Delicious tea

5 Stars Delicious tea

from IN on wrote:

I love chamomile tea and I saw this sleepy tea and had to give it a try. I am glad I did because it really does help me become restful before I head to bed and sleep more soundly.

I drink this absolutely every night!

5 Stars I drink this absolutely every night!

from GA on wrote:

The taste is perfectly light but you taste goodness. Aroma is also light and it has become a before sleep ritual! I love it! Just ordered two other varieties to taste and have one in my office too. Oh, and the packaging is beautiful, you almost want ro exhibit it :)


5 Stars Dreamy!

from NC on wrote:

Like drinking a cup of flowers!

lovely tea

5 Stars lovely tea

from OH on wrote:

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried a sample of this tea that came in my catalog! so I had to order it! very unique and smells and tastes great!

Beauty Sleep

5 Stars Beauty Sleep

from KY on wrote:

It’s a great tea! It will make you sleep!!! It’s so calming & relaxing! I told my daughter about it & she said she needs to sleep so I gave her 4 teabags! She’s in love with it & is going to order some. My tai chi instructor said she needed to sleep she’s so tired. I just have her 4 teabags with a guarantee she will sleep! And the bonus of it is that you wake up beautiful!!!! I will keep it on hand as long as Republic carries it!

Wonderful night time drink

5 Stars Wonderful night time drink

from FL on wrote:

I was impressed not only by the taste, but I felt my sleep was deeper and I slept longer (than 2 hours at a time). I have stage 4 kidney disease so I am always on the look out for any tea that helps me hydrate.

Love ❤️

5 Stars Love ❤️

from TX on wrote:

My bedtime tea every night and I sleep like a baby.

Delicious & Calming

5 Stars Delicious & Calming

from NY on wrote:

This is such a lovely tea. My husband and I drink it after dinner, instead of our usual green tea. It is wonderful with and without a squirt of lemon. It's also a beautiful purple in the cup. We keep running out.

5 stars for tea 1 for product availability

5 Stars 5 stars for tea 1 for product availability

from MO on wrote:

Tea taste very good! We loved it. I tried to order it again but it seems out of stock. I see that it isn’t easy to get some of the teas.

I'm not beautiful yet...

5 Stars I'm not beautiful yet...

from ME on wrote:

…but the tea is magnificent. Subtle flavors, wonderful aroma, raising chamomile to another level. Glad I bought it. The Republic does not disappoint.

Tea we Enjoyed

4 Stars Tea we Enjoyed

from TX on wrote:

This tea smells great very restful feeling while we had a cup of this new tea.

Too much Hibiscus flavor...hoping for more rose!

2 Stars Too much Hibiscus flavor...hoping for more rose!

from CT on wrote:

Too much Hibiscus flavor...hoping for more rose! I was so excited to try this. IMO the hibiscus overwhelms the rose and camomile. I like the 'Get Relaxed' much better flavor!

Violet tea?

5 Stars Violet tea?

from CT on wrote:

Lovely bed time or relaxation tea. In a glass cup the violet color is beautiful. Nice fragrance and great taste. Thank you.


5 Stars Glorious!

from IL on wrote:

I wasn't expecting to LOVE this tea, as I normally like dark, rich, full-bodied tea and coffee. But this tea is delicate and beautiful. it's wonderful hot … or iced. I will be buying a few more tins of this one (one for me and a few as gifts).

Wow! Are you sure this is tea?

5 Stars Wow! Are you sure this is tea?

from CA on wrote:

Where so I start? First, it's purple!!! (I love anything purple!) Second, it's great iced or as a hot latte. When adding milk and honey, it tastes just like cereal milk. It is very pleasant and makes me feel like a little kid again. (I just can't eat those little marshmallows anymore due to a food allergy.) This is a great substitute for that flavor, but without the cereal.

My evening ritual

5 Stars My evening ritual

from MI on wrote:

I love to make this a latte with frothed milk. Its naturally sweet ( but not overly so). I am usually asleep within an hour after consuming. Just love this tea...

Pleasantly surprised by the subtle flavors

4 Stars Pleasantly surprised by the subtle flavors

from KS on wrote:

I've never been a huge fan of chamomile, and find most floral teas to be overpowering, so I wasn't expecting much from the sample. However, the lovely violet color was a nice surprise, and I found the flavors to be light and complementary. I can't speak to the beautifying effects, but it had a pleasant taste and didn't even require sugar (I usually put at least a little sugar in my tea). Would purchase again.


5 Stars Delicious

from CA on wrote:

I don't like chamomile tea, but I do like this. The rose scent and purple color are great.


5 Stars Heavenly

from AR on wrote:

The scent of this tea is wonderful. And the flavor is too. Love at first sip.

SO pleasantly surprised!

5 Stars SO pleasantly surprised!

from MA on wrote:

This tea is really lovely. I tried a sample of it, figuring I probably wouldn’t love it enough to buy a tin, but I loved it so much, I just ordered 2! I drank it with some steamed milk and honey and it was so soothing! Not to mention it was such a pretty pale blue color (thanks to the milk).

Bedtime treat

5 Stars Bedtime treat

from TX on wrote:

This tea smells so fragrant and is delicious. I put some honey in it and drink last thing at night. 💖💤

pleasantly surprised, will repurchase

5 Stars pleasantly surprised, will repurchase

from NC on wrote:

bought this tea because it was on sale at my local co-op and i was intrigued by the inclusion of hibiscus for hydration, as I had been struggling more with proper hydration lately and oh. my. god. this tea exceeded all of my expectations. 1)i don't like a strong chamomile flavor so most sleepy teas aren't the best for me -- but the chamomile in this one is perfectly balanced! 2)i actually notice myself being more physically calm and sleepy about half an hour after drinking it. 3)my skin looks GREAT! i struggle with mild acne and rocasea and let me tell you -- my tone is more even and any breakouts have been hardly noticeable since i started drinking this. love this tea. will repurchase again and again.


5 Stars Delicious

from NY on wrote:

This is such a yummy tea. I've had with and without sweetener, with and without lemon. It's really lovely.

Beyond Expectation

5 Stars Beyond Expectation

from VA on wrote:

As a person who likes bold British tea, I was skeptical about liking this tea. I have sleep and skin problems so I wanted to give it a try instead of taking prescription sleeping pills or Melatonin. I was pleased with the deliciousness of this tea (without any sweetener) and even more surprised by the fact it lulled me to sleep within about 45 minutes. I’ve just ordered 2 more cans! Highly recommended for taste and effectiveness. I believe it cleared up my chin blemish! I would say that it tastes like warm blackberry cobbler filling. Peaceful.

I drink it every night.

5 Stars I drink it every night.

from CA on wrote:

This has become a nighttime ritual for me. I Love the tea. It has a great aroma and I drink 15 to 20 minutes before bed. I reflect on my day and relax while drinking the tea. Then I am ready to go to sleep. It has helped go to sleep more quickly. I have now ordered my next month supply.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from NY on wrote:

I sampled this at Natur-tyme in Syracuse, NY, and loved it! I even bought a tin. Great taste, refreshing and calming at the same time.

Tried to like this...

2 Stars Tried to like this...

from NC on wrote:

I bought this based on the relaxing blend of herbs it contains and also on the reviews. I wanted to love this tea, yet sadly, I can't even like it. :( It is very weak, even with two tea bags and leaving it steep for 10 mins. I just barely find it palatable. And I'm not a huge fan of the aroma. The rose is overpowering. In both scent and taste. Will not buy again or recommend.

Unique subtle rose flavor

5 Stars Unique subtle rose flavor

from DC on wrote:

Maybe it's my love of using rose flavor in cooking such as rose turkish delight but this thing is quite unique. Love the color as well


5 Stars Delicious

from MN on wrote:

I really like this tea. It's soothing, delicious and comes in a very cute tin. I like to drink it at night while I read. Will buy again.

Yummy bedtime tea

5 Stars Yummy bedtime tea

from IN on wrote:

This purple tea has lot's of flavor flavor, and really does make you sleepy. It's a wonderful bedtime tea!

Happy in Connecticut

5 Stars Happy in Connecticut

from CT on wrote:

This tea is an excellent tea just before bed..

I was skeptical..

5 Stars I was skeptical..

from FL on wrote:

I wasn't sure how rose would taste. I was afraid it would be perfumey, but this isnt. It's subtle and light, really refreshing and chamomile is my favorite. It's going to become my favorite bedtime drink from now on. Love it.

New tea

5 Stars New tea

from TX on wrote:

Loved this tea. Was my first time trying it and I was very satisfied


5 Stars Fragrant

from NC on wrote:

This works as far as helping to sleep. It has a lovely fragrance as well.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from TX on wrote:

I bought some because it sounded good. The flavors are subtle, but have really grown on me and now it is my favorite tea (for evening). Finally a tea with chamomile that I like!

Wish they sold the bigger package 😕

5 Stars Wish they sold the bigger package 😕

from WI on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea!!!!! I love the taste of it, how much it relaxes me, how much it helps me sleep, how cool the color looks, all of it!!! Please sell the bulk packages because I would love to refill my tin! ☺️

I've never slept so good!

5 Stars I've never slept so good!

from PA on wrote:

I've drank plenty of chamomile tea in my day, but this is by far the best I have ever had. The taste is out of this world, smell is fantastic and not to mention- I've never slept so good after drinking this tea. I fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and wake up refreshed (even with having a toddler co-sleep with me), I feel like my face is "plump" and healthy. Overall beyond pleasant experience. Sharing with friends and family who have trouble sleeping.

Best Bed Time Tea

5 Stars Best Bed Time Tea

from OR on wrote:

I love drinking something warm while winding down and getting ready for sleep, but have a hard time finding herbal teas that are relaxing and taste good. I was so excited when I tried this tea because not only does it taste good, its got relaxing chamomile and other herbs to help promote healthy skin, best of both worlds. I love this tea!

Beautiful tea

5 Stars Beautiful tea

from FL on wrote:

This tea is first of all beautiful. It's swirls around creating a hue of bluish purple that is delightful to watch. It has a wonderful balance of flavors, the hint of chamomile, a delicate sweetness with a little lavender, the hibiscus gives a nice round flavor but is not overpowering. Perfect night time tea. I was given a sample and fell in love at first sip. Love it!

The Tea I've Been Waiting For

5 Stars The Tea I've Been Waiting For

from CA on wrote:

Absolutely love this. Also love the lavender blueberry one, but this is the tea I've been waiting for--chamomile with a rose/honey kick to it. Love the color, and love ending my day sipping on this lovely tea. It's already become a new nightly ritual. It's also not heavy on the rose flavor (I love rose/lavender/floral teas, but even if you don't, I don't think it will bother you because it's so well-balanced with the other flavors).

Beautifying Botanicals Beauty Sleep Herbal Tea

5 Stars Beautifying Botanicals Beauty Sleep Herbal Tea

from WA on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea!!! It's my new favorite! To me, it is a very comforting tea. It's very aromatic, smells like potpourri, and tastes just as delightful. Perfect for a tea party, or peaceful relaxation!