Lived and dislike

4 Stars Lived and dislike

from MN on wrote:

Loved the bottom one to help me sleep and relax but the 1st and 2nd ones to help revitalize and give u energy..YES it did but lil to much spicy for me.

The best tea ever

5 Stars The best tea ever

from OH on wrote:

This stuff tastes so good. It works to curb my appetite and my sugar cravings.

Good tea

4 Stars Good tea

from WA on wrote:

The 'burn" tea is by the far the best. The other two lack flavor and don't do what they say, but are okay. Next time I'll just buy a canister of the burn tea only.

All 3 a hit!

5 Stars All 3 a hit!

from TX on wrote:

I really love all 3. The Get Burning is probably my fav of the 3. I enjoy the peppery taste for a pick me up in the afternoon!

Get lean/Burning/Lost

5 Stars Get lean/Burning/Lost

from FL on wrote:

I love them all! I was afraid they may have that black tea after taste. I just cant stomach it. But they don't! All are very delicious and I love them all. I have noticed an increase in my energy and a decrease in my sugar cravings. I will continue and keep these teas as part of my diet.

Lovely tea

5 Stars Lovely tea

from PA on wrote:

When I first purchased this tea, I wasn't sure about if I would like this or not. Well, I am very pleased with not only the tea, but I love that each one has a completely different taste which is very pleasing to my palate.

Get Lost stackables

5 Stars Get Lost stackables

from NV on wrote:

I'm always looking for a way to shed pounds. These cute little tins gave me the opportunity to try three different teas at an affordable price. I enjoy all three flavor combinations. But my favorite is the get burning, the chili peppers and spices are a treat to my taste buds. simply wonderful!

Great set of tea!

5 Stars Great set of tea!

from VA on wrote:

My daughter is the one who drank these teas. She said they all taste nice & that the Get Lean is her favorite....just sweet enought to scratch that sweet tooth. She does feel more energetic after she drinks the Get Burning before her workout.

Strong Tasty Tea

4 Stars Strong Tasty Tea

from MI on wrote:

I would give it a 5 star, but for me it's a bit strong in taste & smell. It doesn't give you the jitters but It'll give you a step in your walk :)

Weight loss tea

4 Stars Weight loss tea

from MS on wrote:

I combined the bags for a great flavor. I didn't lose any weight.

Like 2 of the 3

4 Stars Like 2 of the 3

from MA on wrote:

I'm more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker, but I want to start limiting my caffeine intake, and I was at a plateau with my weight loss and thought I'd give this a try. I received a "Get Lean" tea bag sample with the catalog, and liked it, so I knew I'd drink at least one of the teas. I love the "Get Burning" tea. It reminds me of warm apple cider, I don't know if it boosts my metabolism, but this tea does help curb my cravings, unlike the "Get Lost" tea which I neither like nor dislike, but that one did nothing to curb my cravings.


5 Stars Great

from IL on wrote:

I've been drinking get lost for about 10 years now, very light and definitely curbs my appetite. So excited to try the other two.

Really good

5 Stars Really good

from CA on wrote:

Smells so good. I take this for the taste and the aroma. My cravings are curbed and my metabolism improved. I hope I do lose weight. Been taking it for a week only.

Not bad at all

3 Stars Not bad at all

from KS on wrote:

Gives me energy but not crazy about the taste. I am not a cinnamon fan.

Get Lost stack

5 Stars Get Lost stack

from WI on wrote:

Wow, it works. Flavor is so, so good on all and my cravings are controlled. I feel more energetic after just two days.