SOO Good!

5 Stars SOO Good!

from CA on wrote:

This is one my favorite teas of all time and it is so unique. I haven't found anything similar from any other vendor. I am glad to see it available on the site again! It is a bit reminiscent of the Downton Abbey pudding tea, except the sweetness of the delicious black tea comes from honey instead of a pudding flavor. I am a big fan of the honey taste that RoT uses in honey flavored teas and this one is no exception. I love that it is available in a black tea that tastes so heavenly with a splash of milk. Please keep this available!

The Best tea ever

5 Stars The Best tea ever

from GA on wrote:

I have been drinking this tea for several years. As a avid tea drinker, I can honestly say that it is the BEST tea I have ever tasted. It is soothing when you are not feeling well with a cold and it is wonderful to drink daily. My only complaint, is that it is not sold in a larger amounts. I often use a tea bag of this tea twice which diminished the flavor. Could you sell it larger amounts or in bulk. Everyone that I serve it to just loves it.


5 Stars YUM!

from CA on wrote:

One of the best teas I have ever tasted.


5 Stars honey!

from TX on wrote:

I love the honey flavor in this tea. No need for a sweetener.

Butler's Blend

5 Stars Butler's Blend

from IL on wrote:

I have almost all of the Downton Abbey teas. This one is my favorite. It's absolutely delicious. I have tried several honey type teas before (different brands) and they've tasted artificial - this tea tastes like it has real honey in it. The description of this tea on the tin is SPOT ON. Of course, like others, I'm upset I can't buy it directly from this site and I will be sad to see this limited time tea go. I will enjoy it as long as I can!

Unexpectedly good

5 Stars Unexpectedly good

from VA on wrote:

I got this as part of a boxed set with the Pudding Pie tea, which was the one I was initially interested in getting. I had thought that this one would either be uninteresting and flavorless, or that the honey flavoring would make it too sweet. I was surprised to find that this was my favorite of the two! The honey is flavorful without being cloying. I would definitely buy this again.