starts all the way!

Best Tea i ever had

5 Stars Best Tea i ever had

from CA on wrote:

Super good with a little almond milk. Addictive like crack. I'm spoiled for other teas now.

Great Jump Start

5 Stars Great Jump Start

from TN on wrote:

Got this as a sample w/my last order. Just the perfect blend of cinnamon and sweetness. A smooth glide to a morning wake-up. Permanently on my list of favorites.


5 Stars SOOO GOOD!

from CA on wrote:

I was happily surprised at the first sip and it got better and better! Got as sample and will definitely buy some. The stevia didn't overwhelm me and I didn't get jittery.



from IL on wrote:

I received this as a sample and had to order it immediately! This is very yummy. because I have Celiac, I can only digest Gluten free drinks and food. I have missed cinnamon toast for years, This was sweetened with stevia, a natural healthy sweetener, making it delicious and calorie free. It brought back pleasant memories of cinnamon toast, and woke me up for the day! I cant wait for this to come in the mail!


5 Stars Amazing!!!

from IL on wrote:

I ordered this with the 24 sampler pack. Out of 3 different HiCaf teas I ordered along with it, it was the one I was least looking forward to try. I wasn't sure if I would like it based on the mixed reviews. Let me tell you, I made this at work and within minutes everyone was asking me what I was drinking. It seriously filled my work environment with happy curiosity. But the smell was nothing compared to the taste! I didn't notice the sweetener, the so called "odd flavors" others have mentioned, but my palate has never been as acute as others. Don't know if that's a good thing or bad! LOL! To me, it really did smell and taste like cinnamon toast with a subtle, buttery undertone. It's definitely going to be included with my next order.

So yucky!

1 Star So yucky!

from WY on wrote:

I love most of the hicaf teas...look so forward to the toasted coconut especially, so I was jazzed to try this. In a word...yuck. Just yuck. Weird flavors, not the cinnamon I was expecting. I could barely choke down a cup and gave the rest away.


5 Stars delicious

from NY on wrote:

Received this tea as a sample and it is awesome! I didn't even realize it has stevia in it until I read other reviews. I have used stevia before and don't really like it, but in this tea blend I didn't even taste it...I will be buying a refill bag :)


2 Stars Bizarre

from MI on wrote:

I received a sample of this tea with my order. I agree with the other reviewers who didn't like the stevia. I can barely tolerate regular sugar-sweetened tea, but this was in a league of its own. The stevia was the first flavor to hit my palate while drinking this tea, and boy was it strong. It was a chore to drink. Strangely, I found the initial aftertaste of the tea better than the flavor while drinking. The aftertaste was pleasantly reminiscent of maple syrup-coated french toast, but the regular flavor was peculiarly a lot like blackberry leaves generously dusted with obviously-not-sugar plus some cinnamon. There are no blackberry leaves in this product. They're usually reserved for fruity teas, which is what made the approximated flavor so out of place in a cinnamon toast tea. As much as I appreciated the initial aftertaste, it has lingered in my mouth for four and a half hours now (as of this review), gradually tasting more and more sour, much like the sourness of hibiscus.


5 Stars YUMM!

from CA on wrote:

I steep this in the morning with a little bit of raw sugar..I pour over ice with vanilla soy milk.. W.O.W!!

Loose the stevia

3 Stars Loose the stevia

from OR on wrote:

I received a sample of this and was thrilled to try it! Smell and taste are good but I didn't like the stevia. I do use stevia in iced tea, etc. and sugar in most hot teas. I know you were probably blending the tea to have the right sweetness for the flavor but I would like to choose the level of sweetness for myself. Thanks for a fun and interesting tea!


5 Stars Cinnamony!

from MO on wrote:

I have very little sense of smell so often what I taste is different than what other people taste. That being said this tea was delicious. I love the strong cinnamon flavor and it's got a salty/sweet tone to it. I generally always add sweetener to tea because I'm a fat kid but I don't need it to enjoy this tea. It's a hit with my workmates; this office runs on java usually but it has enough perk they don't need to rely on coffee. I'll get them ordering regularly from the Republic in no time at all :)

Cinnamon yum!

5 Stars Cinnamon yum!

from WI on wrote:

Cinnamon and butter

Apple not cinnamon

1 Star Apple not cinnamon

from OH on wrote:

I was very disappointed in this tea. I was expecting a strong cinnamon flavor instead apple dominated. Also I didn't realize that a sweetener (stevia) was added to the tea. I prefer to taste the tea and not the sweetness.

My New Favorite!

5 Stars My New Favorite!

from MO on wrote:

this is absolutely delicious. Tastes like the french toast I make for breakfast. I'm also happy this is a better alternative to coffee. I love the extra boost of caffeine for mornings, now I'm hoping for a caffeine free version for night!

It could be better....

2 Stars It could be better....

from GA on wrote:

Upon opening this tea it smells amazing! After brewing it smells even better, just like real cinnamon toast. It almost tastes just like real cinnamon toast too. But.... Like most others I have to agree that the stevia really needs to go... It adds a really bad aftertaste. I would much rather have the choice to add my own sweetener to this and get rid of the stevia. But the tea is not terrible it is actually quite good aside from the stevia. And I absolutely love the caffeine buzz I get from this tea. I was a bit worried with the caffeine content since I am pretty sensitive to caffeine. But it gave me really great non jittery energy for hours!! I would certainly repurchase this if they got rid of the stevia, if not I don't think I would buy this again.

so glad I ordered a sample

1 Star so glad I ordered a sample

from NH on wrote:

The stevia overpowers any of the cinnamon flavor. So disappointed. It sounded delicious.


5 Stars Yum!!

from PA on wrote:

So good! I love this tea and will absolutely be ordering more in the future. It tastes so good, I don't know about it waking me up but it is delicious!

No more coffee

5 Stars No more coffee

from OK on wrote:

I love this tea so much. I enjoy coffee but it tears up my stomach. I have switched to this Cinnamon Toast HiCaf and it works so much better without making me sick. I love the spicy kick with just a touch of sweetener, nothing else. It really does remind me of cinnamon toast that I had as a child. Thanks for improving quality of life RoT!

Deliciously Satisfying

5 Stars Deliciously Satisfying

from CA on wrote:

I just got my shipment of this tea yesterday and I have to say that for my morning tea ritual it really hit the spot. It has just a hint of sweetness from the stevia and that perfect cinnamon-y flavor to make me feel like i'm having either french toast or a cinnamon bun for breakfast. I tend to be pretty sensitive to caffeine, but this tea did not leave me with any jitters. I felt alert and good after drinking this tea. I can't wait to try the other flavors!



from CA on wrote:

After 30 years of drinking coffee, I made the switch to tea. I'm so sick of coffee! How can you get sick of so many tea flavors? This one doesn't disappoint! It's hearty and tasty! If I feel like a little bit of a snack I drink any of the HiCAF teas and feel energized and not hungry anymore. I love all of your teas especially the caramel and this one! Thank you for making such fabulous flavors!


1 Star meh

from NY on wrote:

I'm highly dissatisfied with this tea. I find it really bitter (if I knew you added stevia to it I would've never bought it in the first place) Milk may help this tea but I'm not one to put milk in my tea.. I'm writing this off as money wasted at this point.


5 Stars YUM!

from CA on wrote:

I just tried this new blend at the Specialty Food Trade Show last week- it is SO good! I can't wait until it starts shipping in February so I can order! I also really love your company's HiCAF flavors, it's really helped me switch from Diet Coke for my caffeine because it's so much healthier but provides the same energy boost I need during my day.