Daily Greens

5 Stars Daily Greens

from MA on wrote:

I drink a cup iced every morning; it is my morning drink, I’m not a coffee drinker and I’m not hungry until late afternoon, sometimes even dinner. My daughter and her husband are now fans and my youngest just flew in from CA and she is a fan!

'Single Sips' good but mix slowly

3 Stars 'Single Sips' good but mix slowly

from FL on wrote:

These 'Single Sips' are convenient, being portioned for standard bottled water. They help with hydration and provide a nice light taste. The only drawback though is that they mix very slowly. It takes more than 5 minutes for the powder to dissolve, even with frequent agitation--not good when you're in a hurry to guzzle. The Apple Cider dissolves even much slower and even then you have to manually breakup the clump--I won't ever buy that flavor again solely because of that inconvenience.


5 Stars Palatable

from WI on wrote:

I was skeptical that this would be flavorful enough for me to want to drink on a nearly daily basis. I was pleasantly surprised! Once you get past the deep green color, if you're not used to drinking greens, it's a good way to supplement your daily intake if you have difficulty getting enough greens in every day.

Great Nutrition, Odd Taste

4 Stars Great Nutrition, Odd Taste

from OK on wrote:

I have a sensitive stomach and rarely find green drinks that don’t upset it. The nutrition in this is great, and my stomach feels normal afterwards. The taste is another story. It’s predominantly mint/coconut/matcha. I think if only two of those were the dominant flavors, then it would be truly wonderful. Like mint/matcha or matcha/coconut. The first time I tried it I could barely get it down and was left with an expensive tea I didn’t want to drink. Fortunately, I must have become used to the odd flavor and the subsequent drinks have been a bit more pleasant. I’m planning on finishing the package...maybe I’ll love it by the end.

Delicious and great for your health!

5 Stars Delicious and great for your health!

from IA on wrote:

Greens, probiotics, and great taste - what could be a better combo?

Flavor of light mint

5 Stars Flavor of light mint

from OH on wrote:

Like the light mint flavor. Like knowing I am getting top notch nutrition.


5 Stars Glorious!

from MN on wrote:

These are absolutely glorious. I love the taste and they are so healthy for you. I do split one serving between two bottles of water though. That way it just lasts longer throughout the day. It gives me energy, makes me feel good, and has a really refreshing taste. I only drink plain water and organic tea so this is quite a welcomed addition to my water. I will keep purchasing it and drink daily.


5 Stars Delicious

from CT on wrote:

Easy to mix, and tasty. I love that it has a touch of mint and coconut.

Tastes amazing!

5 Stars Tastes amazing!

from IN on wrote:

Light and refreshing! I could drink this all day long!