Best tasting tea with match ever!

5 Stars Best tasting tea with match ever!

from CA on wrote:

This is very, very tasty. I don't care for matcha but this tea makes it very tasty. It has a wonderful smell before brewing but the taste is even better. It's sweet with hints of coconut. This is the best matcha tea i have ever had and one of my overall favorite teas. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Wow! What a great taste!

5 Stars Wow! What a great taste!

from IL on wrote:

I was making my own Turmeric Golden Tea from a recipe from Epicurious using fresh turmeric and fresh ginger. This tea has the exact same flavor but without the pre-shopping/pre-planning. I highly recommend it!

Very pleased

5 Stars Very pleased

from CA on wrote:

I tried this tea for the first time recently and the first thing that struck me was the wonderful aroma before even brewing it. Second was the taste! It’s really good! I purchased this mainly for health benefits of turmeric and matcha. I typically don’t care for the taste of matcha tea, but this blend is pleasing to my palette and hopefully will be to yours too when you read this review. I’d like to see this tea stick around and not go away so that we can all reap the benefits!