5 Stars Wonderful

from NC on wrote:

Great taste, light and sweet.

a lovely tea!

4 Stars a lovely tea!

from IN on wrote:

Received a sample of this in my last ROT shipment, and steeped it up before bed. Very warming and soothing, with an herbaceous aroma. Each sip is heavy on mint, and (very) subtle vanilla adds some complexity. A good nighttime cup if you’re looking for something with possible added women’s health benefits!

Favorite tea

5 Stars Favorite tea

from CA on wrote:

I love the balance of the flavors. The vanilla adds complexity... please don't stop adding it. So good!!!

Therapeutic Tea

5 Stars Therapeutic Tea

from TX on wrote:

This tea has great medicinal properties. The flavor is delicate and the concept of drinking this tea has been around for centuries because of its therapeutic nature.

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from OH on wrote:

I have been brewing nettle tea almost daily for the past year and it has been life changing for me. My energy level has increased and my seasonal allergies are a thing of the past.. I was thrilled when I saw Republic of Tea nettle tea and couldn't wait to try it. I've never been disappointed in this brand so I was anxious to see what they did with the nettle. I was so pleased. It has a smooth, pleasant taste and I love the addition of peppermint and vanilla. It totally elevates my usual brew. It will be an addition to my Republic favorites!


5 Stars Love

from IN on wrote:

I love this tea. I've had other nettle teas which basically taste like dried hay, but this ROT is very smooth and pleasant to drink. I wish it came in the bulk packaging.

Please Stop Adding Vanilla

3 Stars Please Stop Adding Vanilla

from NY on wrote:

It's a good beneficial tea. The taste was overpowered by the vanilla. Keeping it simpler by not having vanilla would have been great. And vanilla overall should not be added to any other tea. You lost the Nettle & Peppermint taste there.