Serenity Tea

5 Stars Serenity Tea

from CA on wrote:

Have been drinking this teas for about four years. I've known the beneficial affects of lavender for over thirty years and of Basil for maybe ten. Combining the two seemed like a winning combination. The longer you steep it the stronger it tastes so try different times until it's the strength you desire. I find this tea a very good late night tea to help me sleep better.


5 Stars Delightful

from PA on wrote:

Tastes delicious and works wonderfully to help you relax and sleep.

One of My Favorites!!

5 Stars One of My Favorites!!

from VA on wrote:

I tried Serenity Tea because of the lavender and I needed a tea to help with crankiness. I have loved this tea from my very first cup! I love to start my mornings with a cup of Serenity before going to work. I have also given it to my teenage granddaughter for anxiety; she enjoyed it and it was relaxing for her. It is good hot or cold. It is now a household staple!

Too much Lavender for me.

2 Stars Too much Lavender for me.

from FL on wrote:

I love the idea of this tea, however the lavender is just too overpowering. I'm not a flowery tea person and this is too much for me.

Great gift!

5 Stars Great gift!

from TX on wrote:

My husband loves this tea. A great way to wind down before bed and get a good night's rest.

Serenity Tea

5 Stars Serenity Tea

from PA on wrote:

I am totally addicted to this tea. I bought this as a gift for a fellow tea loving friend. Yeah she is now as addicted as I am to this one.

I LOVE your Serenity Tea!

5 Stars I LOVE your Serenity Tea!

from WI on wrote:

Great flavor, great smell, great name, just the right amount of caffeine

My new favorite

5 Stars My new favorite

from OH on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea. I love the aroma, the taste and how my body responds to it. I have struggled for years with body aches and joint pain and I prefer a homeopathic approach to how I handle my symptoms. I drink this tea every night and I have noticed a difference.

Amazazing (purposely typed that way)

5 Stars Amazazing (purposely typed that way)

from MA on wrote:

I am blown away by this tea. I have anxiety socially and have tried literally every tea that claims to calm anxiety and none of them worked. On a whim I went to the nearest Whole Foods store and has a different tea in my cart but kept looking for some reason and decided on this super tea. Thank god I love the flavor the smell and how it helps to calm my inner being. Will continue with this tea for a long time.

One of my favorites so far

5 Stars One of my favorites so far

from NY on wrote:

Love the aroma and the smooth taste. Kind of reminds me of the Rose Petal Black Full-Leaf Tea for some reason, it's like they hit the same taste buds in different ways. So happy I gave this tea a try, love it!

I love the Holy Basil Flavor

5 Stars I love the Holy Basil Flavor

from OR on wrote:

I love it!!

Quite Addictive

5 Stars Quite Addictive

from WV on wrote:

This tea is a cup of comfort! Just the aroma is quite pleasing! The taste is extraordinary! My very favorite purchase.

10 stars!!!

5 Stars 10 stars!!!

from WI on wrote:

This is by far my most favorite tea EVER! I bought it last year when I was new to tea, and I didn't appreciate the different taste it offered. You can taste the lavender, a touch of honey, and the holy basil. I don't taste the rose, but that's just me. Fast forward to the end of 2017, I couldn't stop thinking about this tea!! I ordered more and have it on auto ship. I really love the idea of calm energy and alertness this says it offers. I believe it! I never want to be without this tea!

If you're a fan of Chamomile ...

5 Stars If you're a fan of Chamomile ...

from CA on wrote:

If you're a fan of chamomile tea, and don't have an aversion to lavender, then you will love this smooth and flavorful tea that goes well with an almond biscotti!

A new favorite

5 Stars A new favorite

from NC on wrote:

Just ordered this after being impressed with Brain Boost in this line. Didn't disappoint. It really does make me feel calm and tranquil--I'm now using it at night to wind down and it totally boosts my serenity level. Good job RoT

Can't Do Without It

5 Stars Can't Do Without It

from WV on wrote:

I first tasted this tea when it came as a sample. Now, I have at least two cups a day!. The hint of lavender is very soothing, and the flavor is wonderful!

My favorite

5 Stars My favorite

from GA on wrote:

It smells heavenly and it tastes delicious. I also love the Spring Cherry, but this is now my favorite.

Serenity Tea is fabulous

5 Stars Serenity Tea is fabulous

from WA on wrote:

Summer is here and I love serenity tea with ice! It is like summer on ice. The flavor is delicious and so refreshing! I thought I would have it as hot tea, but when I tried it on ice, I was hooked.

Serenity Tea

5 Stars Serenity Tea

from CO on wrote:

Loved the aroma and taste. It's very comforting!

Delicious & Calming

5 Stars Delicious & Calming

from CA on wrote:

Tried this as a free sample, and fell in love! It's a unique (but lovely) flavor, and really seems to create a feeling of alert calm. The first time I tried it, I was hard at work, and suddenly noticed I was breathing more deeply, feeling more peaceful but also very focused. A new favorite.


5 Stars Serenity

from CA on wrote:

I absolutely love the taste of this tea. So relaxing and clean tasting.

Serenity in a Bag

5 Stars Serenity in a Bag

from SC on wrote:

I've tried other types of "calming" teas, but I much prefer Republic Of Tea's SERENITY tea. It has a calming effect – more noticeable that other tease I've tried. Plus the taste is so smooth. I will definitely be reordering!

Republic of tea

5 Stars Republic of tea

from NY on wrote:

My 13 yr. old granddaughter wanted some teas for Christmas. I was looking through my Stonewall Kitchen catalog and they said the tea in their baskets was from you. So I went on line and found you. I got her the variety package and she loves it. I will continue to buy for her and I have gotten some for myself. Her mom says when she comes home from school she makes a cup and sits down for a while.


5 Stars pleasure

from TX on wrote:

I absolutely love the smell of this tea, and the flavor gets better with every sniff before sip.

Serenity Tea

5 Stars Serenity Tea

from TX on wrote:

I bought this tea for the lavender and how it can calm you...very different flavor tea, but I enjoy...

Connecticut Tea sipper

5 Stars Connecticut Tea sipper

from CT on wrote:

I like this tea, has a nice smell and taste..


5 Stars Great

from PA on wrote:

This honestly might be my favorite tea I've ever had. It tastes great, and it really is incredibly relaxing. Only thing that's a drawback is I bought a tin and after having a few cups decided I liked it enough to buy the bulk size...turns out they only have tins, not even refills. Please Please PLEASE make at least a refill, if not a bulk option. Fantastic tea.

Organic Serenity Super Green Tea Bags

5 Stars Organic Serenity Super Green Tea Bags

from HI on wrote:

Love this Tea and better buy extra to share with everyone if you bring your canister to work. Very fragrant and taste the honey

Your serenity tea is a perfect cup of tea.

5 Stars Your serenity tea is a perfect cup of tea.

from CO on wrote:

I believe that your serenity tea is just perfect. I tried it right off when it came out. You really hit the mark on this blend! I would love to see it available in bulk!


5 Stars Wonderful

from TX on wrote:

I received a sample of this tea and was absolutely amazed. The scent of the bag, the hot brewed tea, and tea over ice is mesmerizing. The taste, hot or iced, is sumptuous. Truly a "Tea Mind" tea!


5 Stars Delighted!

from MO on wrote:

I received a sample of this tea with the catalog. The scent is marvelous, the taste even better. Definitely buying a tin of this!

Very Nice

5 Stars Very Nice

from TX on wrote:

I received a sample of Serenity with my purchase of a Hibiscus Blueberry tin. I love that this tea has a naturally sweet taste and I don't have to sweeten with honey like I do some others. Lavender scent is nice.

This is Great!

5 Stars This is Great!

from PA on wrote:

Received this as a sample with my order. I loved the scent of this tea.It made me feel a little relaxed before starting work. Now normally, I always add a little sweetener to my tea. After I took my first sip I couldn't believe how good this was without sweetener. I even let it steep longer than the recommended time and it still tasted good to me. I will definitely order this next time.

Sweet Serenity

5 Stars Sweet Serenity

from ME on wrote:

Serenity tea is wonderful! One of the best green teas I have ever tasted! The combination of lavender and holy basil is lovely and "calm alertness" aptly describes the effects of this tea.


5 Stars Converted!

from CA on wrote:

I've never been a fan of much green tea, except with Chinese food. My husband drinks it first thing every morning. I tried the sample enclosed in one of our recent orders, and really liked it. We've gone through two tins in the past two months, and are out again! I find the mix of fragrances and subtle flavors to be invigorating, while at the same time, calming. Often, I drink a cup before going to bed, especially after a busy day. I really like this tea and recommend it highly. -- One note to RoT, please consider selling this tea in larger quantity "refill" bags; the brown bags you use are more biodegradable, although we can always add tins to our already-huge collection.

Purely Amazing

5 Stars Purely Amazing

from NY on wrote:

I got this tea as a sample when i bought a tin of Hibiscus Watermelon tea. Before trying this tea i was already a fan of green tea but this one is the best tasting green tea i have ever had. The flavors of Lavender and the Holy basil make it taste heavenly as you sip at it. And it really helps you unwind after a stressful day. Looking forward to buying a tin of this for myself next time.


4 Stars Nice

from MA on wrote:

I got a sample bag of this when I bought a canister of Moroccan Mint. This isn't something I would probably picked out on my own, but I'm finding it to be very enjoyable and am thinking of buying some next time I'm buying tea from here. I would like it if it came in a loose not bagged option.


5 Stars Aaaahmazing

from WA on wrote:

I received this as a sample in a recent order of the Lean Green flavor. The lavender MAKES this tea for me and I can't get enough of the wonderfulsmells of lavender and holybasil as im sipping it!! can't wait to order a full tin to enjoy😊