Tastes like love

4 Stars Tastes like love

from CA on wrote:

Yes, the first time I took a sip the first thing that popped in to my mind was that it tastes like love. Only lasts for one cup but it is absolutely lovely and now I drink daily.

I don't know what it is exactly, but the tea makes me feel good!

5 Stars I don't know what it is exactly, but the tea makes me feel good!

from CO on wrote:

So, I can't really pin it down, but there is something about this Raspberry Leaf tea that just makes me feel like my yin and yang are balanced. It sounds really strange but it's true. So, I'm definitely sold on this tea. I like it hot in the wintertime, and as an iced-tea starting in the spring. Any chance you'll be putting this particular flavor in the 250 ct bag so that I don't have to order a case of the tins?

Love these tea's

5 Stars Love these tea's

from MI on wrote:

I love all of their tea's, I was never really a hot tea drinker until I got so sick and thought I'd try one or two, I have since bought several, so you might say I'm addicted.

Love, love, love

5 Stars Love, love, love

from IL on wrote:

It's so good. It's my go to tea for anytime of day. It's got a wonderful raspberry vanilla taste. I like to mix it with a blueberry green bag in the morning. I just wish you could get it in larger amounts.

Excellent iced

5 Stars Excellent iced

from CA on wrote:

Had this for a while and was drinking (on occasion) hot. I enjoyed it but I fell in love with it when I tried it iced. I don't understand why this one doesn't come in bulk. It's just delicious and I would everyday for my health.

Actually tastes like Respberry

5 Stars Actually tastes like Respberry

from MA on wrote:

It is amazing how, after a sip, your get the best, most cleansing flavor of raspberry ever. I have a particular love for raspberries, and love when it's not just subtle undertones in a flavor. This is raspberry flavored and that's it, but the lightness while drinking it matches it to a lot of foods easily, or to drink on it's own.


5 Stars The BEST RRL Tea

from KS on wrote:

When I was pregnant, I started drinking RRL tea for the benefits, but, honestly, most of them are seriously lacking in flavor. I had ordered a custom blend of RRL, raspberry, and vanilla, and was enjoying it, but it was expensive. I was so excited when I saw that ROT started making their own RRL blend. As always, your blends live up to their promises on the tin! It's delicious, and I can happily drink my RRL. Please start stocking it in the refill bags! I am creating a lot of waste with all of the tins I keep having to order. :)

Lovely tea -- a must try!

5 Stars Lovely tea -- a must try!

from CA on wrote:

I've often been disappointed by fruit teas, which can be weak or not taste like you expect them to, so my hopes were not high for this one, but I had to try it. And I must admit, I was not impressed with my first cup, but after my second cup, I was hooked! This raspberry vanilla tea was a very pleasant surprise, and has become my favorite of the Super Herb teas. It smells so good -- kind of fruity and creamy, and the taste is light but flavorful, and quite yummy. It gets better and stronger the longer it steeps -- I just leave the bag in the whole time. Definitely a must try!



from NY on wrote:

I like to be adventurous when it comes to having a good tea. I enjoy many if you herbal teas. Your new Rapsberry Leaf tea is light and refreshing. Not sure if it is the Vanilla that gives the tea the soothing effect but it is delicious! Hope you add this tea to you economy size 250 bags of tea! Keep up the great work of making incredible teas!

A new favorite!

5 Stars A new favorite!

from IL on wrote:

Since my favorite tea from the Republic of Tea is the raspberry rose hibiscus, I figured I'd give this one a try since it has pretty much the same ingredients in it and I love it just as much as the other one! The flavor of this tea is just wonderful and it smells good as well!

Great flavor

5 Stars Great flavor

from NH on wrote:

I didn't expect much as raspberry leaf teas can lack flavor,although the are very healthy. This tea actually smells and tastes like sun kissed raspberries.

Smooth mild flavor

4 Stars Smooth mild flavor

from MI on wrote:

A nice fragrant smell and taste. Not overpowering. Pleasant to sip anytime of the day or evening...


5 Stars herbal

from FL on wrote:

I am not usually a fan of herbal teas and actually bought it thinking it was a green tea but I LOVE it. great flavor, nothing overpowering, nice and relaxing.


5 Stars Amazing!

from WA on wrote:

I know its not approved by the FDA, but it has regulated my cycle when I thought there wasn't any hope at my age of 43. Amazing!

Smells awesome when it's steeping!

5 Stars Smells awesome when it's steeping!

from TX on wrote:

I love the smell while it's steeping for one. Overall it's given me energy and I noticed my issuses have gone away!

Super Teas, Red Raspberry Leaf Organic Herb Tea

5 Stars Super Teas, Red Raspberry Leaf Organic Herb Tea

from NH on wrote:

A friend gave me your catologe and inside was your sample of the Red Raspberry! I decided to try it.........yummmmmmmie! Wow I love it, and have decided to order some for me as well as a couple of friends. Even the smell of it steeping feels comforting. Had to share...Hyla R Smith

Super Yummy!

5 Stars Super Yummy!

from CA on wrote:

I just tasted the sample I received at the perfect time as I was just about to order this anyway, but after tasting it I'm definitely going to order. It has a delicious berry smell, but not an artificial berry. The taste is like the smell, a yummy lightly sweetened berry flavor. Very different from other berry flavored teas, but a divine and addictive taste. Ordering a full container right away!

This tea is delicious!

5 Stars This tea is delicious!

from NC on wrote:

I just received a free sample in a catalog and tried it. I love it! It is great hot, but I am guessing that it will be great as iced tea as well. It has a nice raspberry vanilla taste that is just right. So I am placing an order. Now my two favorites are this tea and vanilla almond.