Perfect pitcher

5 Stars Perfect pitcher

from AK on wrote:

This is one of those items you didn’t know you needed until you got one. Have been looking at this for quite awhile and finally ordered it. OMGosh. It’s the best. Fits anywhere in the fridge, super easy to clean, and holds a gallon if you need it to.

Just Perfect

5 Stars Just Perfect

from OR on wrote:

The Shape, the size, the ability to infuse teas and/or fruit, is fun. I made Sun Tea all last summer, and this giant takes up hardly any space in the fridge. The handle must be ergonomically correct, because at 71, I can heft this jug around with no problem. You can't go wrong with this product, and now I am purchasing another for my beautiful Granddaughter.

Slim 1gal ice tea pitcher

5 Stars Slim 1gal ice tea pitcher

from LA on wrote:

This is a great pitcher. Fits in door of frig. I love it.

Best design EVER!!

5 Stars Best design EVER!!

from MO on wrote:

I absolutely LOVE this pitcher. I have not had a better designed tea infuser or just pitcher in general than this "Big Slim" 1 gallon tea pitcher. I use it both to cold brew and make sun tea with loose leaf teas (I've even ripped open bags of tea and emptied them into the mesh infuser even though the directions say you don't have to; I like to get the full flavor and don't want to taste paper). The bottom of the infuser unscrews so it's really easy to empty and clean. Also both the lid and whole top/handle unscrew from the pitcher itself which makes it so easy to clean. It's worth every cent. I've spent nearly as much on far inferior products.

Perfect Tea PItcher!

5 Stars Perfect Tea PItcher!

from MO on wrote:

I am more then happy with this tea pitcher. Great mesh strainer that sits perfectly in the middle of the pitcher and has a little handle for removing. Large opening to pour water in. Large pitcher; but not awkward. Fits in my refrigerator door for easy access. Made of hardy materials. I've been searching for a while for the perfect tea pitcher and now I have finally found it!



from FL on wrote:

I LOVE this pitcher! It holds enough iced tea to,last me a few days since I always have ny insulated container filled with iced tea. The lid seals nicely, it's easy to turn to,open so you can pour, it is attractive, the infusion basket can be used for teas and adding other items and making infused waters, the possibilities are endless. I am seriously considering buying another one as a gift for a friend or two of mine. Thanks Republic of Tea for such a great product!

excellent large pitcher!!

5 Stars excellent large pitcher!!

from NY on wrote:

Size truly does matter. This pitcher is so perfect for not having to constantly refill with hot water and tea. Very well made, sturdy, great secure twist knob top and attractive as well.

Iced tea pitcher

5 Stars Iced tea pitcher

from AZ on wrote:

This is the best iced tea pitcher I've ever purchased and I've had 5 or 6 over the last several years. it is very large of course, but this is one of my favorite things about it!

Big Slim Iced Tea Pitcher

5 Stars Big Slim Iced Tea Pitcher

from CO on wrote:

I really like this pitcher. Although big and I use both hands to carry it, it is easy to use and sturdy. This pitcher has options to add the other cores that are used in another similar pitcher sold here. I like the lid and the fact that it does not have to come completely off to pour the tea into glasses. I have not used it with hot water. I only use tap water with my tea bags to make sun tea. This pitcher will be used year round in our household.

Ice tea pitcher with diffuser

5 Stars Ice tea pitcher with diffuser

from WA on wrote:

This is the coolest pitcher I have ever purchased! It has a very fine mesh diffuser, so no loose tea gets through to your tea. It is slim so it fits in the refrigerator easily. And on top of all this it is beautiful!

Cold Brew Pitcher

5 Stars Cold Brew Pitcher

from MO on wrote:

I have used this pitcher with loose tea leaves as well as with tea bags. It works perfectly for cold brewing tea. Add your tea leaves (about 12 tsp) or tea bags (12-14) to the center infuser, fill the pitcher with cold water, place it in the refrigerator and in about 12 hours, you have a gallon of ice cold delicious tea. I love it!