Not just Greyer - Tastier!

5 Stars Not just Greyer - Tastier!

from CA on wrote:

A surprise and accidental purchase - thought I was getting regular Earl Greyer but really love the warm and sweet addition of the vanilla - very tasty. Even better with a spot of coconut milk - yum.

The Best!

5 Stars The Best!

from WA on wrote:

Hands down my favorite tea! I don't usually choose early grey because it feels more like a fruit tea than of a black tea. But the combination of vanilla and lemon in this is astounding.

Earl Greyer Vanilla

5 Stars Earl Greyer Vanilla

from TN on wrote:

This tea is now one of my favorite on the way to work teas. Such a great flavor.

One of my favorites

5 Stars One of my favorites

from NM on wrote:

I consider myself to be an Earl Grey aficionado as I love it in all forms. This, however, it is truly delicious for someone who loves Earl Grey and vanilla. My whole family raved about it.



from MO on wrote:



4 Stars Tasty

from FL on wrote:

I enjoy the vanilla essence in the tea. the Earl Greyer is a little strong.


4 Stars Delicious

from OR on wrote:

I really like this version of Earl Grey tea. The vanilla adds a softness to it. I just wish it had the standard size of refills.

LOVE this tea - absolute favorite

5 Stars LOVE this tea - absolute favorite

from TX on wrote:

I love this tea so much. I can't get enough. Funnily enough, someone got me this tea and I used to have Earl Grey, but I drank it because they didn't know. This grew on me and now I almost have this tea every day. No joke. A must have in my tea cabinet.

Great weekend breakfast tea

5 Stars Great weekend breakfast tea

from WI on wrote:

Yep, the weekend's here when I smell this. I enjoy a relaxing breakfast including this lovely robust and heavenly smelling tea. My blood pressure goes down just breathing it in. I am considering using a couple bags as sachets. :)

The best!!!

5 Stars The best!!!

from NJ on wrote:

This is the most delicious tea I have ever had! All your tea is wonderful. I have recommended it to all my friends.

More Vanilla Flavor

4 Stars More Vanilla Flavor

from CT on wrote:

I love vanilla black teas so was looking forward to the Earl Grey/black combination. Although i do like it - a bit more vanilla would make it perfect for me.

vanilla earl grey

5 Stars vanilla earl grey

from MD on wrote:

I love this tea. I love earl grey anyway but when that touch of vanilla is added you are taken to the next level of black tea enjoyment. Add a little agave and it's just so lovely.

Earl Greyer Vanilla

5 Stars Earl Greyer Vanilla

from TX on wrote:

This is a heavenly tea. On a morning, the scent relaxes me but giving me the boost of caffeine needed to start my day!

Found an Earl that I like!

5 Stars Found an Earl that I like!

from RI on wrote:

This is my favorite tea at the moment. It tastes so delicious. I have tried other earl grey teas but none that I enjoyed as much as this one. The vanilla makes this a superstar! The smell alone makes me happy. Please...Republic of Tea do not discontinue this one.

Great Taste

5 Stars Great Taste

from CA on wrote:

I enjoyed this tea. I love Earl Greyer & this adds the sweetness of vanilla.

The Tea that made me a Republic of Tea fanatic

5 Stars The Tea that made me a Republic of Tea fanatic

from MD on wrote:

Earl grey has always been one of my favorite teas, regardless of brands - and it is the tea that I will use to judge the quality of brand. This was my first and my favorite tea - I drink ~4 cups of this flavor alone each day, and have a stash at both home and work. It has the perfect amount of bergamot, and the touch of vanilla adds a whole level of complexity putting it yards above the rest. While the Earl Greyer variety I prefer iced and with lemon, EGV is perfection hot and on its own.

Early Grey Vanilla

5 Stars Early Grey Vanilla

from AZ on wrote:

I love this tea. The Vanilla adds just a little extra flavor. It is absolutely perfect.

A good twist on regular Earl Grey tea

5 Stars A good twist on regular Earl Grey tea

from NJ on wrote:

The tea smells like white cake, but still maintains its Earl Grey flavor. You can taste the bergamot initially but it mellows down to a nice, cake-like finish. Vanilla is not too overpowering to me.

A favorite

5 Stars A favorite

from FL on wrote:

I wasn’t sure about the bergamot/vanilla mix but I’m sure glad I took a chance. After the first sips I found it to be overpowering. After finishing the cup I knew this was a keeper. This is a wonderful evening tea and I highly recommend it.


5 Stars Fantastic

from IL on wrote:

I have never been a fan of Earl Gray tea, preferring Lady Gray instead. However, this tea is wonderful!! The addition of the vanilla cuts the strong flavor of the bergamot. It's very smooth and delicious.


5 Stars Divine

from CA on wrote:

An absolutely wonderful blend of bergamot and vanilla. I totally agree that this tea is the drinkable version of Pannetone. Makes a Beautifully perfumed cup of Heaven :)

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from MI on wrote:

I got this tea as a sample and really love the flavor.

Like a cup of Pannetone

5 Stars Like a cup of Pannetone

from ME on wrote:

This has to be the most delicious tea I've ever enjoyed. It truly takes and smells like Pannetone. A splash of cream and sugar creates a delightful dessert. Hopefully, I will be enjoying this for many years to come.

It's a cup of Vanilla cake.

4 Stars It's a cup of Vanilla cake.

from MN on wrote:

I'm a huge fan of earl greyer, but vanilla for me can either be good or more overpowering. When I got the sample, it smelled like sugary vanilla cake; when I steeped it I was curious why the vanilla was still strong... It's pretty good for a vanilla taste but..It's like drinking in vanilla cake from sniff to sip. I prefer my regular earl greyer but recommend it for anyone who loves vanilla or feeling like a cup of cake is warming their day.


5 Stars Delicious!

from PA on wrote:

Received a sample earlier this week. As soon as I opened the package I was enticed by the hint of vanilla fragrance. I was not disappointed! Added a tiny bit of sugar and a splash of milk...I enjoyed every sip from start to finish. Will definitely be buying more!

Great tasting tea!

5 Stars Great tasting tea!

from IL on wrote:

I recently received a sample of this tea in the mail and it was delicious! I typically don't like Earl Grey teas because of their bitterness, but this tea tasted great. You could definitely taste the hints of vanilla. I will definitely be ordering this tea!

One of the best!

5 Stars One of the best!

from TX on wrote:

I'm glad this became part of the regular tea offerings! I was worried it would be a limited edition, and I wouldn't be able to order more.

Got a sample and oh my I loved it!

5 Stars Got a sample and oh my I loved it!

from VT on wrote:

Just got a sample in the mail and tried it right away. It is an amazing spin on the traditional Earl Grey. It smells amazing and doesn't need to be sweetened at all, just a little milk and its perfect!

My whole family loved

5 Stars My whole family loved

from GA on wrote:

I just got this sample in the mail today. I brewed it up real quick and only got a few sips before the rest of my family sampled it until it was gone. We all loved it. Sometimes Earl Grey can get bitter with too much bergamot, but this was not bitter at all. Super delicious. I'm going to buy some now.


5 Stars Wonderful

from VA on wrote:

I just received a sample of this with the newest catalog and after tasting it I knew instantly that I had to buy full tin of this tea. This is a wonderful earl grey. The vanilla isn’t too overpowering and it smells great!