So refreshing!

5 Stars So refreshing!

from FL on wrote:

I LOVE this flavor. I drink a lot of iced teas and it definitely hits the spot. It’s very fruity. Of course since it doesn’t have alcohol it doesn’t exactly taste like rose... but think of it more as grapes + strawberries. Pretty mild in taste so I would recommend sipping longer. Thumbs up.

You NEED This

5 Stars You NEED This

from MD on wrote:

This has become my summer fav. It is tasty, delicate, and ohhhh so refreshing!!

Taste of wine in an ice tea

5 Stars Taste of wine in an ice tea

from NY on wrote:

This Rose iced tea is very good. It truly taste like wine, without the alcohol. Most of all it taste great with little or no sugar. Healthy too.


5 Stars OMG!

from MO on wrote:

I was giving this to you as a gift. At first I thought it was going to be just your run-of-the-mill tea, but the flavors from the first sip just drew me in! Delicious. I made the mistake of giving it to my child and he downed the whole glass. This will be mom's selfish pleasure.


5 Stars Mmmmmm!!!

from CA on wrote:

I wasn't sure what to expect from the wine teas but this Rosé tea is delicious! Although I don't think it tasted like wine, it was refreshing andd just tasted good. I would order this one again.

Very refreshing tea.

5 Stars Very refreshing tea.

from MO on wrote:

I love to drink this with no sweetener or sugar. Very light flavored and naturally sweet

Love the Tea

5 Stars Love the Tea

from TX on wrote:

I'm in love with this tea, I first tasted it at a Mediterranean Restraunt, and I was in love with it, they call it rose water❤️

Refreshing & interesting flavor

4 Stars Refreshing & interesting flavor

from CA on wrote:

I usually make my ice tea using the Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea Bags. This is nice for a change of pace. I would make this flavor more if I could buy these bags in larger quantity than a 6 bag tin.

This is different

4 Stars This is different

from NE on wrote:

I think this is truly interesting and unique. The rose flavors are subtle and with the strawberry flavorings, produces a fun iced drink for the summer that pairs much better with certain foods than does regular iced tea. I love this.

Light and Refreshing Change

4 Stars Light and Refreshing Change

from OH on wrote:

This is only tea in the sense that it is a drink made by steeping the ingredients. Tastes nothing like "tea", but sometimes that's exactly what is called for. It would be the perfect base for a non-alcoholic sangria. Or, enjoyed by itself over ice, a refreshing light fruity drink. A nice taste of California.

DIsappointed -

3 Stars DIsappointed -

from IA on wrote:

I like the flavor, though for one bag, you essentially can only use 2 cups of water. If anymore water, will be like water. I love the Hibiscus Sangra and other teas, just disappointed in this one. I am glad didn't order the other 2 flavors.

Refreshing and subtle taste

4 Stars Refreshing and subtle taste

from NY on wrote:

First of all, the wine teas don't taste much like wine, but they are very light, fruity and refreshing. I drink lots of iced tea, most of it from Republic of Tea, and I like the Rose and Chardonnay wine teas a lot. I generally use less than a litre of water per pouch and brew for 12 minutes to get a fuller flavor. If you like heavy sweet tea this may not be for you, but if you like fruity and refreshing flavors you'll love it.

Awful tea! Great customer service!

1 Star Awful tea! Great customer service!

from FL on wrote:

Awful tea! It doesn't taste anything like wine and there is an overpowering burnt aftertaste that persists for many seconds. To be fair, I've been with Republic of Tea for over 10 years and these wine teas are the first I didn't like. Great customer service! After I wrote this review, Republic of Tea contacted me to offer a refund on all three wine teas I didn't like. (I then submitted this follow-up review). I didn't ask for the refund. I didn't even complain to them. They saw the review and contacted me to make it right. Wow! Now that's customer Service with a capital 'S'!

Good flavor but very weak

2 Stars Good flavor but very weak

from FL on wrote:

I love fruity teas, and the flavor is great. But it is exceptionally weak. Even brewing for 20 min. Next time I'll try adding additional bags, though that is going to make this a very expensive tea. Unless the price comes down or more bags are added to the package I won't buy again.


5 Stars Refreshing

from CA on wrote:

Shared my iced teas with friends at the beach this past week end. Everyone Loved them! These new flavors are a delicious alternative, to sugary drinks.

Even with longer brewing, not much flavor

2 Stars Even with longer brewing, not much flavor

from FL on wrote:

I brewed this a couple of weeks ago using my Takeya system. I followed the directions on the container and was really disappointed with the results. It tasted really watered down. I came here and saw someone suggest a 20min brewing time. I made another pitcher today using two bags with two quarts of water. This time I let it steep for 25 minutes. It's better, but there still isn't much flavor. I never add sweetener to my teas. I drink them straight-up so I can taste the the notes. This one disappoints- it just falls flat. It's too expensive to throw out, so I will be steeping my final pitcher for at least 30 minutes. Maybe this time I'll get some more flavor. This tea will not be a repurchase. Nice concept, bad execution.

Fruity/Floral Taste

4 Stars Fruity/Floral Taste

from BC on wrote:

I am not a wine drinker, so I don't know how to compare this to a rose, however, I can say that it had a fruity/floral taste that is slightly sweet and very slightly tart. I much preferred it brewed 1.5 times the strength. I brewed 2 packets in 2 quarts of water for twice as long (20 minutes instead of the recommended 10), and it did not yield as good a result as brewing 3 packets in 2 quarts of water. Needing to brew more of it, I wish it was in the same price point as the other iced teas. This costs more and provides less brewing pouches.

No taste

1 Star No taste

from IN on wrote:

Brewed as directed, weak, no flavor, added another brew of 2nd bag, not much improvement

Nice, but doesn't taste like wine to me

4 Stars Nice, but doesn't taste like wine to me

from NJ on wrote:

I like this iced tea but a bit stronger than the label suggests. I like the flavor but it's not really a lot like wine. It's a light strawberry flavor, just a little sweet. Very little tartness. If you want a light, refreshing caffeine-free iced tea but don't like hibiscus (which most herbal iced teas seem to include - this one does but I can't taste it in there), any of the three wine teas would be good choices.

Surprised at how good it tastes

5 Stars Surprised at how good it tastes

from MI on wrote:

When I ordered this I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but it was love at first sip. The flavors blend together nicely and make this a nice, refreshing drink for summer. It's become one of my favorite iced teas. The aroma of the tea is a wonderful fruity scent and adds to the delight of drinking it. I brewed it according to the directions and I thought it was perfect, not too strong or too weak.