Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from IN on wrote:

I’d like a little more cinnamon flavor but love this tea.

Beyond Delicious

5 Stars Beyond Delicious

from NE on wrote:

I bought one canister and fell in love with it ... it smells wonderful and tastes even better. Light and sweet, but not too much so. Heavenly. I try others - and like them - but always go back to this one. I now just buy it in bulk!

The best tea I've had in a long time

5 Stars The best tea I've had in a long time

from FL on wrote:

This tea is absolutely delicious.


5 Stars Refreshing

from CA on wrote:

Love the refreshing taste of lean green tea! Just a hint of cinnamon for an extra yummy taste!

Great taste, wonderful

5 Stars Great taste, wonderful

from WI on wrote:

This tea tastes so great and I do belive that drinking it every day and following the dietiticians recommendations for my diet has helped my weight loss along smoothly. Love the cinnimon adn other flavors they blended together. Best morning cup to drink!!!

cinnamon morning kick

5 Stars cinnamon morning kick

from OH on wrote:

I love this tea in the moring

Great Iced

5 Stars Great Iced

from FL on wrote:

We love this tea. The cinnamon flavor is just right. Sweetened just a tad with coconut sugar, makes for a refreshing glass of iced tea. Very glad I purchased the large bag.


5 Stars Wonderful!

from UT on wrote:

Love this tea! Have been drinking it for several years. Definitely my go to tea!

Lovely Taste /Good for You

5 Stars Lovely Taste /Good for You

from ME on wrote:

Absolutely love the flavor, no "greenie grassy" taste so many folks complain of .. Another winner for sure.. Highly recommend it. Will be on the reorder list for sure.


5 Stars Flavor

from UT on wrote:

When I first purchased this team was skeptical, as I’ve had green teas in the past and they were bitter. But this tea is the opposite. It has a wonderful flavor and not bitter. Plus it really gives me a boost. I highly recommend this tea.

Just Yum!!

5 Stars Just Yum!!

from NC on wrote:

I truly love this tea. The combo of tea and cinnamon is spot on but I do have to use two bags per cup and let it steep for a minimum of seven or eight mins. Not sure that it's had any effect on my waist but didn't buy it solely for that purpose. Will definitely buy again and have recommended it several times to fellow tea sippers!

It works

5 Stars It works

from NY on wrote:

I bought Lean Green hoping that it would really curb my appetite. It really works and it tastes great.


5 Stars Surprising

from KS on wrote:

Cinnamon-y. Not a word but it's appropriate. Add some Stevia and it was perfect tea break without unnecessary calories. A very very nice matcha tea, from someone who is not a matcha fan!

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from NJ on wrote:

After giving up coffee I was in search of a new tea. I have no desire for weight loss but read the ingredients and decided to try it. So glad I did , this tea is fabulous. It's cozy and soothing, to me it has a maple undertone which is just yummy. Definitely worth a try.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from AZ on wrote:

Loved the taste and smell of this tea!

Delicious & it works

5 Stars Delicious & it works

from CA on wrote:

I love the flavor hot or cold. And I find that it helps to curb my appetite and keeps my metabolism steady with no low dips.

You have to get this!

5 Stars You have to get this!

from MD on wrote:


Get this!!

5 Stars Get this!!

from MD on wrote:

I LOVE it!!! Bought it because, well I enjoy almost all of everything make..and this goes to the top of my list


5 Stars Wow!

from IL on wrote:

I was convinced by the stellar reviews to order this tea--now I realize I should have just gotten the bulk amount! Soooo delicious--and I don't like to sweeten my tea and this one is perfect as-is. My only correction on the flavor description is that it is more of a "brown sugar/cinnamon" flavor to me.(the tin describes a "maple spice" flavoring) I've already had 4 cups and I just cracked open the tin 2 days ago...How much can I safely drink of this magical tea...? Can't wait to see if I drop a few pounds... LOL

love it

5 Stars love it

from IL on wrote:

It tastes and smells so refreshing. I have a cup first thing every morning. I will always have this tea in my house.I bought it because I love green tea. This is the most flavorful green tea that I have tasted. Love it!!!

Delicious green tea with a hint of cinnamon.

5 Stars Delicious green tea with a hint of cinnamon.

from OH on wrote:

Love this tea. The flavor is delicate but after you swallow, you reflect on the taste and think of how good it is. Gave some to my mother and she loves it as well.

I LOVE this tea!

5 Stars I LOVE this tea!

from IL on wrote:

I have never been a fan of green tea until I tried GET LEAN GREEN TEA and some of the other green teas available from THE REPUBLIC OF TEA. I tastes wonderful, helps me drink enough liquids and decreases my appetite. I now have it automatically sent to me every month.


5 Stars unique

from NY on wrote:

This is good hot or cold, I do not use any sweetener but that might enhance it even more.. It has a pleasant cinnamon taste.


5 Stars Delicious

from MN on wrote:

Love the cinnamon!


5 Stars Delicious

from MN on wrote:

Like the immunity factor!

Love this

5 Stars Love this

from CA on wrote:

I especially like this green tea iced. It is very refreshing with just a hint of cinnamon or something. Very nice better than any green tea I've tried at chain coffee shops.

Best tea yet!

5 Stars Best tea yet!

from NH on wrote:

I absolutely LOVE this tea!!! The aroma is beautiful, smells and tastes like a warm cinnabon treat! I use a little bit of stevia and it taste like a dessert tea. Best Green/weight loss tea I've ever tried. I got tons of my co-workers addicted to it!


5 Stars lovely

from CA on wrote:

This is a very nice green tea. There's a hint of cinnamon that I didn't recognize at first, that is very pleasant.

superlean green tea

5 Stars superlean green tea

from NY on wrote:

read reviews, am enjoying the taste

Favorite tea!

5 Stars Favorite tea!

from NJ on wrote:

I love this tea! Originally received as a sample, and fell in love with it. It smells and even tastes like the cinnamon honey buns. I don't know if it helps with weight loss, but it does give me energy.

Unexpected favorite

5 Stars Unexpected favorite

from DC on wrote:

I got a sample pack of this tea and immediately ordered a canister. I would never have thought cinnamon would blend so nicely with green tea. I have bought a few rounds of this now, it's my favorite R.O.T. blend by far. I'm not big on weight loss claims, but the tea is worth trying purely for the taste.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from OH on wrote:

The taste is smooth with a hint of cinnamon.

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from NE on wrote:

Love the taste - hoping it helps curb appetite for weight loss

Green Tea

5 Stars Green Tea

from NY on wrote:

This is by far the very best tasting green tea I’ve ever had. I will buy no other kind from now on.

Taste great

5 Stars Taste great

from WA on wrote:

I bought rh8s for the listed benefits but I really like the flavor. I'll be buying it again.

Love this tea!!

5 Stars Love this tea!!

from FL on wrote:

The Lean green Matcha is just plain perfect!


5 Stars Tea

from FL on wrote:

Love this tea. It's like having a dessert. So satisfying and delicious. Will I buy it again? Absoutly!!

Great tea's

5 Stars Great tea's

from MT on wrote:

I love all these green tea's plus a lot of the other teas available and keep a large supply on hand. I suffer from Fibromylgia and I find drinking tea throughout the day helps me, I add Turmeric to my tea's even the ones with it already in. The zzz's and the relaxations help me also.

Amazing taste!

5 Stars Amazing taste!

from AZ on wrote:

How many cups of this tea can you drink a day?

Sticky bun in a cup!

5 Stars Sticky bun in a cup!

from TN on wrote:

I got a sample of this, and the first thing I did after finishing the cup was jump online to order a tin. This tea has an amazing aroma like a sticky bun, dripping with brown sugar and cinnamon (I should know, I bake them all the time!), and with a dab of honey, that's true for taste, as well. I can't vouch for slimming properties, but if you're just looking for delicious tea, this is it.


5 Stars Awesome!!!

from MO on wrote:

Best tasting green tea ever!!! I love matcha, but sometimes i'm not in the mood for the grassy taste. This is the perfect blend and the cinnamon takes it to another level. Smells like a cinnamon roll. :-)

Organic Lean Green Supergreen Teabags

5 Stars Organic Lean Green Supergreen Teabags

from FL on wrote:

This is my favorite green tea. The cinnamon adds a mellow touch to the flavor. It's also an easy way to take Garcinia

As Advertised

5 Stars As Advertised

from NC on wrote:

The tea delivered in taste and effectiveness

Super Green Tea- Lean Green

5 Stars Super Green Tea- Lean Green

from NV on wrote:

I love the taste. It has a smooth almost creamy texture. I received a sample and wanted more. So I bought it. If it helps me loose a pound or two all the better.

Very enjoyable

5 Stars Very enjoyable

from OH on wrote:

Just finished my first cup of the Lean Green tea and looking forward to the next. No bitterness just a warm slightly sweet filling flavor. It gives me the same mouth feel/satisfaction as my morning cup of coffee but so much better for me! The sweetness is just enough on it's own but I can see adding a small amount of honey and totally satisfying my sweet tooth.

I like it!

5 Stars I like it!

from KY on wrote:

got a free sample with an order, I liked the taste.

My favorite

5 Stars My favorite

from MD on wrote:

I love this tea. I loved it before I read that it could help with weight loss. Now I love it more!


5 Stars Wonderful

from WI on wrote:

I am a HUGE fan of ROT...I drink 2 mugs of high caf every day (and a variety of other types throughout the day). LOVE the stuff.... With that said, this is my first review! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tea. It smells delicious (if you like cinnamon, which I do) and I agree, there is nothing overpowering about it. As for weight loss, I gained a bit of weight because of knee injury and have been actively trying to lose it. I am doing a lot more than drinking tea to aid in my weight loss but a cup of this certainly isn't hurting matters. :)

Great taste and curb your cravens!!

5 Stars Great taste and curb your cravens!!

from FL on wrote:

I love this tea it has a great taste and mild green tea flavor and sweeten with cinnamon .

Going green

5 Stars Going green

from KS on wrote:

This tea is one that I always turn to for a wonderful cup of relaxing/refreshing tea

great flavor!

5 Stars great flavor!

from PA on wrote:

I was surprised by the lovely complex flavor of this tea. It's so satisfying that I don't crave something sweet to have with it.

Great tea!

5 Stars Great tea!

from WI on wrote:

There are so many teas I order from Republic of Tea. I have never been disappointed with the flavor our quality.

Possibly My All-Time Fave

5 Stars Possibly My All-Time Fave

from CA on wrote:

After drinking 2 cups of this tea I went back and bought it in bulk so I would never worry about running out. I can't say enough good things about it!! Just on face value, it's the most delicious green tea I've ever tasted. The cinnamon flavor is much more prominent than you'd think, you don't need to add sugar or milk or anything, really. It's a treat on it's own. But if you do add milk/almond milk/whatever you use, it's basically dessert in a mug. On top of all of that, I really have noticed myself getting leaner around the midsection when I drink this (combined with exercise and diet of course-- no tea is a miracle), so maybe it works. Even if it doesn't I'll buy this tea forever. Did I mention it's freaking delicious??

In Love!

5 Stars In Love!

from FL on wrote:

I am absolutely in love with this tea! I bought one container and came back to order in bulk! I could seriously drinking this all day! I have at least 2 cups of it a day. Love it!

Connecticut Sipper

5 Stars Connecticut Sipper

from CT on wrote:

Cinnamonly awesome taste. .

Cinnamon Roll

5 Stars Cinnamon Roll

from MI on wrote:

This tea letterally tastes and smells like a cinnamon roll. I do not like spiced or cinnamon teas but this one doesn't taste like that. I've been drinking tea daily for 30 years and I'm very picky about them. This is one of my favorites now!


5 Stars LOVE is

from TX on wrote:

Ok this tea, you open the container and inhale, it smells very good, like cinnamon rolls and something else. Brewing it is not quite as profound as the intense aroma but the flavor is still quite good, I have tried many green teas from republic of tea and this is by far one of my favorites. I add a bit of sweetener to it, a honey really brings it out same with a bit of maple.


3 Stars agnes

from WA on wrote:

I didn't like it because it didn't taste very good! It was too weak in flavor!

When you're trying to avoid snacking...

5 Stars When you're trying to avoid snacking...

from OH on wrote:

I have a cup of this tea mid-morning to curb my craving to snack. The blend of cinnamon and garcinia cambogia fruit is perfect. It needs nothing else. (And this is coming from someone who is notorious for adding sugar to everything.)


5 Stars Wonderful!

from TX on wrote:

I received a catalog with a sample. I enjoyed the aroma and taste so much that I placed an order. The fact that it aids in weightloss is a plus, although I didn't order it for that purpose.

Lean Green Tea

5 Stars Lean Green Tea

from TX on wrote:

This tea is so good, I don't need to add anything! Love it!!

Lovely flavor!

5 Stars Lovely flavor!

from HI on wrote:

Really a nice, subtle cinnamon flavor. Nothing overpowering, just a perfect cup of tea!

LOVE this one!

5 Stars LOVE this one!

from MD on wrote:

My new fave!! I love the taste and the smell is divine!! Even drinking it iced!!

Great taste

5 Stars Great taste

from CT on wrote:

I wanted to try a good tasting green tea and what a added in this one is awesome

Lean green

5 Stars Lean green

from AR on wrote:

I love this tea! It's a lite flavor with a hint of cinnamon. Very nice at any time. I will be purchasing this again.

Very nice - not sweet

5 Stars Very nice - not sweet

from IL on wrote:

I mainly drink green tea & generally add some matcha to it. This blend really doesn't need anything added to it in terms of matcha or sweetener in my book. Very nice and refreshing, not bitter at all.

Lean Green Tea

5 Stars Lean Green Tea

from TX on wrote:

I love green tea and tried this one without first just trying a sample. Very pleasantly surprised at the delightful, smooth flavor. Will be one to buy again for me. Dealing with this company and their customer service has also been exceptional.

Most Delicious Ever!

5 Stars Most Delicious Ever!

from VA on wrote:

I purchased this tea as a supplement to my weight loss and fitness regimen. I don't know if it is effective for my diet but it is really delicious and I drink several cups per day. With some Splenda and milk it tastes just like a glazed cinnamon bun!!!

Happy Customer

5 Stars Happy Customer

from NM on wrote:

I love the taste of this tea. Myself and a coworker think it tastes like a cinnamon roll!

Really Good

5 Stars Really Good

from FL on wrote:

Wow got the sample in the mail and it tastes like Apple Pie! Definitely ordering some... I'm very picky about the ones I order. I've tried a variety pack of many flavors but I stick to my main 2 for ordering. This one will be added to my list.

Appetite suppressant

5 Stars Appetite suppressant

from NC on wrote:

My first sip wasn't that yummy. In fact, I almost didn't try it again after that first cup. But I did and noticed that not only did suppress my desire for junk food, but it had a much more pleasant taste than my first impression. I am a huge fan of the Double Green Matcha that is also a appetite suppressant and at first was disappointed with this new brew, but I really like the cinnamon flavor of this now. I rebrew these bags up to 3 or 4 times. The first brewing for 2-3 minutes, 2nd brewing 5-6 minutes, 3rd brewing 10-12 minutes, and 4th 15-20 minutes. My favorite cup is the 3rd brewing. The name of "Lean" Green is no misnomer. This tea will aid you in your weight loss goals.

Macho Firefighter Surprised to Love Your Tea!

5 Stars Macho Firefighter Surprised to Love Your Tea!

from TX on wrote:

While shopping with my wife I spotted your green tea. I admit I am swayed by packaging that looks inviting and yours fits the bill. However, after trying it I am hooked! Wonderful, smooth taste and the hint of cinnamon is very soothing........haven't missed a day since I bought it.

The Game Changer

5 Stars The Game Changer

from MD on wrote:

I started drinking this tea when I first started my diet roughly a year ago. I always bought 6 containers at a time since there wasn't a bulk option. Previous set of 6 just ran out and what do you know you can buy it in bulk now!!! So happy I decided to leave a review. Maybe i'll build a shrine or something using all my old empty containers.

Lean Green Tea

5 Stars Lean Green Tea

from FL on wrote:

I was very happy to finally be able to order this awesome tea in bulk!! I have it every morning and it is wonderful.

The best tea!

5 Stars The best tea!

from TX on wrote:

I have just started ordering tea. This one gets an A+ rating from me. I am almost at the bottom of my first tin and I will be ordering again. Not sure what kind of cinnamon is used but it is just awesome in the morning or in the evening. I highly recommend this one.

Everything I expected

5 Stars Everything I expected

from OH on wrote:

This tea is truly what I have been looking for in a green tea. Smooth and absolutely delicious. I will be reordering for surè!

Organic Green Tea

5 Stars Organic Green Tea

from FL on wrote:

Bought it without trying it. It it was excellent. Great cinnamon taste. Refreshing after working out.

Lovely before or after meals!

5 Stars Lovely before or after meals!

from MD on wrote:

I used to say "I am not a green tea fan". However, Republic of Tea has pleasantly surprised me with a few options over the years that have become staples in my collection (Kiwi pear, anyone?). "Lean Green" is my latest "aaaaaahhhh" experience. it has a sweetness all it's own enhanced by a generous portion of cinnamon. A very tasty, smooth sip with the matcha I've learned to love!

Love this Super Green Tea

5 Stars Love this Super Green Tea

from FL on wrote:

Great flavor and I always add some Ceylon Cinnamon and Cardamom


5 Stars Wonderful!!

from WA on wrote:

The Republic of Tea is the greatest! I have yet to receive a tea that I didn't like. I drink tea everyday and always get a good verity. The Organic Lean Green tea is wonderful. I drink it before I eat anything and I do eat less. The tea tastes great.

Smells great and tastes great

5 Stars Smells great and tastes great

from TN on wrote:

Love this tea it is my favorite and also helps with metabolism

Organic Lean Green Super Green Tea Bags

5 Stars Organic Lean Green Super Green Tea Bags

from HI on wrote:

I like all the green teas offered from the Republic of Teas and have already reordered, and will be ordering again soon.

The cinnamon is great!

5 Stars The cinnamon is great!

from WA on wrote:

I am enjoying this satisfying cup! I love that I am drinking green tea that does not taste green. I will order again. I would prefer 50 tea bags to a can.

Absoutely love!

5 Stars Absoutely love!

from DE on wrote:

This tea is smooth and tasty!


5 Stars Yes

from SD on wrote:

I have been drinking 2 cups a day for a week and a half. I have lost over 6 lbs. I will continue drinking this. I have had a real battle trying to start losing. and I am so motivated now.

Pretty good

4 Stars Pretty good

from IL on wrote:

Just ordered this tea and had my first cup this morning. The flavor is pretty good except for the added maple spice flavor. Personally I don't think it's necessary and at times it almost overpowers the taste of the green tea and cinnamon. Maybe a milder added flavor would've worked better. Besides that, though, I think the tea is good and I'm interested to see how much it helps curb my appetite, per the claim.

Fantastic! My favorite!

5 Stars Fantastic! My favorite!

from OK on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea! I gave up coffee and I don't miss it in the least. The aroma is smile-evoking and the flavor is Heavenly! Please make it available in the refill size because I have about a dozen of these empty cans laying around now.


5 Stars Divine!!!

from OK on wrote:

This tea is great! The cinnamon aroma is amazing and really helps with my sugar and crab cravings! That plus the garcinia cambodia and matcha green tea, this tea helps me focused on weight loss goals!!! My only con is I wish it came with 50 bags instead of 36 to a tin.