Beautiful tea holder

4 Stars Beautiful tea holder

from WI on wrote:

I really love this tea container. It looks lively and steeps tea very well. Unfortunately it doesn’t wash well and states that it cannot be submerged. I find it a bit difficult to keep as clean as I would like.

Keeps Tea HOT!

5 Stars Keeps Tea HOT!

from IL on wrote:

I really like this little thermos! I use it on road trips, so that I know I will always have some nice, hot tea while we're driving thru the "middle of nowhere". It keeps the tea hot ALL day; so can sip and sip.

Great tea maker

5 Stars Great tea maker

from IA on wrote:

Excellent tumbler to have your tea very hot for many 4 hours.

beauty & efficiency

5 Stars beauty & efficiency

from WA on wrote:

I have tried many many travel mugs, and this is by far my favorite, for two reasons: It keeps my tea HOT for a long time. It does not leak I also like the beautiful bamboo finish on the outside. The fact that you have to open (unscrew) the top is a minor inconvenience in my opinion, because this is probably the primary reason it does both of the above. What more can you want?

An all-time great product

5 Stars An all-time great product

from CO on wrote:

Beats the classic Chinese glass versions because it's unbreakable. Keeps tea HOT for at least several hours. Good looking and easy to clean.

Attractive Thermos

4 Stars Attractive Thermos

from OH on wrote:

This tumbler does not have the type of lid that you can drink from. I think this tumbler is more like what I would call a thermos, a way to transport your beverages. So for that reason I was a bit disappointed. It is very cute and I like that it is a little smaller than other insulated sip ware I have purchased, so it fits in my hand very nicely.