Delicious Liquid Dessert

5 Stars Delicious Liquid Dessert

from NY on wrote:

I received a sample of this tea and I am so glad I did. It is absolutely delicious. It is a fabulous dessert tea. I just bought my 2nd batch. Yum!

Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

5 Stars Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

from NC on wrote:

I love peaches, ginger, and chocolate so this tea was definitely a buy and it is soo good.

Surprised me!

5 Stars Surprised me!

from NY on wrote:

This was a stretch for me. Flavors seemed kind of strange, but I LOVE IT! I never thought I would like chocolate tea but thid is good. I drink them all chilled. I make single serving jars is a variety of flavors with just a touch of honey. One of my favorites but to be honest, i have a lot of favorites. So many more to try.

Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

5 Stars Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

from NC on wrote:

LOVE this flavor, as well as Sip and Be Merry! Had tried to locate a ginger peach tea that I was served at a restaurant, but it was not available. So glad I discovered Republic of Tea - yours is even better! Rewards program is a plus.

Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

3 Stars Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

from IL on wrote:

I'm a chocolate-lover, so I especially like Repub. of Tea's Peppermint Chocolate Tea. Your Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle isn't as chocolatety (or as peachy) as I like so I didn't enjoy it as much, but it'll do.

A Delicious Indulgence

5 Stars A Delicious Indulgence

from NY on wrote:

The blend of tastes in this tea makes it a wonderful indulgence for when you are craving something delicious but don't want to spend a lot of calories on it.

My favorite black tea

5 Stars My favorite black tea

from OR on wrote:

Love the gentle taste and benefits of ginger balanced with sweet chocolate. I drink a cup daily.

Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

4 Stars Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

from KY on wrote:

Really tasty. I have this often. Wish there was a bit more flavor of chocolate, but this is very good!

Good Tea

4 Stars Good Tea

from IL on wrote:

I've only tasted this tea once and it is delicious.

Great desert tea

5 Stars Great desert tea

from MD on wrote:

I am a regular drinker of decaf ginger peach. Adding a little chocolate makes it great for desert.

choco good

5 Stars choco good

from FL on wrote:

love the chocolate flavor of this tea. Just add a little sugar and it's like drinking a chocolate bar.

Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

5 Stars Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

from TX on wrote:

I'm getting back into hot tea again and have always loved RoT. I ordered this tea along with several others mainly by reading reviews. I was a bit skeptical because let's face it; this sounds like a terrible combination! But it is SO delicious! It might be my new favorite. I can really taste the peach with a hint of cocoa. I sweeten mine with a bit of stevia.


5 Stars Great

from CA on wrote:

Recently, I placed an order with one tea I have tried and liked and two new ones. I liked the combination of flavors in this one. All of RoT's teas are tasty.

Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

5 Stars Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

from IN on wrote:

This tea is very tasty I received a sample with catalog book from Republic will be ordering more of the ginger peach chocolate truffle I really could taste the chocolate truffle inter tea made me feel hapoy

It's drinkable

3 Stars It's drinkable

from NY on wrote:

I was surprised that it was so non descript. Not bad, but no great shakes either.

Subtle yet perfect pick-me-up

5 Stars Subtle yet perfect pick-me-up

from OR on wrote:

This has become my favorite black tea. It's subtle flavors make it a perfect afternoon pick me up. I order it on a regular basis (auto ship).

My MOST Recent Tea Purchases

5 Stars My MOST Recent Tea Purchases

from NY on wrote:

Hello!! :-) My name is Laurie King and I recently purchased *Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle*, And *Orange Ginger Mint* from You. I got them in record time, and were packed well. I tried them both, and they are Simply *WONDERFUL*!!!! I LOVE THEM, BOTH!!!!! I Will Be Highly Recommend Them To All My Friends!!!! : Thank You For Making Such AWESOME Teas!!:-) Sincerely, Laurie King :-)

different flavor

3 Stars different flavor

from AZ on wrote:

not sure what to expect from was ok but not my most favorite

intoxicating aroma

5 Stars intoxicating aroma

from NJ on wrote:

Please please please don't ever stop production if this amazing blend! If you like peaches and chocolate, you will be amazed at this delightful combination.


5 Stars Scrumptious!!!!

from RI on wrote:

Buy this tea. I drink ginger peach tea every day. When I saw this, I must admit that I thought it sounded a bit strange and potentially ghastly. But I had an opportunity to try this and I am now addicted. It is absolutely delicious - the ginger peach that we all know and love with just a hint of cocoa. I like mine sweetened and with that, my tea it a substitute for that dessert I need to stay away from. I rarely write reviews but take it from me...this one is worth it.

ginger peach choc. truffle

5 Stars ginger peach choc. truffle

from PA on wrote:

didn't think I would like it, at all. Then you sent a sample and the rest is history. A perfect desert tea! Samples are the secret to introduce new flavored teas!

Delicious tea

5 Stars Delicious tea

from NC on wrote:

As a fan of both ginger peach green and black teas, this one with the chocolate truffle added is a wonderful addition. I tried it from a sample I received, and knew it was going to be a favorite.

Really Delicious

5 Stars Really Delicious

from TX on wrote:

Very tasty tea. I like it with a generous splash of unsweetened almond milk and a dash of stevia.

Not what I had hoped for

1 Star Not what I had hoped for

from TX on wrote:

I love ROT chocolate teas and ROT peach ginger tea, but I do not like this combination. I've tried it plain and with milk, and I just don't care for it.

Dessert in a cup

5 Stars Dessert in a cup

from CA on wrote:

I bought this because of reviews by others. What a delightful tea. Perfect for a treat in the evening when you want a little something chocolate. Let it brew to get the full favor. You won't be disappointed. Add a splash of milk or 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. Will buy again.

Best sample I have received so far!

5 Stars Best sample I have received so far!

from MD on wrote:

As stated in the title, I have received this as a sample for my recent order and was actually pleased with this taste. And considering the fact that I've been ordering their chocolate teas so far and have loved them all, I was not surprised that I would feel the same this one. The peach taste wasn't overpowering while the chocolate taste was subtle, but you could still taste its presence. Once I'm due for my next order, I'm truly considering buying a tin of this. Hopefully by then, there would be an option to buy refills.

Surprisingly Delightful!

5 Stars Surprisingly Delightful!

from PA on wrote:

When I got a sample of this tea, I thought it was a strange combination of flavors. Not something I would have ever thought about ordering. However, it is DELICIOUS! Now one of my favorites from R.O.T. The chocolate flavor is subtle, but very satisfying.


5 Stars Tea

from WA on wrote:

This tea is yummy!

Best treat tea EVER

5 Stars Best treat tea EVER

from VA on wrote:

I LOVE chocolate, but try to minimize it in my diet. I love tea, but have been bitterly disappointed with every chocolate tea I've ever tried - they just taste bitter or chemically to me. Until this delightful surprise! I got a sample and now I don't know how I'll wait for my order to come. This is the most delicious blend of sweet, luscious flavor in a tea I have ever experienced. I hope it's not too much caffeine for nighttime sipping OR that we'll have a decaf version in the future. Thanks Republic of Tea. What a lovely blend - soothing and it will keep me out of the high calorie treats. Much appreciated.

Indulgent tea

5 Stars Indulgent tea

from TX on wrote:

This is a wonderful tea! I enjoy it hot or over ice. Very refreshing, unique, and indulgent. Please put this tea in the permanent collection!


5 Stars Yum!

from CA on wrote:

Tried this as a sample, and am now completely addicted to it! It's just delicious--such a yummy way to begin the day. The peach, ginger and chocolate are all very noticeable and balanced; I love it with a splash of milk. I'm stocking up and just hoping this sticks around well beyond this year, because I'm not sure how I can survive without it!

Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle WOW

5 Stars Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle WOW

from AZ on wrote:

This is the most flavor one can sip by sip. This cannot be considered a One Time, Limited Edition TEA. The stuff is positively mind blowing. I'm 68 years old and THIS is the Finest after dinner drink in the world, Barr None! Please Put this on your regular Product List. Even if the price was higher, this is the GO TO TEA!

Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

5 Stars Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

from WI on wrote:

Thought I'd try this Special Edition Tea. I like Ginger Pea Tea, but there other teas the I enjoy more. Am I glad that I followed my "gut feeling" by ordering. Tea depends on personal taste, and this tea as an outstanding flavor on my palate. Since it's a "limited time only" offering, I ordered more. I hope that this becomes a permanent flavor offering, and Republic of Tea offers 250 tea bag bulk availability. I need to keep plenty in my tea cabinet.


5 Stars Wonderful!

from CA on wrote:

I don't like chocolate tea, but I LOVE this one and will purchase a tin. I wish there were a decaf version.

Interesting Combination

4 Stars Interesting Combination

from IL on wrote:

I saw this tea at my local cafe and decided to try it as it sounded so interesting. I should note that I am a tea addict, I write a tea blog, so I am pretty particular when it comes to teas. So, the first sip of this tea you get the peach but there is a creaminess there from the chocolate. The ginger is not competing, it is soft and mellow and it works with the other flavors. My worry before trying this is that you have 4 flavors that could compete, the black tea, the peach, the ginger and the chocolate. Somehow though all of these flavors work together and I really liked this. I do wish the black tea had a slightly stronger flavor so I deducted a star for that but otherwise this is a very nice blend. Don't let the flavors scare you, this really works nicely together. Now, if only ROT would come back with the daily apple blossom green tea that I loved but they discontinued :O(

My Go-To Breakfast Tea

5 Stars My Go-To Breakfast Tea

from CA on wrote:

The combination may sounds odd, but I happily discovered that it is a delicious drink to start the day with. I depend on it!

I Love it

5 Stars I Love it

from WI on wrote:

Perfect morning tea. I received a sample with my Honey Mango. The next day I bought some. This tea is great and of course it is a limited edition and it's time to stock up now. Just the my Persimmon tea it too will disappear.

Not a fan of chocolate teas

3 Stars Not a fan of chocolate teas

from CA on wrote:

First a little about me, so you will know if I have similar tastes to you, or not. I first started on black tea, and love Tetley's black tea with a little sugar and milk for breakfast. I later tried green tea for health, and fell in love. And, once stumbled across white tea, and again, love it. Some of my favorite Republic of Tea teas are: Ginger Peach black tea, Emperor's white tea, People's green tea, Pineapple Guava White tea, Orange Blossom white tea, and Honey Ginseng green tea. I do not like red tea. I am picky about herbal tea: chamomile is good, though. I do like chocolate. I do not like the smell of chocolate mint leaves. I do like the smell of spearmint, so it is the chocolate bit of the chocolate mint that I don't like the smell of. This was the first chocolate tea I had ever tasted. So when this one came in the mail as a free sample, I was interested. When I opened the tea bag packet, the smell was immediately off putting. I thought for sure I wasn't going to like it. The smell was very powerful, and it didn't smell like black tea, nor like chocolate, and not even artificial chocolate. It smelled kind of like chocolate mint leaves, only without the mint: what I imagine cocoa leaves would smell like. I wanted to give it an honest try, so I brewed the tea anyway. I brewed it like I brew all my black tea. I used a standard size coffee mug, boiling water poured onto the tea bag, a small saucer plate on top of the mug and let it seep for 4 minutes. I removed the tea bag and sat down with the unsweetened tea. The smell was a little more mild once brewed, but still the same off-putting smell. Once it was cool enough to sip, I tried it, and was surprised. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. Most would probably think it doesn't need any sweetening, but I typically drink my tea with a little sweetener, so I added two sugar cubes, stirred and tried again. That did not change m opinion. It was still just okay. Overall conclusion. I would not buy it, but I did like it enough to drink the whole cup (didn't throw it out like my first opinion when I first smelled it). The smell even grew on me a bit to match my opinion of the tea: didn't hate it anymore, but still didn't love it. The chocolate flavor was overpowering. I could hardly taste any ginger, no peach flavor at all, and no black tea flavor either. If I didn't know better, I would guess I was drinking an herbal tea given the lack of tea flavor.

Pleasantly surprised

5 Stars Pleasantly surprised

from IL on wrote:

I received this as a sample and wasn't quite sure what the taste would be, combining ginger with chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised. The ginger makes things interesting, peach provides a balance of flavor, and the chocolate provides a smooth finish. I will be purchasing the full-size tin.

OK but nothing great

3 Stars OK but nothing great

from AZ on wrote:

I was disappointed with the taste. I like chocolate and I like ginger but could not really distinguish either flavor.

Wonderful Tea

5 Stars Wonderful Tea

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea with a little cream and touch of sugar. Its rich and truly a dessert!

Absolutely delicious!

5 Stars Absolutely delicious!

from FL on wrote:

Smooth, delicate, and that hint of chocolate just puts it over the top. From the first sip of my first cup, I've found myself looking forward to each and every brew.

chocolate-y good

5 Stars chocolate-y good

from FL on wrote:

Wonderful taste.

Tasty tea

5 Stars Tasty tea

from KY on wrote:

I liked this one better, I think because of the chocolate hint that it gave out. I could taste the ginger and the hint of chocolate as well. The only thing I didn't like about it is that it cools off too quick. What can I do?

Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

5 Stars Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle

from CA on wrote:

This was a real treat. The flavor is such a beautiful mix. Love it enough to order more..more..more!

Ginger peach chocolate black tea Sample

5 Stars Ginger peach chocolate black tea Sample

from NY on wrote:

Love it ,came as a sample with my order

Tried too hard

3 Stars Tried too hard

from MA on wrote:

Although this one sounded amazing I think ROT tried too hard. It doesn't taste bad but it could be almost anything. I can't taste the ginger or peach or anything specific - it does taste rich, almost like a coffee drink, but no distinct flavors in it. I prefer the Reishi Cocoa tea or the original ginger peach to this one.


5 Stars Tasty

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea! It's perfect with just a little honey and cream, tastes like a decadent chocolate dessert.

Worth the wait

5 Stars Worth the wait

from MN on wrote:

There is so much going on with this blend! Every sip takes me through a roller coaster of flavors that mix together to make an amazing blend of 25 years in the making. Congrats on 25 years of offering up some of the best teas on this planet. And I raise my steaming cup to another wonderful 25 years :) Cheers!