5 Stars MMM

from CA on wrote:

Lovely aroma and taste. Great as Iced Tea too. Yes, I tried it that way & it worked Great in 100+ weather. Sorry it isn't available in the summer.

Sonoma Mulled Zin Hot Tea

5 Stars Sonoma Mulled Zin Hot Tea

from NY on wrote:

I bought the Mulled Tea this past Christmas and immediately became a favorite of mine. I was intrigued by the ingredients and when I tasted the tea it was aa if I was drinking Holiday wine only hot and without all the calories. Now the down side is it is seasonal and it is in large tea bags instead of individual tea bags. I seriously would buy the 250 bag size I enjoy it so much Please consider individual bags and extend the season for the availability. Thank you for all you lovely and healthy teas.


4 Stars creative!

from RI on wrote:

So I bought this not realizing that it was only 6 bags-so when I got home and put the kettle on and had a closer look, I was a little bummed. However! Two things saved the day 1. My 8 cup French Press-I heated up my water, put a bag in the FP and filled with boiling water and let it steep. It was perfect, as I had company over. 2. My loose leaf tea sachets-I cut the bag of tea open, and made two 10 oz mugs of tea from one bag of the Sonoma. Perfect. These solutions aren't as ideal as individual bags, but if you need a way to make personal amounts, and have a tea strainer or a box of bags for loose tea, it works really well! I'll buy it again for sure!

Pretty good

5 Stars Pretty good

from TX on wrote:

I like it, I use it for a base mulled tea, then add a bit of orange or apple juice to it and a bit of sweetener. I even made my grandmas Russian tea using this as base and it turned out wonderful. Note, by itself it seems lacking, but a bit of sweetener and juice and the mulled spices really burst out and shine. I also always drink this hot.

Really The Perfect Wine (replacement)

5 Stars Really The Perfect Wine (replacement)

from IN on wrote:

I love this tea! I know it's supposed to be served hot, and it's delicious that way, but I put it in the refrigerator in a quart jar and serve it out cold in a wine glass. It's perfect and doesn't ruin my sensibilities, make me tired or challenge my liver like wine does. Just perfect and holiday perfect too!

wishes 2

2 Stars wishes 2

from PA on wrote:

had this on our order but took it off-brewing a whole pot is just not practical for us-if avl in invd. bags we will oder

Not for Me

1 Star Not for Me

from OR on wrote:

This tea smells amazing, so I had really high hopes. However, for me, the taste didn't translate. I couldn't even bring myself to finish one cup. It had a sour taste, I think from the grape skins. If you like wine, you might just love this. I think it's worth a try because the spices in it are delicious. It just wasn't for me. I was sadly disappointed.


3 Stars Wishes

from OR on wrote:

I probably won't purchase this tea, though it sounds like something I would enjoy, because it's not available in individual serving bags. If it ever becomes available, I'll come back and update.