Delightful and Satisfying

5 Stars Delightful and Satisfying

from CA on wrote:

The U-Matcha Charcoal is the first matcha green tea that I ever tried. I originally bought this tea just to detox and not for the matcha green tea benefits. To my surprise, the whole experience was delightful and satisfying. I thought this would be chalky and gross, but it wasn't at all! Some days, I have two or more cups because it is so good, but am careful to follow-up with a bottle of water in between because the bamboo charcoal really works. It detoxes the body and helps get rid of things that slow down my digestion process. I won't be without this tea, as it really gives me a boost of energy and makes me feel cleaner on the inside. Thanks ROT for another amazing product!

Unmatcha Charcoal

5 Stars Unmatcha Charcoal

from GA on wrote:

I liked it! I added it to a detox smoothie and there was almost not a taste at all. I think I will get this on SIp and SHop.

Gas Pain Relief

5 Stars Gas Pain Relief

from FL on wrote:

I bought this for the charcoal because I get stomach pains after eating too often. With my first cup I got 2 pleasant surprises - it really works fast and the taste is mild and somehow "toasty" to me. I just ordered my 4th tin because I never want to be without and I keep giving samples away. I would prefer tea bags instead of the powder but I use a mixer and it just takes 30 seconds to make perfect matcha green tea in a glass bowl.


5 Stars Delicious!

from FL on wrote:

I was thoroughly surprised at the comforting taste of this tea. Matcha latte has been my enjoyable sip of the morning for many years. U-Matcha with bamboo charcoal makes it even better.


5 Stars Refreshing

from NY on wrote:

This is very tasty and calms my stomach😊

Soothes a painful belly

5 Stars Soothes a painful belly

from FL on wrote:

I bought this because for the activated charcoal and do find that it works to relieve gas, bloat, etc The taste is mild even though the tea is dark grey and I expected to taste charcoal, actually there is nearly no taste to me. This tea is the best medicine I have ever tried for digestive discomfort.