Unusual tea, definitely Hawaiian feel

5 Stars Unusual tea, definitely Hawaiian feel

from HI on wrote:

For me w/o sugar, this tea reminds me of soup. And w/ coconut stevia, it's another unusual flavor. Dragonfruit is definitely not like mango, papaya or Jack fruit, so if you want a different tea, this is it. I add it w/ white tea sometimes & it's still delicious!

A Joy to Sip

5 Stars A Joy to Sip

from OH on wrote:

Its fruity aroma…its lovely color…its exquisite taste make the Pitaya Green a joy to sip. While it's nice hot, I particularly like it chilled with a wedge of lime.

super fruit green tea with dragon fruit

5 Stars super fruit green tea with dragon fruit

from TX on wrote:

on a whim i ordered the green tea with dragon fruit.....loved it ! first cup, un sweetened..2nd cup sweetened with sugar, 3rd cup sweetened with honey.....they were all delicious.....the next day brewed me a pot to ice was delicious as well.....was dog sitting for a friend and took my can of "pillows" with me......left the can there for her to try........i think i have you a new customer, as i left her the newest catalogue...... only complaint-----too many choices not enough budget

Connecticut Sipper

5 Stars Connecticut Sipper

from CT on wrote:

I love this tea, fruity awesomeness. .

Nice Change

5 Stars Nice Change

from TX on wrote:

I have a cabinet full of teas from Republic. Literally 10 different flavors but mostly the get well collection. This was my first "fruit" tea since I do not prefer fruity tea. But it seems well balanced. Thumbs up!