Very tasty....

5 Stars Very tasty....

from WA on wrote:

I just received my order today along with my pitcher set...this flavor is exceptional (a little Stevia and I'm in love!).

Sonoma Chardonnay Iced Tea

5 Stars Sonoma Chardonnay Iced Tea

from GA on wrote:

Love the light grape flavor on these hot days over ice.


5 Stars DELISH

from MD on wrote:

This is a very tasty drink. Very refreshing and uplifting. A must try for summer ice tea drinkers!!

Light, Refreshing and Delicious

5 Stars Light, Refreshing and Delicious

from CA on wrote:

In the last year I've changed the way I eat and drink, adopting a healthier life style. I don't drink soft drinks, and I'm off caffeine for years now. I don’t know about you, but I get tired of drinking plain water (just me maybe) and I don’t care for the artificial sweeteners found in the infusions to add to water. So I was pretty excited to have recently stumbled across this wonderful tea. I found it so delicious! It is a light flavor with definite peach and pineapple overtones. I did not have any expectation of it tasting like wine. I brew 2 bags at a time, and increase the brew time to 20 minutes. I don’t need to add any sweetener to this and I find it very refreshing.


5 Stars Refreshing

from WI on wrote:

Loved it!


5 Stars Fantastic!

from CO on wrote:

This tea is as soothing as it is refreshing. I don't miss the actual tea leaves at all, and I thank Republic of Teas for creating such a fantastic and healthy iced tea without any caffeine.

Interesting twist on iced tea - Grape skins!

4 Stars Interesting twist on iced tea - Grape skins!

from NE on wrote:

I love this iced tea. I did not expect it to taste as if I were drinking a dry white wine. If I wanted a dry white wine, I would have opened a bottle of chardonnay. Duh! This one, though, is unique, subtle and refreshing. The pineapple and peach flavorings combine with the subtle chardonnay tones to produce a truly unique, refreshing summer take on iced tea. I use either stevia or agave with this, both of which bring out the flavors nicely.

why you can't just believe reviews

5 Stars why you can't just believe reviews

from NH on wrote:

Don't always trust reviews alone. I fortunately didn't check ahead and found our family favorite. I spent a lot of time trying tons of mixes for a refreshing ice tea. bottom line is this makes the ideal base. Add a bag or two of your favorite fruit flavors, ours is peach, the regular sized bags, and a light refreshing iced tea is the result. It goes quickly here.

Very Disappointed

1 Star Very Disappointed

from NE on wrote:

Not sure exactly what I was expecting with my trio purchase (Chardonnay, Cabernet, Rose) but still expected something better. I drink my tea (hot and iced) plain, without sugar. With the Chardonnay and Rose - I brought the with me, to a friends house and we thought, "Didn't steep it long enough." So - we brewed 2 more pots and steeped for a really long time. Still nothing. The colors were pretty - but we found that even sugar could not bring out the taste. I tried the Cabernet alone & while there was some taste, just did not care for it. I loved the idea - but was bummed out.

Refreshing and different

4 Stars Refreshing and different

from NY on wrote:

I like the idea of this iced tea- using the grape skins from a winery- and I like the subtle and refreshing taste. It is very mellow, use less water than a litre for each pouch to get a fuller flavor. If hibiscus teas are a bit too astringent for you, try the Chardonnay and Rose wine teas.

I loved it!

5 Stars I loved it!

from IL on wrote:

Just had some at my cousin's. Loved it! Will purchase. Great hot, too! (Why no tea bags for hot tea?)

Awful tea! Great customer service!

1 Star Awful tea! Great customer service!

from FL on wrote:

Awful tea! It doesn't taste anything like wine and there is an overpowering burnt aftertaste that persists for many seconds. To be fair, I've been with Republic of Tea for over 10 years and these wine teas are the first I didn't like. Great customer service! After I wrote this review, Republic of Tea contacted me to offer a refund on all three wine teas I didn't like. (I then submitted this follow-up review). I didn't ask for the refund. I didn't even complain to them. They saw the review and contacted me to make it right. Wow! Now that's customer Service with a capital 'S'!

Almost water

1 Star Almost water

from OH on wrote:

I love Chardonnay and Cabernet wines and bought both teas. The 1st batch I used 1 bag and it tasted like water but was blonde in color. The 2nd batch I used 2 bags and got "almost" water. The 3rd batch I used 3 tea bags and it wasn't much better than the 2nd batch. I would not buy this product again

Pleasantly Surprise

5 Stars Pleasantly Surprise

from NC on wrote:

Using dried wine grape skins to brew a “tea” was very intriguing and I had to try it. As a rule I do not like herbal teas since most of them taste like grass to me. I ordered some and as soon as it came I brewed a pitcher. I was very surprised. It has a delicate but definite wine flavor, which is perfectly complimented by the pineapple and peach. This has become one of my favorite ice teas along with the Rose and Hibiscus Sangria. In fact it is time to reorder.

Love this one!

5 Stars Love this one!

from CA on wrote:

Love this one for iced tea. Hope it will come in bulk soon!

A winner for me

5 Stars A winner for me

from OH on wrote:

I love the idea of using the wonderful grape skins to give us similar flavors of the wine we love. Of course your can't expect the full flavor of wine but you get hints of it. I like adding a bit of wine to this iced tea and it becomes a very tasty, refreshing drink. I love having low calorie, lower alcohol options for relaxing and this is it for me.

Nice but not at all like wine

4 Stars Nice but not at all like wine

from NJ on wrote:

This is nice - as the other reviewer said, you can taste peaches and pineapple, but it is not overwhelming. It's nothing like Chardonnay though. I guess it kind of looks like chardonnay in the glass. All three of the "wine" iced teas are kind of addictive.


5 Stars Tropical

from BC on wrote:

I am not a wine drinker, so I don't know how to compare this to a chardonnay, however, I can say that it was a refreshing, tropical brew. It is slightly sweet and does have a peach taste to it with pineapple accent. I much prefered it brewed 1.5 to 2 times the strength. Perhaps brewing it longer than the recommended 10 minutes would yield a similar result without having to use as much tea. I wish it was in the same price point as the other iced teas. This costs more and provides less brewing pouches.